Pokemon Honor and Glory

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Hello everyone~
I need help in improving characters + recommendations in writing the story for a fangame.
I made some characters using character tropes and sterotypes.
So far I have these...
Gym Leaders:
  • (dark type leader) - Laidback, cool and somewhat vain somewhat similar to Piers but a little more snob; #SnobbyFatGuy
  • (flying type leader) - Energetic, good willed tribal youngster who acts like a superhero; has an extreme sense of justice; BeastBoy/ Ben 10 vibes. (Somewhat obnoxious) #HeroKid
  • (ground type leader) - Clumsy, Amnesiac and Artistic lady. Heiress to her mother's mega-company but want's to pursue different path (Sculpting and Pottery). #MotherKnowsbest #FamilyDrama
  • (electric type leader) - Calm and Collected Athlete. AceTrainer type. Has eyes similar to brock (rivals with Water Leader); "always seems to be bothered/annoyed by something"
  • (ghost type leader) - Comedian, runs a stand up comedy cafe; somewhat in between Shauntal and Acerola (in age) ; makes bad punjokes all the time (ghost puns most of the time). #DarlingOfTheVillage
  • (Water Type leader) - The self proclaimed cool guy. Somewhat similar to Gordie but a little more muscular. Scared of the sea. Uses River-based water-type Pokemon instead. (rivals with electric leader) #BigMusclehead #LifeGuard #BigGoofyGuy #LaughsLoudlyGWAHAHA
  • (Steel) - #Aloof #Timid #TechnoNerd #Glasses #MadLadInventor; fraternal twins with Poison Type Leader
  • (Poison) - #PeachPinkHair #Glasses #Tsundere #Wiiiiiiiiiiild
  • (Fire) - Stern. #OkBoomer #Perfectionist #Everyone'sMother
  • (Dragon) - Laidback, Slacker Old Guy, Seer, often has hid head over the clouds #VillageElder #WisedAdvisor

  • (Ice) - Cool Guy from SouthernKalos, Foreigner, SnowboardAthlete
  • (Grass) - serious guy, Pokemon Ranger. farmer, Gentle Giant. #HasDaddyissues
  • (Rock) - Rich fat lady (hag, really). President of a large business conglomerate. Mother of ground type leader #Motherknowsbest #FamilyDrama
  • (Fairy) - Not your ordinany Pokemon Idol. Similar to Whitney in temperament but gets ALL PHYSICAL. #QuiteTheDisturbedGirl #Bipolar #SomewhatSadistic

Champion: somewhat the moral map of the Pokemon league. Kind Guy more often works in the background, Peace maker. #SimpleJohn

also the local pokemon professor actually hates pokemon. #Irony