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Old September 2nd, 2018 (2:40 PM).
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The Fantastic Beasts series is a prequel to the insanely popular Harry Potter series. The first film in the series (Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them) was released in 2016. The second film in the series (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald) is set to be released this November.

Have you seen the first film? Are you a fan of this series? Do you think a Harry Potter prequel film series was needed? Or have you had enough of the wizarding world?

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Old September 2nd, 2018 (8:03 PM).
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I did see the first film in theaters. It wasn't too bad. I really didn't think there was a need for an entire series, and I really wish that they'd have kept Collin Farrell instead of Johnny Depp. I'm pretty interested in seeing a Younger Dumbledore, but I think it's mukty that they're not making him explicitly gay.

I'm fine with this as a series, though. I could have gone for a Marauders-style series, but this works, too. I've always been a Harry Potter fan, so I'll see it regardless.
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Old September 2nd, 2018 (8:42 PM).
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I saw it in theatres too (holy crap, that was 2 years ago already?!) - I liked it, it was a fun spin-off and I can't get enough of the wizarding world anyway. :) Nowhere near as good as the main series, but it was still just fun to be back in that world and I'll definitely be seeing the second one.

american wizards sound silly tho
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Old September 4th, 2018 (6:50 PM).
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    I'd like to see both films one day, but they are low priority for now.

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    Old September 4th, 2018 (6:53 PM). Edited September 4th, 2018 by strangerhypno.
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      Saw the first one. It was alright. Nothing too stand out. I did like how a muggle character had a main role in the story though. It's cool and contrasts with the wizard exclusive HP stories. But it's pretty obvious they're milking whatever's left of the HPverse.
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      Old September 15th, 2018 (6:46 AM).
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      I liked it a lot. I wasn't expecting much but I ended up enjoying every minute of it. I thought it had delightful and whimsical production design, cool setting, some beautiful creatures, I liked all of the main characters, it was funny, but also was dramatic when it needed to be and I liked the idea of the Obscurus. I had a bit of a girl crush on the blonde sister who falls in love with the baker.

      However, though I really liked meeting Newt Scamander, I think we told enough of his story in Fantastical Beasts, and as much as I enjoyed it I think continuing to highlight him as we turn the spotlight to Albus Dumbeldore is kinda forced. So I don't know if I want to see the second one or not.

      Its funny because Gellert Grindelwald was one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter books, and I was pissed when he wasn't given his due in the Deathly Hallows movies because he was key to understanding the young Dumbledore. I tended to prefer the villainous characters in the series or at least the troubled characters so Dumbledore wasn't especially high on my list of favorite characters, until his backstory was revealed, then I started liking him. I was really excited for a movie now focussing on his relationship with Grindelwald, but I'm not sure that I like the direction that they are going in. I think to tell the story right you need to start at the beginning when Dumbeldore was in Godric's Hallow, when his dad went to prison and when he became enamoured with Grindewald, embraced his idealogy and lost Ariana. I haven't seen an indication that they are exploring any of these themes in the teasers I have seen. I don't want to only see Dumbledore once he has become a teacher at Hogwarts and is fighting against evil, because I have seen this already. I want to see something new, the flawed Dumbeldorez and I just don't know if this movie is going to cover enough new territory for me. I will probably wait and rent it on DVD if I see it.
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      Old 4 Weeks Ago (4:22 AM).
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        I like the book and the movie. Can't wait for the second film to come out. I find it interesting that the setting is in 1920's Magic USA.
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        Old 4 Weeks Ago (8:05 AM).
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          I enjoy the setting as well. Tech is less advanced so peeps won't be like look how out of touch the wizards are!!!
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