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Hi everyone,

I'm really (really) new at game design with V17 essentials, and I'm trying to include at least the Gen 6 Pokemon in my project, using some txt. that I found here...
But this error constantly occurs:

Pokemon Essentials
[Pokémon Essentials version 17.2]

Exception: RuntimeError

Message: Undefined value SMELLINGSALTS in PBMoves

File PBS/pokemon.txt, section 56, key EggMoves


Compiler:418:in `checkEnumField'

Compiler:403:in `csvEnumField!'

Compiler:1709:in `pbCompilePokemonData'

Compiler:1698:in `each'

Compiler:1698:in `pbCompilePokemonData'

Compiler:1695:in `loop'

Compiler:1775:in `pbCompilePokemonData'

Compiler:1680:in `each'

Compiler:1680:in `pbCompilePokemonData'

Compiler:1679:in `each'

How i can fix it?


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The moves.txt file you downloaded from wherever looks like it's an old version with old move names (SmellingSalt, Hi Jump Kick and the like). Your best bet is to amend that somehow (rename the moves in there, copy from the version that comes with Essentials, find a more recent downloadable version of the file, etc.).
Go to the Essentials Docs Wiki

Essentials Docs Wiki

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