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Pokémon FULL Z: A Kalos Journey [M] [IC]

Started by Jay June 20th, 2017 9:04 AM
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~ GM'd by Deceptio and Shak ~

~ The Region of Kalos ~

Hello and Welcome to the World of pokmon!

My name is Sycamore and I'm a pokmon professor! I could continue with this talk, of course, but the look in your eyes tells me that you've heard this before. This isn't your first pokmon journey and it certainly won't be your last. So perhaps I should cut right to the chase.

You've been studying up on how to become a pokmon trainer for a few years now, situated in the quaint little town of Aquacorde. Though many of you populate the small village of Vaniville which is just a stones throw South. Never understood why it was considered a village. There's only three or four houses there, it's more an estate than anything. Alas, I digress. Studying at the local trainers school for two years now, as is the minimum requirement, you're just itching to race out on your own pokmon journey. Excited to leap the precipice and take your new partner pokmon, courtesy of myself, on an epic journey of epic proportions!

Ahh, but hold on their hot shot. Do you have any idea where we are? What's happened? This is the Kalos region alright, but not the one you're used to playing through on that little handheld. It's been 2 years since the events of Pokmon X and Y and the young duo, Calem and Serena, rid the World of Team Flare by rescuing the legendary pokmon Xerneas and Yveltal. Team Flare aimed to destroy most life on the planet. Believing that by doing so and leaving a select few... they could cleanse the World of filth and create a better world. In other words, they were wackos. Serious wackos.

Their leader Lysander vanished into his exploding facility and hasn't been seen since. Team Flare disbanded and fell apart. Recently, however, the remnants of the shattered organization seem to be more organized... uniting under a new banner. Rumors of new leaders stepping forward are abounding and the name on the streets is different too. Rising from the failures of flare, Team Cinders is looking to finish what Lysander started with some much more violent methods...

And before you ask. No, we haven't fixed Geosenge yet, a lot of wild steel, electric, rock and poison types have taken to the new massive crater and destroyed lab.

Regardless of evil teams and failed reclamation, Kalos is as active as it was before and a new chapter in this fantastic journey is about to come to light! With your starter in hand and a new World to explore, badges to earn and contests to win! A fresh graduation under your belt and a World of possibilities!

Can you catch 'em all? Can you discover and defeat the mysterious Team Cinder? Can you stand against a legend capable of bringing balance to creation and destruction itself?

A new chapter in the history of the Kalos Region is about to begin!

1. Show some respect to the other players. Do not use their characters or anything of the sort, without their consent.

2. This RP has an M rating. Meaning that romance, violence, swearing and even minimal gore and adult themes are allowed. These principles are encouraged but do not overuse them, or push too far in your writing, this RP has a more mature tone to certain aspects of the story but don't abuse that creative freedom.

3. Pokmon evolution is one of the few things that must be checked for approval with the GMs. PM the GMs here on PC or message Jay or Shak on Discord first before making your pokmon evolve.

4. No duplicate starters will be allowed, so if you want a specific pokmon to be your starter mention it in the OOC thread before making your SU to avoid people getting their hopes up. Do be aware that nothing is stopping someone from competing against you for that pokmon regardless.

5: Obey all the regular rules of the RP section, as well as all general rules of The Pokcommunity forum as a whole.

6: Pokmon moves can be learned, but not too frequently... and they must adhere to the pokmons natural moveset.

7: As always, have fun and enjoy yourself!

Stage 1
Kalos: Route 2

A sunny and bright little set of roads, connecting Aquacorde to the upcoming forest. These bright grassy paths are dotted with patches of longer shrubbery where wild pokmon tend to play and hide. A few areas of the route are covered in light forest, small patches of deeper thicket among an otherwise single stretch of that signature Kalos sunshine. A river runs along the left side of the route at all times and is often dotted with fishermen and swimming water types. People from Aquacorde often take strolls along this area... and the location is often populated with lots of people, be they trainer or not. The perfect place to start a journey!

Pokmon Available:

The following pokmon cannot be caught unless the character has a fishing rod in their inventory:


There are nine missions present here! Work together with friends or solo, on whatever mission you like. If you get stuck in a JP that isn't progressing then you will always have another option... and don't consider yourself limited to missions either! The missions present here are more so writing prompts with specifically listed rewards for your character, however, you can make up your own mission and objective as you please.

A list of potential rewards for custom missions will be listed below the pre-made missions for this stage. You may claim one for your character upon them completing your custom objective for this stage.

Pre-made missions must be claimed by players to avoid people doing a different instance of the exact same story, the reasons of this should be obvious in terms of the continuity of the story. To claim a mission, make a post in the OOC stating that you wish to write your character carrying it out. You may also privately message Shak or myself here or on Discord claiming a mission and we will make certain it is made clear that the mission in question is accounted for.

Mission 1:

The local Aquacorde grocery store has been pilfered! It's entire berry stock has gone missing and nobody seems to know why. However, a line of Meowth tracks out the back door and into route two might just have the answer. Go reclaim that stock and a nice reward is in it for you!

Reward: 300 P + 1 Great Ball

Mission 2:

Tiffany has been crying near the entrance to Route 2 for ages now. Seems her prized pet Skitty has gotten stuck in a tree. Doesn't seem like too big a problem, but some rather aggressive bug types have claimed that tree as home. This task might be more dangerous than it seems.

Reward: 2 Potions + 1 Super Potion

Mission 3:

Subtle cries are being heard from the river bank... and it seems like a young buizel pup has been injured while learning how to swim. The poor thing can barely move... not to mention the fact that it's lost and can't find its family. A helping hand from a friendly trainer is needed.

Reward: 1 Chesto, Cherri and Pecha berry.

Mission 4:

The annual grass type growing contest is in full swing near the entrance to Route 2, trainers have grass type pokmon use the move 'Growth' and the tallest contender gets a prize... but one of the judges is terribly ill and poison powder seems to be the cause... but which pokemon and trainer are responsible? Which pokemon even know the move? Some sleuthing may be required and a reward is surely in store.

Reward: 1 Mysterious Floral Egg.

Mission 5:

Joey likes shorts. They're comfortable and easy to wear. Timmy thinks Joey is an idiot for wearing shorts, even in Winter. This has lead to a big argument that's causing a bit of a scene. Someone should step in and help talk it out... or to battle them both into submission, surely someone will be grateful either way.

Reward: 1 Luxury Ball.

Mission 6:

Some fisherman on the river have been catching Goldeen and Finneon and storing them on their boat. They're not catching them in pokballs, nor releasing them either... and the pokemon have started attacking in rage. Someone needs to get out there and lend a helping hand.

Reward: 2 Old Rods.

Mission 7:

A plusle and minun have become seperated! Plusle is on our side of the river and is desperate to get back to Minun, who's stuck on the other side after their makeshift bridge fell apart. What cruel heart could deny a happy romance?

Reward: 1 Sitrus Berry.

Mission 8:

A ruin maniac is going crazy over some glowing stone that's lodged in the ground, he's digging up plants and ruining the homes of local wildlife just to get to it! By peaceful or forceful means, he needs to be stopped.

Reward: 1 Dawn Stone.

Mission 9:

A wild Fletchinder is flying through the air and striking Cottonnee out of the sky for sport! The poor pokmon, floating in the wind, are helpless. They need someone to help them or their entire group will be in trouble.

Reward: 1 Miracle Seed

Rewards for Custom Missions:

Choose One:

- 3 Status healing berries of your choice.
- 400 Pok
- 3 Potions OR 1 Super Potion
- A Revive
- A fire stone OR a water stone OR a thunder stone.
- 2 Great Balls
- 1 Ultra Ball



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Positives and Negatives
Current Location : Route 02

Time to get his ass in gear.

Jackson Crane shoved the pokdex into his pocket, it served as a trainer ID anyway, so he didn't feel too bad about shoving that "Diploma of Commendation" into the trash. He stepped calmly onto Route 2, his hands shoved firmly in his pockets and his eyes narrowed. Occasionally he saw people look at him and jump with a startle, clearly scared out of their minds. Oh, it wasn't because of him, however, Jackson could see his new pal hanging out in the darkness of his shadow, the silhouette painted onto the pavement by the morning sun was exactly as you'd expect it to be, apart from the eyes. Now Jackson wasn't too bright, but even he knew that shadows weren't supposed to have those. Yet when he looked down, a chill ran up his spine as two purple, gas emitting slits gazed up at him from the 2D surface. Jackson couldn't help but snicker when Gaspar flew out of his shade to give some new kid trainer an early heart attack.

His flat black shoes tapped against the cobbles as he crossed the bridge connecting Aquacorde to the rest of Kalos. He was looking pretty smart, Sycamore had been so kind as to give Jackson a fancy ass ensemble that would've made the boys back in Veilstone pretty damn jealous. "I can doubt a lot, but for some bookworm, the lab coat dresses pretty damn well." He grinned, giving a flick to his white shirts collar, Gaspar gave an echoey snicker from the darkness below, Jackson sneered in response. "Nice reverb bud."

As he walked he fondled a capsule in his hand, the red and white surface shining in the mid-morning light, so this is what they used to catch pokmon? Just throw it at em right? That's what they'd said in the school, but Jackson had never done it in practice, but hey, he had thrown things at people before, it was the same principle right? Still, despite seeing it multiple times before, he was always amazed at how small it was for what it did. When was the first time he'd seen one face to face anyway?

"It's a pok ball! Jackson! Jackson look!"

He stopped in his tracks for a split second, before walking forward again with renewed vigor. He had to take this seriously, it wasn't just some half-assed attempt at something new after he lost his last job and had to put himself on the market for the fifth time that month. This wasn't just some quick in, our job for some scumbag in Veilstone that he'd lay awake staring blankly with regret over for the next few weeks of his life and having nightmares about for the rest of it besides. This was his life for the foreseeable future, it was what he'd commit to forever if it meant Mal being able to walk again.

"Alrigh' time to get serious. Ey, Gaspar?" He slowed his pace slightly, taking his hands out of his pockets and rubbing them together as he stopped a step outside of Route 2's boundaries. "You ready to go kick some ass and make some money? Not t'most inspirin' trainer's first-day speech out there I know, but I think you'd prefer if I got right to the point." Well, Jackson had never seen a bigger and more mischievous grin in his life than the expression the ball of gas at his side returned to him. "Tch, they ain't gonna know what hit em."

With that the pair crossed the threshold, Jackson was ready to explore and beat every challenge this world had to offer, anything to come out on top and get things ready for his little sister to follow in his footsteps.


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-- Profile --
Name: Chris Rodriguez

Pokmon :

Location: Route 2 | Avance Trail

- 1 Pokdex
- 500 Pok
- 2 Potions
- 5 Pok Balls


Fetchd! An angry duck Pokmon shouted as it jumped from some of the nearby shrubbery along the Avance Trail more commonly referred to as route 2.

Ching! A metallic reverberation sounded from the large floating sword behind the new Pokmon trainer Chris Rodriguez as he turned to face the angry Pokmon.

Hm? What kind of Pokmon are you. The boy asked as he pulled a small red device from his pocket.

Farfetchd. The Wild Duck Pokmon.
Farfetch'd is always seen with a stick from a plant of some sort, and the plant stalk it carries acts as emergency rations and as a weapon, it runs off in search of a new stalk if the one it carries is ever lost.

Far! The Pokmon shouted, jumping forward and bringing its plant stalk towards Chris as if it was a metal rapier.

CLANG! With rapid movement Whisper the Honedge was in front of the boy, easily deflecting the blow against the flat side of the blade.

A-ah! Uh I uh We dont have to fight Farfetchd! Chris exclaimed shaking his hands wildly.

If a sword could show emotion, it would almost certainly have shown utter embarrassment. However, it instead only let out a loud and annoyingly shrill metallic screech.

Well fine. Chris sighed watching as the Farfetchd continued to try and slash at the Steel type Pokmon who was easily deflecting every blow coming from the Pokmon. Si insistes Whisper! Use shadow sneak on the Farfetchd.

Without complaint, the Honedge stabbed itself into the ground as the dark shadow of the spirit housed within the blade began to reach forwards towards the duck Pokmon, forming an ambiguous blob of a shape with burning red eyes behind the duck that reached forward with a pseudopod of an arm and smacked the bird in the face as it turned around. The form instantly retracting into the blade and floating into the air once the attack reached completion.

xito! Chris shouted, his natural accent and language slipping out in his excitement. Now Use fury cutter on the plant!

With lightning speed, Whisper flew forward, the tip of the blade easily cutting through the stalk.

Upon seeing its weapon destroyed, the Fardetchd began to look around frantically before letting out a loud quack before diving into a nearby bush.

Cling! Whisper chimed victoriously as he returned to his standby position behind Chris once more.

This Pokdex is surprisingly useful. Dont you think? We were able to get him to retreat. Chris stated.

The sword made no noise in response.

Still. I do wonder why it was so hostile. Id say it was being territorial, but I dont see any nests around here. Chris mused.

Who knows. Maybe well find out later.

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Modest / Synchronize
- Moveset


She rolled the window down just far enough for a breeze to enter and rush through her hair. A fresh breath of forest air filled the cabin, as the black car made its way towards Aquacorde Town. Odette was idly playing with her hair as she gazed at the scenery flying by, and she mused over how quaint it was compared to her industrial home of Canalave City. This wasn't her first trip to Kalos, since she'd been before when she was a child, but she had never actually set foot outside of the classic tourist areas.

Really though, her being allowed to graduate alongside the regular curriculum was a favor in itself. Odette had had some correspondence with the professor since she started the same course with a homeschool teacher, but apart from an invitation he hadn't informed her about the ceremony much. She sighed. It was probably going to be some primitive hearing in a school gymnasium like she'd seen on TV before... except she wouldn't even have to do anything, since she already had her starter Pokémon. The girl slid her hand into her pocket to grab hold of Grace's pokéball. Despite being made of metal, her fuzzy pocket had managed to keep it warm to the touch. From here on out, their free life was about to begin.

Thankfully the ceremony didn't last long; the graduation class wasn't nearly as large as she'd imagined, and it seemed the students had already celebrated and received their Pokémon beforehand. Only formalities remained, before the group, plus one outsider, was ready to be released onto the 'wild plains' of Route 2.

And wild they were. After stocking up on a few supplies in Aquacorde, Odette now found herself at the end of the bridge. Before her the tall grass stretched out, which she'd heard would be teeming with wild Pokémon. She tried to listen for any movement as to not be caught off guard, but with Grace at her side, she could not be fazed. And so, finally, the girl stepped forward.

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Avril Morris
Route 2: Avance Trail
Chapter 1-1 | Adventure, Ho!

Current Party:

- x1 Pokédex - x5 Pokéballs - x2 Potions - 500 Poké Dollars

"A single tear rolled down my cheek as I bid my mother farewell. No longer was I just a mere child, my mind still in need of molding and educating. I was now an adult proper, something which I had truly only began to grasp once I had finally received my Pokédex from the knowledgeable professor. Even though the door to one part of my journey was closing, it was easy to tell that that it was just the first steps to something much larger."

Smiling at her work, Avril closed her notebook and stuck it and her pen back into her travel bag. The girl was absolutely brimming with excitement as she hopped off from a pedestal of the bridge that led to Aquacorde Town and briskly made her way towards the dirt path that led up Route 2. Everything she had been dreaming of was finally coming true. She was finally going to be beginning her journey as a real Pokémon trainer and along with it, she would begin crafting the most exciting story that anyone had ever read. She even had devised the absolute most perfect angle to approach her pending tale.

"I'm gonna make it a real underdog's story," Avril thought as she took in the sights of the route that stretched before her. "It'll be full of heartbreak, romance, intrigue, and mystery. The triumphs that I'll achieve with my team... and the hardships we'll come across as well."

Avril paused as she realized that she was forgetting something very important up to this point. The story of a Pokémon trainer is only so good when focusing only on the trainer. However, a true story in the making would obviously require her Pokémon to accompany her. Quickly reaching into her green travel bag, Avril took out a single Pokéball that had the letter "S" carefully marked on the top of its sleek, red surface. Without a moment's further delay, Avril tossed the ball up in the air, causing it to open up and shoot out a faint, red beam of light. The light gradually took the shape of a small, blue frog of sorts, who began to look around cautiously at his surroundings.

"Rise and shine, Shino! We've got a whole adventure stretching out before us, and we're totally wasting daylight!" Avril exclaimed, giving her Froakie a bright smile in the process. "Wild Pokémon and trainers to battle, gyms to take on, new friends to make... It's gonna be so much fun, ya know?!"

Shino seemed a bit taken back by his trainer's enthusiasm. If one were to look close enough, they would have noticed a small tinge of red gracing the frog Pokémon's cheeks. Still, Avril did not seemed to be distracted by her Froakie's slightly reluctant behavior. She knelt down to his side, offering her hand for Shino to take hold of. Shino cautiously placed his own hand on top of Avril's, before jumping and climbing his way onto his shoulder. Avril felt her heart flutter with anticipation. She could just tell from the start, that this was going to be the journey of a lifetime!


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Coul Remson

The sun was shining brightly in Aquacorde Town. The weather was calm and windy, exactly the right weather to start a new journey. Coul breathe in the fresh river breeze as he stands at the mouth of the bridge leading out to Aquacorde. His mother’s words rang in his mind.

Son, there’s never the rush. Take your time. Thus, Coul always takes his time. He gets things done, mind you. It’s the time it takes for him to do it. Deep inside, Coul knows this journey of his will take as long as it will. He called out his partner, Sandy, out. “Sandy, we’re going now.” The Ground-type seemed to nod but it was hard to see as it’s face is flat on the ground.

Coul took out his Pokedex, given by the Professor. It’s a handy tool, especially for Coul’s particular interest in biogeography. Listed on the device is everything you need to know about a Pokemon, but it doesn’t translate location to Pokemon relationship. Coul wants to study that.

“Now, Route 2 has…” Coul murmured as he opened up his dex. “Ah, there seemed to be quite a few Pokemon that could be found here. Pidgey, Fletchling, hmm. Meowth and Glameow? That’s an odd Pokemon to be found around here.” The pair of them walked towards the boundary of Aquacorde and Route 2. Coul could almost see the whole route, with the Santalune Forest imposing beyond. He spanned his eyes around to see if he could spot a Pokemon. There was some Zigzagoons running around, a Buizel chilling by the riverside, some pair of Illumise and Volbeat fluttering around. But no Meowth nor Glameow. Coul sat down on the grass with his Sandile sniffing the dirt around him. He took out his pencil and notebook and started writing.

