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Around the PokéEarth - Kanto

Started by Janp April 6th, 2018 10:12 AM
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Around the PokéEarth - Kanto


Welcome, welcome to something I decided to call "Around the PokéEarth". I wanted to do this for a long time, but never found time for it. And what is this, you ask? Well, many Pokémon fans wants game with more that one region. Others wants more and better story. Some wants to play events of the anime. And a lot of poeple would like to play Pokémon for the first time again. I decided to mix these things, add some new.
This time, I'm new trainer from Pallet Town that just got his first Pokémon. This trainer, let's call him Janp, like I call most of the trainers in-game, have diary that he write into each night. I feel like there will be more that the game itself offers. What I mean by that? You'll see.
As you may guess, this will be relaxing challenge. I won't do any type of Nuzlocke, but just like people (or Pokémon in the anime), my Pokémon can get depressed if they loose and won't be able to battle for some time.
Also, another challenging part - I randomized some things in the game. I randomized in-game trades, updates moves and evolutions, got National Dex, but kept all the trainers and Pokémon in their places.

Also, you may be asking what happens when I complete the game? I move to another region, hack in my current team at level 1-5 and keep everything that I have in boxes - these Pokémon can return any time at any level.
This brings another thing. Yeah, I'll hack. Not only at the start/end of the game, but also during the game to get some random events to spice whole run.

And with that, let's start with this long, long journey.


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Around the PokéEarth - Kanto

Chapter 1 - Rocket Start

Day 1

I just had best day of my life! I got my own Charmander. I nicknamed it Andrew. I always wanted one and it's so cool. We are currently in the Viridian City, because I had to run some errand for prof. Oak.
And I almost forget. I WON MY 1ST POKÉMON BATTLE! I beat Blue's Squirtle, when we battled in Pallet Town.
I'm so exited to explore tomorrow.

Day 2

I have caught my 1st Pokémon today. I was trying to get Rattata just outside of Viridian City, when suddenly wild Mankey appeared! It attacked and KO'd Rattata and then tried to attack Andrew, but I threw Pokéball at it and caught it on the 1st try. And so, Bobby joined us on this adventure.

Day 5

I met with Blue and prof. Oak outside of Pokémon League yesterday. Profesor explained to us how the league works. We were both so worked up and we had another battle. Andrew beat his Pidgey, but his Squirtle got really strong and beat Andrew without any problem. Even Bobby had hard time againts it. But we won in the end!

Day 7

It's been week since I started my journey. So far I have 2 Pokémon and I just got to Pewter City. Tomorrow I'll challenge this town's Gym Leader.

Day 8

I have Boulder Badge! When I entered the Gym, I saw one single man standing there.
"Welcome, challenger." He said. I guess it was Brock. He sent out Geodude and I sent Andrew. It was intense battle, but Andrew learned to use Metal Claw, which was winning move. Then we both sent out our 2nd Pokémon. Onix vs Bobby. I had type advantage and beat the Onix easily. Bobby enjoyed it too.

Day 9

I'm preparing to venture into Mt. Moon. There weren't much that happened today. I'm slowly getting used to battling other trainers.

Day 10

Right before I went to the Mt. Moon, I encountered Nidoran♂ and caught it. I finally caught another Pokémon.

Day ??

I don't know what day it is. I was inside that cave for eternity. There were suspicious guys in black attacked me and other trainers and demanded all the fossils in there. We somehow got rid of them, Andrew evolved and I was able to get two Moon Stones and Dome Fossil in the chaos.

Day 15

I stayed in the Cerulean City's Poké Center for few days. I was looking at the Dome Fossil, when I saw Blue coming in. He told me about this Pokémon Expert Bill that lives near the city. We talked about recent events and he told me to contact his grandpa about it.
We had another battle. I think Blue is much more stronger that me, but I somehow still win.

And it just got to me. Andrew evolved! Does that mean I'm good trainer? I'm so proud of him.

Day 16

I met another of these black guys, He's from the organization called Team Rocket. He wanted me to joined them, but I declined.
I also met Bill. I kinda saved him. He transformed himself into Pokémon. He gave me his ticket on S.S. Anne and told me, that local Gym Leader is Misty - Water-Type specialist. He also showed me hidden grotto, near his hut. I was able to caught another Pokémon - Oddish, there. She's nice addition to my team and to my battle with Misty.


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Around the PokEarth - Kanto

Chapter 2 - Trading and battling

Day 17

I tried to challenge Gym today. I fought with one of the sisters. I used Bellis - that's how I call my Oddish, and she used Horsea. Even with type advantage, I was beaten. I think I'll have to train a little bit more.

Day 24

Blue helped me to train for few days. I feel like we really started to bond. He already has Cascade Badge, but he wanted to stay in the city for few more days so he can catch some new Pokmon. Only in these few days he caught Sandshrew and Ekans.

