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I have now caught a Ribombee, I don't think it's gonna be a permanent part of my team, but for now, Imma go with it unless you get some other Pokemon out beside the just the regular everyday mons. Maybe starters pokemon are rare and caught in the middle of the game/wild? Idk. If there is Zard, Imma go switch it for my Flechinder/Talonflame if you do that, But Pikachu(NEVER RAICHU), Lycanroc, Craudaunt(wanted a Kingler but wanted something different, also, the Kingler is for another rom hack.), and Glaceon. DAMN THAT GENDER RATIO, I kept saying to myself, "I wished you were a girl, Glace." She would wiper at me and basically say I'm sorry, But I would say. "No, it's fine, you're fine." Idk if you are gonna put a gender modifier or at least a ditto, but the latter seems much better. Sorry for getting off topic, On 2nd gym and training ribombee.
There is a charmander in the safari zone. And the thing is I changed Eevee to be 50% gender ratio, so it's your destiny to have a male Glaceon.

The game lags a lot , is it normal ?
Yes, I don't have lag in my computer so I didn't mind much about the performance while I was making it. But I've seen that for many people the game is unplayable. So I'll try to reduce the lag to the maximum possible in future updates