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What types of stories do you like to write?

Started by Sheep September 16th, 2018 9:08 AM
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I tend to lean towards comedy/humor with a bit of drama sprinkled in. Meanwhile, I'm not as good with stories involving a lot of action ):...writing descriptive action sequences tends to stump me, especially since I'm so picky haha. What about you guys? What do you feel is your strong point when it comes to writing?

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Even though I don't read romance that much a lot of my fics are on the romance side of things. I also like to write adventure-esque stories where characters get to travel to all kinds of places. I've people also comment how some of my fics are character study focused and well grounded.

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Generally my stories tend towards the thriller and horror genres but I'm not adverse to drama, mystery, action or fantasy either. More often than not, outside of my main genres, I'll mix and match elements of different genres to create something I'm comfortable writing.


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I tend to stretch towards writing stories that have some length with a variety of attributes, but namely: comedy, action, tragedy, mystery, and adventure.

Generally, I tend to mix a lot of things in an overarching story that spans over specifics amounts of character.

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I love me an epic adventure in a world filled with cool stuff to see, secrets and lore. Magic powers (and similar things) not required, but a plus. Music (and minstrel characters) are a definite way to get on my good side.

I also have a soft spot for goofy Looney Tunes'-esque slapstick.
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Posted September 21st, 2018
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Pretty much everything I write is either science fiction (mostly) or fantasy (sometimes). The world's rules as of right now kind of bore me, so I like to think up something in the near- or far-future where I can invent tech or other rules for the world as I like. I'm also a huge dystopia nut, so most of my stuff has some element of that (whether it's an outright dystopia or a dystopia hidden as a utopia). Post-apocalypse is always fun to write because you get to decide how the world ended up functioning after said apocalypse. For instance, I'm working on an original story right now (not a novel, just a story for fun in my spare time) that takes place after the planet's rotation stops (not tidally locked, though) and every six months the half of the planet that was in the sun exchanges their technology with the half that was in the dark (cooling and heating technology, respectively) as they pass into the six-month-long opposite of whatever they just experienced.

Like, how cool is it to get to write about stuff like that? That's why I love post-apocalypse sci-fi. There is so much you can do ... plus you get to spend hours watching Youtube videos of speculation of what would happen if X happened, or what will the sky look like in Y million years when we collide with Andromeda, etc. Speculation is so fun and that's why I love writing what I do.

Structure-wise, stream of consciousness is always fun to write. I liked writing it in second person before everyone and their grandmother started writing second-person, because people were fascinated by it, but now it's become the norm, at least on sites like Archive of Our Own. So now people think you're just trying to blend in or act cool or something and it's kind of lost its novelty and I don't enjoy it nearly as much anymore even though it's one of the easiest ways for me to write.
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Comedy for sure as my main preference. I've tried my hand at tragedy and slice-of-life, more serious tales too, but comedy ends up being the one I enjoy the most writing, I suppose.

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My stories barely fall into genres. They're basically the thinnest plot imaginable, wrapped in stylish equivocation and intense characters, with some space ships to keep the viewer nice and grounded.

But I adore writing character pieces. I often just base my stories around an idea like a lonely, insecure jerk and how he ruins everything that he touches, or how a dude was, er-hem, groomed by a prodigy voodoo master and tried to escape him by moving to a backwater planet so he could spend his days growing space carrots. Booyah.

Generally, I write sci fi - a really soft strain that could easily not be sci fi at all - and action. I wrote a few Unreal Tournament fan fictions which were really action heavy and they worked out okay, and I've written a few funny stories. Humour is pretty easy for me. A strong suit, even.

I guess my real strength is just laying down what's in someone's head, and making it kind of interesting. A bit of angst along the way, nothing too dramatic, and themes which aren't seen very often. I used to use female protagonists like, every single time, but I've recently gone back to male leads.

I'm way better at them, and exchanges with the opposite sex are way less cheesy and constrained. Also, the action sequences come more naturally and are more realistic when it comes to slinging punches. I mean sure, girls can be extraordinarily brutal and competent fighters but without a weapon or serious technique they're less well-equipped to deal with scaly behemoths with claws and tusks. Since I usually want a human character who goes from zero to a hero with their fists, I like to make it as believable as I can.

I'm no good at legitimate drama, though - like when your whole family was blown up or your best friend was gored by a rhino monster. Pondering the implications of forfeiting your days to a experiment in recreating your species from a lab which is a renovated toilet block? That's much easier.

An editor reviewed an original work of mine pretty highly. Nice lady. I'd relay the gist of her praise but I'm not a complete arrogant asshat.

Did I just type this whole thing off-subject?


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I like to write romance/drama stuff. Most of my stories are in the "slice of life" genre as well. I tend to write things that have to do with the MC being disabled since I'm disabled myself... so it's pretty much something that comes natural to me, you know? I don't tend to write in any other genres because my writing skills are still pretty limited. So, it's often hard for me to write something in the action genre for example. I usually like sticking to something I'm more comfortable with and can write freely without my anxiety bringing me down.
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