Day 26

I beat Misty! Bellis beat her Staryu, but her Starmie was too much even after Bellis evolved into Gloom. I decided to use Andrew as my 2nd Pokmon and after fierce battle I won.

Day 27

Blue and I decided to travel to the next city together. We stopped at Pokmon Day Care for a night.

Day 28

This will be sad entry. We met girl named Melissa with Female Nidoran. Needy took liking to her. We battled and enjoyed whole day. She also had Skiploom that wanted to learn Bullet Seed. We helped her to master the move.
But in the evening, when we were about to say goodbye, Needy didn't want to go. Blue proposed that we trade Needy and Skiploom. I didn't want to lose him, but he would be happier with Melissa. So I went with it. Good luck, Needy.

Day 30

We have finally made it to the Vermilion City. S.S. Anne departs tomorrow. I'm excited to sail on it.

Day 31

We have VIP room! That's so awesome! I battled some more trainers on the deck. I also found out that Gym Leader of the Vermilion City is someone called Surge.

Day 33

How could this keep happening? Team Rocket - guys that I met in Mt. Moon and Cerulean City, was aboard the ship and were stealing Pokmon from passengers. We teamed up with other trainers and were able to beat them.

Day 37

Rest of the sail was great. We are back in Vermilion City. Blue wants to challenge the Gym tomorrow, which means I'll have to wait another day or two for my own challenge.

Day 38

Blue won with the help of his Sandshrew. Tomorrow is my turn. I'll show him that I'm as strong as he is.

Day 39

I have Thunder Badge. But I think I had a little bit of advantage, because I already knew Surge's strategy. We also found out, that Route 11 is blocked by Snorlax, so we'll have to take different path to Celadon City, where next Gym is.


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Around the PokéEarth - Kanto

Chapter 3 - Better Trainer

Day 42

We are staying at Pokémon Center near the Rock Tunnel. I've also caught Voltorb today, but it keeps exploding and don't listen to me.

Day 45

We made it to Lavender Town and met with Mr. Fuji. He tried to help me with training Voltorb, but it didn't help.

Day 46

I had another battle with Blue. I lost because of Voltorb wasn't listening to me and attacked me instead of Raticate. After the battle, I decided to left Voltorb with Mr. Fuji, who took liking in it.
Then we left for Celadon City. But I'll return for you, Voltorb.

Day 49

We took the Underground Path to Celadon and found local Gym. It was already closed, because it was almost night.

Day 50

Local market was attacked by wild flock of Doduo led my Dodrio. Blue took a chance and caught Dodrio. I didn't want to stay behind and caught Doduo. I hope it won't end just like with Voltorb.
We'll challenge the Gym tomorrow.

Day 52

I have Rainbow Badge. Erika - Celadon's Gym Leader uses Grass-Types. So I used my Charmeleon and Doduo. She has Gloom just like me, but her is much more stronger. It took down Doduo, but my buddy Charmeleon evolved and beat her.

Day 55

Travelling with Blue is interesting experience. He has more that 90 Pokémon now and rotate through them as he needs. I would like to be more as him. We trained a little bit and both Mankey and Skiploom evolved.

Ohh and we're in Saffron City now. It's just next to the Celadon, but much more bigger. And there's Gym too.

Day 56

Sabrina - this city's Gym Leader is so powerful. I watched Blue fighting her and her Alakazam beat 2 out of 3 of his Pokémon. But his Blastoise is still stronger.

Day 57

I battled Sabrina today, but her Alakazam is something else. She beat my whole team just with it.

Day 58

Blue decided to help me with training so I can beat Sabrina. He used his own Alakazam so I could train with it - and it probably helped. I wanted to catch Drowzee, but it ran away.

Day 63

I challenged Sabrina again. I've used Doduo, Jumpluff and Charizard. It was long and intense battle, but I was able to finish Alakazam with Charizard in the end.

Day 65

We got to Route 12, which was blocked by Snorlax. We joined a group of trainers that tried to get rid of it. It took us whole day to convince Snorlax to move. But now, the route is free.

Day 68

We made it to Fuchsia City. Blue immediately went to Safari Zone to catch some Pokémon and I decided to look for Gym. It was this big mansion. I met a girl inside and claimed to be Gym Leader. Well, I challenged her to the battle and used my Gloom againts her Venonat. I beat her without any problem and I was looking forward for my badge, only to find out she wasn't the Gym Leader. She's daughter of the Gym Leader. He appeared out of nowhere and told he was watching this whole time and let's me challenge him. Of course I did! I was feeling really optimistic. He used Venomoth, Muk and Golbat. I decided to go with Charizard. After that Alakazam, I knew I can beat anyone. And I did. I won Soul Badge. It's 1st Badge I got before Blue. You should've seen his face when he found out.


