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Romhack Discussion, Pokémon Royale

Started by STADIUM_TOKEN June 10th, 2019 9:33 AM
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Seen July 16th, 2019
Posted July 16th, 2019
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I would like to make a new Romhack in form of a battle royale mode and want to discuss its Concept.

Rules of the Game:

You cant SAVE!
if youre beaten then its GAME OVER

This Romhack would have a large map wich has a lot of Segments to start in. Depending on wich Segment you start in, you have different
game Progression and different Pokemon to catch. Your Goal? SURVIVE!

The Player is on an Island starting !somewhere! on the outer ring, where he has free Choice of his first Location. He can walk right round the beach and choose the entrance of his favor. Continuing onwards to the middle where the only Pokemon Center on that Island is.

At some Points of the Game you will be asked if you want to turn left or Right, leaving the choice of the next location to the Player!
The Locations are randomized tho so you never know which Location would be next until you get a choice.
Further in the game this decision can be wrong or right and end in a mean battle instead of a location.

In order to survive all these consecutive battles without a Pokemon Center you Need to be able to craft Things like Potions or Pokeballs
To craft, you need materials, found at loot Locations.

If you reach 6 Pokemon in your Team, it is full. You cant have any more than 6, its battle royale!

If you reached the Pokemon Center you can battle your Friends who also have beaten the game.

So what do you think of this Idea? Sadly I am a complete Zero if it Comes to ASM coding so I would like to Ask you guys if you could do these things for me:

Disassemble the Start Menu of Pokemon Emerald and remove the Save Option.
Change the Code of getting beaten and teleported to healingplace to GAME OVER, try again

If you could do this for me Im game for this hack and could start Right away!
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