Route 2 is the first route I visit. According to the Pokedex, there seemed to be an uninteresting bunch of Pokemon that could be found here. What caught my eye was that Meowth and Glameow also seemed to thrive here. Both are primarily known to be city-dwellers, with Meowth being a scavenger. Finding one in Route 2 would be surprising.

Coul closed his notebook again. He decided to just wait in the grass for a few hours and see if he could see a Meowth or a Glameow.

Sandy is still sniffing around.


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Drew Tucker

On the Horizon
Avance Trail - Aquacorde Canal

“Did you pack enough underwear?”


“Good, what are you planning to sleep in?”

“I’ll figure it out.”


The 14 year old sat on the banks of the Aquacorde canal, watching blissfully over the crystal clear river. This was the last time he’d be able to just sit and appreciate the beautiful stream of water in a very long time, so he wanted to take in as much as he could. Much to his frustration, this phone call was cutting into that time. “Felicity, think you’re overreacting here. You know you packed a foldable sleeping bag in my backpack, so why ask?”

“I ask because I need to make sure you’re vigilant. A journey isn’t just bouncing from gym to gym, you know. You need to train, you do a lot of walking, you meet plenty of people. Oh, and for god’s sake make sure you cook…

Drew removed the phone from his ear. He lay on his back and stared up at the clouds, the vibrating into his chest as Felicity continued her rant on the other end. Without her incessant ramblings distracting him, he was able to remember why he loved this place. It was Serene. The clouds brushed perfectly through the sky above the water, painting pictures across the peaceful blue canvas. The scene was so welcoming, it invited the raging sun that demanded attention all for itself. That demand for attention seemed to be contagious. His attention was again drawn away from his surroundings. The noisy residents of Aquacorde were, for the most part, as cheery as ever. Not that he cared much about that though. The water. The rich azure reserve one wouldn’t even be afraid to drink from, the refreshing variety of pokémon that all inhabit the waters, even the parasol ladies on charming boat rides with their boyfriends were all Drew’s idea of a picture perfect setting.

“Buiiii!” A jarring screech echoed through the docks.

The young trainer jolted up from his prone position, causing his phone to go flying off of his chest and tumbling down the banks into the river below. “****, I’m in trouble.” He groaned, lamenting what Felicity might say more than the actual loss of his phone.


Drew suddenly glanced to his right. Much to his relief, his precious new pokémon was still lying on the ground next to him, sound asleep. With the worst case scenario eliminated, he was now even more curious as to the source of the increasingly unsettling screeches. “C’mon Brycen, we need to get up.” Drew sighed as the disgruntled grass pokémon groaned and turned away from his nudging. The trainer stood up in defeat and returned the Chespin to his pokéball. It wasn’t all bad. If this was a pokémon, his first catch was surely on the horizon.

Stamping down a few branches and pushing aside a few leaves, Drew found himself on the far side of the docks, where another trainer was already standing over what seemed to be a baby Buizel. Had this guy? There was no way. As he got a closer look at the pokémon, it seemed as if its foot was broken. Drew didn’t want to believe it, but this trainer didn’t exactly look innocent. He tried to sneak forward to get a better read of the situation, but a sharp crunching sound under his shoe promptly put an end to that.

The trainer turned. His eyes widened as he saw who it was behind him, and whatever fear he may have had was gone. He recognised Drew, as Drew did him. “Dweebface? Good to see your journey’s going well.” He stared daggers into the pokéball attached to Drew’s bag. “Now that you’re here, maybe I don’t even need to catch this thing. I’ll just take the Pokémon that was rightfully mine to begin with.” He smirked, standing up and walking over to the smaller trainer, who instinctively backed away.

He wanted to help the Buizel, but he wasn’t about to risk losing his starter. Drew knew there was no way he could take the 17 year old on alone, so he did what any logical person what any logical person would do in that situation. He ran away…


: 1000

Poke Ball X 5

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Current Team:

Positives and Negatives - Part 2
Current Location : Route 02

A little Tediursa sat calmly by the river side and listened to his pal Minun's story. Apparently, he and his lady love Plusle had been hanging out and having fun, eating a berry picnic when a real bad mon who were up to no good, started making big trouble in their neighborhood. Minun described the aggressor as a really tubby and ugly bunnelby, their thundershocks also did nothing to the fatty fiend in question.

Now Teddiursa didn't really approve of fat shaming, but he understood that Minun was very upset, especially since Plusle was still crying on the other side of the river, apparently, she had been tossed over there rather aggressively by the enemy long-eared ragamuffin. Teddiursa licked his paws clean of some honey so that he could scratch his head in thought without getting sticky. This was certainly a predicament, oh bother, how was he supposed to help these two out.

Wait! He had it!

Tediursa proceeded to explain the circumstances in the human town today, apparently, some new human ball throwers were going t be marching on through with some powerful mon from far away places! It was perfect, Teddiursa would just enlist the help of one and save the day! He'd be a big hero bear like his presumable daddy was! Not that he'd ever met his daddy, but darn was Teddiursa certain that he was the coolest.

"Minun...? Min! Nun nun!" Teddirusa nodded in response as Minun approved, the little bear was amazed as ever as to how eloquent Minun was, he truly had a mastery of language beyond other pokémon by the riverside. This was no time to gawk, however, Teddiursa had a mission and as he dashed towards the road he intended to see it through!


Jackson yawned as he continued to walk down Avance Trail or whatever it was called onwards to Santalune Forest, the gravel on the outdoorsy pathway crunched under his feet. He noticed that the closer he got to the center the fewer people he saw and the more he would notice the grass rustling on either side of him. Usually even he'd feel just a little bit uneasy in this sort of situation, however, the aura of fear radiating from his shadow was thick enough that no caterpies were gonna jump in picking fights.

And yet here came some runt looking for trouble.

A tiny, fuzzy, orange-ish pokémon came tumbling out of the bushes, tripping over its own feet. It stared up at Jackson with this confident smirk that ticked the new trainer off. Jackson glared daggers at it, watching as its confidence relaxed into a meek uncertainty hiding behind a now sinking smile.

"Dahell do you think you're doin'? Gettin' in my way right now ain't the smartest play... capiche?" Jackson spat the words with impatience and indignance, he didn't have the time to be dealing with fuzzballs falling onto the road, he had to get to Santalune city and take down the gym leader there, this was already a painfully long undertaking without the distraction of some sort of plush doll that could blink. Yet still the pokémon stood there, now sort of frozen in place and staring up at Jackson with fear, had the reality of the situation finally dawned on him?

Jackson sighed in resignation and pulled out his pokédex. "So what even are you anyway?" He aimed the reticle on the red device towards the trembling bundle of fluff before him and the screen shot to life.


It licks its palms that are sweetened by being soaked in honey. A Teddiursa makes its own honey by blending fruits and pollen collected by Beedrill."

"Huh... so you make honey do ya? Useful I guess, but this don't make you sound too strong. So what? Do you have to fight this Beedrill thing for pollen?" The Teddiursa didn't move an inch in response to Jackson's words. "A'ight, guess that's cool. Well, you're too scrawny to beat up so, guess we'll be going."

With a shrug and a few steps, Jackson began to move past the tiny little bear, only to feel sticky paws grasping at his leg. Looking down to see the honey covered mitts of the Teddiursa gripping him desperately, Jackson began to shake his leg quickly to kick the small pokémon off. "Leggo! What the- These are new! A gift even!" It took a few moments but eventually, Teddiursa found himself shaken loose and tumbling back into the brush. Jackson was pretty pissed at this point, where did this thing get off picking a fight with him? Fuming, he walked over to the bushes and saw the little bear staring at him, nigh petrified. "Listen Teddy bear... you wanna get kicked in the head? Because this is how- H-Hey! Hang on!"

Before Jackson could finish his sentence he saw the little pokémon dashing into the shrubbery for dear life, leaving Jackson in the dust. "That little sh-... graah.... Gaspar! C'mon!" In a blind fury, Jackson charged off the ebaten track and headed down towards the river side, needless to say, the other wild pokémon who had been privvy to the interaction decided to give him a wide berth.


1 x Pokédex
5 x Poké Ball
2 x Potion

500 x Poké

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Cold but clean water made for a wonderful morning. Sun rays gleaming from the horizon and few clouds to catch its color made it even more beautiful. Most of Kalos was like this, pretty as a crystal. Of course this was the opinion of the sandy-blond sitting at the edge of the river next to his blue pokemon.

The two were captured by the scenery, looking around the route and seeing nature in harmony. Feeling eager to leap into the clear water, Samual Smith and Rainer were about to be in their element of choice. That was until the poliwag noticed something, a strange sound of rage coming from another part of the river. He was unsure what it was but knew it was disturbing.

"Poli!" He said, trying to catch his slow thinking trainer.

"I know! I can't wait either. But first thing's first! We need to stretch before we start. Nothing more deadly than a cramp while swimming!" He said, falling on to his back then pulling one knee up to his chin to stretch the muscles. He repeated with the other leg a couple times then sat upright. Pulling his hand around the back of his head so that his elbow was above his ear, Sam felt ready for a good dive.

"Poli..." A bit disappointed in his trainer's lack of understanding, Poliwag waited for him impatiently. His flat tail wiggled behind him, the small thing couldn't help it.

"Ok. Ok. I'm ready. Let's go!" He stood upright then leaped forward with his hands above his head. Joining in tandem (without the arms of course) was Rainer who managed to jump forward with the the same enthusiasm as his trainer.

Left. Right. Kick. Up. Repeat.

Swift as fish, Sam and Rainer moved up the calm of Route 2's calm river. Poliwag was able to see clearly what was around them, a few pokemon not wanting attention as well as something dangling in the distance. It seemed pretty interesting actually, almost... appetizing.

Poliwag swam quickly, unfortunately he was too far away to discover what caught his attention. Instead a goldeen got to it first. She was quick to bite down on it however, in the same moment she was plucked from the water.

Alarmed, Poliwag stopped, causing Sam to bump into him. Both now startled, they surfaced.

"What's wrong?" Sam asked.

Poliwag could see the goldeen on a fishing line and could also hear strange noises coming from the boat of a fisherman. It seemed there were pokemon on that fishing boat. They were quite angry too, not to be released once fished from the river.

"Poliwag!" Rainer said, looking at Sam in the eye with an angry face.

"Uh...?" He was clueless.

The pokemon rolled its eyes, instead it decided to swim for the fisherman and see if it could help.

"Wait, Rainer!" Sam went after him.

The poliwag found another interesting thing floating near the surface. There were too fishermen apparently. Wondering what to do, the poliwag decided to bite the bait and see what happened.

Sam naturally was confused but when he saw his pokemon thrust from the water he was concerned.

"Hey! You've got my pokemon!" Sam went towards the boat. He could finally hear the pokemon in the boat making a commotion.

Poliwag managed to free itself of the hook. Then having the element of surprised, landed squarely on the deck of the small boat with its face towards the group of struggling pokemon. They were in danger! These fishermen were hunting them! That's totally not going to happen on Rainer's watch.

One fisherman tried to use a net to capture the poliwag while the other was just now seeing Sam try to climb into the boat.

"This is our fishing spot! Get out!" One said. He was a young man probably around the same age as Sam. The other was older with gray hair. Both were pretty plump by the looks of their bellies. So the small fishing boat would in no way hold all three humans and the pokemon.

"You've got my Poliwag in that net!" Sam said, fighting the younger fisherman.

"It's plump, too good to ignore!" The old man said, having the poliwag captured in the net.

"Rainer! Water Gun!" Sam said, managing to grab the younger fisherman by the arm and hoist himself onto the edge. It caused the boat to lean on on side, nearly rocking the older fisherman off. Taking advantage of the situation, the poliwag narrowly opened its mouth to a small O shape then jetted water at the old man. That was enough to cause him to drop the net and allow the poliwag to fall into the water.

Sam struggled to get into the boat but managed to do it by pulling the fat fisherman into the water. It was funny to see actually as the old man wasn't prepared to go bobbing up in down as the boat was released from a great deal of weight on one side. Sam saw the pokemon in the boat, all of them trying to break free from a large net.

Poliwag leap back into the boat, standing between his trainer and the old fisherman.

"That's enough of that!" The old man said, pulling out a gun.

"You were going to eat my pokemon?!" Sam asked, confused and disgusted.

"That's right! And now you're gunna be fish food." The old man said, sitting down once his balance was regained. He looked into the water to search for the other fisherman but didn't see him.

Poliwag was quick, not ever needing a command to act while his trainer stood still. Releasing a bubble into the air, he tackled Sam into the water while the old man shot at the bubble. It was a good cover as the bullet pierced only the sphere hovering in the air.

Sam was ok but this whole situation was getting out of hand. Poliwag was pretty angry it seemed, urged by the pokemon in the boat to do something about this. The pair swam away from the boat, making sure only to come up for air as few times as possible.

They needed to come back with a plan.


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Dylan & Laurent: The Growth Contest

Dylan’s blonde and pink hair ruffled in the slight breeze as he jogged down a small dirt path. It wasn’t long until Joy, his happiny, let out a cheerful cry and leaped out of his arms. She was waddling around on her stubby legs playing in the grass near a group of people. Dylan’s mouth bent into a slight smile and he walked over to the small group of people gathered in the clearing. He noticed a sign before he got to the people and read it, discovering that the group of people were here for some kind of event. They were competing to see which grass-type pokemon could grow the biggest. His thin smiled widened a bit and he walked over to Joy. “Would you like to watch a competition Joy?” he asked calmly as he reached down to scoop her up, his hair flopping into his eyes as he bent over.

"What a gorgeous day!" Laurent proclaimed in a singsong voice, smiling down at Bernard next to him as they strolled down one of the roads from Aquacorde.

An equally enthusiastic "Bulba!" was the happy little plant-lizard's response. The pair continued along the path for a few more minutes until some noise loud enough to stand out among the generally quiet area caught their attention, and Laurent found a curious sign near a split in the path. 'Grass-type Growth Contest! Come see who can tower above the competition!' It read.

"How absolutely delightful! Let's take a look, Bernard!" With their course of action decided, Laurent turned and jogged excitedly towards the clearing he could already see was full of grass-types of varying species and size. He didn't manage to marvel at the contestants for long, however, before his gaze alighted on what appeared to be a young lady. Stark white dress pants cascaded down her thin legs that were held up by a gold colored belt. The stranger was bending over a bright pink pokemon with the sleeves of her pink dress shirt rolled up halfway, the frilly edges fluttering in the breeze. Shoulder-length hair blew over her face which was pale blonde and pink at the edges. His interest was easily piqued and he wasted no time approaching her, calling out before he got too close to avoid startling her too much. "Hello there! I must say I never expected to see someone so well-dressed in these parts! And your hair is absolutely beautiful, you must take care of it as thoroughly as you do your pokémon."

Dylan straightened up and turned to see a boy in front of him about his age. He wasn’t sure if the boy was a straight guy who thought him a girl - it wouldn’t be the first time - or a gay guy who thought he was cute. Either way, Dylan wasn’t interested. “Thank you,” he said kindly, still with the same slim smile on his face. “My name is Dylan, and this is Joy.” he said poking Joy’s belly as she continued to wiggle in his arms.

That name made it all clear, but Laurent's expression wasn't disturbed in the slightest by his surprise. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I'm Laurent! Goodness, that Happiny is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. She looks so happy, you must take excellent care of her." He knelt down for a moment to pick up his own pokémon, then presented him to the boy. "This is Bernard, I can't try to claim he's as adorable as Joy, but I already love him~"

“Ah yes, a Bulbasaur. Grass and poison type, likes sunlight. Terribly fragile at its current age but it gets quite large after evolution.” Dyan spouted off facts that he could remember from his studying. “Poison types can be quite dangerous. I’d suggest making sure you always have an antidote whenever teaching him a new move.”

"Yes, I'm well aware~" Laurent explained. "I was quite studious back in the day, and pokémon have always been my favorite thing to learn about. Thankfully there's no need for worry of poison at the moment, Bernard's yet to learn any poison type moves." He gave Bernard a quick hug since he was already holding him, then set the Bulbasaur's back down, where he immediately stretched out an inquisitive vine to wiggle in front of Joy. She cried out in delight and struggled to grasp the vines with her stubby hands.

Introductions were interrupted by a shriek from where the contestants were gathered and both trainers' heads jolted in the direction it came from. Laurent dashed closer to find several of the contestants gathered around an older man, lying on the ground and groaning. Nobody seemed to have any idea what to do, most of the trainers about were just kids, and the rest weren't faring much more calmly. "What's going on here?" Laurent questioned.

"The judge of the growth contest was about to announce the winner, then he started acting all dizzy and passed out!" One of the competitors rattled off.

Taking a few steps closer, Laurent couldn't help notice the man was flushed, not only red but with a tinge of purple. "Purple? I'm fairly certain I've seen this in a book before...but what did it say? Drat, Montpellier feels so long ago some days..."

Dylan lowered Joy to the ground and quickly made his way to the man’s side. He felt the man’s forehead, then inspected his face. He ran a finger over the purple tinge on the man’s cheek and sniffed it. “Poison powder. Causes weakness and pain. He should be fine in an hour or two as long as someone keeps him hydrated. Although, he was hit by quite a bit by the looks of it.” He paused. “I’d suspect a wild cottonee, if not for the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a cloud of them nearby.”

"And unfortunately, we're currently surrounded by grass types at the moment, many of which can learn Poison Powder themselves," Laurent added. "Was anybody with the judge shortly before this happened?" They all shook their heads.

One trainer stepped forward. "There was a break in the contest a little while ago, the judge stepped away when nature called. That's the only time since the contest began that we weren't all together."

"Did anybody else step away around that time?"

They all shrugged and murmured amongst themselves. "We all just sorta did our own thing for a bit while he was gone, nobody was paying much attention to anyone else besides their friends.

Laurent tapped his chin. "How inconvenient...What do you think?" He asked, turning to Dylan.

“It’s simple really. I’m sure it was an accident. Nobody had any reason to harm him did they?” he answered. “Unless of course they didn’t do so well in the contest and wanted a re-do. Did anyone here look like they were frustrated with their pokemon?”

