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This challenge takes its inspiration from the challenge that was originally posted here, and However it has been almost a year since the last post, so I doubt we can still use it.

The challenge is the many rules that are meant to create an experience in the games similar to the journey the anime characters go on.


1. Bro for Life: Your partner and best friend on your journey. The first Pokémon you obtain after your starter, or your starter itself, will be your “Bro for Life”. (Think Pikachu, or Iris’ Axew.)
You may wait a couple routes before catching something, or you can even import an egg to be your BFL, or you can use a randomizer or other tool to replace a starter with your BFL, but you must obtain it before the first Gym and cannot catch anything before you get it.
Once you get your BFL, your starter can no longer be used against any trainers, unless your starter is your BFL. HOWEVER, you may use your starter to train up your BFL against wild Pokémon after getting it.
Your Bro for Life cannot evolve, and must travel with you at all times.

2. You can only catch one Pokémon per area (but it does not have to be your first encounter). It is recommended (not mandatory, but recommended) that you have 10 (14 upon reaching Kanto if playing a Johto game) or fewer Pokémon at all times.
It is up to you as to how you want to handle any Safari Zone, as well as places that have multiple areas (i.e. Pinwheel Forest in BW, Reversal Mountain in BW2, Route 8 in XY).

3. Evolution:
Each possible evolution has a 5/12 chance of happening.
Whether or not a pokemon is allowed to evolve is determined by a random number generator. If you catch a Vulpix and the evolution fails to go through, too bad. You have a Vulpix forever.
If you have something that can evolve twice (like Charmander), and the first evolution fails, you may try it one more time (but you cannot attempt to go for a Charizard). That rule is in place to keep the 5/12 number intact.
Pokémon immune to this rule: Magikarp, baby Pokémon, early game Bug-type lines (i.e. Caterpie, Wurmple, Scatterbug). However, for baby Pokémon like Budew and Azurill, after they evolve, then you RNG for their chance of evolution.
Also, you may use the Universal Randomizer to enable certain evolutions if necessary. For example, if playing FRLG on an emulator, you can enable impossible evos to allow trade evolutions, or enable the national dex to allow second and thrid gen evolutions, such as Crobat.

4. Departure:
For each new numbered route you enter after the first Gym, there is a 3/16 chance that one of your team members will leave, again determined by random number generator. This rule is to simulate the occasions in the anime where trainers and their pokemon decide to part ways for some reason (think Bye bye Butterfree).
If that happens, you must select a member in your current team to release or permanently box, not counting your Bro for Life. Or you can RNG the pokemon that leaves as well. This discourages you from keeping one trash pokemon around to get rid of.

5. No healing items in battle. This is to go along with the anime, which doesn't use them at all. (Although the OP used this rule because he "was a glutton for punishment".)

6. All Pokémon can only learn one TM move for the entirety of the game. The exception is that if the Pokémon has evolved twice while owned by you, you may teach it 3 TM moves.
HM moves do not count towards this limit, nor do TM moves learned by level.
As for Move Tutor moves in Platinum or Black 2/White 2, it may learn one of those as well.
So, for example, say you're playing Black 2/White 2 and are using a Frillish. You could give it Blizzard (TM), Giga Drain (move tutor), Surf (HM) and Ominous Wind.
Additionally, if you import in an egg to be your Bro for Life, you may give it one egg move.

7. Consecutive moves:(Optional)
You must use three different moves on each Pokémon’s first three turns in a battle. If you are early in the game and your first Pokémon only has two moves, it is excluded from this limit.
You can never use a move three times in a row.
(So you’d have to do something like ABCCBCCBCCB and so on.)

8. Gym Battles:
You must begin a Gym battle with the same number of Pokémon as the Gym Leader. You may deposit your Bro for Life before a Gym battle if you do not wish to use it in said battle.
It is up to you how you want to deal with the Elite Four (since the Champion always has six Pokémon).

