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I am new and I love identifying obscure surnames of characters

Started by HarrisonWilliams June 9th, 2019 12:47 AM
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Hey Harrison! Interesting hobby there, hope you'll find some cool info on PC in regards to that. See you around. o/

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Hey there! Welcome to the community, Harrison. :)

Can't say I've ever heard of a hobby like that before. Mind giving us a few examples?


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Welcome! I'm also new here.
...I have a similar hobby, except I look way too extensively into the roots of the names I pick. What purpose does it serve? Absolutely none! Take the name Alcide. Sounds weird right?

It's the french form of Alcides , which is itself the latinized form for Αλκειδης (Alkeides), derived from αλκη (alke) "strength, vigor" and the common patronymic suffix ιδης (ides), "son of". It was the birthname of Heracles.
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