Everyone began murmuring again, louder this time. Mumbled accusations could be heard amongst the stirring, but before any arguments could break out Laurent called everyone to attention. "Now now! If we let dissent rule us we'll never find the root of the problem! Why don't all of you line up as if you were about to be judged again?" Some of them were a bit reluctant, wondering why they should let two young men who just stumbled upon their contest start ordering them around. But after Dylan's mention of a frustrated contestant, all of them either saw the logic of the suggestion or else didn't want to look guilty by starting to argue.

"Dylan, you seem the type with an eye for detail. What say you I get the judge more comfortable so he doesn't get any worse, while you watch everyone get organized and begin examining their pokémon?"

“Wonderful idea!” Dylan agreed, already walking towards the first contestant. He examined each of them, noting down four sunkern, two Cottonee, and one Bellsprout. “You four with the Sunkern can go sit down, Sunkern can’t learn poison powder,” he informed them. “It’s quite an exciting pokemon, however. Learns all sorts of useful grass type moves. Healing and attacking, even ones that absorb energy from their opponent. Wonderful choice.” he beamed as they began to get out of the line. “Now then, the two Cottonee and the Bellsprout can learn poison powder so you three are under suspicion.”

Laurent gently lifted the judge up, keeping him flat and walking as evenly as possible over to one of the picnic tables that had been set up for breaks and for everyone to enjoy lunch after the contest concluded. He set the judge long the table, thankful that it hadn't been properly prepared yet. He set his backpack down on a chair and pulled out a towel, then a bottle of water. Next, he wet the towel, rolled it up, then set it on the older man's forehead and put the water back in his bag before kneeling down next to Bernard. "Now is where you come in. Keep watch on the judge for us. If he is about to roll off keep him in place with your vines, and keep anybody but me or the trainer with the Happiny away from him." Bernard nodded and bent a vine in front of his forehead in an attempt at a salute. Laurent's smile grew wider and he returned to the main group. "Narrowed down the suspects? Very astute."

Both of the trainers continued to study the remaining three pokémon. The Bellsprout and one of the Cottonee were almost exactly the same height, or too close for Laurent to tell which was taller without proper measurement, at least. The second Cottonee was significantly shorter than either one and it's trainer looked quite nervous to boot. The boy looked younger than any of the other contestants and was staring down at his feet looking supremely uncomfortable with the situation. "That boy certainly wasn't going to be the winner, and he's young enough to possibly not truly understand the ramifications of using a pokémon attack on a person." He whispered to Dylan.

“Hmm, he does look very nervous. If he didn’t do it himself then he definitely saw something” he whispered back. ”You there!” he pointed at the boy. “You look nervous. Did you do it?” he asked bluntly, staring down the boy.

He looked nervous, avoiding Dylan’s gaze. “N-no.” he stammered out, glancing up at the taller boy next to him hopefully as if he was looking for advice.

“Do you know each other?” Dylan questioned.

The larger boy took a step closer to Dylan, puffing out his chest. He didn't seem to quite be Dylan or Laurent's age, but he was obviously older than the smaller boy. "Yeah, we do. That's my little brother you're picking on! Leave him alone, he'd never hurt anyone. This is all just scary for him, and he was already upset about how the contest was going. Calem'd never poison someone just to win, he doesn't even like to battle because pokémon might get hurt!"

Laurent rested a reassuring hand on Dylan's shoulder and stepped between him and the older brother. "Now now, there's no need to get so defensive. We simply don't have very much information to go off of."

"Well, why aren't you looking more closely at Billy and his Bellsprout? He knows his little beanstalk can't stand up to my Cottonee Horus, I bet he did it.

Before Laurent could open his mouth to say anything else everyone heard coughing, and turned their heads back towards the tables, breathing collective sighs of relief to see the judge standing up and attempting to rejoin the group. "Thank goodness you're up, sir!" Laurent said. "Maybe now you can tell us how you got Poison Powder on you?"

"Poison Powder?" The old man stammered out. "I was just thinking the heat got to me...I never got attacked with any poison powder. I had something to take care of when the contest took a break so the pokémon could rest. On my way back I ran into Darren." He explained, pointing to the older brother with the Cottonee. "He seemed upset, saying little Calem was distraught about how small his Cottonee still was even after all that use of Growth, and how he was worried his little brother would start crying if he lost. I had a talk with him about sportsmanship, and how I'd have a talk with Calem too. That helped him calm down, then he gave me a hug and we returned to the clearing."

"Well well well..." Laurent muttered to himself, then looked at Dylan. "Are you thinking what I am?"

“Yes, I think I am,” he replied, staring down the larger brother. “Explain yourself!”

Darren's eyes darted back and forth as if desperately hoping somebody would somehow come to his rescue with an excuse. When it became clear there would be no such rescue he hung his head. "Alright, you got me...I did it." He looked back at his brother sadly, then continued. "Calem and I got our Cottonee at the same time, they were the first pokémon either of us ever caught, and we're pretty sure they're brothers too. But Calem's Cottonee didn't grow nearly as fast as mine, he ended up being the runt. Calem spent a lot of time trying to get his Cottonee stronger, especially trying to make it really good at Growth so that it wouldn't feel so small all the time... This contest was the perfect chance to show off all his hard work, and he really really wanted to win, he was getting so broken up when his Cottonee wouldn't get any bigger, but mine and the Bellsprout just kept growing. When I found out old man Norman was heading out I followed him, caught him coming back and told him what was up. When I hugged him I sprinkled some Poison Powder of Horus' that I had saved up in a little pouch onto Norman's back. But it was just a little bit! I figured when he got woozy I'd switch Horus and with Calem's Cottonee, let him win the contest and make him think his Cottonee had worked even harder for him and managed to grow bigger after all..."

Dylan felt his eyes tearing up. “You had good intentions at least. It was still extremely dangerous to poison someone though. Surely you knew that?”

"W-well, yeah but...I figured if it was just a tiny bit he'd just sort of stagger around a bit, maybe get a bad stomach ache. I guess I overdid it, huh?" The older brother's face was scrunched up, at that point he looked almost as ready to cry as Calem had. "When the old man fell over and everybody freaked out I just got so scared of what would happen if I admitted it and I didn't want Calem to cry and-and-" Darren's explanation was interrupted by his little brother slamming into him with a teary, sobbing hug.

Calem started hitting Darren's hip with a small fist and smearing his tears on his shirt. "You big, stupid idiot! How could you do something so stupid?! I-hic-don't wanna win by cheating! Stupid, stupid best big brother, what would I do if you went to jail?"

Darren's face teared up and he hugged his brother back, now sobbing just as hard. "I can't believe I could be such a moron, I went through all that and now you're crying anyway! And it's because of me!"

"Jail?" Laurent exclaimed. Before he said anything more, the contest's judge, laid a hand on Darren's shoulder.

"Try your tears, boys. I know you didn't mean to hurt me, Darren and I think it's sweet that you'd go so far just to make your little brother smile. But I'm afraid this still has to disqualify you from the competition."

Both boys sniffed and rubbed their eyes dry, before staring at the ground in shame at disappointment. "Come to think of it, wouldn't a contest to see which pokémon could become the tallest be very biased towards any that might already be big? If it's a Growth contest, I'd make the winner the pokémon that could grow the furthest from their original size." Laurent's musing cut through the affair, drawing all eyes to him for the moment.

“I think that’s a great idea.” echoed Dylan.

A confused look overtook the faces of the contestants, but the judge caught onto what they were getting at almost right away and smirked. "You know, he may not be the biggest, but I can't help noticing that Calem's little Cottonee has grown more than any of the others, I'd say it's easily twice as big as normal!" It was only then that realization began to dawn on the childrens' faces and Calem's mouth became an O of surprise.

"Wait, for real? Do you mean..." Before he could say another word Darren lifted Calem up onto his shoulders, then the judge grabbed Calem's arm and lifted it into the air.

"The winners of this Pokémon Growth contest are Calem and his Cottonee!" The applause was modest thanks to the contest not having too many viewers or contestants, but Laurent for one was clapping hard enough to make up for a few extra people. Dylan hoisted Joy above his head so she could see what was going on and smiled when she tried to clap her little stubby arms.

The contestants all gathered around the brothers and began cheering and chattering, while the judge walked over to the picnic tables and waved Dylan and Laurent over. By the time they caught up to him he was already digging around inside one of the bags laying on the grass by the tables. "You boys have been a huge help. I know my life wasn't exactly in danger, but you gave all those kids something to focus on while I was out of commission, and setting me up to rest properly probably helped me get back up and about a lot sooner too, so I have to thank you." After another moment of rummaging around the man pulled out two large eggs with strange floral patterns on them. "One of these was going to be the prize for the contest - with the second in case there was a tie - but I'd say you gentlemen definitely deserve them for working to clear this mess up. I know little Calem's more than happy just to have won, especially with the little parade that seems to have formed around him.

“Whoaa” was all that escaped Dylan’s mouth as he examined the egg. “It’s beautiful. O-oh, and thank you!” he blurted out after, suddenly aware he was being rude. He grinned wide and shook the old man’s hand. “It wasn’t much trouble. I really enjoyed being helpful.”

"Dear me, what a wonderful reward." Laurent agreed, almost gasping. "I feel much the same, the pleasure was all mine, frankly this feels better than I deserve for such a simple matter." He said, staring at the egg he held in awe, chuckling a bit when Bernard's vines rose up to poke at and rub it.

"Take them, take them. This old man and his competition have held up you boys long enough, you've got a journey to get back to, right?"

"Oh! yes, of course!" Laurent blurted out. "If I stay in place too long, everyone else from Aquacorde will get ahead of me, thank you!" Laurent excitedly rearranged his backpack and slid the egg into the largest pocket. Once it was safe and secure he jogged to the edge of the clearing and stopped next to the path he'd been on earlier, apparently waiting for Dylan.

Dylan pulled an extra shirt out of his bag, wrapping it around his egg like a cradle. Then, he tied the arms of the shirt around his torso, leaving the egg tied securely against his chest. He thanked the man before motioning for Joy to follow him and walked over to the other boy. “That was fun.”

Laurent nodded happily. "It was absolutely exquisite. I must apologize for the misunderstanding when I first saw you but I have a hard time regretting it, as now I'm just glad we met." He pulled up his right sleeve just a bit, then held his hand out to Dylan. "I suppose this is where we return to our journeys, but it was a delight meeting you. I hope we encounter each other again down the line, especially after these eggs hatch~"

“Yes, it seems like we have an excuse to meet up again. I’m very curious as to what species these are, but I suppose I’ll have to be patient.” he shook Laurent’s hand, careful to keep one arm supporting the egg so it didn’t wiggle too much. “Maybe we could even try a battle sometime.”

"Oh yes, of course!" Laurent chuckled. "I can't believe the thought didn't occur to me. Yes, next time we meet we should certainly have a battle!" Once their handshake concluded, Laurent picked Bernard up long enough for him to smile and wave a vine at both Dylan and Joy, accompanied by a happy "Bulba!" and began walking down the path without further ado. "Until then! Watch out for more misunderstandings, you really are very cute!"

Dylan blushed slightly and shook his head. “Come on Joy, we’ve got a journey to start.”

"Ever looking forward, ever thinking back. Everywhere you've been, everyone you've met was another step on your path, shaping your future even as they become part of your past. One must never discount the pieces that have made up your journey until now but to lose yourself in them would be equally great folly, instead let them hoist you up, carry you on until you find the strength to walk for yourself. So it is that I continue towards that endless horizon. Ever thinking back, ever marching forward, inexorable as the history that brought me down this road. This Lonesome Road."


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-- Profile --
Name: Chris Rodriguez

Pokémon :

Location: Route 2 | Avance Trail

- 1 Pokédex
- 500 Poké
- 2 Potions
- 5 Poké Balls


It was an uneventful walk down the dirt path of Route 2 for Chris once the Farfetch’d Pokémon had disappeared into the bushes. Until of course he came across several alarmed Pokémon that were flying around in circles above, and even more cowering in fear in the bushes. It wasn’t a long walk further until he encountered a strange man swinging a pickaxe at the ground and shouting loudly.

“I’ve got it! It’s mine! Finally I’ll be able to pay off the debt I owe after gambling all my money away in Veilstone city all those years ago!” The man exclaimed excitedly.

“Can I help you Abuelo?” Chris called out to the bushy bearded man in the hard hat.

“Eh?! Back off you scrawny brat! This here diamond is mine!” The man barked, raising his pickaxe and squatting over a glowing spot in the bushes.

“Diamond? Qué?” Chris asked confusedly.

“Foreigner! Go back to your own region! You’re probably just here to steal all our Pokémon and jobs!” The crazy old man shouted.

“…pendejo.” Chris sighed and started to turn away.

“Hey! Better go return that Pokémon to whoever you stole it from!” The crazed old man called out after him.

As if in response to being spoken about, Whisper whirled around and glared at the man.

“Let’s go Whisper. People like him aren’t worth our time.” Chris muttered angrily as he stopped to look at his Pokémon.

However, the sword Pokémon didn’t back down. Instead it began to slowly float towards the racist old man.

“What do you want? Come to join me? I don’t want you. You’re tainted by the Border Bandit!” The old man responded snarkily.

Chris gritted his teeth. He wasn’t a fan of conflict. Especially with racists. It was below him. They were below him… but he drew the line at insulting his Pokémon.

“Alright you racist old geezer. I see those Pokéballs at your side so you better put up or shut up. Or do you not have los cojones?” Chris roared, taking a stand beside his trusted companion.

“Heh. I’m going to have fun beating the snot out of you punk. Go Meowth!”

“Nocturnal in nature. If it spots something shiny, its eyes glitter brightly.
This Pokémon adores round objects. It wanders the streets on a nightly basis to look for dropped loose change.” The Pokédex beeped.

“Good to know Dex.” Chris responded eyeing the cat Pokémon with a wary eye.

“Meowth! Use Bite!” The elderly man cried out.

(“A dark type move… Honedge is a ghost type in part, and that move will deal massive damage when it hits… It’s a real shame the No Guard ability works both ways… I’d best finish this fight fast.”) Chris thought to himself as the cat sunk its fangs into the cloth, tearing a large gash in the fabric.

“Whisper, strike back with Fury Cutter!” Chris called out.

Clink! The sword Pokémon quickly slashed forward and cut across the face of the cat Pokémon.

“Meowth! Bite again!” The old maniac called.

“Whisper! Hold on and use swords dance!” Chris exclaimed, digging through his bag.

Clink! The sword Pokémon chimed as it spun around and shook the Meowth off of the cloth which it had latched onto once again.

“Here!” Chris exclaimed as he began to spray the sword with a purple bottle.

“Eh? Stolen probably!” The old man cried out, crossing his arms and sticking up his nose.

“While he’s distracted! Swords dance again!” Chris shouted, ignoring the man’s remark.

“Hey! That’s we had a time out you dirty cheater!” The old man growled as the sword began to spin once more.

“Now Whisper! Use a boosted Fury Cutter attack!” Chris ordered.

“Meowth! Dodge it!” The old man exclaimed, his eyes wide as he realized that the sword was moving much quicker than it had before.

With incredible speed Whisper raked across the face of the cat Pokémon, sending it flying back towards the old man.

“You useless lazy Pokémon! No matter. I’ve still got Purloin!” The old man laughed triumphantly.

“What the…” Chris eyes widened as he realized that the man did indeed have a second Pokéball at the ready.

“C…ling” A weak chime came from the sword Pokémon as it raised itself up into a defensive stance one more, ready to protect the trainer that it had chosen and formed a bond with however short the time they had spent together was.

“We stand together no matter what!” Chris said to his Pokémon as they faced off against the old man for the second a final round.

“Fetch’d!” A familiar sounding noise sounded from the treeline.

“Eh? What the hell?” The old man gasped.

“Oh Dios mío…” Chris muttered in amazement as both parties turned to face several duck Pokémon poking their heads out of the trees. One of which held what looked like a piece of wood instead of a vegetable like the rest of them.

“Far! Fetch’d!” The wood wielding Farfetch’d cried as the many duck type Pokémon all began to leap onto the old man and smack him with their ‘weapons’.

“Ow! Hey! Watch it! Oof! Ow!” The old man groaned as he was hit repeatedly by several vegetables in various places on his body.

“…Oh I get it. This must have been their territory. That’s why the Farfetch’d from earlier was so annoyed. Sheesh, I’m glad it was just one and that they found out who the real bad guy was.” Chris mumbled as he watched them drag the man off into the woods.

Cling? The sword Pokémon responded with an almost inquisitive chime.

“I’ve got no idea where they’re taking him if that’s what you’re asking… and not going to lie, I really don’t think we want to find out.” Chris responded quickly.


The noise made Chris jump, but as he turned around he saw a single Farfetch’d holding a bright glowing blue stone forwards in its wing.

“For me?” Chris asked with a puzzled expression on his face, not quite understanding what on earth was going on.

“Far.” The Pokémon responded with a nod.

“Well uh… thanks. This must have been the ‘Diamond’ the man was rambling about… it’s actually a Dawn Stone I think. Not as valuable as a diamond, but still very pretty. I hear it makes certain Pokémon evolve.” Chris explained to his Pokémon before realizing that he wasn’t even sure if the sword could understand him. “Well anyway. Thanks far- and its gone.” Chris muttered as he realized that the Pokémon had already waddled off. “Oh well. I guess we can just continue onwards. This was a weird day.”

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Coul Remson

Coul managed to doze off, even if the sun was at the peak of its daily travel. He jerked awake because a floating grass managed to lodge itself in his nose. Sandy was fast asleep beside him. Coul quickly took a look around the grassy area of Route 2 and saw the same old bland collection of Pokemon in the grass. Coul shook his head. “Sandy, wake up. The Pokedex might be wrong.” The Sandile slowly stretched its front legs in the sand.

There were several people battling it out in the grass but Coul is not really interested in battling at the moment. What he wanted was to confirm whether the Pokedex is wrong or right. He couldn’t believe that the Pokedex, a high-technology device, could be wrong. Who knows? “Come, Sandy. Let’s get back to town. I need a fresh bottle of water.” Coul stood up and dusted his shorts. Sandile growled.

As soon as Coul turned his back, he saw something dart from the bridge to the trash bin located just near the town entrance. Coul squinted his eyes and saw a glint of gold. “Is that… a Meowth?” Coul jogged to a run, with Sandy barely managing to keep up with him. “It is a Meowth. Wow, so the dex really is right!” Coul sat down from a safe distance from the scavenging Pokemon and took out his notebook.

