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^ I haven't seen it myself but someone's been early streaming gameplay of SwSh and over on reddit they're saying that the player has been consistently over-levelled because of it...
My hypothetical Galar team:
Rillaboom, Toxtricity, Grimmsnarl, Coalossal, Polteageist, Frosmoth

Type combos I desire:
Grass / Fire
A real Grass / Electric
A proper Grass / Rock
An actual Grass / Dragon

yes i like grass type what of it
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I normally don't use rare candies anyway, but I feel like having the variety of exp candies will help later in the game when I'm grinding out my Pokemon to Lv. 100, Lucky Egg shenanigans aside. As for the nature mints...if I have to slog through the Battle Tower to get enough BP for them then no thank you lmao.
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