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6-Moon Egglocke

Started by Fawful_X January 7th, 2018 6:41 PM
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Monster-hunting Red Mage

Seen March 2nd, 2018
Posted January 25th, 2018
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2.2 Years
It's just an egglocke where I can only use six eggs, onto the rules
*As a disclaimer I've had to play through the game up to a little after the Hau fight at the festival, since you don't get access to Festival Plaza (and thus eggs) until you get to the first pokemon center in the game.

-I get 6 eggs. I cannot use any pokemon in my party that are not among those six eggs.
-If it faints, I can't use it beyond certain conditions specified in the mercy rules segment.
--I nickname everything but that's to be expected of a nuzlocke tbh
-I can only add one heart of affection to each of my pokemon per Kahuna defeated (with the end of the evil team arc also contributing a heart of affection)
-Festival Plaza and EXP share are banned (unless I really need to grind my entire team for the latter)
-Battle Style SET (though I always play this way)

Mercy Rules
aka "wimping out"
-If a pokemon faints, I may use a revive on it and mark it on the status screen. I must lead with that pokemon until it faints, I cannot switch that pokemon out, and I cannot do anything that heals it. If it's forcibly healed, I must immediately deathbox/release it. For obvious reasons, my last surviving pokemon cannot have this "second wind" mechanic.
-If a pokemon is Level 1 or 2, it will not be "killed" if it faints (to account for the incredible weakness of freshly-hatched pokemon)

Meet the Team
I'd like to preface this with me getting every egg via Discord, so if you want me to credit you as anything else, just ask

Statrix the Timid Rotom
Egg from CoReV
Statrix's nature doesn't contribute very well towards the appliances, as base Rotom is squishy but fast and appliance Rotoms are slower and bulkier. Due to this, I likely won't touch the appliances unless I view it as necessary due to what I'll be dealing with or to try and fill in roles that have been lost due to my team incurring losses. Its ghost typing will also confer useful benefits early on, though as I'm not playing blind I know it won't be as effective against the big early fights such as Hala or Totem Raticate.

Muurg the Adamant Cranidos
Egg from CoReV
Muurg is... well, Muurg. He's a Cranidos with a nature that boosts its best attacking stat, so it stands to reason that the best thing he can do is hit hard. I don't really have much else to say about his beatstick tendencies, honestly.

Fen the Sassy Eevee
Egg from Saws
Fen's status as an Eevee gives him a ton of possibilities in regards to his place on the team, though aside from Flareon, most of what I'm considering gives him type overlap with another member. Due to this,
what I'll evolve him into depends heavily upon what my team is currently when I get to the point where I can decide between any of the four evolutions I have planned (which will come at roughly the end of Akala, for reference).

Plagis the Careful Spritzee
Egg from Sp33dcatz
Honestly, Plagis is the team member I probably have the least hope in due to the not-so-amazing nature she has making it emphasize its bulk over its stronger offensive stat. Other than that, though, I have little to say in regards to Plagis other than how I'll take care of her evolution after Akala is completed (I have way too much BP to spare for the trade evolution item, anyway)

Wollum the Timid Zorua
Egg from Mikazuki
He has good synergy with Plagis, Statrix outside of an appliance, and if I choose to go Sylveon, Fen thanks to Illusion, but other than that... honestly, I don't really have anything to talk about Wollum, other than I couldn't think of anything to name him so I just ad-libbed a name like I did with Muurg.

Cherub the Calm Phione
Egg from Geowlett
Phione has really balanced stats (for better or worse), which makes Cherub an earlygame crutch of sorts due to having above-average everything for the first island. Even then, it should be easily capable of working throughout the entire adventure as a specially-bulky special attacker.

The summary? My team has a heavy lean towards special-based stats, both offensively and defensively, with only Muurg really deviating by being a physical attacker. Naturally, things that are wrecked by special attacks will be easy as 1, 2, 3, but anything else will be a long and potentially brutal slog.

Update 1


Monster-hunting Red Mage

Seen March 2nd, 2018
Posted January 25th, 2018
50 posts
2.2 Years
-Got everyone up to L3 first thing, so the “Below Level 3 mercy rule” is no longer valid.
-Trainer cleanup since I skipped a few on the way to the center, raised my team up to L4-5 in turn
-Got the EXP Share, DISABLE IT!
-As proof that Cherub is an earlygame crutch, a Pikipek double its level only deals 6-7 HP per attack.
-Got the Quick Claw, and gave it to Muurg.
-Beat the four Trainer School trainers and got Work Up. Only Fen can learn it, though (what are the odds?).
-And Trainer School is done. NPCs there are kinda arranged in a frowny face.
-Got the TM for Echoed Voice, and I taught it to Plagis. Fen could learn it too, but his attack is higher than his special attack and he doesn’t really have too much staying power at the moment.
-Team Skull is a complete joke. Even while taking Absorbs, Muurg is largely unaffected.

