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Playing on Hardcore, though I don't remember getting a prompt to enable Restricted Mode. Is this automatically turned on in Hardcore Mode or do I have to set it somewhere?
Restricted mode is to prevent trivializing default RR difficulty with cheese setups. Hardcore is basically an hilarious "Anything goes" mode so, I didn't try it (and probably never will :)) but I guess there isn't much point in restricting anything from the player in that mode, I mean, unless it is actually activated by default.
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Really liking this game. Very challenging. One issue I ran into was that torkoal's hidden ability is not drought like everything else in the game indicates. Its disappointing because he was going to be the centerpiece of my sun team.
The Hard mod don't let you use some moves and abilities. Mainly one that summon the weather or a terrain and the moves that buff your stats


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When I try patching my game w/ NUPS and using w/ fire red 1.1 USA it tells me "The patch doesn't match the file. Patching cancelled." and idk what to do.
When I sent the PM to help, I overlooked a detail about your situation. The problem is that you're using the wrong ROM file. There's one that has Squirrel in the name. That's the one you need to use.
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I was wondering about this too, I was wanting to get the Assault Vest but it's locked behind showing Jasmine a pokemon with defense evs
If you are in a mode where they removed the EVs, show them a pokemon with more that 120 or 125 in their corresponding base stats (and for Sabrina, show her a shiny).
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I want to change the nature of my Florges in Pokémon center to gentle nature. But the gentle nature isn't available. Is that a bug or something...?
100% Intentional. There's absolutely no need for any Pokemon to have a Gentle/Lax nature. If you're running a defensive Pokemon, you would always lower an offensive statistic or Speed.
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Hey, it's the guy that requested an easier mode months ago. Just wanted to come in and say that i was pleasantly surprised that it actually happened ! I always had this hack in the back of my mind after i originally quit it around when 2.0 came out because i couldn't get past Erika's Mega-Venusaur without grinding pokemons from the ground up (Yes yes, i know, mad cuz bad and all that), so after i heard about this new version today, i gave it another try.

I'm playing on easy mode, set mode, without using items in battle and only using the first pokemon i come across per area (basically an hardcore nuzlocke but without it being a nuzlocke ?) . And honestly, i'm having a lot of fun. The boss battles still have interesting teams but they don't feel like an unbreakable wall anymore, i'm not pressured about if i'll get completely stuck on a battle because i have the wrong nature, the level caps don't even seem annoying anymore, on the contrary i like the implementation of them...

And the game seems much more "friendly" now if that makes sense ? The pewter city npc had his dialogue changed (One of my biggest surprises honestly, big props to you for this), i feel like i can actually build the team i want as long as i know what i'm doing.

So as a casual player that's bad at pokemon, thank you. Radical Red is now really growing on me, where i was dissapointed i couldn't really experience it "with training wheels" because of my lack of skill before, this easy mode being implemented completely changed my experience with the hack. And who knows, when i finish my first run, i might try the normal mode with monotypes, or maybe i'll stay on easy mode and try to nuzlocke on these settings.

So yeah, i just wanted you to know that i really appreciate that you listened to these kinds of propositions, and i do think it really improved the hack, at least for me. I'm bad at the game, but now i can try to be better by just climbing the stairs little by little, rather than try and climb up the elevator shaft.