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Old August 15th, 2013 (9:18 PM).
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    i say misty she was so funny and i laughed in the first few seasons her big angry face covered the screen when she yelled at people lol. and i like alot of her pokemon. and she was the first girl to accompany ash. i think shes awesome. may is ok.... dawn needs to lose the hat..... iris needs a haircut.... XD just kidding lol i like them all but i think misty is the best. i know bianca didnt really accompany ash but really just ran into him all the time like jigglypuff and sometimes team rocket, but i still like her shes funny cuz shes alway like "excuse me! get out of the way!" WAM! *she knocks ash down* "oh my goodness are you ok?" but i think misty is the best.
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    Old August 24th, 2013 (9:08 PM).
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      I am personally open minded but just to make sure just because I am so curious I watched ALL pokemon episodes up to the latest unova episodes just to look for "shipping" I based this off the actual facts(Anime Series, Manga, Movies some real life social stuff and the japanese anime standards) not just bandwagoning or who is the prettiest of the four

      First of Misty, I know the phrase "nothing beats the original" that most pokeshippers there are trying to say but even though misty obviously loves ash, misty getting jealous and stuff but did you guys ever asked did ash like her back? ash is the kind of guy that doesn't really react to girls that much unlike characters like brock. Ash never really showed that he wants to take his close friendship with Misty a step further plus come to think of it misty and ash hardly have any common traits they always yell at each other not a good way to keep a relationship and Misty is definitely older than ash.... proof? would the pokemon league allow a girl that just turned 10 to be a gym leader? and what im saying is she has to be at least 11 other proofs is that she is obviously taller than ash to society's standards a shorter guy does not look pretty good she is also a tomboyish character. I love misty too but this is the most important proof that I have. On the final episodes of Master Quest in the johto saga before ash and misty parted ways as said that "I think it was destined for us to be friends and I will forever cherish you as my friend" so basically Misty was ya know FRIENDZONED PS: I cried when he said that and when misty left. She been through a lot more than the other girls and is one of ash's top choices but let's see what I found in the other female characters!

      So Second May, I really thought that she was the one for ash! I was an Advanced shipper back then but as the Hoenn saga progressed I thought that she wasnt really like Misty that shows affection to ash and It totally pissed me off when she showed her first affections (like Blushing and deeply thinking about him etc..) to a guy named Drew. I just have to accept that she liked drew and drew definitely liked her back I wasnt really surprised if they where the ones that will end up with each other they even have their own shipping, the Constestshipping which is a first non Ash shipping so you know something is up. I noticed that she is holding her feelings for ash and puts him as just a friend especially when drew came in, I looked at it closely and I think drew and may really look good together. Even may in the sinnoh saga we still see drew keeping a close eye on may on her contests I thought that was really sweet. Again I "was" an advanceshipper and ashxmay is a bit blurry to me.

      Third Dawn, When I first saw dawn I really didnt get the point of adding another nice looking girl in ash's companions but slowly I realized that she was different as a character to the previous ones she shared a very interesting bond to our hero ash that was never seen to the previous sagas and ash is actually responding back to a girl relationship wise the makers of pokemon also really made her very very beautiful compared to may, may looked plain(coming from a former May fan). She was made to be the girliest of all four which again on Japanese anime standards who ever shows the most attraction/appeal to the main character and only the main character (excluding older girls with more sexual appeal) of the opposite sex suggests that they will have something later on, Not just that they have their signature high five what ever you guys call it, closed ups on their hands making contact in anime standards thats a good sign to a male and a female character. It has been proven that pokemon react to their trainer's feelings just like bunery and pikachu. Dawn and Ash have a lot of close up together stuff like shoulder to shoulder close which is again never seen before not just that sometimes their faces are close to each other on some scenes. even In the pokemon movies shipping evidence between dawn and ash everywhere stuff like dawn's look at ash when he saved her in the darkrai one or the one where just dawn and ash where beside (close up on their faces) each other while tons of pink petals flying around and japanese see that as love between two characters. Was it a coincidence? it means that the creators are trying to show that THIS is the girl! honestly they look so good together of course thats just my opinoin people heve their own. the one thing that people might say against this idea is a guy named kenny(dawn's childhood friend), he really liked dawn from the start and OBVIOUSLY jealous of ash being around with dawn. He asked dawn to travel with her and leave ash's group even having a deal when he beats ash (ash not knowing this is going on), in the end he did beat ash BUT if dawn really wants to be with kenny she would be with ash in the sinnoh league cheering her head off. She left a note to kenny that she appriciated the offer but she just want to go with ash eventhough she said kenny looked kinda handsome when he beated ash but c'mon on a note? basically like breaking up on a text... how would you feel if a girl does that to you not saying it personally that just means she was just cheering you up not really any interest to you and we know dawn is not the character that will hurt the feelings of other people. So back to ash and dawn the japanese even made a dominos comercial about dawn and ash or aka Hikari and Satoshi where I was total shocker ash ACTUALLY made a move LOL he was holding Hikari(dawn) on her waist thats a plus for ash. Again I look for proofs here are more examples: they stare at each other, cute misunderstadings, seeing a lovedisk (prove of enternal love in the pokemon world) may and ash saw luvedisks too but its because of the presence of manaphy thae prince of water pokemon and being playful with each other stuff like waking ash up, poking him, bumping/pushing him and just being beside him 80% of the time when traveling on the road. I love them to end up together especially both parents on each side have the vote

