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Simple question, basically what the title says! The only rule is that you have to respect the opinions of everyone here.

As for my favourite generation, the DS generations, both of them, but I like gen5 more. As for gen4, overall fun to play through introduced many good things to the series and was possibly the best generation for spinoff games. As for gen5, great plot, still improved the faults of the generation before it, tons of content especially in the sequels, great characters (in which the gym leaders actually do more than just guard the gym) and by far what I would consider the most replayable generation.

I for one think every generation is excellent in their own way and not a single bad one exists. That said gen3 is probably my least favourite, due to not intoducing the physical/special split when it would have been greatly beneficial back there, and the lame plot involving villians that clearly didn’t study science enough. And not to mention the victory road for that gen as well. Otherwise, it’s region had a really good layout (volcanoes, rainforest, interesting city designs) and also introduced many neat things like abilities and stuff.
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My favorite generation is generation 5 because it was all-around amazing. It told a great story, had compelling characters, introduced great legendary Pokémon with great lore surrounding them, had more adult themes rather than themes for kids, had great music, changed the nature of competitive battling with hidden abilities and made some Pokémon that were horrible great like Ditto, had a good map and impressive landmarks such as the Skyarrow Bridge and Castelia City, and a great villain team, among other things. I also enjoyed the fact that your rivals were your close friends, which made it feel like you went on your adventure without being completely alone.

My least favorite generation, overall, was probably generation I. I understand that generation I was the first series of games, so they aren’t perfect, but as a person that played all the generations, I just have to choose it. Everything that I enjoy about Pokémon today just doesn’t seem to exist in the first generation. No day and night cycle exist, the physical and special move division doesn’t exist, nor did held items, and abilities, and so on. Moves seemed to miss a lot more in those games and it was even possible to miss thrown PokéBalls sometimes. Additionally, the games are full of glitches, bad sprite artwork, and has a ton of glitches that break the game. Psychic-types were too powerful, type matches worked incorrectly, such as Ghost-types not being able to hit Psychic-types, and even moves failing to work properly such as Focus Energy. While it was a great game back then that started everything we love today, still, when you look back at it now, it's just an all-around bad generation. I'm glad Pokémon made the great progress that it did.

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Favorite is easily Unova/gen 5 I think. It introduced some of my favorite new Pokémon ever and had the best story and wonderful characters. N will always be a favorite, and I loved how dark Ghetsis was for a Pokémon character - he was on a whole other level, even more so than Cyrus with his behavior. The music was also excellent and the graphics were really smooth. I think the gen 5 pixel style will always be my preferred one of when the games still had sprites. Hoenn is also top tier! Legends, music, gameplay, plus the enjoyment overall was just very high for me.

Least favorite is easily Sinnoh. Sorry DPPt and BDSP. :( But I find the region design/layout pretty boring and most of the new Pokémon don't interest me much. Same with the characters. Cynthia's great, but otherwise they are mostly all forgettable.

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I enjoyed Gen 5. It's the most unique with it's sequel games.

Gen 1 is just objectively the worst. I don't share the nostalgia, so all I see is a broken game, terrible sprites, teams with no brains, a rock type gym who doesn't use rock moves, a type balanced so horribly they needed to add 2 types to fix it, and the grunts have whips for some reason. I don't care if it was awesome back in the day, because it's terrible now. Worse yet, I don't hear people yelling that Pokémon peak during Gen 2, but people out here trying to convince me Gen 1 is perfect. At least my pokeball mimic isn't just a pokeball. Worse yet, It gets all the remakes. Why would I play the broken, unbalenced, terrible sprite having, glitchy mess of a game when I have so many options for a better version. FRLG is right there, just being the objectively better version.

And it has like, no spin-offs worth anything. It's just Kanto.

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My favorite is EASILY Gen V. Specifically B2W2. It was so epic with its new pokemon, expansion of BW1's story, and gorgeous spritework! It introduced me to the Pokemon games and i'm SO happy i started with this masterpiece! Serperior superiority!

My least favorite is a tie between Gen 8 and Gen 3. In Gen 3's case, I tried playing Emerald and i just don't see the appeal. The Pokemon available are pretty shallow, and not only that, the physical/special split didn't happen yet, so teambuilding is pretty horrible. FR/LG is the same story. I found myself mostly confused navigating Kanto. Never finished those two for that reason. Fortunately, ORAS came along and provided the worthwhile Hoenn experience that i wanted. Maybe there's a fanmade ROM of Emerald that might make me like the original RSE, but i don't know for sure.