[I]Saw a Meowth finally. But it was not on the grass on Route 2 as I expected. I saw it scavenging among the trashes bordering Aquacorde and Route 2. It seems to be very dirty, which is unlike of other Meowth who prefers their fur to be clean. It has several black spots, presumably from grime or dirt, spotting around its body.” Coul wrote furiously. Sandy only stared at the Pokemon with curiosity. The Meowth seemed to feel the intensity of the duo’s gaze that it stopped trying to look for scraps. It went down and looked Coul eye to eye. Tension could be clearly seen from its body as it decided whether to attack or flee.

Coul knew that any movement can scare the feline away so he stayed still. It was Sandy who triggered Meowth. Flames erupted from Sandy’s fangs. Meowth screeched at the reaction and pulled out its claws. The two Pokemon clashed.

“Sandy no!” Coul shouted, horrified that his Pokemon is attacking a possible study subject. “Sandy. Dang it. Sandy, Bite!” Sandy opened its jaws and bit down on the golden coin hanging on the Meowth’s forehead. “Fire Fang!” Flames appeared once again. The Meowth tried to wriggle free from the attack but couldn’t. The angle was too weird for the Meowth to retaliate with either Scratch or Bite. As long as Sandy keeps his bite down, Meowth is at a very serious disadvantage.

“Bite again! Keep biting!” Coul encouraged. Once he saw the Meowth’s struggles to lessen, he decided to order Sandile to release the Bite. He threw a Pokeball towards it.

It clicked after three shakes. Sandy looked at the Pokeball curiously and bit down in it again.

New Pokemon!

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Current Team:

Positives and Negatives - Part 3
Current Location : Route 02

As Jackson burst out of the bushes, rushing onto the riverside, he saw the tiny pokémon who had been causing his grief, cowering behind another critter, a quick check of the 'dex revealed it to be a Minun. A little sparky rat, it seemed like. Jackson trudged over towards the pair with vicious intent, his gaze cutting through the two pokémon as an excited Gaspar hovered menacingly over his shoulder. "Now you listen here you little muks..." He growled, the Minun causing light sparks to dance about its ears in response. "I don't know what stupid game you're playing, but I've got business to attend to and kicking your asses ain't on the agenda. So consider this your official war-"

"Plusle, Plus! Plusle!" Jackson was cut off by the sudden cry of a nearby pokémon, it wasn't either of the two in front of him, they had been smart enough to not say a word since he had arrived. Scanning the area, Jackson could see no pokémon in the nearby vicinity that could have spoken at all, in fact, this side of the river seemed pretty barren in comparison to where had been more moments before. Wait, this side of the river, maybe...

As Jackson turned his head to look at the other side of the flowing water, he saw a pokémon nigh identical to Plusle, but with red markings instead. Jackson slapped his forehead at the realization. "Oooooh! So that's your lady huh? I get it now, you should'a jus-"

"Plusle!!! Plus plus!" The Plusle cried out in desperation nd Jackson flinched at the sudden interruption, his brow furrowing in frustration. "'Ey! Look I was scary before, but I'm in the know now, this shouldn' be so big a deal any-" But again he was cut short. "PLUSLE!" Jackson was physically twitching by that point. "Listen here you 'lil muk I swear I'll swim o'er there and kick you in the-"

"Minun!!!" Jackson sighed and turned back towards the smaller electric type pokémon. "Not you too- what da hell?!"


Teddiursa found himself tensing up in a panic at the sight unfolding before him. The human was distracted talking loudly and angrily to Plusle, but using that as a distraction the tubby bunny had shown his face, he was far bigger than any Bunnelby Teddiursa had ever seen, his massive ears looked like they could knock out any Beedrill in the woods and as they gripped Minun tightly, no amount of electrical discharge seemed to phase them. With a sickening chortle he flung Minun sideways and Teddiursa watched as the small electric type cried out and punged into the raging water beside them.

He froze completely as the massive two eared menace loomed over him. What was he going to do? He couldn't swim like the other pokémon could... and the water types didn't really like him enough to try and save his life. This was it then, there was no way he could fight back against this thing, he was going to drown and die. He'd never get to meet his super col bear Dad, he'd never get to explore the other side of the forest, he'd never get to try those exotic berries the humans put in their stores. He had so many regrets. This wasn't fair, it wasn't-



The Tiny Bear Pokémon's eyes widened as he saw a large branch swing and break off the back of the huge rabbits head, he stumbled and tried to turn and in doing so allowed Teddy to see as the human, his face painted with rage to put fear into Arceus, slammed a curled fist into the aggressor's face, chipping off part of his huge buck teeth.

"You got any idea who I am, asshole? I'm Jackson Crane and I'm not gonna stand by and let you pick on the little guy! Gaspar, mean look!" The massive rabbit went to retaliate but hesitated as the human's shadow began to flicker and change, a layer of darkness rose off the ground and reformed into what looked like a ball of gas with a terrifying face. Its yellow gaze struck out with a look of sadism that Teddiursa could only describe as pure evil. The big bunny froze completely in its tracks, seemingly stunned with fear.

"Now psyduck off! Gaspar, knock him out with-" Jackson Crane sprinted forward and kicked the large pokémons legs, throwing it off balance. "Fire Punch!"

Teddiursa watched, his horror turning to awe as in unison with Jackson, the ball of gas named Gaspar zipped forward, setting himself alight with a blink of his yellow eyes. Now a floating ball of flame, Gaspar reshaped himself, turning into a floating, fiery fist of retaliation, striking the bully right between the eyes and launching him back as he fell into the blow. "D-Diggersby?!?!" It cried as it tumbled backward into the water, Teddiursa couldn't help but feel a little bit of satisfaction as the rushing current carried him away, where electricity failed, it seemed the water really hurt.


Jackson sat idly on the riverside with the Teddiursa as a nearby Wooper helped the Minun up to the other side of the river. Now reunited, the Plusle and her partner happily trudged along into the shrubbery on the far side of the water. Teddiursa was a little sad to see them just walk away it seemed, but Jackson could tell he was accepting of it. "Guess they're happy as they are, huh?" Teddiursa gave a small nod and curled up his little paws to sit. Jackson reached into his pocket briefly to grab a cigarette, in turn. He called Gaspar out of his shadow and the small ghost quickly lit himself on fire for a brief moment, allowing Jackson to catch the end of the small flammable cylinder in his hand and puff away for a quick burst of relief.

The little bear reminded him a bit of himself as a kid, easily frightened, squishy as muk... and completely unable to defend himself. Jackson had to learn the hard way what it meant to get stronger, he didn't rely on anybody and he was confident nobody could mess with him as a result. It was hard, however, to learn those lessons. He had often wished that someone else could've taken his side once or twice, someone stronger than he was. Perhaps, he thought, this would be a good way to experiment with that alternate reality... while also, maybe, doing right by a little guy who was down on his luck.

"Hey, I called you Teddy before... d'you like that name?"

Teddiursa looked up at Jackson with some slight confusion but nodded gently. He had never had a nickname before, he thought it was cool to have someone so strong give him one like that. Jackson was... really cool in Teddy's eyes, he had fought against that big bully even though it was so scary. Teddiursa hoped that he could be that brave someday, like the big daddy bear he never knew.

"A'ight, good, in that case..." Jackson winked at Gaspar, who dropped a single pokéball out of his gaseous form at Teddirusa's feet. The small bear stared at the capsule with a look of amazement and surprise, his gaze shifting between it and Jackson with disbelief. "Well? C'mon Ted, we ain't got all day and I'm sick of burning daylight."

With a sudden large grin and a burst of fervent nodding Teddiu-, Teddy tapped the silver button on the pokéball and flinched slightly as he allowed himself to be drawn inside. One shake, two shakes, three shakes and a solid dinging noise, just like the instructional videos at the Academy had shown. Gaspar grinned with excitement at the prospect of a new ally and used his ghostly powers to float the now full pokéball into Jackson's hand.

He had never before caught a pokémon in his life, yet holding Teddy's pokéball in his hand left him feeling awfully nostalgic, though he supposed in the end it didn't matter much.

"Welcome t'the team Ted."

With that Jackson rubbed out his cigarette in the sand and stood up with a stretch and a crack of his knuckles, before walking back towards the path. Now with two pokémon at his side, he was ready to get back on track, Santalune Forest awaited him.


Species: Teddiursa
Gender: Male
Nickname: Teddy "Ted"

  • Covet
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  • Baby-Doll Eyes
  • Fake Tears

Honey Gatherer

1 x Pokédex
5 x Poké Ball
2 x Potion

500 x Poké


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The ceremony had been dull. That hadn't stopped Rai from being excited and not able to sit still, of course. She had done what she could to not whisper constantly to her classmates during the boring talking, and afterwards, she was one of the very first out the doors. Finally her first very own pokémon in her hands, on her very own pokémon journey.

But there came an abrupt pause. Her PokéNav rang - it was her cousin, Kea. Snarkily, Rai had been reminded of that she was a year younger and had so much to learn and that she should be careful and pack this and that before she left Aquacorde. She was soon as bored of her cousin's voice as she had been during the ceremony, but when the call was finally over, she did go back home after all. Just to pick up a few more things. And maybe to say goodbye to her mother one more time.

She would miss her. A lot. But there was no point in getting down about it. She would call Ritha up every day on the PokéNav!

Just as she left home again, her backpack slightly heavier, another call came in. This time it was Kea's twin, Nyo. He was at least nicer about giving advice - which surprisingly mostly was a list of stuff Rai should better leave at home instead of unnecessarily drag out onto the long road ahead. Still doing her best to keep a smile on her face, Rai went home again.

When she finally set foot on Route 2 at last, she could already spot other trainers from school up ahead. She wasn't the first, as she had wanted to be. That's fine though, she thought to herself and took a bite out of a chocolate bar of her favorite brand. She'd catch up for sure.


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Dylan Graham

Joy hopped happily down the dirt path as Dylan strolled alongside her, hugging his newly acquired egg close against him even though he had already secured it against him with a makeshift sling. He was smiling as the sun warmed his face and the cool breeze blew his hair to the side. Dont wander too far! he warned Joy as she bounced down the path on her tiny stubby feet.

He kept thinking about how he had acquired such a beautiful gift. He felt grateful for the old mans kindness; he had no idea how happy Dylan was to finally get to raise his first egg. His parents would be so proud. Neither of them had accomplished much in their lives. They were constantly saying that Dylan was their biggest contribution to the world. And while he felt grateful they thought so much of him, he was also sad that neither of them seemed to want to do anything more, anything spectacular, with their lives.

Hap! Happiny! Joy cheered from beside him, holding up a couple flowers and strands of grass tied together into a circle.

Is this for me? Dylan questioned. Joy shook her head and pointed up with a stubby hand at the egg. Happiny!

Ohh, Dylan smiled, realizing what she meant, This is for our new friend? She nodded excitedly and held it out. He picked it up out of her hands and placed the makeshift crown onto the top of the egg. Im sure our new friend loves it. he said warmly.

Suddenly they were interrupted by a screech, Fleeeeechling! as a small flaming bird dived down at the crown, causing Dylan to stumble and land on his butt.

Joy looked furious. She stomped her stubby toes in rage and then ran at the bird, who was now perched on top of the crown which had been knocked onto the ground. It pecked at the flowers in delight as Joy stumbled over towards it. Joy watch out! That thing is dangerous! Its much faster than you! Dylan warned her, but she didnt seem to be listening. She charged towards the bird, pounding it with her tiny fists until it screeched and flew above her. Then it quickly assaulted her with multiple sweeping motions before flying back out of her reach. She hardly reacted to the hits, simply watching what the bird was doing. Then when it finished its assault she copied its motions, springing up into the air quickly and slamming the bird to the ground.

Joy! I didnt know you could do that! Dylan was shocked. He knew that Happiny couldnt learn quick attack, what could have possibly happened? Then he remembered, copycat. An attack that could mimic the opponents attack. Genious! he muttered. If the opponent is too fast, she could simply copy their speedy attack. Try charm now Joy! he ordered, Im going to try to catch it!

She responded with a happy cheer before blowing a kiss to the bird struggling on the ground in front of her. Tiny pink hearts floated over to the fletchling and rotated around its head before popping with a spray of pink glitter. Flech Fletchling it murmured, staring lovingly at Joy.

Dylan pulled out one of his five pokeballs, and tossed it at the bird. It made contact and absorbed the pokemon inside, rocking back and forth slowly. He waited in suspense, watching the motion of the ball tilting over and over until it finally let out a shudder and shot up white sparks. Success!

Joy walked over to her crown and began to straighten it out, pausing occasionally to glare at the pokeball which shimmered in the sunlight. Its alright Joy, well teach him how to behave. Dylan assured her, picking up the metallic orb which held his new pokemon. He pressed a finger to the button, and watched as the fletchling shimmered into existence in front of him, squawking loudly. Shhhhh. he held a finger up to his mouth. Stop screeching! he nearly yelled when his first tactic failed to silence the bird. It simply gave him a snobby look and continued to flail about screeching.

Why are you yelling so loud?! he demanded, covering his ears with his hands. He walked cautiously closer, bending over to look at the bird. He found that the bird was flailing about because it seemed to have injured a wing during the fight. Oh! How was I supposed to know screech screech meant my wing is hurt? he asked sarcastically. Dylan pulled a potion out of his bag and sprayed it onto the bruised wing, then he carefully rubbed it in, the fletchling going silent.

There, feel better now? he asked, and was relieved to hear a soft chirping noise in place of the screeching.

Joy waddled over to Dylan and the bird, carrying the mended ring of flowers. He bent down to let her place it on the egg. What should we call you Dylan questioned, looking at the fletchling.

Healing and Ailment


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Drew Tucker

Over the Bridge
Avance Trail - Aquacorde Bridge

Drew lay on the banks again, staring off over the river...again. It didnt look as pretty as it did before though. The sun didn't beam as strong, the clouds were beginning to grey, and Drew just couldn't get the guilt out of his head. How could he run away when a pokmon was in need? He shrugged of the thought, it wasn't like he could've done anything. Right? He flung himself upright, the frustration almost flying off of him. He had to try again. Not alone though. Kayla had usually been the one to help him in these situations, but they weren't in the academy anymore. He'd need to find a different option. He turned to his right, and seemingly on cue, he saw Jackson Crane stomping his way through the Avance trail. Drew shuddered. Was he actually considering this. There was a chance he could've gotten himself beat up just by looking for too long. As if he was about to risk his face for this random Buizel. With a sigh, the boy jumped to his feat and jogged toward the frightening older trainer.

"Hey, Jackson!" He called out with a wave, before immediately retracting his hand. What the hell was he thinking?

Jackson stopped in his tracks and let out an audible sigh, who the hell was bothering him this time? Sounded like the voice of a kid, some little runt come to bother him with their very first trainer battle so that he could squelch their top percentage rattata under his arceus damned boot. He turned his head slowly to the source of the voice, a burning cigarette hanging lossely from his lips, two fingers reached up to hold it and he exhaled a stream of smoke in the direction of whoever it was that called him. As the gas rose upwards into the sky Jackson rose an eyebrow. He knew this kid, short, ragged brown hair, lazy as ****... the kind of guy Jackson could blow in the general direction of and he'd fall over crying. "Well ain't this a surprise? Da hell you want Tucker? I'm busy."

Drew staggered back. The general demeanour of the trainer before him was far more intimidating than that of Brandon, and he wasnt even trying. The smoke from his cigarette rose into the air, like smog from a volcano read to erupt. He had to do this. For Buizel. "I ummm...need your help rescuing a Buizel that's in danger down by the river." As he said it, he stopped. Why not just admit that he needed him to fight Brandon? Well in short: pride. He had to retain some sort of dignity about the situation, and wasnt about to admit he'd just ran away. "You think you can help?" He smiled meekly, issuing his request like a challenge.

Jackson stared at Drew for a solid 30 seconds, his eyes narrowing to daggers and piercing through the boys weak demeanor. "Kid... you've got a ****ing pokmon now, I was at the ceremony, I saw it happen." He sighed as Gaspar slowly rose from his shadow, two angular yellow eyes now also looked at Drew, piercing through him with an intense and unnerving curiosity. "Get it to help you, I got **** to do... sort out your own problems." He turned then again, he had wasted enough time already and he really didn't want to waste it on Drew Tucker of all people.

This was getting Drew nowhere. He'd need to try something different. He took a deep breath. What he was about to do was far more dangerous than asking him to help save a Buizel. Do or die time. "Y'know, when I was at down at the river, you'd never guess who I ran into." He began, before pausing to guage Jackson's reaction. He scowled in response, as expected. "If you're about to tell me some excitin' tale about Speedos' swimin' with a wooper, or Fancy Pants trippin' over his own flabby, dragging ego? I ain't interested." Not the response Drew was hoping for, but he could still press a little more. "Actually, I saw Brandon. Boy, some of the things he had to say." Drew stroked his chin pensively. He knew he was playing a dangerous game, and it was almost fun, but it wouldn't deter him at this point.

Jackson raised an eyebrow in response, something was up here. Drew was a lazy kid, not really strong willed, it made sense he'd be trying to save a buizel maybe but the sudden change in tone and topic was nothing short of suspicious. "Oh really? That so? What was 'e sayin' then?"

Drew tried his best to hide his grin. "Well he was saying how annoyed he was that he didnt graduate. According to him, people like you didnt deserve to graduate above him. I mean...I disagreed, but he just wouldnt let it go." He continued with a shrug. "Honestly, I think he's fairly certain he could beat you now, if only he could get a hold of some rental 'mon from the academy or something." Instigating situations like this wasnt exactly something he would do often, far too much effort. That said, he seemed to be pretty damned good at it.

Jackson glared at Drew, before chuckling low under his breath and sneering at the younger kid. He knew exactly what was going on now. "A'ight... seems like Brandon has overstepped some boundaries. Why don't you show me to where he's hangin' out? I think he's earned a little chat."

Drew lead Jackson down to the river bank, trying to hide any sense of pride he had from successfully convincing Jackson to help him. That was no easy feat. Any sense of accomplishment he may have had quickly evaporated as they finally reached the spot where he'd had his altercation with Brandon. Both the pokemon, and their former classmate were nowhere to be found. A bead of sweat slid down his brow as he realised how he may have looked in this situation. He slowly turned to Jackson to see how he was feeling about the situation.

