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3rd Gen Pokemon Box

Started by Palamon 1 Week Ago 9:06 AM
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Pokemon Box is not a Pokemon game, but a storage system for generation III only. But something I wanted to bring up with it, is that if you store a certain amount of Pokemon in the game, you'll get some free mons to send to your R/S/E FR/LG games.

If you store 100 Pokemon, you get a Zigzagoon egg, Skitty egg if you store 500, and Pichu egg if you store 1,499 Pokemon.

This "game" had a limited print run and wasn't available to the general public. But, did you ever own this storage system? Did you get any of the bonus eggs to send back to your Generation III game?

Also, fun fact, Bridgette from Pokemon Bank/Transporter? This was her debut game.
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