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I've started adding the Gen 7 Pack made by Marin ( and keep getting syntax errors from the very end of the PokeBattle_Battler script. I probably put something in the wrong spot, but I don't have an eye for spotting bugs and wouldn't be able to tell where it goes wrong. Can someone help me out here?

Here's the script as it is now:


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Have some bugs there. I recommend you to start a new script and add the codes again. For abilities you can check:

For items and moves you can check here:

Also you have google to search for Lycanroc Evolution Method, Sunsteel Strike, etc.
Good luck.


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You've probably decided to restart the install and went fresh, but I found your problem. 99% of the time Syntax errors are either grammar mistakes or you forgot to put an end somewhere. You issue was located in "Def pbSuccessCheck" which is line 2393. Locate "Def pbTryUseMove" and highlight up from there and replace it with this code, it should fix the error for you
          @battle.pbDisplay(_INTL("{1}'s attack missed!",user.pbThis))
        return false
    return true
  def pbTryUseMove(choice,thismove,turneffects)
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