Jackson glared down at Drew with a look of burning irritation, his lip curled upwards into a snarl and he slowly lowered his head to be on level with Drew's. His eye twitched slightly as he was delayed yet again from progressing on this annoyingly long quest he had undertaken, needless to say, he wasn't impressed. "Tucker. You'd better have a good explanation for bringing me here before I kick your ass."

Drew took a step back, nervously smiling as he did so. It was official. He regretted his decision. After all, was a Buizel really worth this much trouble? He'd have to catch it when all was said and done to make up for the hardships he had to go through. He glanced over to his right. To the trees of Santalune forest. A trail of smoke towered over the trees. Maybe? No, Brandon was far too greedy to settle for an injured Buizel. He'd probably returned to the city to heal it up. "He's probably headed back to Aquacorde to heal up his pokemon. He' definitely be in the tow...there he is!" Drew blurted out in an explosion of relief as the immediate danger he was in had seemingly subsided.

Jackson stared at the backside of the boy running frantically over the bridge. He remembered that little ****, giving delinquents like him a bad name. "So that's the guy huh?" Jackson asked as he began to walk rather calmly towards the bridge himself. "I think it's time we said hello, 'ey Tucker, why don't you go ahead and greet our friend yeah? I'll follow you shortly."

Drew looked at Jackson, before hesitantly stepping forward. He got the bridge, and faced the sprinting Brandon, who slowed to a halt as he saw Drew.

"You're back again, ****face? How about making this beating quick? I gotta get my newly caught Buizel to the pokemon centre in Santalune City." He sighed, cracking his knuckles.

Drew's jaw dropped. He was mortified at the idea that Brandon had broken the leg of this baby pokemon in order to capture it. Sure you were supposed to weaken a pokemon first, but breaking its leg? That was unforgivable. Despite his anger, he couldn't really do anything in this situation.

"So that's how it is huh?" Jackson cracked his knuckles with an aggressive zeal as he stepped up from the riverside, emerging near the bridge and behind Brandon, he had a terrifying smile spread agross his face as his eyes, wide and pulsing with anger bore holes straight through the scumbag's head.

feat. Jackson Crane


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Friends for Infinity
RPT | Pairs

"It's so calm."

art by the amazing Infinite


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"Alright!" A voice rang out, enthusiastic and confident. The door the the Professor's lab flew open, hitting the wall with a loud bang. Tim Newton, known to others as Newt, stood proudly in the doorway as he looked down upon the world. "Know this, Aquacorde: today I leave you and commence my path to glory!" The door swung closed, cutting off his dramatic speech.

The door was flung open again, and Newt stalked out, shoulders hunched in annoyance. "Fine! I'll just go, then!" Not the most auspicious start to a journey, but it's what most had come to expect from this particular youth. It was a small town, and most were happy to see him go. Some because they celebrated whenever a new journey began, but more because they just didn't like Newt.

Newt himself didn't care whether they wanted him gone or not. Ever since he had moved to Aquacorde, he had wanted out. Now was his chance, and nothing would delay his departure!

"Are too!" "Are not! "Are too!" "Are not!" "Are! Too!" Are! Not!"

Except for the loud bickering of a pair of children blocking the bridge out of town, apparently.

Newt stopped short of the bridge, scowling at the rambunctious brats. He couldn't tell what the fight was about, but he didn't care. "Hey!" He shouted, getting their attention. "What are you two fighting for? You're ruining my dramatic exit!" He put his hands on his hips, aiming for the "angry adult" body language.

The boys were clearly confused, which somehow cut through their anger and allowed them to explain the situation. "Well, I was just telling Timmy that I really like shorts, you know, because they're comfy and easy to wear? And I said 'I can't think of a single reason not to wear them!' And then-"

"And then I said 'What about winter?'" Timmy interrupted. "When it gets cold, your legs will turn blue and fall off, Joey! It's not practical!"

"I don't care!" Joey screamed. "I like shorts, and I'll fight anyone who disagrees with me!"

Newt nodded slowly, a hand on his chin in thought. "I think I see the problem here, boys." The two had been about to come to blows, but stopped at Newt's words. They turned to him expectantly, eyes wide and curious. Newt nodded sagely for a moment, then shrugged. "You're both idiots."

He pointed to Joey. "Shorts are great when it's warm. Back in Alola, we wore shorts all the time. I tell you, the girls in Po Town? Shorts that were like this small." He gestured with his hands to demonstrate the size, but the boys just looked confused. "'ll understand when you're older. My point is, don't wear shorts if it's cold, like it always seems to be in this country."

He next pointed to Timmy. "Are you serious? His legs won't fall off. That almost never happens! If he wants to be an idiot, that's his business! Why are you getting worked up about this? Make your point, get your facts straight, then move on! Spare us all the drama."

The boys just stared at him, then went back to shouting at each other. "Teens are dumb!" Joey yelled. "There's only one way to resolve this!" He grabbed his Pokeball, brandishing it dramatically.

"I agree!" Timmy shouted, grabbing his own Pokeball. "We'll see who was right and who was wrong, by battling over it!"

"Oy vey..." Newt muttered, wondering if he'd ever cross this bridge.

"Go, Rattata!" Joey yelled, sending out his prized Pokemon. (Seriously, it was like in the top percentage of Rattata.) Not to be outdone, Timmy sent out a Pokemon of his own. "I choose Zigzagoon!" The two rodents stared each other down, ready to battle for supremacy.

"Then I choose Agro." Newt casually tossed his Pokeball, sending his Aron to the field. Agro sniffed at the air curiously, wondering if there were any snacks around.

"Uhhh... what are you doing?" Joey asked, the drama of the moment thoroughly ruined. "Yeah, what gives?" Timmy demanded, not liking when he didn't understand things.

"Making this a three-way melee." Newt replied, a smug grin on his face. "I've seen Battle Royales with four fighters, so this shouldn't be that complex. Let's do this."

"Whatever, just ignore him! He's seriously ruining our fun..." Timmy muttered, before commanding his Zigzagoon. "Start off with Tackle!"

"Swoop in with Quick Attack!" Joey shouted. "Agro, Curse." Newt almost looked bored.

Zigzagoon rushed toward Rattata, who streaked forward too fast to be soon. The two collided and were knocked back from the impact. Agro began emitting a low groaning sound, his eyes closed.

"Hit him with another Tackle!" "Use Tackle, Rattata!" Both boys shouted over each other, while a slight grin tugged at Newt's mouth. "Keep Cursing, Agro."

The rodents both charged, falling to the ground in a flailing pile of limbs and teeth. Agro kept droning, as though meditating.

"It's time for Tail Whip!" Joey shouted, while Timmy insisted "Try a Headbutt!" Newt nodded, not moving otherwise. "Another Curse should do it."

As before, Rattata and Zigzagoon clashed while Agro made noise. Zigzagoon completely missed Rattata, but the Tail Whip connected.

"Tackle again!" Joey and Timmy shouted simultaneously. Newt tilted his head back and forth in thought for half a moment before deciding. "I lied, one more Curse."

Rattata and Zigzagoon charged in. As Agro's chanting reached a crescendo, the two collided, bouncing off each other and back to the ground, glaring at each other... before Zigzagoon fell to the ground, too weak to keep going.

"As, nuts..." Timmy muttered, but he was ignored. Newt grinned fiercely, baring his sharp teeth. "Now's our chance! Headbutt!" Joey seemed unnerved, but issued his command regardless. "Quick Attack, Rattata!"

The little purple rat rushed in, slamming into Agro, resulting in a pathetic tink as he bounced off the Steel armor. Agro slammed his forehead into Rattata's, knocking the poor rodent out instantly.

"Yes! And that's why I'm the best!" Newt laughed, calling Agro back into his ball. "Now, since I won, I'm right! You two go home now. But first..." he held his hand out to both of them. "Got any money?"

Joey looked sad, but pulled a 50 Pokedollar bill out of his shorts pocket. "Here. You won, fair and square..." Timmy just shook his head. "Nope! I spent all my money buying a Luxury Ball earlier!"

Newt scowled at him. "Then I'll take that. Pay up, or I'm reporting you for tax evasion." Timmy was reluctant, but relented under Newt's glare. "Here, take it..."

Newt put the ball in his bag, walking past the defeated Youngsters. "Good boys. Now go home. I'm going on an adventure!" He cackled triumphantly, heading off down Route 2 with his first official victory under his belt.


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Shino ? Torrent
Pound - Growl - Bubble - Camouflage


The chocolate bar was eaten way too soon for Rai's liking, but she resisted the urge to pick up another one from her backpack. The path towards the forest wasn't very long, but as she walked, she could see other trainers getting up to all sorts of things in the distance. Herself, she was mostly keen on reaching the forest already. She had been there every now and then as a kid, and always found it fascinating.

Although, this time it wasn't quite the forest itself that attracted her - rather what was on the other side. She didn't want to distract herself with smalltime trainers on this very first route of her journey, or get lost in mazes in the forest for too long. She wanted to meet proper trainers and experience proper battles (and get proper prize money for ending up victorious). Battles in pokmon trainer's school had never been for money, always only for practice, unless there had been particular school competitions going on.

And the pokmon they had used had also never been their own. The orb sitting quietly on her magnetic belt now contained the very first pokmon Rai actually owned. Even if it was a bit strange to say that about a living creature with a will of its own. At least she assumed it had. She still hadn't taken him out again after initially accepting the Elekid starter from professor Sycamore. She probably should...

Rai ended up standing still for a while, thoughtfully eyeing the small pokball in her hand, not realizing she had stopped in the middle of the road.

"Let's see now... What's the first thing we should do, Shino?" Avril asked the Froakie who was still riding piggyback on her shoulder. She glanced at the small frog, offering him a small smile. "We could fight some trainers, but... That's too expected, you know? Plus, I doubt many of the trainers here would really be worth the time. A lot of 'em are probably little kids and bug collectors, not even up to the snuff that my fellow graduates are..."

Shino tilted its head, blinking slowly as if taking in Avril's musings carefully. She really wasn't too sure if the Froakie was actually understanding just what she was talking about, but the fact that it actually looked like he was thinking it over was enough to almost make her want to squeal in excitement and give him quite the warm, embracing hug. Still, she managed to keep herself calm enough to resist. At least, for the time being. She was snapped from her thoughts when Froakie began to croak, pointing out a bit ahead to a wild Bunnelby that was poking up from the grass.

"Catching a wild Pokmon, huh?" Avril replied. She paused, looking over the wild Bunnelby carefully, before sighing and shaking her head. "No, no... That's too expected. I mean, sure I could catch it, but...No one wants to read a story where the protagonist catches everything in sight, much less where they make a catch in the very beginning of the story! No, you have to keep them full of suspense and make the catches revolve around only the most eccentric Pokmon."

Froakie gave out a small, confused croak. Avril responded with a quick giggle. "It's a writer's thing. You wouldn't understand."

Rai had made her mind up, at last.

"Come out, Elekid!" she said, after which the pokball opened and the yellow and black pokmon materialized on the path before her in a shimmering light.

It looked up at her without a noise for a moment, eyes blinking a few times. Its natural expression looked rather grim and grumpy, but Rai hoped it was simply the way he looked.

"Yo!" she said and made thumbs up at him.

Was that a small smirk he made back? After a second or two, he raised his own hand, as if doing thumbs up back. Yes, success!

"Welcome to Route 2!" Rai said and flung her arms out as if showcasing the environment for him. "Not sure if you've ever been here before, but there's not much to see anyways. We are on our way to the forest. So... you remember my name, right?"

"Kid!" the pokmon said sharply.

"I... Uh," Rai began, but she couldn't help starting to laugh. "Fine. Kid is fine. But then I want a nicknickname for you too. Something short and sweet, but not too sweet. You're not a little doll. How about... Echo?"

He seemed to consider it for a brief moment, before he smiled and made thumbs up at her again.

"Awesome!" Rai cheered. "Oh hey... Shush!"

She suddenly quieted down and motioned for Echo to move closer. In a shrubbery next to the road, she had just spotted another pokmon. A tiny rabbit looking thing that Rai had spotted many times before in different situations. This must be a wild one, because it seemed shy. Despite that, it soon crept out onto the road, seemingly anxiously glancing over its shoulder as if it wanted to hide from something.

"Yo, what's wrong little one?" Rai called out to it, deciding to take a chance.

Turned out to be a bad idea, as the Bunnelby was completely startled and took off down the road.

"Oh well," Rai sighed, shrugging.

Echo, however, took off after the bunny.

"Oh crap!" Rai now exclaimed, and started running after them. "Come back, Echo! Let it go! What are you, a dog?"

Avril had just turned and began to walk down the path with Shino in tow when the sudden cry of a girl grabbed her attention. She watched as the Bunnelby she had spotted just a moment ago suddenly began to bolt down the route as quickly as it could. Oddly enough, it was being chased by an Elekid. While Avril was no expert in the habitats of wild Pokmon, she was fairly certain that wild Elekid were not native to Route 2. It was only when she saw a girl chasing after both the Bunnelby and the Elekid did Avril truly begin to piece together that something a bit unusual was starting to transpire.

"Hmmm... I think... I'm pretty sure that was one of the girls I graduated with," Avril thought aloud. "I remember that Sycamore gave out an Elekid as a starter..."

The more Avril thought about it, the more a small idea began to form in the back of her head. Thoughts of an amazing passage for her upcoming novel, of how she aided one of her fellow classmates in catching their starter Pokmon were just screaming to be added to the tale. Not only that, but it would make for an amusing adventure at that.

"Come on, Shino... Let's go see what we can do to help out!" Avril decided, chasing after the girl and her Elekid before the Froakie even had a moment to protest.

The running pokmon stopped so abruptly that Rai almost ran into them. She found the Elekid curiously peeking at not just one, but three Bunnelby huddling together under a bush next to the road.

"You're scaring them, Echo! I bet they've never seen a pokmon of your coloration before."

Then she heard steps behind her and turned to see a very blonde - and very happy - girl approaching. And she had a pokmon with her too... Hang on, she knew that girl. Or at least recognized her. It was another one of Sycamore's students, for sure.

"Is everything okay? I saw you um... chasing after your Elekid," Avril began, trying her best to not make the situation anymore awkward for the girl than it needed to be. "Did you um... manage to catch it?"

As she spoke, Shino peeked over Avril's shoulder. His eyes drifted back and forth between the Elekid and Rai, before suddenly ducking back behind his trainer, as if hoping he had not been spotted. He let out a nervous croak, before waving rather shyly at the Elekid.

Echo instantly turned his attention away from the shivering bunnies and eagerly took a few steps towards the Froakie, returning his waving with a grin. That confirmed it for Rai - this was one of her old schoolmates, she just had never been close to her.

"We're fine, and I wasn't out to catch a bunny today. They just started running, both of them. And now there's a whole bunch of them down there in the shrubbery, looking like we were big bad wolves. While in reality we're just two monkeys, a frog and... What even are you again?" she added at the Elekid, before shaking her head, realizing she had been getting off-track.

"Sorry! I'm Rai Cross, by the way. You're... Sorry, I don't remember yout name, but I'm pretty sure I've seen you in school,

"Avril, Avril Morris," she replied, introducing herself to Rai quickly. She glanced over her shoulder at Froakie and grinned. "And this little guy is Shino. And yeah, we just graduated together!"

"I figured! You and me and most of all the other trainers scattered around this small route, trying to not get squashed by life on our first day as proper trainers, right?" Rai gave Avril a playful bop on the arm.

"You know it... Well, some small hiccups aside, right?" Avril questioned, glancing down at the Elekid as she spoke. "Still, I guess all of us will probably flub up in someway before this whole day is over!"

"As soon as we get to that fabled forest in the end, at least. Hm, I should have named Echo here Hiccups instead, shouldn't I? Actually, maybe it isn't too late to change..." Rai thoughtfully said, looking at her pokmon, who startled.

Glancing down again, Avril glanced at the Elekid once more. He seemed to be quite the little ball of energy... at least, when compared to Shino. However, what caught her eyes more were the trembling Bunnelby. The group of little rabbits still looked posetively spooked, despite the fact that no one had dared to disturb them for a few minutes at the very least.

"I wonder what happened to these little guys," Avril resumed, kneeling down to the group of Bunnelby. "They look like they're about to have a heart attack or something..."

Just as she said that, all three of them jumped up high and darted away into the tall grass with small screams.

"Hey, come back! Her hair is blonde, not on fire!" Rai called after them. "Nothing to be afraid of- what?" she added, when Echo tugged the hem of her tunic, making her spin around. "Uh-oh. Avril? Sit still where you are. Just... Don't move."

Avril looked up towards Rai, raising an eyebrow in the process. "Huh...? What's up all of a sudden?" The blonde girl only felt more confused when Shino let out a small, nervous croak, all while grabbing hold of the hem of her rather long tank top. "You too...?"

A growl made the current situation quite obvious, then. Climbing up from the tall grass on the other side of the path, was a huge bear. At least twice the height of Rai, and definitely more than twice as angry and deadly.

Avril's eyes widened in shock at the sight before her. "What... What is that thing doing on a route like this?!"

"Scaring bunnies, it seems," Rai said.

As the Ursaring started walking towards them, Rai instinctively stepped in in front of the other girl. "Okay. We are pokmon trainers. What do trainers do now? Run? Fight? Avril?"

Avril looked up at Rai, clearly not feeling quite as determined as her fellow trainer. "Well... I guess we fight..."

Shino craked in absolute fear of Avril's response. The blonde trainer could feel her Froakie tighten his grip on her top all the while. Avril honestly couldn't blame the little frog. Going from battling trainers at the school who used Pokmon such as a Caterpie or a Bunnelby was one thing, but suddenly being thrust into battle with a fully evolved Usaring? It would be am understatement to say the odds were against her and Shino, even with the help of Rai and her Elekid. As Avril stood up beside her schoolmate, a sudden thought flashed through her mind.

"Wait a minute... a wild Usaring as my first wild Pokmon battle...? I'm looking at this all wrong! This is just the sort of thing my story needs to be a hit! The rookie trainer defying all odds and saving her friends and the family of Bunnelby from the towering monster of an Usaring! They'll love it!"

Avril suddenly felt much more pumped up as she flashed Rai a bright smile. "Alright then... Let's give it our all!"

