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The Grass Pokémon of Kanto

I’m going to attempt to actually complete a monotype challenge. This challenge will be done on VC Pokémon Red.

1. I may only catch and use Grass type Pokémon, dual types are allowed.
2. I may only use a max of 3 Pokémon per gym battle.
3. I must nickname all my Pokémon after plants.
4. I may mot trade Pokémon except to evolve.
5. I must play on the Set battle mode.

With that out of the way let’s begin!

Shiny Pokemon I have caught: Rapidash (SS), Linoone (E), Spinda (E), Bibarel (Pt), Weedle (FR), Garbodor (X), Chansey(x5) (X), Audino(x2) (X), Flechinder (Mn), Whiscash (Mn), Magby (Mn), Caterpie (X)

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