When it comes to Gen 8, i was blown away by the fact that there wasn't a single thing i liked about the game. The difficulty seems far easier than in the other games, the new pokemon are mostly forgettable, and Dynamax is my least favorite gimmick in a core game. And DLC in a POKEMON GAME? Are you kidding me? It only gets worse with BDSP. It's a pathetic excuse for a remake and should never have been made. If you're going to remake a Gen 4 game, it should be Platinum.
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Goes with Generation 7 (Alola) for favorite currently. Liked the mix of challenges. Values Pokemon differently with Totem Pokemon as a threat, instead of all trainers. Allows you to catch a wide variety of Pokemon. Works well with replays. (Also helps to have the means to trade in nearly any Pokemon.)

Previously said Generation 2 (Johto) for favorite. Replayed it recently. Did not quite hold up to the nostalgia. Set levels for major trainers poorly. Made it difficult to grind for experience.

Selects Generation 3 (Hoenn) for least favorite. Simply did not care for most Pokemon from that generation. Cannot catch anything outside that generation before the Elite Four either. Hampers the experience quite a bit.
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Generation 6. It has both my fav regions as far as new mon introductions go.

Gen 1 and 2 are at the bottom due to how outdated the mechanics are, which saves gen 5 from being in last place otherwise.

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Gen 4 is without a doubt my favorite. The new Pokémon, the region, the cast of characters, and the villainous team all add up to what has to be the best story in the series and probably the most immersive games. It also helps that we got the best remakes in that generation.

As for least favorite… while Gen 3 was pretty dull, at least it attempted to fix itself. I can’t say the same for Gen 7, where everything is too easy, Lillie and/or Hau has to stop you to say something irrelevant every five seconds, the pacing is about as fast as a Shuckle (the tutorial takes up an entire island), the opening cutscene with Lillie makes the “twist” villain an obvious one, and the remakes we got not only clumsily tried to incorporate mobile game elements into a console game, but they have less content than FRLG, which were 14 years old at that point.


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Generation 2 is, without a doubt in my mind, the best generation! It introduced some of the most well known mechanics in the game, and set the stage for all the great story building that came after.

Gen 2s (and subsequently Gen 1) biggest knock was technology. The time period they came out, the games like that didn't exist nor did the graphics. For the time period, it was absolutely revolutionary.

It sucks because Gen 2 had a TON of misses in the story and design that technology limited back then, and when they did HGSS they left a lot of those things unchanged. To this day, I will never understand why they didn't make the subtle changes needed to make the game more fluid.

Like a TON, and TPCi just left it that way in the remakes. Very poor choice on their part. I can't imagine changing a Pidgey to a Hoothoot would have been tough.

But I digress, for me, it's more than nostalgia. It was the accomplishment. It was my first completed pokedex (minus celebi and Mew but we won't talk about that) and back in 1999 that was HARD. I remember I had bought gold and already started Crystal version and was half way through it by the time I managed to finish the dex in Gold version. So a year and a halfish.

I had the Prima Strategy guide, which was like gold back then, and was too young to fully understand it, so it was a hunt. Plus a lot of Gen 2s best pokemon were post game, making it take forever. The absolute challenge was what made me fall in love with pokemon. Fast forward to the internet becoming so powerful and I've completed all the pokedexes lol I guess I just described my nostalgia! Lol

My least favorite is probably Gen 7. I love the graphics and a lot of the pokemon, but I was not a fan of the story or the game itself. It wasn't a bad one, but not for me. I was never a fan of the games becoming more childlike. I understand they are children's games, but the first two games had themes of death and murder and tail chopping, so I get it, but it got more childish as time went on. Just wasnt a fan of it.
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As you all know, gen 4 is my favorite. The region is soooooo cool, the pokemon are very nice and the characters are pretty god as well! I know many people find Barry annoying, but I find it to be quite a real character! He really behaved like a lot of kids I used to play with lol. Then, the lore. Everything starts from gen 4 and there are a lot of very interesting details. I am in love with gen 4 and I will probably never get tired of it.

Least favorite is between gen 6 and gen 7, but I have to go with gen 6. I love Xerneas, the new pokemon introduced, the region, the music but the graphic is meh and the game in general is as well. It has almost no story and it's also pretty easy to beat. It goes pretty fast. I am not a huge fan of mega, but overall I like it, but I think it wasn't well implemented in the games. Imo more pokemon were needed. ORAS is more balanced, for example (in the number, but not in the choice of the pokemon who got mega, that are obviously all from gen 3). Lastly, almost no legendaries. It's not something I liked because it made the post game basically not existent. I am talking about older legendaries, but the other big problem was indeed that there were almost no new legendaries introduced in gen 6.
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This is very hard for me, because I love Gen 3, 4, 5 and 7. Each one has things I love about it. Gen 3 has some of the best Pokemon, like Blaziken and Metagross, plus it looks so cool, just the terrain is amazing. Gen 4 has cool looking terrain and cities, It has Gallade and many good Pokemon, It has a real Story, and even more! Gen 5 has an Amazing Story, N and Colress, Haxorus, great games, and more. Gen 7 was my first Gen however, so I have a bit of Nostalgia, although it's hard to go back to due to the CUTSCENES, but I love Gen 7 Pokemon, and Love the story.

