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Old September 19th, 2017 (4:05 PM).
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    Slap the family friendly out of Pokémon's name, i'm done of these stories of kids saving their worlds of evil with pokémon; i'd love to play with an adult this time...

    • Your main character is Sally, a 19 years old and an ex member of a gang named Team Haunt, who escaped from them after discovering their terrible secrets.
    • Your starter is a level 10 Gengar.
    • We have 2 main regions: North Alisha, the home of technology, and South Alisha, the retirement for those who are tired of North Alisha... or simply want to escape.
    • Meet Akito, our 18 years old partner throughout the game (and maybe romantic option!), between epic double battles where you have to control the 2 into synchronizing their moves together (and their dialogues of disagreement...)
    • You may also meet the Pirates, the gang heroes of South Alisha, and their leader, Norah (possible romantic option #2?) (possible ending: stay in South Alisha, joining the Pirates!)
    • Again, slap out the family friendly out of this. You have guns! (not with bullets tho) (no you'll not shoot pokémon)
    • Well, the gang members of Team Haunt have bullets
    • This brings us to the Threat Battles, battles that if you don't win in a certain amount of rounds, you get game over and your pokémon are taken.
    • Gym Leaders? Meh. For you to travel between the various 12 villages of South Alisha, you'll need the permission of a Frontier Leader, that may only concieve you this special permission if you battle him! (gym badges are still there tho)
    • After you've done everything you can in South Alisha, travel to North Alisha to save it from the terrible plans of Team Haunt!
    • Go to sleep and have visions of a certain pokémon asking for help.
    • Tired of being not noticed by your rival-senpai?? I bring to you a (optional) Harvest Moon-based dating sim!

    Story (resume)
    Sal has worked for the Haunts ever since she was abandoned at 10, capturing pokémon of other people and simply giving them to the Admins, nothing more.
    9 years later, she would discover a terrible secret about the destiny of the pokémon she captured. Discovering the secret behind it all,
    she tried to escape from millions of grunts she had trusted, ending up in a intense shooting where she broke her bike,
    but hopefully escaped into a cruise to Alola. Cutting her hair poorly with a knife to not be recognized, she gets caught
    by a guard, who throws her at the South Alisha region. After she got lost in a forest and lost her Gengar, she ends up in a
    house of a young farmer boy, who is willing to help her if she tells all of the truth.

    I sadly do not have experience with RPG Maker XP, but only with VX Ace which i don't have here... ;-;

    Alright, three questions!
    • 1- Would you like this version of a more "adult" pokémon game? (and finally, not featuring 10 year old kids)
    • 2- If so, would you like to help?
    • 3- Do you thing this game could be viable?
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    Old September 22nd, 2017 (11:16 AM).
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      Sounds very interesting, know more 'adult' versions of pokemon games have been done before, it'll work. Like the concept. Sidenote, threat battles would have to be balanced pretty well for it to work. If you need me help, for what my help is worth I guess, then hit me up.
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