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Sorry for my English isn't my native language.

I want to create a mechanic where pokemon have 2 abilities at the same time. Being possible that this second ability is a hidden ability.

Example: That Arcanine can use (Intimidate or Flash Fire) and Justified or any other Hidden ability that decides that pokemon has already in poke.setAbility () at the same time. I think that the values 2, 3, 4 and 5 are the hidden abilities.

And that when seeing the data of my Pokemon both abilities are visible in the Summary Screen.

I do not know if it is feasible to create an extra page to the summary for the hidden ability and also put the IV's and EV's. I have only seen tutorials on how to insert IV's on the same page where it indicates the stats of the Pokemon, therefore I do not know if it is very laborious to create an extra page.

Can you help me create this second ability slot for the hidden ability? Thank you so much.
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Here's the graphics and code I use for my summary screen:

    # Write various bits of text
    textpos = [
       [_INTL("Sp. Atk"),365,116,0,base,statshadows[3]],
       [_INTL("Sp. Def"),365,148,0,base,statshadows[4]],
    # Draw all text
    # Draw ability description
    abilitydesc = pbGetMessage(MessageTypes::AbilityDescs,@pokemon.ability)
    primabilitydesc = pbGetMessage(MessageTypes::AbilityDescs,@pokemon.primaryAbility)
    # Draw HP bar
    if @pokemon.hp>0
      hpzone = 0
      hpzone = 1 if @pokemon.hp<=(@pokemon.totalhp/2).floor
      hpzone = 2 if @pokemon.hp<=(@pokemon.totalhp/4).floor
      imagepos = [
Something to note is that primaryAbility is a function I had to create.
For getting the second ability to function, the majority of the work is done by replacing def hasWorkingAbility with:
  def hasWorkingAbility(ability, ignorefainted=false)
    return false if self.isFainted? && !ignorefainted
    return false if @effects[PBEffects::GastroAcid] && ability!=:MULTITYPE && ability!=STANCECHANGE
    if isConst?(@primary,PBAbilities,ability)
      return true
      return isConst?(@ability,PBAbilities,ability)
Although you're on your own for the compiler and stuff, as I'm still having weird problems with that.
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