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Started by 8-bit Zeta February 27th, 2020 11:49 AM
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Just watching videos and doing Linux-y things.

I suppose my work PC is a little more interesting. Main uses currently: work and trying to see what buggy mess Windows 10 is creating when I feed it a 2x2 big image as a tiled wallpaper (it's a 2 4k monitor setup, tbw.). As awful as this os may be, at least you get a good laugh out of how stupidly broken some of the most mundane features are.


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Make it the OG Law & Order, and we have a deal. :P

Excellent use case though.
Oh don't worry I like that one too.
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For school, games, and watching Netflix and Youtube haha

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To collect dust apparently.
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I use the computer to go on the internet, and sometimes make icons on Photoshop CS2, but that's it, really. Since 99.5% of the stuff I do on the computer is tied to the internet these days to begin with.
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Unfortunately, my laptop and PC don't have the capacity to run high-end games, so mine is mainly used for watching stuff, coming on PC, university work and general things like that. My Macbook can run Premiere Pro for video editing which is nice though! That comes in handy for a lot of my university work :)



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I use my computer for mainly just watching stuff on a bigger screen than my phone, and I also primarily prefer to browse PC on my computer. Though, the thing is very old now and is trying to run Windows 10 when it probably shouldn’t, so my phone is much faster for everything and I kinda hate it sometimes, hahaha.

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My phone and my computer are fairly interchangeable in terms of what I do on them, but I definitely prefer to do the bulk of my writing using a real keyboard. It's also more comfortable to keep up with a fast-paced discord convo with a real keyboard, and easier to participate in calls on my computer than my phone. Bu really the only two things I will/can not do on my phone are 1) write/edit css and 2) art.

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To basically just do whatever to kill some time, whether that's running a niche comic, parody blogging, writing a hefty story, or just watching some YouTube. But for the more important ones; I use my computer to create 3D modeling components for artificial robotic antics, and maybe a ROM hack or two.


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My computer is pretty old and I pretty much only use it to play gameboy and ds ROMs. I use my ipad a lot more for school (our school requires ipads) or playing games/watching youtube.
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Less and less, honestly. Games, sometimes, programming (obviously), and when I seriously feel like spending an hour or two posting around PC rather than just checking for new updates to important threads. Any other casual web browsing, social media, YouTube videos, etc. I mostly do on my phone these days.


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I use my laptop for creative writing, storing and editing photos, and burning DVDs.

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well being a youtuber/streamer, I use my pc for gaming sometimes. I mostly stream from the pc and capture my consoles though. I edit my gaming news videos and podcast, as well as lets play videos. I also joined a youtube podcast called D-Railed which airs on sunday nights. while i'm on my pc doing my channel related stuff, i browse the web a bit check twitter and facebook, upload videos, and use discord to chat with people.


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I use my computer mostly for surfing the internet (social media - though mostly only Reddit now -, news, learning, anything I need to search), creative hobbies (which are also part of my internet usage, but I also work on them offline), and everything I need to do for my studies.


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Play games, work on some projects I'm doing often time socialized with friends on the net.
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