Rai flashed her a smile. "I wouldn't have been happy running away, to be honest! Don't worry, Avril, we can do this together, yeah? Time to put those lessons to the test..."

Ursaring stomped the ground and roared, sending dust up around them on the road.

"Big enemy, brute force won't work, think, think... Can we incapacitate him?" Rai suggested. "Echo, use Thunder Wave!"

Elekid, either too brave or too naive to be afraid of the large bear, dashed forward and fired off a weak jolt of electricity that hit the brute at its knees. It made it buckle over with a groan, seemingly having trouble standing now.

"Wohoo! Does Froakie, I mean Shino, know any status changing moves?"

"Um... Not really, no. I mean, he knows Camouflage and Growl, but..." Avril mused. She quickly glanced down at her Froakie and nodded. "Shino, try and slow it down with Bubble!"

Shino looked a bit nervous at Avril, but nodded and obeyed his trainer. The Froakie bounded forward, blowing a barrage of bubbles in the direction of the wild Usaring. The bubbles began to collectively cluster around the bear Pokmon's arms and legs, as if weighing them down just enough to give it a slightly more difficult time in trying to fight back.

"Nice job, Shino!" Avril cheered, much to Shino's delight.

"Wow, we're practically ninjas! Now he can't walk and can't swing his arms around. Maybe we're on more equal ground now. Echo, go for a Quick Attack!"

The Elekid shot forward and tackled the Ursaring's lowered head, which seemed to both hurt and enrage it. Maybe more the latter...

"Shino, follow up with a Pound attack!" Avril shouted.

Shino quickly croaked in response, hopping forward and tackling his little frog body right into that of the Usaring's. The Usaring let out a loud, annoyed growl as it stumbled backwards, slowly starting to clearly get a bit frustrated over the situation it found itself in. Still, Avril did not seem to feel the least bit of sympathy for the bully of an Usaring.

"I think we need to finish it off, how about you?" Avril questioned, glancing over at Rai.

"Let's do it, sis!" Rai agreed. "Something fancy, like... Thundershock!"

"Don't just sit there, Shino! Let's mix it up with Bubble!" Avril commanded.

The two Pokmon agreed with their trainers. What followed was a barrage of bubbles blasted right in the direction of the Usaring, all wrapped together by an electrical surge, courtesy of Echo the Elekid. The hydrated-electrical attack blasted right into the wild Usaring, causing the bear to let out a loud, pain-filled roar as it took the full-force attack. Slowly, the bear stumbled backwards before quickly turning tail and running as quickly as he could away from the trainer duo and their Pokmon.

"YEAH!" Rai cheered. "The bully never had a chance! High five!" she said, arm outreached towards Avril.

Avril grinned, returning the high five with enthusiasm. "Of course, it was easy-peasy, especially with two Pokmon like ours!"

Shino's little Froakie cheeks flushed a pale shade of red from Avril's compliment. He glanced over in Echo's direction, offering the Elekid a small wave and smile. The Elekid smirked its characteristical smirk and did a big thumbs up to him.

"That was fun, actually," Rai mused. "We tried double battles in school, but they were always, how do I put it... They felt staged, didn't they? This was really real. We were in danger, we had to improvise, and our pokmon felt it and collaborated. Man. We should do this again some time! I mean, maybe not run into dangerous monsters, but, co-op battling, you know?" She smiled with glimmering amber eyes towards the blonde girl.

"Totally!" Avril replied. She had the feeling that battling wild Pokmon and trainers were going to feel a bit different than they did back in school, but the blonde girl had no idea it was going to feel this exciting. Oddly enough, Avril found herself wanting more. She began to wonder if this was the normal sort of thought process of a trainer. "Well... regardless, I'm sure this little incident is gonna turn into a huge hit when I write it up! No doubt about it!"

Rai suddenly felt something tug the hem of her tunic again. It was Echo, and once he got her attention, he pointed towards the bush from before. The Bunnelby were back, now looking shyly up at the trainers.

"Oh hi there! You feeling better now that we taught the big monster a lesson?" Rai asked.

One of the bunnies crept forward, and dumped something shiny at Rai's feet, before scurrying back into the tall grass with its friends.

"What's this?" Rai bent down to pick one of the items up. "Oh wow! So pretty, a shiny blue stone! Maybe they gave us this as a reward for kicking the teddy's butt?"

"Looks like it, yeah..." Avril replied, glancing at the stone in Rai's hand. She felt Shino pulling at her leg and looked down to see the Froakie holding onto a green stone with what looked to be a very faint leaf mark in the middle. "...Wait, I think these are some of those stones that we got taught about back in school. They make some Pokmon evolve or something when they come in contact with them!"

"Oooh, you're right! But where would some wild Bunnelby find these? Do you think they've got a stack of them somewhere? Or maybe some really careless trainers actually dropped them at some point."

Avril shrugged. "Either one's possible, but I'll gladly accept this as a thanks. Besides, there's so many trainers out there, we'd never find who actually lost them in the first place." She smiled, carefully placing the Leaf Stone inside of her trainer's bag for safe keeping. Avril then turned to the Bunnelby and smiled once more. "Thanks a lot guys, I'm glad we could help!"

The bunnies chirped before taking off into the grass, out of sight.


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A Swanna Song, Part I: The Ugly Ducklett

Credit to the lovely Alby for suggesting the song~

Laurent practically bounced down the path towards Santalune Forest, the only thing that stopped him throwing self-awareness to the wind and skipping the rest of the way was the knowledge that he had a precious new life in his backpack - which was exactly why he was so excited! Bernard, - the adorable little Bulbasaur alongside him - however, had no such reservation and happily bundled forward, spouting various lyrical noises as well as variations of "Bulba!" almost as if he was singing. The pair continued their companionable jaunt towards the forest, only growing more and more excited as the trees loomed closer, until the sound of splashing water and angry squawks.

All thoughts of the forest were violently shoved aside by curiosity for both trainer and pokmon, the pair turning simultaneously and wandering towards the river as if they shared a whimsical...easily distracted mind. It didn't take long to identify the disturbance, four Ducklett were thrashing around in the water, fighting for some reason Laurent couldn't fathom. He stood on the riverbank, wondering just what would start a four-way fight between pokmon that weren't known for being territorial. Though Laurent's ever-present amused smile remained unchanged his gaze sharpened when something different caught his eye among the flailing white and blue birds. A flash and purple?

The young man leaned further forward, hovering dangerously far over the water and at that exact moment a fifth Ducklett shot out from between its fellows, gliding low enough over the river to leave a trail of ripples in the water beneath it. The Ducklett was absolutely dazzling! The majority of the pokmon's feathers were a pink that would make a Chansey envious and the patch of thicker down its legs sprang from was a purple rich enough to grace a king's mantle. In place of the usual V-shaped tuft most Duckletts wore atop their heads, this one had a luxurious poof of silky down reminiscent of a beautiful belle's painstakingly groomed bangs at an exotic gala cresting its forehead. Most striking of all though was the way the Ducklett's entire body sparkled, an enticing glimmer that continued strongly even after all the water slid off of it.

The beautiful creature was not able to fly far before - much to Laurent's horror - a jet of water knocked it off balance, and the four Ducklett from before slammed into it while it was slowed down. This wasn't some group dispute, the normal Ducklett had all been ganging up on the oddly-colored one, they'd been surrounding it so mercilessly that he hadn't even seen the bright beauty at first! Any concern over why any of this was happening in the first place evaporated to be replaced by the all-encompassing fact that it wasn't an unfair fight, it was the pokmon equivalent of being jumped in the street, and it needed to stop now.

Another huge splash of water signaled another escape for the pink Ducklett, this time it was heading for the shore, but why? "Santalune Forest!" Laurent blurted out in a eureka moment. "Bernard, interception!" The excitable little Bulbasaur didn't quite grasp what Laurent was getting it, but it followed him willingly and quickly enough when he charged towards the spot where he estimated the Ducklett would make landfall. Ducklett are better at swimming than they are flying - though this sparkling one seemed to have it down pretty well - and like most bird pokmon they prefer open spaces. The outcast Ducklett must be attempting to hide from its pursuers in a place it knows they aren't accustomed to and it would likely have the advantage in thanks to its superior flight skills.

Laurent made it to his target spot with Bernard hot on his heels just after the pink Ducklett blasted past and continued on towards the forest without any acknowledgment of the human interloper. The four regular Ducklett chasing the new object of the trainer's fascination had no such luck thanks to their pursuit taking place by way of water. One attacker thought to simply launch over the human's head, but was easily slow enough for a vine from Bernard to smack it right out of the air. "Picking on one of your own just for being a bit different from the rest of you?" Laurent called out to the bristling Ducklett staring him down. "That's crass, uncouth, and I'm afraid it also happens to be my most hated of pet peeves. You'll go no further."

As brave and heroic as the young man may have looked, pointing dramatically at his opponents as if someone he wanted to impress was watching, he wasn't the slightest bit prepared for the ferocity of the rebuttal. All four water-fowl pokmon launched out of the water at him at once, furiously quacking, grunting, and flailing both wing and beak. A well-timed pivot and a graceful leap to the side barely avoided the onslaught, but Laurent was left with no time to plan further before he was surrounded. He scanned the two Ducklett in front of him while Bernard stood at his back, keeping the other two from getting in a clear attack. "Come now, is there really any need for violence?" Laurent asked in a tone sweeter than honey only to be answered with a spray of water to the face fierce enough to get some of it up his nose.

Laurent snorted the water harmlessly from his nostrils then shook his head, sending glittering droplets in all directions and whipping his hair about as it sparkled and dried partially in the sun. "I see." He replied, one eye twitching slightly for a moment, though his smile remained. Without any further dialogue between the parties, Laurent sprinted at the two Ducklett in front of him. "Bernard, Vine Whip on the easiest target!" The first two pokmon were so unprepared for a human to run straight at them like a lunatic that they scattered in a huff of feathers and squawks. Bernard's vines swung brutally about, smacking one of the Ducklett he faced while the other easily dodged it. While the first Ducklett Bernard struck reeled back, vines came in a pincer manoeuvre at the one that had dodged, wrapping around its ankles as it leaped into the air and attempted to fly only to begin dragging Bernard along the ground.

"Point-blank Leech Seed!" Laurent shouted next, prompting Bernard to begin reeling in his vines, dragging the Ducklett lower and lower, then shooting a small seed into the feathers on its back and releasing it. All four Ducklett circled in the air above, quacking and occasionally squawking while they reorganized themselves. "I can't believe I was so caught up in my pseudo-heroics as to be such a colossal fool. This is our first battle, we can't win four-on-one..." While Laurent pondered a way out, Bernard bit off the tip of a stalk of grass and began to blow on it. Up above, the Ducklett were further disrupted when the small seed stuck to one of their backs burst open, covering its victim in parasitic tendrils, immobilizing it and beginning to sap its energy as it crashed to the ground.

A haunting melody began to circulate through the air, but seeing one of their comrades fall rendered the other three Ducklett too furious to care. They all dive-bombed towards Laurent and Bernard at once, preparing a triple Wing Attack for the poor Bulbasaur. Before Laurent could jump in to shield his companion from the unfair assault, the Ducklett's formation began to waver, then come undone all at once. All three water-fowl pokmon thumped harmlessly to the ground, snoring peacefully next to their since-KO'd ally. "Genius!" Laurent exclaimed, scooping Bernard up and hugging him so hard he dropped his Grass Whistle.

Setting Bernard back down, Laurent rounded on the four Ducklett and drew out one of the empty pokballs he had on his belt. "One victory and three...peaceful resolutions is enough for me!" He lowered the techno-marvel sphere towards the Ducklett still covered in tendrils, then stopped and stood back up with a jolt. "Forget about second best. Come, Bernard! Let us go find our lovely friend and tell her she can return to her home!" Bernard nodded and started to turn, then stopped and stared inquisitively at Laurent. "Oh she's a girl, I'm certain. Now, hop to it! It's rude to keep a lady waiting!" Without giving Bernard a chance to respond this time, Laurent scooped the Bulbasaur back into his arms and sprinted full-bore for Santalune Forest, intent on seeing this tale through to its end.

"Ever looking forward, ever thinking back. Everywhere you've been, everyone you've met was another step on your path, shaping your future even as they become part of your past. One must never discount the pieces that have made up your journey until now but to lose yourself in them would be equally great folly, instead let them hoist you up, carry you on until you find the strength to walk for yourself. So it is that I continue towards that endless horizon. Ever thinking back, ever marching forward, inexorable as the history that brought me down this road. This Lonesome Road."


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Emma Kuzunoha Case 1: A Cafe's Secret Part 1

However... Even I'm able see... That there's entirely too much hate in this world of ours. Even as I am, I've always wanted to do something about this hatred, but I'm not sure how to go about it yet. But I truly believe that eventually the day will come, when all people will understand one another and live in harmony.

His words echoed in the 20-year old Emma's mind as she gazed upon his cold, dead body, leaning up against the hardened wall. Emma was just starting out as not only a pokmon trainer, but a renowned detective. This was all for one reason: to find the truth about her best friend who apparently turned to a life of crime. She hadn't taken any cases yet however, until that faithful day when she was prepared to set out on her own.

But even she couldn't believe that her first case had a victim of a magnitude such as this. When she discovered the body for the first time, she gently felt her hand upon the victim's. It was still warm, until it grew colder. Hard as it was, there was no longer any doubt in her mind.

Her father is dead.

It all happened during mid-day, in the peaceful town of Aquacorde. Aquacorde is a town located in the southeastern part of the Kalos region. The town has a classic colonial appearance with several European-style apartment buildings and streetlights. It is also bordered on the north by a river, and in the center of the town is a fountain where people come to relax to take in the scenery.

Many budding trainers freshly graduated from the local Trainers' school had just started off on her journey. Emma Kuzunoha however, decided to take it easy for now. Emma had also recently graduated from the Trainers' school, as well as passed the bar exam to become a local detective. She's seen sipping french vanilla from a fancy tea cup, glancing upon the fletchling flying outside on a patio of a cafe. The cafe, Diamonds, recently opened just a few days ago. While the name isn't exactly widely known in Kalos yet, it's still talked about locally about being hospitable and kind towards customers. Emma decided to treat herself with coffee before going on her adventure. With satisfying results.

"Emma? Is that you?" suddenly called out a voice. Emma could recognize it straight away, as two figures approached her. One was her mother, Sakura Kuzunoha, and her father, Alfred Kuzunoha. Mrs. Kuzunoha was an actress who became a bigger name for herself after her latest movie became a good hit. Her father is a seasoned prosecutor, who became the talk of the town for his brilliance as well. "What a fortunate coincidence! I figured you might of set off already."

"I was just preparing myself and saying farewell to everyone here before I go," Emma explained. "I've met quite a few good people here during the years, you know."

"Ah, of course you did!" her father agreed with a smile. "Seems only yesterday that you were playing pretend-crime-scene with Mr. Tenzai and Ms. Walsh. And ah... with Sayo too."

Emma gently placed her tea cup down. She then looked down upon the white-clothed table with a burst of sadness. Sayo... she thought. Sayo was her best friend growing up. She always remembered her smiling the days away, being there for Emma when she needed it. It was until that faithful day, where Emma witnessed Sayo stealing fossils and diamonds from Lumiose City's Museum. After that, she never saw her again since. But why did she do it? And where did she head off to? It was because of those questions, she became a detective and a pokemon trainer to travel and find the truth.

She, with renowned determination, looked back upon her concerned parents and nodded. Her parents knew she was a strong one. As young as she was, they knew she was also mature. Her father and mother sat with Emma in the cafe's patio. "Don't forget that you won't be alone," her father began. "Your Pokmon will always be with you too. Treat them with trust and love and you can do almost anything, partnered up with them, alright?"

"Baw, and your Pansage is just the cutest thiiiing..." Emma's mother beamed. Emma could only sigh. Her mother was kind, but a little bit... ditsy.

"Mother? She's a Budew," Emma explained. "Actually, when I met her for the first time, she was really happy. Maybe she wanted to see the outside world for herself too, or maybe she just enjoyed life in general? That's why I named her Vida, which means 'life' in another language."

"And a fine name that is too," her father added. "To be able to cherish life to its fullest is a fine trait indeed. I, myself rather enjoy the beauty of life, with all the people and pokemon living in this world. Emma you may know this already, but going through life is also tough. It's nice to see that even among our dark days filled with our inner demons, there is always a shine of hope within your generation. However..." Emma father clasped his hands together, and while looking down at them, gave a more serious expression. "...Even I'm able see... That there's entirely too much hate in this world of ours.

"There's... too much hate?" Emma repeated. Her father never discussed deep topics of this magnitude with her before. Was her curiosity a sign that this is a breath of fresh air for her to explore?

"Ah. Even as I am as a prosecutor, I've always wanted to do something about this hatred, but I'm not sure how to go about it yet." Her father slowly risen his head. He then gave a small, yet gentle smile. "But I truly believe that eventually the day will come, when all people will understand one another and live in harmony. And if I can't find the answer, maybe I'll count on you and Vida to find it for me, huh Emma?"

Emma glanced away from her parents towards the ground. "I don't exactly know how to go about it either," Emma responded truthfully. "But I suppose I can at least try, for you dad." Her father gave a delightful chuckle and a quick nod.

"Whoa, hey! The Kuzunohas!" cried out a voice. It was none other than Mr. Tenzai, the PokeMart owner. Alongside him was Ms. Walsh, the head nurse of the local Pokemon Center. The duo approached the family with an open-armed expression. "Fancy meeting you three here! And young Emma, congrats on your graduation!"

"Thank you," Emma responded. "But what brings you here, Mr. Tenzai? Ms. Walsh?"

"Haha, this one owes me lunch after he lost a pokmon battle against me," Ms Walsh explained with a hint of pride. "That makes it what, 10 in a row?"

"Yeah, yeah..." Mr. Tenzai muttered, rubbing the base of his neck in embarrassment. "Well, it'll be a good experience for me too. This cafe opened up recently, yes? I was itching to check this place out sooner, but hadn't gotten the time. Y'know, with customers and all..."