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Around the PokéEarth - Kanto

Chapter 4 - The League

Day 70

Blue challenged the Gym yesterday and won. Meanwhile I was trying to catch some new Pokémon. Just south of the Fuchsia a wild Lapras appeared. I was able to beat it, but it started to run a away, so I chased after it into the water and was able to catch it.
Professor Oak also called and asked as if we could return to Pallet Town.

Day 71

We helped professor with taking care of a lot of sick Pokémon today. Looks like Gloom's nectar has healing powers. Professor asked me if I could let Gloom stay at the lab for some time.

Day 72

We had another battle with Blue. I sent out Doduo againts his Pidgeot. During the battle Doduo evolved, but it was still a draw.
Blue decided to leave to challenge Viridian City's Gym while I'll be going to Cinnabar Island.

Day 80

I spent few days on the boat, but now I'm on the island. Local Gym is inside the volcano.

Day 81

Volcano Badge is mine. Me and Charizard are unbeatable now. Also Bill showed up and asked me to travel with him. Tomorrow I'm going to Sevii Archipelago.

Day 82

Apparently this tour will take for about a month. I hope to catch some new Pokémon out there.

Day 92

We're finally here, on First Island. Bill wants me to go to Second Island to deliver Meteorite to his friend, while he repairs Pokémon Centre.

Day 93

Well, this was interesting day. I got to the island only to be attacked by a Biker from Third Island. From what I heard these Bikers attacks everyone and should be stopped.

Day 94

I met with few villagers and set sail to the Third Island to stop the bikers from their havoc. We beat them in a blink of the eye.

Day 95

I'm now helping villagers to clean the village.

Day 96

A girl went missing. I followed the lead to the forest. I found her sitting and crying under one of the trees. When I approached her I got attacked by a wild Hypno. I wanted to call out my Dodrio to take care of it, but instead threw empty Pokéball at it... And caught it! Welcome to the team Hypno.
After that, I helped girl to get back to the village.

Day 100

The village is getting better.

Day 114

I know I wasn't writing down lately, but the days here are pretty much the same. I wake up, help the villagers whole day, call Bill - whose still working on the First Island, and go to the bed.

Day 119

Bill called to inform me that we're going back to Kanto tomorrow.

Day 120

I said my goodbyes to the all the awesome people on the island. Now it's time to return home.

Day 130

BLUE IS CHAMPION OF KANTO. I'm not kidding. While I was on the vacation, he collected last two Badges and beat the Elite Four. I have to hurry and beat him.

Day 134

There is no time to lose. I went to Viridian City and challenged the Gym Leader. He is master of Ground-Types, which are no match for my Lapras and Primeape.

Day 136

I've made it to the Indigo Plateau. I've met with Blue again and he wished me best of luck.

Day 137

I challenged the Elite Four. You have to beat 4 trainers in the row and then you can fight the Champion. Lorelei, Bruno, Agatha and Lance. Each of them gave me really hard time, but I was able to beat them in the end. I would like to write down more details, but I'll be fighting Blue tomorrow and I'm too tired.

Day 138

I had final confrontation with Blue. He's something else now. He only used Blastoise to beat my whole team. That's insane. I'll have to train more.

After the battle, Blue told me that he wants to go to Sevii Islands to catch some new Pokémon. I decided to go with him to train and catch some new Pokémon too. I would alse like to check on the village I left last week.

Day 139

It's so much faster to fly to the Sevii Islands. Blue didn't miss a chance and already caught 2 new Pokémon. I went with him and caught Spinarak.

Day 145

After spending some time here I also caught Swinub and Wobbuffet.

Day 146

We went to Mt. Ember today. After a while we got to the top and found Moltres there. Blue wanted to catch it, but even Blastoise's attack did nothing to it and it just flew away after few minutes.

Day 150

It's time to return to Kanto again. So we're at Indigo Plateau again. I'll challenge Blue again tomorrow.

Day 151

That was something! I've started with Charizard and beat his Heracross. Then I sent Jumpluff, but it was beaten by Arcanine. Arcanine even took care of Hypno, before finally falling to Lapras. Blue's Tyranitar was hard, but Lapras was able to beat it, but Exeggutor was too much. And then I let Dodrio shine. Exeggutor had no chance. I was feeling really confident, but Blue's Alakazam appeared! He took down Dodrio and I was down to one Pokémon - Charizard. My last hope. He took care of Alakazam, but it was tired.
Now for a final showdown! Charizard vs Blastoise. I can't even describe it with words. It was so intense! In the end Charizard's Dragon Claw clashed with Blastoise's Skull Bash and both Pokémon fell down. It ended in draw.
We both stayed there wordless. Then Blue started walking to me and we shaked our hands.

We both returned to Pallet Town. Professor congratulated us both for being such a great trainers. He also told me that while Blue is still champion, he would have a job for me. He's awaiting visitor tomorrow. He told me that he'll explain everything tomorrow.


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And with that, Kanto part is completed. The biggest challenge was actually writing the story and thinking about justification of doing things I wanted to do, but I enjoyed playing the game like it was for the first time.
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