7th Gen Are alolan forms separate pokemon?

Started by apokemoncoordinator October 31st, 2019 5:22 PM
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Are Alolan forms separate Pokemon?

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They aren't. Or at least, I don't think so. They're literally just regional variants of older Pokemon, and that's it. If they evolved into different Pokemon, which they don't, then yes, I'd consider them different Pokemon altogether. But, they aren't, really, so.
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i don't think so. they are alternate, regional variants but are not different pokemon. i don't know how to explain it. i guess its just the regular pokemon being exposed in different surroundings (e.g. muk becomes colorful aka alolan muk)


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Not according to Pokémon Go and normal Pokédex, since the Alolan variants go in the same Pokédex number. I guess I can agree with that. Being different enough to have their own entry but not enough to have their own dex number.
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well, they were included in Island Arcade's Alola rap and NerdOut's Alola rap as if they were Pokémon introduced in gen 7. NerdOut even said them the same way they were said in the Kanto rap even though you shouldn't mention a name in a regional rap if said name has been mentioned in a regional rap before.
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they would also count as the same pokemon

alternate forms are alternate forms regardless of which region they originate from
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In real world taxonomy? Probably.

In Pokemon? It doesn't seem like it. Seems no different to the way different breeds of dog are traded
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According to Alola and Galar Pokémon, they are the same Pokémon. I think they are treated just like Rotom's or Hoopa's forms in later gens. They all have different Dex description, but still same number.
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I feel this topic is complicated, because the way pokemon "evolve" should actually be considered "metamorphosis" because its is 1 species going through stages of forms that are specific to its species. The Different regional forms are represent true evolution, as the species have adapted to their environment and have changed in a significant way, and over a longer period of time, would become even more different. I say yes they are separate species from their ancestors, the Pokémon world has always had science wrong, like interactions between electricity and water. and electricity and ground. but that's a whole other topic to bring up. The real question is, why was there not a Dragon Gyarados in either game? But executor got to have a dragon type? makes no sense to me.

Volbeat and Illumise have sperate pokedex entries and names but are literally the same species, with different appearances based on gender
look at the nidoran family, they have seperate numbers for gender as well. Where do Nidoran come from? the female's cant breed! the males can breed, but their offspring is never a Nidoran?