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Help Thread Save File Exchange Page 3

Started by GreyBidoof July 24th, 2014 12:18 PM
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Seen May 15th, 2018
Posted November 30th, 2017
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Can I request a Moon Emerald sav file?
Badges: all
Location: Elite 4
Trainer name: Max
Rival name doesn't matter
Pokemon in Party:
Level 80 Deoxys (shiny)
Level 80 Lycanroc (shiny)
Level 80 Incineroar
Level 80 Rayquaza (shiny)
Level 80 Lunala
Natures and moves do not matter
PC pokemon: Solgaleo, Groudon, Kyogre. Level 80, nonshiny
Bag: 10-15 Masterballs and 999 rare candies, 20 of all TMs
Seen February 6th, 2019
Posted December 30th, 2018
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1.3 Years
Unhacked glitchless Pokemon leave green v1.1 save with starter Bulbasaur trainer name Green, Rival name Red, minimal of 60 captured Pokemon in Pokedex beaten elite 4 and finished sevii islands. So long as it meets the abouve requirements I don't care how complete the game is or what Pokemon are captured. I need the file for some rom analysis/hacking tools I'm testing.

I'm testing some tools that in theory can tell if a save has been modified by an external source. Furthermore testing for ways to circumvent thus tools.

The tools are not available at this point in time. If this project works we who are developing it will post a thread for it.
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