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I'm basically a zombie, what's new here?

Started by Pure Essence 1 Week Ago 2:43 PM
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Pure Essence

The Last of Me

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If you remember me, you deserve a veteran's discount. I can't remember when I was on here last, but it was a while. A lot has happened since then, for sure...
I'm Anime Psyclone, or just AP. I make art every other year, and write every century. I like metal music and vocaloid music. If you remember who I am, hit me up. If you don't, then hit me up. Just hit me up.
I hope this forum's still active...

Eternal flames rage inside of me.
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Hello AP zombie, and welcome back to the PokéCommunity !
No discount for me... *sigh*


Online now
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and write every century
sounds like me nowadays, lol
Hi there AP!! You seem chill, stick around 8D
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