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    After more than a decade, and what we're given from it was a 10-year-old gym leader stripping on-screen.

    Tell me again why Misty isn't a fanservice character compared to other female companions?

    The interactions between the Kanto Pokemon and their Alolan counterparts was both fascinating and hilarious, especially Kiawe's reaction to Dugtrio. And the nostalgia factor hits really hard for this episode to the point where they even reference the action background of all things. And Bewear's encounter never stops amazing me.
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      Misty had been absent the longest and lives in kanto so that is why she came back along with brock. It makes sense to bring kanto companions back since ash is revisiting kanto unfortunately.
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        Will the Mew shown at the end of SM 42 have a role in future ?
        The writers might try to bring mewnium Z Crystal into picture.
        If yes and if it's the same Mew then it might be with Ash.
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          I enjoyed seeing Brock and Misty again. I rarely watching the s/m anime but this was enjoyable. Typical Brock, in a certain scene, to just bypass Ash. And it seems Brock is a doctor or becoming one. I was pleased.

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            There were two butterfree seen once the gang got to Oak's ranch and it was far enough away that it could have been Ash's and its mate

            Rotom also took a picture of a Pidgeot and given how rare those probably are around Pallet, it'd be easy enough to imagine it was Ash's
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              Originally Posted by dragonAB View Post
              I think Jigglypuff will follow the gang to Alola and either caught by Lillie or will somehow return back to Kanto
              My prediction was right
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