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Remaking Fire Red inside Emerald

Started by Stryking June 12th, 2018 9:51 PM
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Seen January 30th, 2019
Posted January 30th, 2019
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Hello! I've messed around a little with mapping a few years ago but never got into anything serious.

I went back to play my copy of Leaf Green I realized I missed a lot of mechanics from Gen II like the RTC, berries and some of the Gen III stuff like the Battle Frontier and moving sprites.

I'm wondering how difficult it would be to recreate the plot and mechanics/gameplay of Fire Red inside of Emerald and any major obstacles.

I should mention that I'm willing to learn. Coding if I have to. I felt like this project is good because it will give me experience with everything I need to make a mod. The creativity/balance that I'll need for introducing different Pokemon at night and Berry plot placement will be more manageable for a beginner since ill be making minor additions to an already established game.

Thank you for reading and any advice is welcome.
Seen January 30th, 2019
Posted January 30th, 2019
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4.5 Years
I don’t think it would be all that’s difficult, or at least any more difficult than any other project. It’s an interesting idea, but what would be the purpose other than adding berries and the battle frontier?
Secret bases. It also appears some people have put the Sevii islands into Emerald... I think I'll get around to doing this eventually.

I'm going to start with FR and once I've learned a bit more I'll think about larger projects.


A Ordinary Kanto Lover

Route 1 (Kanto)
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Here are some difficulties I anticipate if you want to continue your hack, if you are kind of perfectionist:

1. Kanto + Sevii Islands maps. Diegoisawesome managed to realize Johto and Kanto map in his Pokémon CrystalDust hack, so you might ask him.

2. Opening & Ending. Leaving the original EM intro as it is sounds weird considering it is a Kanto-based hack. The ending faces the same issue. The EM title screen also ends when the title theme ends, but for a Kanto-based game it should not reset because the FR title theme loops indefinitely.

3. Naming the rival. It is easy to skip naming the player but it is difficult to insert a nameable character in the Oak intro. Of course, you can simply set the rival character as Blue.

4. Town Map ITEM (why stuck on PokéNav outside Hoenn, eh?). Luckily I have posted a tutorial (a citation and expansion of someone else's research) in Quick Research & Development. The only glitch is that it will directly return to OW after you close the map.

5. Pokémon Tower ghosts & Ghost Marowak battle. For the Marowak, you may circumvent the issue by disallowing the player to battle her before he/she obtains Silph Scope. I don't know how to prevent any Poké Balls to catch the Marorak, though.

6. Pokémon capture fanfare. FRLG has a unique fanfare while non-Kanto games all use level-up fanfare. The problem is how to manage to repoint the fanfare without messing up the original level-up one.

7. Route 17. Bicycles should automatically move downwards if the player does not press any keys.

8. Flash should light up the entire screen. I think someone has posted a solution in Quick Research & Development

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