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pokemon alpha sapphire *copy 2* playthrough

Started by popplio25 July 17th, 2018 3:05 PM
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Posted May 8th, 2019
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yeah.... um.... i'll be doing my 2nd playthrough on a different catridge of pokemon alpha sapphire sometime.... when i can get my 6 pokemon traded over to my game :irate-stare:

but i've already got my team all sorted.... yep.. i'm having totodile.... a johto starter in hoenn :smile: she's the only one that isn't hatched from a egg

my team:
totodile (F) : nickname: liako *nature: adament

plusle (F): nickname: plusi *nature: timid*

buneary (F) : nickname: bunny *nature: gentle*

remoraid (F): nickname: teppo *nature: jolly*

shroomish (F): nickname: kino *nature: careful*

delibird (F): nickname: giftee *nature: quiet*

when i get round to it, i'll be starting this :smile: *i was planning on doing a youtube playthough of this someday, but since i won't be able to get a capture card any time soon, i'll do it like this :irate-stare: *


Age 28
eastwood, essex, uk/johto
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Posted May 8th, 2019
319 posts
2.5 Years
i'm starting it now today ^^

professor birch: hi! sorry to keep you waiting! welcome to the world of pokemon!
my name is birch, but everyone calls me the pokemon professor.and this is what we call a pokemon.

& i'm in a truck

*i can't keep up with what he's saying*

the truck goes back a forest with lots of pokemon.. so pretty... a taillow flies past

back to the truck...

birch: what about you? are you a boy? or are you girl?

*i'm a girl*

birch: will you give me you name, too?

my name is charlotte

birch: so you're charlotte?

'that's right'

birch: ah.. i see! you're that charlotte!
you're the one who's moving to littleroot town, where i live!

*the truck stops*

birch: are you ready? *i can't keep up*

*saving time*

i leave the truck, but not before looking at this cute azurill doll.

it's a azurill doll! it has a familiar smell...

i step outside

mom: charlotte you're here at last...
wasn't it tought riding in the back of the bumpy moving truck all that way?

'hmm.. a little...'

mom: well, this is littleroot town. what do you think? this is going to be our new home

it has a quaint feel, but it looks like it should be a nice place to live, don't you think

and you get your own room this time, charlotte

come on, you have to se the inside...

'ok :3 '

i go inside

mom: see, charlotte? isn't it nice in here, too?

'yeah, it is, actually'

mom walks forward

mom: the moving company's pokemon even help with the unpacking and cleanup. they really make moving a cinch..

the machoke says they're finished... *groah, graoh, graoh*

mom: thanks for all the hard work... we really appreciate it...

machoke: no problem... *gwagwah, gwah*

the machoke leave

machoke: see you...

mom: you should go and see your new room upstairs, charlotte

'yeah, i think i will'

mom: dad even bought a new clock for it to help celebrate the big move

you'll need to set the time, though

'ok :3 '

i go upstairs


'aww... this is a really cute room ^^'

i go to set the clock

it's 9:01

mom comes in

mom: how do you like you new room, charlotte?

'it's great, mom :3'

mom: good... everything's put away neatly

they finished moving everything in downstairs too

it really is so nice having pokemon round to help us

oh, but you shouldmake sure that everything's all there on your desk

mom goes downstairs

i look at my notebook on my desk

i'm going downstairs

mom: oh! charlotte...charlotte!!

quick! come quickly!

'what's all the fuss, mom?'

mom: it's the petalburg gym! maybe dad will be on tv...


interviewer: we brought you this report live from in front of petalburg gym. next up, a special look at a long awaited meteor shower in the next star show...

mom: oh... it's already ended. looks like you dad was on, but we missed his part. what a shame..

'oh, mum... you silly'

mom: but that reminds me... one of dad's friends lives in this town.
professor birch is his name.

he lives right next door, so you should go over and introduce yourself.

'ok, i think i will'

i go outside to go see birch


i go in but nobody's here.. only his lab assisant

i talk to him

lab assisant: oh, hello... huh? you're looking for professor birch? the prof's away on fieldwork.. ergo, not here.

oh, i guess i have to tell you what fieldwork is

'you don't have to tell me... urr.. you're going to, aren't you? yep'

assisant: fieldwork is what you study things in thier natural envonments, like out in the fields and mountains, instead of in a laboratory.
the prof isn't one for doing desk work, really.
he's the type who would rather go outside and experiance things than read about them here.

he's probably doing a survey of route 101 now. it's just outside of the town

'ok, thanks.. bye...'

i leave the lab... & onto route 101...


i go out to route 101, but a boy stops me

little boy: it's not safeto go out there if you don;t have any pokemon with you...