Ilima is a relatively simple yet threatening fight thanks to Smeargle. While Muurg can resist normal, Smeargle’s access to Leahage is a death sentence for him. Cherub doesn’t exactly have it easy either, though at least it won’t be taking STAB SE damage. Statrix or Plagis are the most viable picks due to having the best defenses in my party, though for Statrix, Yungoos does have Pursuit in its options (which is bad, but opens up an opportunity for Wollum to abuse Illusion). Fen’s just kinda there, but he can make the Yungoos and Smeargle easier to handle via Tail Whip and Sand Attack.

Lead: Wollum
Last Pokemon: Statrix

TURN 1: Used Dark Pulse; Yungoos flinched.
TURN 2: Used Dark Pulse. Yungoos used Leer.
TURN 3: Used Dark Pulse; Yungoos flinched.
TURN 4: Ilima used a Potion. Used Dark Pulse.
TURN 5: Used Dark Pulse. Yungoos used Pursuit; Disguise broken!
TURN 6: Switched to Fen. Yungoos used Leer.
TURN 7: Yungoos used Leer. Fen used Tackle; Yungoos fainted! Fen and Wollum grew to Level 8.
TURN 8: Switched to Statrix. Smeargle’s Tackle was ineffective.
TURN 9: Smeargle used Leahage. CRITICAL HIT. Used Thunder Wave; missed.
TURN 10: Smeargle used Leahage. Critical HP. Used Thunder Wave.
TURN 11: Used a Potion. Ilima used a Full Heal.
TURN 12: Smeargle used Leahage. Used Thundershock (misclick, meant T-Wave)
TURN 13: Smeargle used Leahage. Used Thunder Wave.
TURN 14: Used a Potion. Smeargle used Leahage.
TURN 15: Used Confuse Ray. Smeargle used Leahage.
TURN 16: Switched to Fen. Smeargle hit itself in confusion.
TURN 17: Used Growl. Smeargle used Tackle.
TURN 18: Smeargle used Tackle (Ergh, speed tie!). Used Growl.
TURN 19: Used a Potion. Smeargle used Tackle.
TURN 20: Smeargle used Tackle. Used Work Up.
TURN 21: Used Tackle. CRITICAL HIT! Smeargle fainted; Fen grew to Level 9 and learned Baby-Doll Eyes in place of Growl. Statrix grew to Level 8 and learned Uproar in place of Astonish.

So far, my team struggles with the numerous physical attackers in the earlygame. For the most part, the offenses of my entire team are relatively low beyond Wollum (who has Dark Pulse and Extrasensory bred onto him, and the highest SpA) and Statrix (who can do parafusion and has the second-highest SpA of the party). While Muurg hits excessively hard and has Focus Energy to throw out crits like candy, his main issue is his bulk easily being the worst of the party combined with his slow speed (which is somewhat redeemed thanks to Quick Claw) which negatively impacts his usability.

If I had to say who the weakest link on my team is now, it’d likely be Fen. His stats range from “middle of the road” to “low” for my team, and about the best thing he can do is reducing the enemy’s accuracy to make them hit even less during paralysis and nerfing their physical attacks to the point crits are about the only real threat. This may change in the future, and he does have a role in making the physical attackers less of a headache, but that's about it.

Statrix - Level 8
Uproar, Thunder Wave, Thunder Shock, Confuse Ray

Muurg - Level 7
Headbutt, Leer, Focus Energy, ---

Fen - Level 9
Sand Attack, Baby-Doll Eyes, Tackle, Work Up

Plagis - Level 7
Sweet Scent, Fairy Wind, Sweet Kiss, Echoed Voice

Wollum - Level 8
Dark Pulse, Snatch, Extrasensory, Counter

Cherub - Level 7
Bubble, Water Sport, ---, ---

Of the moves I have access to, Sweet Scent is easily the top contender for being scrubbed. While Uproar is of debatable worth, it is at the very least more powerful and reliable than Astonish. Wollum is honestly pretty well-set with those egg moves, and I don't really see his moveset changing until Akala or even Ula'ula.
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