"Welcome!" called out another voice, this time unfamiliar with Emma. The door to the inside of the cafe opened, as another woman stepped out to greet the guests. She introduced herself with a bow. "Welcome to Diamonds! I'm Serene Linge, owner of this small shop. It's really nice to meet you and have you on board! Please, feel free to have a seat over here "

"THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!" a shout suddenly interrupted. It came from one of the other tables nearby. It was seemingly a young girl right about Emma's age. It seemed as though she was shouting at a serving lady. "I clearly ordered a sweet ginger peach tea, and you bring me a camomile?! How dare you upset me, the heir of the McDonald household, Athena McDonald?!"

She forgot: leader of the spoiled... Emma thought to herself in short-handed disgust.

"Ah! I-I'm sorry ma'am!" the serving girl apologized shyly. "I think I got an order mixed up because it was a long day and"

"Name! What is your name?!" the girl, Athena demanded.

"I-Its Julia. Julia Roberts."

"Fine. Julia Roberts? Go and get me what I asked for. Immediately."

"Y-Yes ma'am! At once!" Ms. Roberts removed the tea cup and and quickly approached the cafe. She found her boss, Ms. Linge, waiting for her. "O-Oh, Ms. Linge... sorry you had to hear and see that... Say um, where do we keep all of our sweet ginger peach tea packets again?"

"Oh, Julia..." Ms. Linge responded followed up with a sigh. "Come on, I'll show you where inside." Ms. Roberts thanked her with a bow, as she then headed inside first. Ms. Linge turned to her customers. "I'm sorry, this won't take long. Please, have a seat and we'll be with you shortly." Soon, she too headed inside, as Mr. Tenzai and Ms. Waltz both sat down their respective seats. Shortly after, Emma's father stood up.

"I'm going to ask them where the washrooms are," he explained. "Why don't you all catch up? I won't be too long." Emma nodded as her father went inside the cafe as well leaving the four of them behind. Emma's mother watched as he left. For some reason, she briefly put out her hand, as if she wanted him to come back... she also had a somewhat sad expression. Emma looked on.

"Mother?" Emma asked her after a while passed. "Are you... alright?"

"Y-Yes, I'm fine dear," her mother responded with a smile. "What do you think? That's going to be the climax for my next movie hit! The tragic princess calling out to her prince, in a sense of foreboding...!"

"I... see. Well, that was pretty good then I suppose," Emma responded. Loved her as she did, she never could figure out her mother.

"So, Emma!" Ms. Waltz addressed to her. "Do you think you could tell me about your new pokmon? What species is it? What's it like? Did you give it a name?"

"Whoa, don't overload the poor girl with questions, now!" Mr. Tenzai interrupted, followed by a chuckle. "Though truth be told, I'm kinda curious myself!"

"Bah, this is taking too long!" the young girl, Athena MacDonald muttered. She quickly rose from her seat to storm her way into the cafe. She ignored Emma and the others to head in.

Emma briefly scratched her head. Was it natural for adults to be so... curious about youth? And just what kind of household was the McDonalds anyway? Dispite this, she began. "Okay then. My pokmon is a Budew, and..."

Emma chatted the time away. It soon was 30 minutes since her father, the two cafe workers, and McDonald left to go inside the cafe. Neither of them came back ever since. Emma's mother glanced on her watch. "Hm, your father never took this long to use the washroom," she said.

"Those other girls are taking quite a while too," My Tenzai added. "Maybe that McDonald... girl or whatever her name is, is being too difficult?"

Emma's mother turned to her daughter. "Emma dear, mind checking up on him? And the other ladies too?" Emma nodded as she stood up, and ventured inside the cafe.

Inside, Emma saw Athena McDonald, with her arms crossed, in front of the main counter. The Ms Linge and Ms. Roberts were busy preparing the tea she wanted. However, they seem to have quite a bit of trouble.

"Nonono!" Ms. McDonald barked. "Pour in the water more gently! It's tea, not a fastfood cup of piss!" The two women nodded as they started again.

I wonder who's the actual boss here... Emma could only ponder. She then approached the the company. "Pardon me, but have you seen my father?"

"The man with the glasses?" Ms. Linge asked, while making the tea to Ms. McDonalds exact specifications. "He did ask for the washroom... it's the third door, down the hall to the left; perhaps you can knock to see if he's okay?" Athena nodded as she headed down where specified. Only to hear echoing of Ms. McDonald's ordering.

The hall was dark, and the lighting was dim. It didn't seem properly renovated yet. Still, Emma found the washroom as told. It seemed closed, so Emma started to knock. "Father?" she called out, knocking on the door twice. "Are you alright in there?"

There was no answer. She knocked again, calling for him louder, but again with no answer. Another round of knocking revealed that the door wasn't actually locked, as it opened up just a bit. Curious and concerned mind as she was, Emma slowly opened the door. She hate to invade her father's privacy, but she wondered if her dad had trouble operating the equipment there. Strangely, the lights were off. She try to feel where the light switch was at with her left arm, turning on the lights.

That's when she saw an unspeakable horror.

She saw her father slumped on in the seemingly spacious room on the wall. She gasped and clasped her hands on her mouth, watching blood run down the wall to the floor, throughout his clothing. His eyes were closed, and his glasses was shattered. She got on her knees, with her eyes welling up.

By the time she realized what happened with her father, she unintentionally let out a blood-churning scream.

To be continued...

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Coul and Sam JP
"Sandy! Stop biting down on that Pokeball," Coul exclaimed as he bent down and pried his Pokemon's fangs off of his new Pokemon. He decided to test the Meowth out but was distracted by the sight of a kid and his Poliwag swimming down the river. He wiped Meowth's Pokeball on his gloves and stowed it away inside one of his pockets. Coul then went to the side of the bridge and waved down.

"You okay down there?"

"Huh? Oh hello we're fine!" Sam said, seeing someone above him on a bridge. Rainer, the poliwag looked up as well but seemed uninterested in the human interaction. He was too busy for that, as he was thinking of a way to deal with those deadly fishermen.

"Rainer, lets go see if that trainer has an idea for those fishermen!" Sam said, enthusiastically. "Two on two evens the odds!"

The twenty-one year old floated to the side of the water, pulling himself out with his strong back and arms muscles. The poliwag had a much easier time getting out as it simply leap from under the water onto the ground.

"Hi. I'm Sam and this is Rainer. We just came from down the river where two fishermen are poaching pokemon. We could use some help freeing those little swimmers because I'm not sure what to do about the old man's gun."

Coul was surprised to see the "kid" face-to-face. Apparently, he's not a kid anymore. "Hi, I'm Coul Remson and this here is my partner Sandy." Sandy growled in acknowledgement. "What do you mean poaching? Do you mean fishing for food?" At the sound of the word food, his Sandile growled again, this time, deeper than usual. Coul put his gloved hands into his pocket, feeling the round Pokeball of his new Pokemon. "Can you tell me some more details, but let's proceed there now."

"They were even going to eat Rainer!" Sam said. "They're that way. Lets hide so they don't see us coming. That fat, old man's gun is stronger than Rainer's Water Gun!" Coul followed the seemingly hysterical Trainer.

Heading down the way and staying relatively quiet, the squad of two trainers and their pokemon would see the fishermen at the side of the river. The younger and plumper one was laying flat on his back while the old man was knocking out captured pokemon with a club. Seems they were content on their catch... except there was a struggling Floatzel who was in the net. It seemed she was suffering from an injury that was no doubt caused by those fishermen.

The old man raised the club overhead while looking at her. Coul looked at the man with horror.

Just at that moment it was Rainer who reacted first, popping out from hiding and sending out a water gun at the old man. It appeared to save the Floatzel from certain demise as the old fisherman dropped the club when he was sprayed. Catcihng on slowly, Sam ran out of hiding to help his pokemon. Unsure what to do he bolted forward towards the old man to tackle him. The two splashed into the water, which apparently didn't even wake the fat fishermen on his back. The younger one woke up with the commotion and was utterly confused with the sight of the older one and a stranger straggling it out on the river. But, his senses quickly got hold of him and went for the hauled Water-types. Coul stood in his way, with Sandy growling through his teeth.

Rainer wobbled quickly towards the captured pokemon. He bit the net hold them but it wasn't doing much. Then the Floatzel noticed what was happening and came to. In an instant the net was obliterated by one of the water pokemon's strong moves. Not even Rainer knew what happened. But freeing herself and whatever pokemon were with her, allowed them all to escape back into the river.

Sam surfaced, getting air and searching for the old man.

"Uh.. Coul! Do you see the gun?" Sam asked.

"No!" Coul said, his head whipping back and forth. The younger fisherman seemed apprehensive with the growling Sandile. "I don't see any gun around!"

Rainer looked around, not really sure what to do now but was content hoping into the boat of the fishermen.

"Poli!" It said, trying to alert Sam and that other human. There were four fishing rods sitting in the boat, along with bait for capturing pokemon.

Sam climbed out of the water then looked in the boat where his pokemon was hoping up and down.

"Huh, no gun here either. But hey, lets take their rods so they can't injure pokemon like that again. I'll take two and you can take two!" Sam grabbed them... only to be stopped by the oldman who's body was half submerged. In his hands was the gun, pointed right for the swimmer. Coul looked at Sam and saw the development. "Sandy, stay here." Coul whispered to his Pokemon. "Don't move," he said to the younger fishermen and then he jogged towards the river.

"Ain't going nowhere!" The old man said. Seems he was really durable having taken a couple of Rainer's attacks and even Sam's own tackle. Coul heard the threat and surprised to see a gun. He knew he needed to act fast. He was not a great swimmer so he couldn't reach the two in time. "Catherine, go!" Coul threw the his other Pokeball towards Sam and the boat.

The feline appeared, looking confused and startled at the same time. Coul quickly got his dex out and pointed it towards Catherine and smiled. "Hypnosis!" The Meowth, while seemingly unable to comprehend where he was, understood the command. She purred a very soft purr, very much like a lullaby. He hoped it was enough to send the man to sleep. He risked a look back towards the younger fisherman but Sandy was doing a very good job of keeping him at check.

The old man shot in the air... missing! As he listened to the Meowth he couldn't help but feel drousy so he flopped over on his back and started floating into deeper water.

Sam, get sleepy as well and feel onto his back while in the boat. Rainer was fine, so he leap on top of his trainer and proceeded to slap sam in the face until he woke up.

"Oh.. uh. Hmm what happened?" He asked, sitting back up then looking around. He noticed that there was a Meowth there. "Oh hi. Guess you came to save the day! Thanks! Coul? Ah Coul, take these two fishing rods." Sam got out of the docked boat with the rods in both hands.

"You came to my rescue, I owe you one!"



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- Featuring Drew Tucker -

Current Team:

Over the Bridge - Part 2
Current Location : Route 02

Brandon paused. He heard a familiar voice behind him, but he was praying it wasn't who he thought it was. "J-Jackson? Y-you're friends with Drew?" He stammered. His gaze bounced between the two trainers who had cornered him. Many of those passing them on the bridge seemed to ignore the situation he was in. "Hey, piss off man, I'm just trying heal my new pokm-"

"The pokmon whose leg you broke?" Drew butted in, putting on a braver face now that he knew he had an ally stronger than his enemy.

"You... what?!" Jackson fumed, taking a few steps closer and almost steaming at this point. "Listen here you worthless, muk eating mistake. I psyducking hate people like you, who think you're the top dog just because you can pick on some kid and an innocent little pokmon!" Jackson walked right up to Brandon, his chest puffing out making him appear huge in comparison to the scrawny little tough guy standing before him. Gripping onto Brandon's hair, Jackson nigh ripped it out as he tugged the bully's head back to force his gaze skyward. With a single outstretched palm, he presented him with a choice. "Give me the pokmon or I'll snap your psyducking neck and take it from you."

At this point, the encounter had gathered a small crowd on the bridge. Drew looked on, almost feeling sorry for Brandon at this point, but he understood that this needed to be done. Brandon had quite the reputation for deserving this kind of punishment... and Jackson had a reputation of even greater infamy that put fear enough into those around to prevent an interruption.

Brandon, was now in the clutches of one of the toughest guys at the academy. He, much like Drew, was now feeling sorry for himself. "Take the damn thing, I don't even care anymore. If Sycamore had been smart enough to see that I deserve-" Brandon was cut off by the hand gripping his hair swiftly transforming into a fist and colliding head on with his face, it cracked against the boys nose as Jackson ripped the pokball from his belt. "Don't. You. Psyducking. Dare..." A swift upper kick of Jackson's knee crunched into Brandon's rib cage, the stronger man was careful not to break anything but there was no way that didn't leave serious bruising and potentially a fracture. "Insult Professor Sycamore!..." A downward stomping kick to the leg followed, again a fracture at most, but this one was meant to hurt like hell. "Because he was able to see you for the worthless PIECE OF MUK THAT YOU ARE!" Dropping Buizel's pokball, Jackson hoisted Brandon up over his head. "And for t'record! If you ever lay a finger on Drew Tucker or talk muk to him or anyone else again?! I'll psyducking K-"

"Hey, Jackson, that's enough!" The sound of Drew's voice barely reached over Jackson's. "We've got the pokball, that's all we came here for remember?" Drew ran over in a panic, trying to stop the onslaught from going further than it needed to. He almost attempted to pull Brandon from Jackson's clutches, but quickly came to his senses and backed away. Instead, he reached down and grabbed the pokball from the floor, and out popped the Buizel. The pokmon materialized on the ground, with its leg still completely broken. "Damn." He groaned, looking down at Buizel, who looked even more hurt than it did before. He looked up at the crying Brandon, who was still being held by Jackson. This whole thing could have been avoided if he'd have taken it to the Pokemon centre first. Drew slept through a lot of classes, but he at least remembered that the pokmon centre was the most effective place to heal an injured pokmon. Potions wouldn't cut it for something as serious as a broken bone.

Jackson grunted and sighed as he looked at the injured buizels eyes. Without a second thought, he placed Brandon upon the floor, but before he could say another smug word, Jackson cracked him the jaw, this time not holding back as two of Brandon's teeth flew out and scattered across the bridge. He dropped unconscious quickly and Jackson shook his head in disgust before spitting next to the KO'd body.

"We need to get it to a pokmon centre. Do you if there's one in Santalune city?" Drew asked, kneeling down to get a closer look at the injuries.

"Buiiii!" The pokmon cried out again in pain.

Shortly after the cry, like a flash of light, a Floatzel launched onto the bridge. It's eyes glistened with a glaring desperation and upon it's lip there was a bloody gash, as if it had been hooked and torn, as it saw two trainers and a crowd of people standing around its baby, it darted towards Drew, and pounced at the rookie. After knocking him back, the Floatzel turned to her baby, before returning a much angrier gaze towards her floored opponent.

"The heck do we do here? We cant just leave it. The mother cant heal a broken bone can she?" Drew stood up, brushing the dirt off of his trousers.

Jackson tuts with a sigh and shrugs. "Look kid, I beat the muk out of your bully and got the baby back to its Mom. I ain't a doctor, so this is-" The buizel let out another howl of pain and Jackson couldn't help but wince. "Ugh just... look, we need ta get the bone fixed in place, bandaged up or somethin' where it should be. Mon's are tougher than us, it should 'eal natural that way but with big Momma stoppin' us that won' be easy."

Drew looked down at the Buizel again. He wanted to help him, but with his mother in the way, that was never going to happen. He grabbed the pokeball from his belt. "I guess we gotta do it." With a toss of the pokeball, Chespin was now standing before him and raring to go. "Floatzel's the evolved form of Buizel. That means this thing's gonna be pretty strong. I'm gonna need some help here Ja-"

"Pin!" Brycen interrupted, sticking out an arm. He stepped forward, staring the Floatzel in the eyes.

Without a moments hesitation, the water evolved pokemon charged towards Brycen, encasing herself in water as she did so.

Brycen tumbled back, but managed to stand up after staggering a little. He seemed heavily damaged from the single attack, despite having the type advantage.

Jackson grimaced at the sight of Drew picking a fight but curled a fist and nodded towards his shadow anyway. "I didn't agree to this muk but- Gaspar make sure this asshole doesn't get killed, slow her on down!" Gaspar grinned with sickly spectral white teeth as his purple, spherical form shimmered into existence and rushed out of Jackson's shadow, piercing yellow eyes elongated and Gaspar cackled with a sadistic glee, catching the Floatzel's watchful stare, whom immediately shuddered despite herself and found her movements sluggish with fear.

With the Floatzel distracted, Brycen saw the opportunity to capitalize. With a command from his trainer, he charged at water pokmon, with vines protruding from his back.

"Brycen, no!" Drew called out, alerting the Floatzel to his pokmon's position.

"Ches!" Brycen groaned back at his trainer in frustration.

"We're standing up for ourselves, but we need to show that we're not hostile, got it?" Drew responded sternly. "Use growl instead!"

With a huff, Brycen half-heartedly turned and growled at the Floatzel. She seemed to have a moment of hesitation, but dismissed the trainer's odd behavior. She fired a stream of water, which the Ghastly and the Chespin barely managed to dodge. In response, with a nod from Jackson, Gaspar spun eerily in place, sticking his tongue out and flailing violently with a disturbing blast of spectral energy, channeling negative powers to sap the Floatzel's strength, with spite successfully performed, the Floatzel found nothing but breath escape her lips as she attempted to fire water gun once more in retaliation.

Drew curled his hand into a fist. he wasn't sure what Jackson's Ghastly had done, but it was working. The Floatzel was slowly losing its hostility. "Floatzel, please, we need to help your son. I promise you, it wasn't us that injured him!" He stepped forward. The Floatzel seemed to sniff frantically as he did so, causing him to hesitate.

While everyone but Drew was still, Floatzel took the opportunity to approach him, sniffing at his shoe. She dug her nose under his foot, raising it off of the ground... only to see that beneath it were crushed fractures of Buizel's shell. Upon her revelation Floatzel's patience was lost. She rose onto her hind legs, about to attack Drew himself, before the trainer jumped back.

"Wait! That's it! Floatzel, please, smell that." Drew exclaimed pointing at the pokball, and then to Brandon. He breathed a sigh of relief, as Floatzel followed the trail he set. It wasn't over yet though, as she turned her anger toward the unconscious Brandon. Ignoring that issue for a moment, Drew focused instead on the pokball Brandon had used to capture Buizel. "Hey Jackson, you know how to release pokmon from these things? I must've missed that class."