'um... thanks for telling me'

so i go to ethen's house


inside, i see brendan's mum

brendan's mom turns around and sees me

brendan's mom: oh, hello.. and you are?

'i'm charlotte, i live next door :3'

brendan's mom: oh, welcome

we have a son who is just about the same age as you

he has been so excited about making a new friend

'oh, that's great :3 '

brendan's mom: he should be in his room upstairs. i hope you'll go and introduce yourself

'ok :3'

i go upstairs


he's putting on his hat, looking at this notebook & straightning himself...

brendan: pokemon fully restored... items all packed, and...

he turns and notices me.

brendan: y-you... who are you?


brendan thinks

'i'm charlotte'

brendan: charlotte? oh, you're the new kid who just moves in next door?!

'that's right'

brendan: huh... i didn't know that you'd be a girl

'i turn all huffy at that remark'

brendan: dad... i mean, professor birch, torld me you were the kind of a gym leader, and i sort of hoped you'd be a guy...

'well, sorry to disapoint you'

brendan: my name's brendan... well, i guess we are still naightbors, so... nice to meet you! let's be friends, ok?

'all right... ok, i forgive you for not knowing me name before'

bredan: huh? hey, charlotte... don't you have any pokemon?

'no, i don't'

brendan: hmm.. if you want, i can go catch you one

'no that's okay'

brendan: aw, wait, i forgot... i'm supposed to be going out to help my dad catch some wild pokemon

some other time, ok?

'that's ok.. i'll be alright by myself..

brendan leaves his room


i leave his room too & leave his house

i go out towards route 101...

a little girl then talks to me

little girl: i think i hear someone screaming up ahead!
what should i do? what should wedo? somebody has to go help...

'don't worry.. i'll go and see'

i go into route 101, when suddenly....

birch: h-help me!

i go to him

birch is being chased by a poochyena

'professor birch? are you ok?'

birch: helloo! you over there! please! help me out!

'um.. how? '

birch: in my bag! there are some pokeballs...

i go to his back & pick out a pokemon

*i choose mudkip.. just like may did in the anime*

it's mudkip *lv 5* vs poochyena *lv 3* mudkip has the advantage

i ask mudkip to use water gun
it 's a critical hit

poochyena uses tackle.. it's not very effective

i ask to mudkip to use tackle... he takes poochyena out

'are you ok, birch?'

birch: whew... yeah, i'm ok.. i went into the tall grass to survey wild pokemon when i was suddenly jumped

you saved my hide.. thanks a lot..

'you're welcome.. you should be careful'

birch: i know... oh? but you're norman's girl. charlotte


birch: i didn't even realize who you were at first. you've grown into quite the young lady.


birch: this isn't the place for a chat, though... come along to my lab..


i follow him to his lab

inside the lab

birch: so, charlotte.. i've heard so much about you from your father. but he said that you don't have your own pokemon yet.. if that's true, that was quite the perfomance back there..

looks like you really are your father's daughter...


oh, yes! to say thanks for rescuing me out there, how about i give you that pokemon you used earlier?

'oh, great' *although, i won't be using him ^^' *

birch: while you're at it, why not give a nickname to him?

'no thank's... mudkip's just fine, thanks'

birch: oh.. that's how you to do things? not even going to give it nickname, are you?

'no... it's fine'

birch: ok :3... you know, if you work with your pokemona and gain experience, i think you'll make a pretty excellent trainer.

'thanks :3'

birch: my boy brendan, happens to be out on route 103 right now, surveying pokemon for me

it might not be a bad idea for you to head out that way yourself.. what do you think?


birch: great! i'm sure brendan'll be happy to hear that too.. he can help teach you what it means to be a trainer..

oh, yes!


birch: and if you're ever lost along the way, just use the areanav on your pokevan plus

you can use it to see how to get to route 103, where brndan should be

'ok :3'

birch: and if you or your pokemon get tired, get some rest back at your new house

i nod'

i leave the lab


i head for route 103..


i walk along route 101, when a wurmple jumps at me...

mudkip wants to protect me

mudkip, tackle

wumple uses string shot

mudkip, water gun

but wumple uses string shot again

mudkip proceds to use water gun

mudkip, water gun
but wurmple used tackle

mudkip used water gun

he leveled up to lv 6

well done, mudkip

i contine on to oldale town...

a zigzagoon attacks...

mudkip, use tackle

zigzagoon uses tackle

mudkip, use water gun.. zigzagoon faints
into oldale town...

the pokemart clerk approuches me

pokemart clerk: hi, there.. it work at the poke mart.. from what i can see, you're a novice trainer, am i right?

