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Music and writing~

Started by Auticorn December 14th, 2018 7:53 AM
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Does anyone listen to music while writing? If so, what usually helps motivate you for it? Do you just listen to random music, or do you come up with a story soundtrack to boost your inspiration and what not?

I usually come up with story soundtracks. It helps motivate and inspire me to stay on task with what I'm writing. I don't always do it, but it's not a bad idea imo.


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I do! I switch between several playlists based on what I want to write. I go with metal/rock for action scenes, indie/jazz for comedy parts and so on... I even go with random playlist on Spotify sometimes.


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I usually have music going while I'm working--Celtic, jazz, and new retro wave are my main genres--just something upbeat to keep me motivated.
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I often have music on while I'm writing because it helps set the mood and get you into the correct headspace.


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On occasion, yes. I haven't really done playlists for specific stories/genres so I usually just pull up what's currently in my music library. I tend to put music more when I'm editing than writing though as I get bored easily when I edit and the music wakes me up.

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