      Lastly Iris, Did you ever notice after 3 nice looking girls suddenly follow by a girl like Iris dont get me wrong I think Iris is cute but first glance people will think who is this annoying wild dark skinned girl (no racial terms) that has a huge purple hair!?!? I think Iris was made to stop the pokemon shipping because there are obviously too many girls now and pokemon creators doesnt want to lose focus on who is the leading lady which seems to be (again based on real facts and anime episodes) Dawn. Iris and ash dont really have much shipping moments they treat each other like siblings. Yes some people always have that annoying sister like the kind of character Iris is with her line "Ash! youre such a little kid". I really liked the way Iris' character builded up with ash and cilan and she seemed to like dawn being around unlike if she where misty jealosy is in the air basically not seeing dawn as competition which is no competition at all because ash and Iris are just friends purpose of traveling with Ash is just to learn from him on how he handles his pokemon a purpose similar to Cilan's

      In conclusion but vote in on dawn again this based on painfully watching the whole pokemon series I still love Misty,May and Iris so that is my opinion hope you guys like it I am open to other's beliefs but nobody really knows YET who will ash be with :D
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      Old August 26th, 2013 (3:38 AM). Edited August 26th, 2013 by Famon.
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        Originally Posted by ranso33 View Post
        I would evaluate in 4 different ways:

        1) Beauty - May

        2) Funniness - Irish

        3) Niceness (With that I mean the one I would rather have as a friend) - Irish

        4) (Please give reason to this) Trainer Skills - May, simply because she had blaziken, one of the strongest pokemon I have ever seen and she was the only girl to have taken her starter to final evolution. Plus, I believe Ash saw her as a competition since he seemed to try harder that season and in my opinion did accomplish much more than in any other.
        I'm agree with you about May being the prettiest !
        Which piss me off because Drew mange to conquer her right from Ash nose .
        Its one of my reason why I desperately want Ash to score a girl who's cuter and hotter then May !

        But I disagree with Iris being funniest !
        That title goes to Misty !
        I mean , What so fanny about Iris ???
        Whenever a GAG happen she just make little face and Say ''What A Kid ! Such a Kid ''
        And dam its over !
        I mean Seriously , People want much more then just ''what a Kid'' Comment .
        That What make Misty better .
        Misty's reaction to every GAG is different !
        Sometime She say something funny Or has a physical reaction Or Sometime resort to something like this-

        Therefore , She manage to create much more Hilarious Moment then any other girl .
        She was .......... Just the type of Girl the Anime needed !
        Compare to that , Iris & her ''What a Kid'' Is just Boring
        The True Beauty of Anime

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        Old August 26th, 2013 (5:28 AM).
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          I would say it's a tie between Misty and May for me. May because I'm Hoenn biased (Thanks to Emerald). Misty because she's the only one to knock some sense into overconfident Ash. I haven't watched Pokemon after Hoenn, but I've seen a few episodes of Diamond and Pearl. I haven't seen Unova though, so I don't really have much to say about Iris and Dawn.
          It doesn't matter how old you are. If you like Pokemon - no matter how childish people say it is - and playing it makes you happy, go ahead and play it. Who cares what other people think.
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          Old August 26th, 2013 (12:16 PM).
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            May is my favorite, she's matured the most out of any of the girls and has the best team. Venusaur, Blaziken, Glaceon? Tch, the other girls don't hold a candle to her.
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            Old February 22nd, 2016 (6:42 PM).
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              I pick May because of how much you can tell. Unlike Misty she was very mean very hard to comprehend. Dawn was so excited to get her first pokemon to start her pokemon contest career. When it came to May Ash helped like pokemon again and she was able to become one of the best contest coordinators. In all of the movies you can see the bond between the two. May is motherly, very passonate and she keeps Ash on his feet they just make one of the greatest couples. I can see Misty with Gary due to the fact that they have similar personality's. Dawn with Paul cause they somewhat bonded during the show. And so that is why I think May makes the best girl for Ash in Pokémon.
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              Old February 23rd, 2016 (12:23 AM).
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                Hey KeyDragonSlayer, unfortunately this thread has been dead since September 2013, which means that it went over one month without receiving any new posts. I'm going to lock this thread, but feel free to create a new thread if you wish to continue discussing this topic.

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