9. No held items, except for those that affect experience/EVs.(Optional)
To make that more specific, the following items are allowed whether you use this rule or not: Amulet Coin, Macho Brace, Power items (Bracer, Anklet, etc), Exp. Share, Lucky Egg.
Since Gym Leaders/Elite Four in most games give their aces berries, you may give one of your Pokémon a Berry when facing them.

However, as a mercy rule for XY players, the Exp. Share and Pokémon-Amie will be allowed. The former to help during training (and just because), and the latter because Amie emulates what the anime does between Pokémon and trainer bonds including dodging attacks and hanging on.

10. In games/hacks with more than one region, you may only bring your BFL to that region with you.
This is to represent how Ash, from Hoen onward, only brought Pikachu with him to any new region. You may bring back your old Pokemon for battle facilities or any other challenges you feel merit it (Ash brought back old pokemon for League tourneys and the Battle Frontier).

11. Tweaking rules. (Optional)
If you ever feel like one of the rule(s) are a bit too much, you may add some sort of alteration. This could be to either simulate the Anime further, or if you ever have problems during a game. You may choose to completely ignore a rule if you are really opposed to it.

Challenge Completion Points:

RBY/FRLG: Beat the Elite 4 and your Rival AND/OR Clear the Sevii Island quests and Rematch the Elite 4
GSC/HGSS: Beat Lance AND/OR Get all 16 badges and Beat Red
RSE/ORAS: Beat Steven AND/OR Complete the Delta Episode
DPP: Beat Cynthia
BW: Beat Alder
B2W2: Beat Iris
XY: Beat AZ
SM: Beat Kukui AND/OR Complete Ultra Beast storyline
Hacks/Fan games: You decide

EXTENDED CHALLENGE: If you have the ability to do so,you may trade/transfer your BFL to another game and embark on a new journey there. If you want to do that just post a new sign-up saying so.

Sign-up sheet:

Optional Rules/Tweaks?:

My Sign-Up:

Username: Decibel
BFL: Pikachu (Because Anime)
Game: Pokemon Crystal
Optional Rules/Tweaks?: I shall be doing a game for every region. Shiny Gold for Johto and Kanto, then move onto Pokemon Y for Kalos, Omega Ruby for Hoenn, Black 2 for Unova, Ultra Moon for Alola, and Shield for Galar. Unsure if i will continue to fangames however, since Shiny Gold is purely for Accessibility. It may be fun.

I'll Also be typing my updates in an anime-like story, so look forward to my horrible writing skill. XD

Completed Challenges:



Decibel - Crystal
LucarioBread - Emerald



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First, I had to change what Jhoto game I used, so I chose Crystal instead. And my BFL was changed to Pikachu, since Eevee couldn't be obtained before the first gym in many games.

First update tho! Yey.

Thursday, °°°°°°° 17th, 2XXX

At first I thought today was going to be a normal day, waking up at my normal time and going downstairs for breakfast.

First thing I noticed, Krys' mom was visiting, pretty early too. We exchanged greetings, before my partner tugged at my pant leg. Bolt, the Pikachu I had received as a gift when I was younger, was reminding me to get his food.

I start preparing, when my mother informs me that my pokegear was fixed, and she gives it back to me. Not even five minutes after however, it starts ringing.

Turns out to be Prof. Elm, the local researcher. He seemed to have another errand for me, but wouldn't tell me what. Just to hurry over to his lab.

I was there an hour later, he informed me that an associate of his had some rare item, and Elm wanted me to go get it.

His associate, Mr Pokemon, lives past Cherrygrove City. Meaning I'll have to camp out on the way.

So Bolt and I headed out of New Bark Town, battling Pokemon along the way. Since we had been through this route so many times, the wild Pokemon knew to avoid us, so we didn't have many obstacles.

Bolt is currently Level 7, maybe he'll grow a level while we're out.


Friday, °°°°°°° 18th, 2XXX

I woke up earlier today, since the ground last night was rumbling for some odd reason. Bolt slept pretty well though, and was asleep pretty much the rest of the way through Cherrygrove and Route 30.

We managed to reach Mr. Pokemon's house without anymore battles.