'yep, that's right'

pokemark clerk: ok. being super kindhearted as i am, i'm going to give you useful advice..


pokemart clerk: first of all, that's a pokemark there.. just look for our blue roof

we seel a variety of goods, including pokeballs for catching pokemon

i'd like you to have these as part of a special promotion

'thanks, mister'

*i get potions.. i put them in my bag*

poke mark clerk: potions can be used anytime, so they can be very useful to have.

and this is a pokemon center.. look for a red roof..

'i nod'

pokemark clerk: ask a woman inside *nurse joy* and she'll restore your pokemon's health..

that's it.. that was the advice from me, the supremely kind hearted clerk...

have a great journey...

'thanks, bye'

i go into the pokemon center

'hi, nurse joy, can you help my mudkip, please?'

nurse joy: of course


nurse joy: thank you for waiting.. you're mudkip is feeling fine now

'thanks, nurse joy, bye bye'

i leave..

i go to the pokemart

i buy 6 more potions

i leave....

i head for route 103..


another zigzagoon attacks

mudkip, use watergun

zigzagoon uses tackle

mudkip, you use tackle too... zigzagoon faints

i continue... brendan's up ahead

brendan: ok, so it's this one and that one that live on route 103...

he notices me..

brendan: huh? hey charlotte... ohh, so you finally got a pokemon from my dad?


brendan: then how about a little battle? since we're here and all...

'um.. ok'

brendan: great! i'm going to teach you what being a trainer's all about..

battle begin

he sends out treecko

mudkip, go

mudkip, use tackle

but treckle used pound

mudkip, use watergun

treecko used pound again

mudkip, used watergun

mudkip, use tackle again

but treckle used pound... again

mudkip, used tackle

mudkip, use tackle again to finish it up

but treckle used pound... again

mudkip, used tackle

mudkip leveled up to lv 7

mudkip wins...

brendan: huh.. you're not too shabby, charlotte

'you're not bad, either'

brendan: it was a good battle.. thanks!

here! let me heal up both our parties real quick


brendan: i think i know why my dad has his eye on you now.. look, you just got your pokemon, right?
and you already have that strong of a bond?

'i guess'

brendan: i get the feeling that you could befriend any pokemon, charlotte.. no doubt..

'really? thanks'

brendan: well, i've got some good data here. so i guess it's time i got back to the lab.

you should head back too, charlotte


i head back..

in the lab..

birch: oh! charlotte, over here!

i go over to him

birch: so i hear you beat brendan on your first try.. amazing..

brendan's been helping with my research for a long time, so he has a pretty long history as a trainer already.

mh-hmm! i think that settles it.. charlotte, i ordered this pokedex for my research, but i think you should take it


birch: that pokedex is a high-tech tool that automatically makes a record of any pokemon you meet or catch.
my boy brendan takes his with him everywhere he goes.. whenever he catches a rare pokemon and records it's data in the pokedex, why, he comes to seek me out whereever i am in the field and show me.

the pokemon and people you will meet... and the great expanse of nature that lies before you... experience them both while you fill in pokedex. i'd love it if you would seemed wider then ever..

though i'd love it even more if you came back from time to time to show me what progress you've made..

... arghh! i'm getting the itch to get our and do fieldwork again!

brendan: huh.. so you got a pokedex too, charlotte
well, then, here.. have some pokeballs on me.. you can use them to catch wild pokemon.

if you catch a pokemon in the wild and battle together with it for a while, it will grow stronger for you

take that as a bit of advice from a more experienced trainer like me


brendan: i'm going to get ready to head out form littleroot soon myself... it's like.. i don't know.. it's really gets you pumped up, right? we've both gotta give it our all there, charlotte

i leave the lab...

*ahh, my wrist can't take all this typing... i'm going to leave it here... i'd be easier if i had a capture card.. but they're too dang expensive... :irate-stare:*

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That's a lot of text! I love starting new games and using pokemon I usually wouldn't. I don't usually go too crazy on the challenges on legit copies, I try to keep it to nuzlockes. This was a good read, Keep it up.
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