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Terrible, terrible, terrible

Started by gimmepie December 8th, 2019 4:01 PM
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We talk a lot about anime and manga we love, but what are some you found downright awful? Why?


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Pupa. Do I even need to explain why? That anime was just....garbage. Bad censorship made a horror anime FUNNY, and idk, the premise sounded interesting on paper, but it was done extremely poorly.

I also didn't like Maou-Sama retry, that was just... another garbage harem anime. The girls were cute, but idk man, just another generic isekai anime that existed to exist.

Also, Magical Girl Site was pretty bad too, because it was trying extremely too hard to be edgy. It was cool they had a trans magical girl, but damn, idk, the protagonist... they tried WAY too hard to try to get us to feel bad for the main character. I just couldn't because she felt like an Anti-Sue to me.

There are a few other anime I don't really like, but these are just the few I can think of that were just... bad. I mean, there are other anime I didn't like after the halfway point. such as Magical Warfare, but I enjoyed that show in the beginning, so I didn't wanna include that here.
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Besides the dumpster fire that is the Pokemon anime?

Citrus was trashy, and the bad kind of trashy. It was the kind of thing that made me feel uncomfortable, and I didn't like any of the characters, they all had serious character flaws.

Glasslip was lovely to look at (as expected of most anything from P.A. Works) but by god the story of that show was just one convoluted mess.

Idol Memories was a fall 2016 anime that hardly anyone watched, and for good reason. Worst idol anime I've seen. Half length episodes that still seemed too long, inexplicable masked villains (in an IDOL anime?) and the idols themselves were badly written characters that I couldn't force myself to like.

And those are the bad shows that I somehow watched in their entirety. That doesn't include stuff like Food Wars or Prison School that I saw one episode of at anime club, and immediately knew one episode was more than enough.

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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei comes quick to mind for me. OP done wrong with insanely bland, cliche cardboard cutout characters.


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Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It relies solely on one or two moments of shock value to sell it's mediocrity and that is it. It's badly written, poorly paced, predictable despite trying to "surprise" with its blatantly grim tones, doesn't bother to develop its cast at all - it kills them off before the viewer realises that they have no discernible personality whatsoever - has an absolutely hideous art style, and barely qualifies as a magical girl anime. It's not a deconstruction of the genre either. Madoka is the worst show I have ever had the misfortune of sitting through, and the fandom only amplifies my irritation with it. I know the fandom is not the fault of the show, but that doesn't excuse the show's poor quality, and it's worth mentioning.

Eureka Seven is another show I absolutely despise, for its awful art style and meandering plot that never really goes anywhere despite initially showing some promise...this can also be applied to Gundam Reconguista in G, although that never really showed any promise. Darling in the Franxx and Guilty Crown are in a similar category, only with a less vile art style and a much, MUCH more aggravating cast.

These shows that initially show promise but ultimately decide to squander it by never developing characters or themes, or just never push the narrative forward, are what irritate me the most, as they make promises they never deliver on, and of course I watch them to the end thinking that all this garbage will pay off. It never does, though.


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SAO. I just couldn't get into it. It had all of my favourite elements, but something just irked me. I'm not certain what.

Pupa. I thought I had forgotten about that series, until I saw someone comment it.

Highschool of the dead. I spent weeks excitedly getting into it, enjoying every episode, but the ending bugged me in the first season. I felt like all of the excitement I had for it, literally ended in that one episode. It was a good concept, yet it could've gone so much further.


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