We opened the door to see two elderly men there, one of them nursing an egg in his arms. They saw me at the door as well, and beckoned me inside.

I find out that the elderly man that isn't holding the egg is Professor Oak. An esteemed researcher from Kanto, the Neighbouring region.

Elm had informed them of my coming, so Oak had stayed the night after visiting, since he wanted to have a look at me. He hands me a small handheld computer her calls a Pokedex, and leaves. Mr Pokemon gives me the egg he was holding. Apparently the egg was the rare item.

I'm sent on my way, but only a few steps out my Pokegear rings, and it's Elm again.

He's shouting on the other side, so the only thing I could make out was 'Thief', and 'Chikorita', one of the Pokemon Elm was raising.

Bolt and I hurry back through Cherrygrove, making sure to keep the egg safe, and take our steps into Route 29 before being stopped by some red-headed boy. He held a pokeball in his hand, and after seeing Bolt running beside me, threw out the Pokemon within and challenged me to a battle.

He had a Chikorita, which made me immediately put up my guard.
This must be the thief that broke into the lab last night.

The battle didn't last long. Since Bolt and I had more experience, we outsped Chikorita and knocked it away with a Thunder Shock.

After the attack, I went to go get Chikorita back, but the thief had returned her back to the pokeball before I was close enough.

He ran past me, dropping what appeared to be a trainer card, and before he could pick it back up, I was able to catch his name.

Nothing else happened after that, we made it to New Bark Town around evening. There were police cars surrounding the lab, so it was difficult to get inside.

Elm let me inside, and one of the cops started asking questions about a red-headed kid.

I give a description of what I saw, and tell them the name on the card, "Eli".
The cops leave after that, and I give Elm the Egg.

He sends me home for the night, after thanking me for doing the errand. He also asks me to come back in the morning.

Current Team:
Bolt (Pikachu) - Lvl 8
Thunder Shock
Tail Whip
Thunder Wave

Also, I may change the format I write in next time too. Since I'm really not good at it
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This looks like something I was thinking about the other day. Could be a lot of fun!

Username: LucarioBread
BFL: Aipom - I thought of choosing an underrepresented Pokemon.
Game: Emerald
Optional Rules/Tweaks?: to give it a bit of uniqueness, Aipom begins with Fire Punch and wears a Red Scarf. In order to emulate Pokemon evolving later in the anime than in the games, I made it so if it fails to evolve, it can try again 10 levels later, BUT the chance has been lowered to 1/5. Additionally, if a Pokemon can evolve twice and has reached its second stage after passing the required level for its final stage, it must remain in its current stage for at least 10 levels before attempting to evolve further.

Update: May 16th 2020
Hide is a 10-year old boy who had just moved to Littleroot Town with his family and his best friend: an Aipom he has befriended when he was little. After meeting a neighborhood girl named May, Hide and Aipom hear a man screaming on the outskirts of the town. It is professor Birch and he's being chased by a wild Zigzagoon. They jump to the rescue and Aipom defeats the wild Pokemon with a combination of Scratch and his signature move - Fire Punch. Professor Birch thanks them at his lab and tells them to look for May on Route 103 because he has a present for both her and Hide.

Hide finds May on Route 103 and she suggests a battle, sending out her Torchic against Hide's Aipom. And while Aipom's pride, his Fire Punch, wasn't able to do much against the Fire starter, his Scratch attack eventually knocked it out.
Together, Hide and May make their back to Littleroot where the professor gives them each a PokeDex and sends them on a mission to record as many Pokemon as possible. Realizing his dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master might come true, Hide and Aipom eagerly set out on an adventure... but not before Hide's mom stops him and gives him a pair of running shoes which make his trip back to Oldale that much quicker.

On Route 102, Hide comes across a tired and hungry Ralts that keeps getting picked on by other wild Pokemon. After saving her from a group of wild Poochyena, Hide takes her to the Pokemon Center where he is told that this young Ralts can't fend for itself because its only move is Growl. Hide decides to take her with him so he can take care of her and help her get stronger.