Jackson considered for a moment, before giving a small grin in response. "Well, can't be trapped in somethin' that don't exist anymore." Jackson cracked his knuckles and picked the pokball up off of the ground, Floatzel darted her head back, staring at him for his excessive movement, however Jackson didn't even flinch as Gaspar re-entered his shadow... and he clenched his fist with every ounce of his strength until the pokballs servos burned out, the ball casing cracked and eventually the device shattered to pieces in his hand. "You get the picture yet? We're not your enemies for psyduck sake, now let us help your kid before he falls down dead."

Floatzel, for the first time since she'd arrived, seemed to be relenting. What could only be compared to the pokmon version of a relived sigh slipped through her lips. She was clearly familiar with pokballs and the trainers that used them. Needless to say, she wasn't a big fan of either.

Drew chuckled nervously. That wasn't exactly what he had in mind, but breaking the ball seemed to be effective enough. He walked over and picked up the Buizel, prompting its mother to dart over and stare inquisitively. "You're probably wondering, where we're going, huh?" Drew pointed over towards the other side of the forest. "Santalune City. There should be a pokmon centre over there."

"Flo!" The Pokemon nodded, only slightly hesitating.

Jackson... actually smiled a bit, a grin spreading across his face as the situation finally started to resolve. Seems some people from the town were taking care of Brandon, carting him off while the Floatzel wasn't looking. True, Jackson would of gladly seen that asshole get torn apart by the wild pokmon, but this was probably for the best. He approached Drew after that, smiling still and patting him roughly on the shoulder, careful not to harm the baby Buizel. "Gotta say Tucker, you did pretty good all things considered. Honestly you could have just told me the truth about what was happening, I probably woulda helped you out, not to mention..." He proceeded to lean in closer, making his face level with Drew's. "I don't like people thinkin' they can trick me, in future you had better be straight with me when it comes to what you want, I ain't fond o'liars... capiche?"

"C-Capiche." Drew again smiled nervously having completely forgotten he'd lied to Jackson about the whole thing. He considered bringing up the fact that what he said wasn't completely untrue, but he didn't foresee that ending well for him. It was strange though, he didn't actually feel as nervous around Jackson as he had before. In fact, after this, he was actually starting to kinda like him. He'd never seen him smile before for starters... unless he was beating someone up, but even then it was more so terrifying than anything.


As the crowd finally cleared, partially of their own accord and more so due to the stern glare of an irritated Jackson, the two trainers stood alone with Floatzel and her injured child. They had both calmed down considerably in the time it had taken for everyone to clear away. It seemed all that was left to be done was to take Buizel and escort Floatzel to Santalune City so that Buizel could be given proper medical attention. Jackson sighed and approached Drew slowly, just about done with the whole situation and ready to finally get on the move towards Santalune City.

"Now then, let's get this little guy to-"


Along the Avance Trail, more than a few people jumped and one or two let out cries of shock at the sudden loud noise coming from the other side of Santalune Forest. Jackson immediately focused his gaze on the trees. It didn't take long to see the problem. "Smoke...?" From the far side of the woods, a large cloud of smoke was rising to blot out part of the horizon. What the hell was going on? They couldn't bring an injured child towards that. Quickly lighting a cigarette off of Gaspar, Jackson tapped shoulder.

"You gotta keep that kid safe... so I'll go on ahead, whatever that is it's dangerous for sure, so you try to stay clear of it got it?" He didn't give him time to reply. With a quick dash, Jackson took off towards the forest, he was like a bloodhoundoom when things smelled of danger... and this whole situation reeked.


1 x Pokdex
4 x Pok Ball
2 x Potion

500 x Pok

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Grace? ?
Modest / Synchronize
- Moveset

HIVE MIND?//?Route 2

She watched the breeze play with the flowers by the side of the road. The forest was in sight, but Odette decided to take a break before delving into an area where the wild Pokmon would likely be much more dense. She sat on a small wooden bench, and was going through her Pokdex entries. She'd managed to find several wild Pokmon already: a group of Pidgey had been pecking at the grass, she'd noticed Cottonee and Ledyba floating overhead, and there was even a brief kerfuffle with a Zigzagoon - but that had been swiftly dealt with by Grace's Confusion. She pouted her lips, lost in thought, but none of the Pokmon she encountered so far she deemed fit to join her side. She needed power. Or at least potential.

It was at that moment that a slight buzzing entered Odette's ears. She recognized the hum, in fact. She stood up and listened carefully to pinpoint the origin of the sound... and then quickly turned in its direction. Sure enough, a Combee was fluttering through the air, no doubt to find honey for its hive.
This was perfect. Combee was a Pokmon common in Sinnoh, and Odette knew just what certain Combee could evolve into. She pointed her Pokdex towards the Pokmon to make sure. Its mechanical voice confirmed her suspicions.
Combee, the Tiny Bee Pokmon. The trio is together from birth. It constantly gathers honey from flowers to please Vespiquen.
Vespiquen. Exactly. That was just the air of grace and power she desired in a Pokmon. Vespiquen were the queens of their hives, ruling over all below them, while they toiled away to provide for their mistress. Odette's lips curled into the slightest smirk at the thought. It was the perfect addition to her team.
Of course, Odette knew that with just her Grace to pave her way, a Vespiquen would be no match - they'd be wiped out with a single Attack Order. But surely if she played her cards right... it should be possible to find a Combee female fluttering about somewhere. And so she carefully approached the male in front of her.

The male Pokmon was busily flying from flower to flower, gathering nectar and spreading pollen. It didn't seem to pay the human approaching much mind. That is, until she started getting dangerously close. Combee buzzed nervously, and decided to keep its distance from the trainer... but she kept approaching further. Eventually, it couldnt take it any longer, and quickly flew off in the direction of the forest.

Just as Odette had hoped. Combee were naturally careful, and she had been waiting for it to flee. It would surely return to its hive to reconvene with its fellows, after all. She took off on a jog to follow after it, the Combee accelerating further upon it being chased. Odette tried to keep an eye out for others of its kind as they presumably approached its home, but she soon had to focus thoroughly just to not lose track of it between the trees. Its speed was quickly catching up to her though, and the terrain wasn't making running any easier... After it flew over a high bush, Odette was ground to a halt, and rested her hands on her knees to pant. Thoroughly out of breath, she faced the ground trying to catch it... But when she calmed down and looked around, she realised she wasn't on Route 2 anymore.

She could hear the buzzing, however. No longer that of a single Combee either - it was clearly a large conglomerate in the distance. Cautiously moving further through the trees, she approached the sound further, wary for any surrounding Combee... specifically of the female variety.

But soon it came into view. The hive was of an impressive size, with Combee flying back and forth, and a large number simply guarding the entrance. Odette spied around intently for a red dot on one of the Pokmon, but with the sheer number it was hard to tell them apart. She tried to lean into the bushes a little further to get a better perspective, but...

There was a loud crack... followed by a muffled bang.

She misstepped. Her foot hit a branch and it made such a loud sound that it startled her - trying to step back she tripped over a root, and fell backwards. She immediately tensed up, trying not to move a muscle to try and keep her location hidden, but it was obviously too late.

Loud, angry buzzing came closer at a high speed. A large group of Combee, determined to defend their home, surrounded her... and started building. The Combee grouped together, flying in close junction until their bodies formed a wall. The girl was surrounded by angry little insect faces, and simply the incessant rustling and buzzing filling her ears made her feel disgusted to the bone.

Odette called out Grace in desperation, ordering her to use Confusion to blast the wall open for them to leave, but it was no use. No matter how many Combee Grace threw with her telekinetic power, the impact was too minor, and another would come to replace it almost immediately. There was no end to them in sight...

Odette gritted her teeth in frustration, but then grabbed Grace and held her in her arms in front of her.

''I'm not sure what they're going to do... but it's not safe for you to stay here, Grace. Their Bug-type attacks will incapacitate you in an instant. You know what you must do, don't you?''

Grace struggled in her hands, shaking her head and waving her hands desperately before Odette gave her a stern look and issued her command.




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Stage 2
Santalune Forest

Santalune Forest is a haven for pokmon of all types and natures. the wondrous green trees and shafts of light piercing down from the evening sun above give a very peaceful and pleasant attitude to the area. Much of the forest is shaded due to the tightly knit treeline and the road forward is marked by a beaten dirt trail with long grass on either side. Wild pokmon are present here in abundance and a happy co-existence between man, pokmon and nature is struck. All is usually well, but something is terribly wrong. To the North of the forest a group of shady individuals have harassed and released an aggressive number of fire types into the forest and they've gone on a rampage, starting a massive forest fire that's spreading at an alarming rate. Whether your exploring the peaceful groves or braving the raging flames, Santalune Forest awaits.

Pokmon Available:

Pokmon Available to those undertaking Missions in the burning section of the forest:

Pokmon available to those in possession of a fishing rod or to those undertaking Mission 7:


This Stage introduces ? missions. ? missions are special missions that often times will provide a player character with some unique rewards that may open up more unique mission opportunities down the line, as well as create the hooks needed for some unique personal plot developments for the writers savvy enough to use them creatively.

It is imperative to note that ? missions are designed to create and set up interesting developments for all characters down the line. Every mission and post is worthwhile and equally important to every character's personal plotline (all of which I am immensely enjoying thus far). ? Missions are only here to help push the main plot forward, as well as to allow players to have a more active role in said plot, thus allowing inidividual player stories and an overall narrative to exist side by side harmoniously.

Certain ? missions will have a player limit, allowing or forbidding multiple players from signing up for one as a JP.

There will usually be an average of 0-2 ? missions per stage, as such many players may desire to undertake them. So, for 24 hours after a new stage is posted, anyone (or any group) may claim a ? mission and of those who do a dice will be rolled to determine who receives it. We hope this will also allow those trainers not interested in the current ? missions to have a better chance at getting the regular missions they want!


This stage will also introduce repeatable and open missions. Repeatable missions cannot be claimed and can be undertaken by anyone, at any time during the stage, multiple times if desired. If a single player does a mission multiple times, they will only be able to claim the reward twice, however. Open missions are much the same, but any one player may only complete and open mission once.


Finally the amount of regular missions per stage has increased from 9 to 12.

Now then! Onto the missions.

? Mission:

The source of the fire is hidden behind a wall of raging flame at the North-East section of the forest, you've seen Jackson Crane sprinting through the woods in this direction, for your own reasons you decide to head there as well.

Reward: Team Cinder Identification Card

Restrictions: 1 player only. Player will be JPing with GM Jay playing as Jackson Crane and ???.


Strange men and women with black suits and menacing auras have released a hoard of wild Houndour and Growlithe into the forest... thus starting a raging fire! Someone needs to calm these pokmon down and quick!

Reward: 300 Pok + 1 Burn Heal

Mission 2:

A lone Pineco has been badly burned and injured by the roaring flames, the tree it once resided in has fallen and not only trapped it into a secluded grove, but blocked off the most convenient route through the forest. Pokmon Ranger Francis is doing his best to clear the way and carry the Pineco to safety, but his only pokmon, a pansage, is ill suited to putting out the flames.

Reward: 3 Rawst Berries + 1 Ranger's Red Jacket.

Mission 3:

Flames have surrounded an innocent family of Weedle and Kakuna! A wild Beedrill has been driven into a rage due to this situation... Lenny the bug catcher hates to see his favourite types in such pain and he's willing to give a nice reward to anyone who can stop the Beedrill and put out the flames.

Reward: Bug Net

OPEN Mission 4:

The Kalosian Pokmon Rangers have arrived on the scene of the fire and are doing everything in their power to assist in the containment of, extuinguishing of and protection from the flames. As well as this they are attempting to rescue and calm various wild pokmon on the scene. Assist the Rangers in their tasks for morals, reward or both.

Reward: Honorary Ranger Membership + 1 Berry of your Choice + 250 Pok

Mission 5:

The Gym leader of Santalune, Viola, loves photography... however a pesky Ninjask is just too fast to snap. Working with Viola's Masquerain, track down and get a shot of this pesky critter and hand it over to Viola for a nice reward.

Reward: TM Struggle Bug

Mission 6:

Youngster Joey has finished his argument on the route before and he's raring to go with all of that anger. His rattata is in the top percentage of all rattata and he's betting his Dad's special pokball on his claim. Go prove this kid wrong.

Reward: 300 P + 1 Heavy Ball

Mission 7:

The police have sealed off the Northern Entrance to stop people from getting too close to the fire... But a few dedicated bug catchers have snuck in and can't be found anywhere. Track them down and send them back, the police can handle them from there. These cops are probably paying too.

Reward: 800 Pok

Mission 8:

The Roselia Fountain in Santalune city has stopped flowing... and the natural water source fueling it, a lake in the forest, needs to be checked out. Lass Anna has volunteered to look into it, but the police say she's missing. Some investigation might be required, for the lake and for Anna herself. Officer Darius, on the scene, may have some scuba gear on hand...

Reward: TM Water Pulse

OPEN Mission 9

They say that a man sitting atop a large hill deep in the forest knows the mystical secrets behind a pokmons inner power. Aspiring trainers might find this local tale to be worth pursuing... though the hill is often frequented by wild pokmon...

Reward: TM Hidden Power

Mission 10:

A strange man in a black and orange suit is hiding in the bushes... desperate for someone to distract the police so that they can get away. They call out to nearby trainers for help. Turning them in, or just ignoring them, is the right thing to do... but he does seem to be offering a rather hefty reward of money.

Reward: 800 Pok

Mission 11:

They say that in the center of the wood, through a mysterious passageway surrounded by vines and stone, the mysterious forest heart maze can be found. A hedge based underground mess of routes and turns, old Kalosian legend states that a giant Rhyhorn, walks its halls as guardian. However, at the center? A way out... and an outstanding prize besides.

Reward: Mysterious Geode

Mission 12:

There you are, minding your own business, when your belt feels suddenly lighter. Turning in surprise you see leaping through the trees... an Aipom has nagged one of your pokballs (maybe empty, maybe full). Rush after this Ball Bandit and reclaim what's yours!

Reward: 1 Dive Ball, 1 Dusk Ball + 1 Net Ball

Rewards for Custom Missions:
Choose One:

- 3 Status healing berries of your choice.
- 550 Pok
- TM Work Up OR TM False Swipe OR TM Headbutt
- A Max Revive
- An Everstone OR An Eviolite.
- A Root Fossil
- 3 Nest Balls
- 1 Inferno Ball (Provides a Significantly higher chance of catching fire type pokmon.)



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Current Team:

In My Way
Current Location : Santalune Forest

With a loud thud, the Caterpie's body slammed against the burning tree trunk. It rolled slowly onto the floor, its body was broken and bruised when it sunk limply into the flaming brush beneath it. It made not a single sound more as an ominous silence hung in the air.

It was pierced only by his roaring laughter, he almost teared up with the humor of it all. People actually caught these mukty things? Added them to their list of life long friends? How worthless could you get right? He brushed the soot from his black suit and took a second to affix his red tie, his grin hanging lazily at the bottom of his gaunt face and his eyes peering with perdition around the burning forest area.

His name was Gabriel Artece, he was a Team Cinder Admin, chosen solely for his inexhaustible ability to do whatever it was his superiors ordered. He didn't ask questions, he didn't hesitate, all he needed was results. So long as the end result Team Cinder desired came about? He didn't care what it was he had to do. Still, how boring these other members were... the way the five or so other men and women, clad in black suits laced with orange, stared at him like he was sort of animal.

That Caterpie had been in his way? Everything else burning in the flames was going to die anyway... so what if he'd killed it early? What did they think they were better than him because he was willing to be more direct? How disgusting.

He fingered the weapon on his belt, it was so rare for someone to carry a gun in Kalos so he felt extra special that his boss had given him the privilege. As he took it into his hand and gazed along the barrel, a number of the Cinder Grunts flinched, not a single one commented, but even they were unnerved by his actions. His gaze narrowed and he let out a little sigh.

"You think you can get away with judging your superior? Is that it?" He shook his head, genuinely disappointed in them. "Did you think I wasn't paying attention?" He rose the gun and swung it haphazardly in an arc. A number of the subordinates screeched, one or two reached for their belts. They were given weaker pokémon for a reason... Gabriel had an edge over them in every field of combat. It was part of his seniority, had they already forgotten?

"Let's take a moment and remind ourselves of our goals, okay?" He said, a faux cheeriness reaching into his vocal tones. "Team Cinder, rising from the ashes to tear down the establishment, everything in futility removed, only we remain." He rattled off the creed as if he were back in boot camp. "Get it? Why should we feel bad about getting rid of things directly? We should be proud to remove futility with our own hands." Sweat from the increasing heat of the trees around them coupled with the stress of the current situation began to trickle down the grunts foreheads, the sounds of snapping twigs could be heard from amidst the roaring flames.

"So let's do a training exercise! We're going to go right back to basics... maybe that'll get through those thick skulls." He swiftly rose the gun and aimed the barrel at each and every individual there in turn. They froze, not moving an inch. The silence was palpable, thick enough to be cut with a knife. "Tell you what. I'm going to go ahead and remove another pointless effort from this world. So the next person to move..." He playfully rubbed the barrel of the revolver to the side of his own skull. "Boom! Haha... it should make for some momentary entertainment."

Nobody budged, not even an inch. One of the women standing around Gabriel felt tears rolling down her face but she didn't dare even blink. "What? Nobody? Did you all learn your lesson? All going to play by the rules?" He cackled. "Well... too bad! Too bad! That's all part of the game!"

Instinctively all of the heads present bar Gabriel's turned to look as the crying woman let out a bellowing scream of pain, a jet of fire engulfed her body and she desperately attempted to rip off her swiftly burning clothes. Gabriel however, was unimpressed. "You're too psyducking loud."


The screaming suddenly stopped, the women hung limply in a standing position for just a moment longer, stream of blood dripping from the hole now drilled in her forehead... and she dropped to the floor. Revealing the dark and snearing glare of the Houndoom behind her, licks of flame still leaking from its mouth, remnants of his flame thrower from mere moments before.

"You see yet?" Gabriel stated tiredly to break the silence now gripping every grunts throat. "Even when we play the rules..." He idly swung the gun around his finger. "It's all just pointless. So there isn't any need to hold back, not really." It took a few moments, however eventually, be it out of psychopathy or fear, the grunts nodded their agreement to their Admin.

Laughing wildly as his Houndoom ran off into the burning woods, Gabriel cracked another sadistic grin.

"Glad you all get it... now if we're all done being so judgy, there's still a lot of green to go before there's nothing left but red."

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