My favorite.... Gotta be Gen 5. I mean the Story! The area, not to mention it is based off of America so Its even better for me! The Pokemon! N and Colress are amazing Characters. Only thing I don't like is Ghetsis's Battle theme.

My least favorite? Hmm Well Gen 1 is kinda boring and very glitchy compared to the new ones, and Gen 2 has... M I L T A N K.... ugh.
I'll go with Gen 2 cuz the Pokemon were not very cool, even the starters, only good one was Feraligator. It had miltank which is the spawn of satan, same thing for Whitney. The levels are wierd and the fact that they reused 2 characters from Kanto in the E4, just I don't like. But Red's battle is cool.
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My favorite generation is the fourth one. It's the one I have the most nostalgia for and it has some of the best games (such as HGSS and PMD Sky) in the Pokemon series. Generation 5 is good too, and both BW and B2W2 are fantastic games. I have a soft spot for Generation 3 too, but it's mostly for the Hoenn region itself rather than the games themselves.

I don't really like Generation 1. It's the generation with most flaws and I can't bring myself into playing RBY every time I try playing the games. I never finished a game from Generation 1. I'm not nostalgic for it even though The Pokemon Company thinks that everyone who likes Pokemon is nostalgic for it. Kanto is a boring region, though I'll admit that I like some Pokemon from this region.
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Not original but gen 5 is definitely my favorite for doing everything right. A least favorite is hard though, i feel like theres alot that i just hate equally?

1: very boring and limited
3: just slightly over the fence for annoying traveling and just kinda eh
4: Awful variety, 0/10 too much caves
6: couldve been really cool but ended up with a astoundingly boring region

I guess id say 6. I find missed potential worse than no potential


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Generation V has been my favorite for a long time. It's mainly because I found Black to be so refreshing with it giving us only new Pokemon for the main game. It was a risk, but one that really paid off for me because I had been stuck using many of the same Pokemon over the generations and this broke the trend and forced me to look elsewhere. Generation V also boasts quite a few of my favorite Pokemon. I know the generation gets a lot of flack for designs, but I don't see it. I have sooo many favorites from the generation!

I also remember the game being solid and a little refreshing in other areas. But it's been over a decade since I have played the games now, so I don't remember all of the details.

My least favorite? This is complicated, but I have to give it to Gen VII. I just really didn't much enjoy Sun/Moon. I found the difficulty to be very inconsistent, and all of my Pokemon felt weaker than previous generations. IDK. The SOS wild Pokemon feature also drove me up a wall. I tried to grind through it like previous Pokemon games, but the SOS feature made it too frustrating. I'd be training and my Pokemon would get double teamed, and no matter how many you defeated, they could just call another one. =/ Also, I hated it for leading to what Gen VIII is infamous for - the removal of the National Dex, if only I knew it was going to get much worse the next Gen. Every Pokemon is available in S/M and US/UM thankfully, but the ones outside of the game's dex did not register anywhere, which is super frustrating from a dex completion perspective, because you had to rely on exterior methods to count those Pokemon in your dex.

That's where it gets complicated. Generation VIII committed a much graver sin by making a large number of Pokemon completely unavailable. I suppose the reason I didn't say Gen VIII is my least favorite is because I felt like Gen VIII had some good things to balance the bad, whereas I found little to love in Gen VII.

Oh, and Gen VII had LG P/E. For shame. lol

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[QUOTE=PageEmperor;10542939]Simple question, basically what the title says! The only rule is that you have to respect the opinions of everyone here.

I love Gen 5. First anime I watched, and though I'm yet to actually play Black and White I love all of the Pokémon and the general vibe the region has.


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^ Mate, you don’t need to quote the OP just to reply to the thread.

I know I shouldn’t care about this but it happens way too much and it gets on my nerves. And clogs my inbox.
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That's a tough one. Having replayed a lot recently, I can say my opinions have changed somewhat. I'll have to go with gen 5 as the best games, particularly B2W2. For me it was the best story, some of my favorite new Pokemon and the difficulty wasn't as easy as that of the games that followed.

As for the worst, I have to say it's a tossup between gens 1-2 and gen 6. I'll probably give it to gens 1-2, since gen 6 gave us the best gimmick in Pokemon history, mega evolution. It was also pretty awful and braindead easy though.
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Gen 1 is goat. Not too satisfied of the newest gens though.
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favourite is gen 4! there's a hefty amount of bias because it's the generation i've played the most of, but i still think it's got a lot going for it. fun level design, deep worldbuilding and can be challenging if unprepared

for least favourite, it's gen 8. i think it would've been really good if it had more development time, but it's a missed opportunity as it stands. the DLC did address some issues though, to its credit