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It is said that laughter is the best medicine.

Do you laugh often, or is it rare for you to laugh?

What makes you laugh?

And what kind of laugh do you have? I.e heeeheehe, hahaha, hohoho etc. Perhaps your one of those folks like my friend Maggie who rocks with laughter, but makes no sound. She shakes her head, smiles and opens her mouth, but we never hear her laugh. it's like she's on mute.

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I don't really laugh all that much, really...I kinda just stopped when I hit my twenties. Not that I don't find things funny or laugh upon occasion, but that it's a very rare occurrence these days.

I have an Edna Krabapple laugh, in that I'm more likely to say "Ha!" when I find something amusing. I probably say it in the same dry and insincere tone that she does too, even though when I say it I usually mean it. But it's not something I do on purpose, I swear >.>

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I don't laugh that much myself.

I was often good at making others laugh, but my personality has mellowed out in the last few years. I'm quick witted but that side doesn't come out of me anymore unless i'm very comfortable with the people around me. I've learned it's better holding my tongue.


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Laughter is my 'filler' in response to people when I dunno what else to say, so there aren't too many awkward pauses/silences in the conversation. I also use lol and lmao a lot when typing too... as do many of us I imagine. :D But legitimate laughter where I actually find something funny is rarer tbh, I only really do it with people I'm more comfortable with. So I guess I'm a mix?

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Interjects a social "heh" when appropriate, even for things that are not funny. Laughs legitimately rarely. Hides it sometimes. Might be more "hehe" for smaller laughs and "haha" for larger ones. Pays too little attention to say that confidently, however.

Identifies "defying expectations" and "surprise" as possible triggers for laughing. Example: Will likely not laugh at someone's Rube Goldberg machine throwing a pie at an unsuspecting victim. May laugh at a mechanical failure causing the pie to fire backwards towards the machine's creator.
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I laugh too much sometimes. I'm way too easy to amuse or make laugh. I don't know why? I'm not always a happy person, but I laugh a lot for some reason. But, there are some things I will never laugh at. Also, I say lol or lmfao more often than I really should, it's a habit at this point.
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I have autism, and one of my things is that I do giggle/laugh a lot. There are people who have pointed out that the situation was inappropriate, which makes me feel worse.

Over all though, I have a decent sense of humor.

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Laughing isn't really a thing I do much. Even if something is funny it just doesn't come out all too much. Yes, there's a little bit, but it feels very moderate. Well, I guess the upside is that this also applies to the opposite, being really angry or crying and such also being very few and far between.

Laughing for me is mostly just a sudden burst of air leaving my lungs. At least that's how it usually manifests itself.
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