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Started by RadEmpoleon March 6th, 2021 8:56 PM
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Another question! Do you try to match your face mask with what you're wearing?
To a point. Since one of my masks is the standard black one it has a way of matching most things I've got. Yay, for achromatic colors!

I also own a magenta mask, I bought it for when I am wearing something a bit more colorful. In the summer I tend to brighten up with rose tones. I have a cotton scarf that I wear in my hair often. I found it at an arts & craft store, and have worn it for years. The scarf is a pretty orchid color, and I bought the aforementioned mask specifically with that scarf in mind, because they do match almost exactly.

I also recently bought a set of linen masks that came in different earth tones. There's enough variety of colors here that I can match the mask with a fair a few things I own. I have a light khaki one, a dark espresso-colored one, another mask that's a sorta warm caramel color, a more russet/red one and a soft blush mask. I have some hats that fit these colors.

Though, as wisely pointed out already, as a long as the mask you wear keeps you safe, it doesn't matter if it doesn't matter whether it matches or not at the end of the day.

Good question from the op!

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Another question! Do you try to match your face mask with what you're wearing?
Usually no since I mostly use FFP2 masks or some of those usual, boring surgeon's mask that all look the same! I guess I wouldn't care much about it even if I had the choice though... things like those face masks, my glasses, my backpacks... it's not like I can change those items to match with each outfit because I have so few of those, and I feel the same with masks too :)

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