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(2) Frozen 2 (Furious)!

Started by erik destler 2 Weeks Ago 9:07 AM
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erik destler

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Walt Disney Animation's Frozen 2 created a global blizzard in its box office debut, grossing an estimated $130 million in North America and $228.2 million internationally for a worldwide start of $358.2 million.
Have y'all seen Frozen 2 yet? What did you think?

I saw it this past Friday, and I enjoyed it overall. There were a few weaker moments, but I like how they went into the backstory of Elsa's powers. I'm kinda grateful they focused more on Elsa in this movie, though.

The ""twist"" was really predictable though ):
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"Ice Heart 2" is an unbelievably beautiful, modern and kind cartoon that continues the story of nursing love. It no longer has room for the weak princesses who humbly sleep or bored in anticipation of help, leaving this role to the romantic Christoph, who is only concerned with marriage throughout the film. There are loving sisters here who are desperate to save their kingdom, proving for the second time that the main power is not magic. A wonderful cartoon, a great example for children and a worthy sequel to your favorite story.
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