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Game Idea Pokemon: Life

Started by TheMCButterfly 2 Weeks Ago 5:58 AM
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So, I have an idea for a super-ambitious project. This takes place on somewhere like modern-day Earth, except, there are Pokemon. You start off as a young child, and live a normal life, then you get a Pokemon, but instead of journeying, you go to Pokemon School, and live a pretty normal life. Then, you graduate, and can go to College/University or whatever. When you're an adult, you can buy a house, and get a job (such as a Gym Leader). Your starter will be your partner for life.

Who likes this idea?
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Definitely sounds interesting!I can see myself playing such a game, but are you gonna make it an open world then?Also would be nice to maybe have an achievement system or something so that you still have something to go after.This is a really good idea!I like it!

Please help me with my project,will appreciate the advice and thoughts!Thanks!


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You would have a great amount of work if u planned to do something like that; most people like to replay pkmn games to try different teams, or lockes. I think that you should think about replayability a lot, and not just making the game not boring to play again, but having different things to do: Go to another school, or start working at an early age due to bad economy -sounds cruel, tho- and stuff like that. Having a 'life' game, needs the player to build it's history, not going straightforward from the beginning to end.

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