In Petalburg City, Hide rushes to the gym to challenge his own father to a gym match. However, Norman declines, telling him he's not ready yet and instead sends him out with a boy named Wally to catch him a Pokemon. They find another Ralts that Wally manages to catch with some help from Norman's Zigzagoon. Back at the gym, Norman informs Hide that the nearest gym is Rustboro city. A bit disappointed, but ultimately pumped up, Hide leaves Petalburg City.

Just before entering Petalburg Woods, Hide and Aipom are jumped by a gang of water type Pokemon led by a wild Marill. After challenging the Marill
to a battle, Aipom manages to weaken it and even burn it with his Fire Punch which allows Hide to catch it. After tending to Marill's wounds, Hide sets foot inside Petalburg Woods with a brand new friend joining him.

The bug Pokemon inside the forest are no match for Aipom's Fire Punch. After a while Hide comes across a businessman being chased by a shifty looking guy. He reveals himself to be a part of Team Aqua. He sends out Poochyena to chase the man down, but Aipom jumps into action and defeats Poochyena with ease. Aqua Grunt retreats and the man rewards Hide with a Great Ball. Near the end of the forest, Ralts manages to use Confusion for the first time when attacked by a wild Shroomish.

Upon reaching Rustboro City, Hide hears of a man called the "Cut Master" who can teach Pokemon a special technique and decides to pay him a visit. After a training session with the Cut Master, Aipom manages to learn Cut without breaking a sweat.

Current team:
Aipom Lv.11 - Moves: Scratch/Cut/Fire Punch/Sand-Attack
Ralts Lv.7 - Moves: Growl/Confusion
Marill Lv.10 - Moves: Tackle/Defense Curl/Tail Whip/Water Gun



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Second update, hope it's alright.

Saturday, °°°°°°° 19th, 2XXX

I woke up later than yesterday, after sleeping in, and walk back over to Elm's lab.
He tells me about how the Pokemon League is starting back up for the year, and asks me if I want to take part.

After thinking about it, I decide to leave home and go on a journey. It would also allow me to go after the thief as well, so it's good either way.

He seemed happy at my choice, and told me to go make sure my mom knows.

I recieve pokeballs from his assistant, and go home to pack my gear. My mom offered to save money for me too, so I won't have to worry about funds.

I then leave home with Bolt following behind me. Heading into Route 29, fighting Sentret and Pidgey along the grass.

Another trainer challenges us, but we quickly dispatch them due to his only Pokemon being a Pidgey. However, he does say that he wouldn't have lost if he had that rare Pokemon from Route 46.

I asked him for more information, and he told me that there's a Pokemon that rolls around, and is immune to electric type attacks. Using that information, I went to Route 46 myself and camp out, keeping an eye out for any rolling Pokemon.


Sunday, °°°°°°° 20th, 2XXX

Luckily, it didn't take long. A grey Rocky Pokemon rolls in front of my tent and starts bouncing, shaking the ground a little.

Bolt tries to attack it, but just ask that trainer said, it's immune to electric type attacks, so Instead, I threw pokeballs at it without weakening. Somehow, it broke all of my pokeballs, but the last one managed to capture it.

The Pokedex activates, the Pokemon is a Male Geodude, and I decide to nickname him Read.

By the time Read was captured, the sun has started rising.. And morning arrived. I went back into the tent to get an hour or so of sleep before continuing on. But just as i close the tent, I see this small blue Pokemon with a long snout.

After waking up, I bring out Read to get to know him. Knowing only Tackle and Defence Curl right now, I should train him up.


Current Team:
Bolt (Pikachu) - Lvl 9
Thunder Shock
Tail Whip
Thunder Wave

Read (Geodude) - Lvl 4



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NEXT UPDATE, FINALLY. I had to restart since I forgot to save all the way up until Whitney. XD

Monday, °°°°°°° 21st, 2XXX

- Continued onto Violet City, getting dark along the way

- While camping out with Read and Bolt, we were attacked by a hungry Gastly.

- The battle was kind of difficult, considering the ghost typing, but I ended up capturing him. However, tent was destroyed.

