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To engage the community in the shared experience of reading and writing challenge logs. Reviews will provide useful feedback to writers, enhancing the readability and entertainment value of the logs.

Said plainly, we're creating fun stories together!


Each review will have three parts.

1) What works well about the log
2) What can be improved about the log
3) Reviewer's favorite thing about the log

Review - Red's Kanto Journey (link to challenge log)

First of all, can I just say wow. Red really knows how to use adjectives to make their story come to life. When I read this challenge log, my heart was racing the whole time!

I would like to hear more about how you prepare for the battles ahead. Planning and strategy are what I find interesting, so I always look for that in a challenge log.

My favorite thing is that you use onomotopaeas! I got a great laugh when you said, "SHAZAM!! One-hit KO!!!"


Every week or two, each reviewer will select a challenge log to review. Members will be notified so that they have a chance to opt out. Members may also request to have their challenge log featured by messaging a reviewer.

Members interested in becoming a reviewer may message the moderator of the forum with their request.