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Hello all

Started by malevlentmalice 2 Weeks Ago 1:00 PM
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Hello, I'm malevlentmalice and I found this website on a whim. I'm currently watching a documentary on new media technology and how people interact with their fandoms. So, I was thinking about how I wasn't really a part of any online fandoms, just in my personal life. So, I googled, "Pokemon forum" and landed here. I'm surprised to see how active this website is and surprised I've never heard of it. I'm often browsing information put out by Serebii, Bulbapedia, and Pokemon Global News and I've owned every Pokemon game that's ever come out. I also attempt to purchase every limited edition Pokemon system, but that can be really expensive. I don't have a favorite number one Pokemon, but when people ask I always say Fennekin. I've had Pokemon Sword and Shield preordered since it was possible to preorder it. I play any and every Pokemon game that I can. I'm not big into the TCG and I'm not caught up with the anime series, but I plan to watch the reboot that's coming out.

Other than Pokemon, I'm a U.S. Navy veteran and currently a college student studying Cytology. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing the passion of Pokemon.
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Hello malevlentmalice, and welcome to the PokéCommunity !
Out of curiosity, what was the title of the documentary you were watching yesterday ? Anyway, I hope you will stick around here !
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Hi malevolentmalice! I think I'm similar in that although I'm a fan of various franchises, I have never really been super active in their respective communities. Trying to get out there a little bit more. I am mostly into the pokemon games, although I did collect cards/watch the anime when I was younger. I'm also coding a pokemon game in my spare time with randomly generated levels! Hope you enjoy the community here!

I actually work on laboratory software so I know a tiny bit about cytology by proxy :)
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