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I believe all should have been included. I fall into the Kollector line of players and I will be unable to Komplete my goal. Pokémon that do not even hold Kombative value are dear to me. Whether they are rare, difficult to evolve or hard to train. There is no point now in Kollecting now.

One worry I heard GF had was the Kompetitive scene and it being watered down in sone way? I would argue that removing 400 roaming variables as watering down gameplay, along with removing move sets as well. Hopefully, maybe, they shall retroactively fix this but I have my doubts and am unwilling to gamble on that bet.

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I thought if any Pokémon were going to make it in, it would be all the starters from the previous generations. Every starter is special to someone, as well as being some of the most beloved by the fans, so I assumed they’d all be spared.

I was massively disappointed to find out only Charmander got in (because of course he would 🙄)...
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