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Friend Code Sharing Thread Page 3

Started by bobandbill November 13th, 2019 1:16 PM
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Posted February 24th, 2020
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Isn't there anyone who wants to come join me for a Max Raid Battle?
If only people would let me know on VM, I'd have them join me in a heartbeat!

Btw, I'm also in for online battles someday in the future (after I finish ev training my Pokemon).
Just let me know via VM!
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Good day/morning/evening wherever you all are!

I’m new to the site. I’m playing Sword at the moment. Looking forward to raids and trying to finish my Pokédex. Almost done, just looking for shield exclusives/trade evolutions.

Friend code: SW-2703-2538-9209
In Game Name: Lydia

I have shield but just started playing that so I’ll be useless in raids!


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