- Ghastly was named Jair.

- Fought trainers along the way through the night, getting to know Jair more along the way

- Made it to Violet City, passing out in a Pokemon Centre room.


Tuesday, °°°°°°° 22nd, 2XXX

- After waking up, my team and I head to the gym, but there was already a battle in progress.

- I visited the trainer school, to make sure I know enough about status and other effects

- Figuring it wouldn't hurt to train a little more, I ascend Sprout Tower, battling the sages along the way. Read had a little trouble though, being Rock and Ground type.

- When we reached the top, Eli was there battling the head sage. I was about to grab him, but he escaped with a rope.

- The sage let me battle him, the Hoothoot and Bellsprout was difficult, but Bolt and Jair could handle them.

- The sage gave us flash, informing us that we need Violet's gym badge to use it, and sent us on our way.

- Spent some time outside Violet City training Read up for the Gym. He gained a few levels that day.


Wednesdayday, °°°°°°° 23st, 2XXX

- First thing in the morning, we head to the gym so we won't be held up anymore.

- The Gym trainers weren't too difficult. Bolt could pretty much one-shot them all.

- Falkner was tougher, Read resisted every attack he used though, so we outlasted him and beat him out.

- After obtaining the badge and a new TM from Falkner, one of Elm's assistants give me the egg from a few days ago, Elm wanted me to raise it.

- After finishing in Violet City, we took a detour to the Ruins west of it. However, all there was were some cool old statues.

- Did some battle training with Bolt, Read and Jair again. All three gaining at least one level
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Ohhhh, this looks neat! Definitely one of the more unique challenges I've seen ^w^ I don't know if I'll do any story-style updates, but I'll make sure to take note of the big things, and maybe set it up like D/P/Plt's diary system.

Username: royalsnowangel
BFL: Houndour
Game: Crystal Clear (Crystal Hack)

I'm gonna be starting in Kanto for this hack, so I'll be making my way through Kanto, then Johto, and my end goal will be to beat both leagues!

May 29th, 2020

- Journey begins in Pallet Town. Barksy the Houndour is ready to go!
- Caught a Tangela on Route 21. Nicknamed her Noodles.
- Battled a couple trainers on the way to Viridian City.
- Caught a Gligar on Route 22. Nicknamed him Frizbee.
- Challenged Gym Leader Blue! Defeated him in a single attempt, only Noodles got knocked out.

Current Team
Barksy (Houndour) - Lvl 8 | Moves - Pursuit/Ember/Leer/Reversal
Noodles (Tangela) - Lvl 7 | Moves - Constrict/Sleep Powder
Frizbee (Gligar) - Lvl 8 | Moves - Poison Sting/Sand-Attack
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Username: enderkool
BFL: Shellos (hopefully east sea)
Game:Platinum (I'll use Universal Pokemon Randomizer for Shellos)
Tweaks:No Legendaries (I never saw Ash catch one, so why should I?). Also, I will be doing all NDS games (except for maybe BW&BW2 if I cant figure out how to transfer)
I met my Shellos. He is a West Sea


Gold himself?

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This sounds like something I'd participate in, so I'm in! With my favorite pokemon by my side as my BFL!

Username: Kyuuji
BFL: Croagunk (Tsuyu) [I switched one of the starters for a croagunk and started with the egg move Fake Out!]
Game: Soul Silver
Optional Rules/Tweaks?: To quote the above member LucarioBreed, I was thinking of this and I noticed he/she made it a tweak, and I'm going along with it aswell! " give it a bit of uniqueness, Aipom begins with Fire Punch and wears a Red Scarf. In order to emulate Pokemon evolving later in the anime than in the games, I made it so if it fails to evolve, it can try again 10 levels later, BUT the chance has been lowered to 1/5. Additionally, if a Pokemon can evolve twice and has reached its second stage after passing the required level for its final stage, it must remain in its current stage for at least 10 levels before attempting to evolve further."

I don't know if I'll be able to constantly post updates but I'll certainly post the more important events here!
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Username: AlmightBreloom
BFL: Galarian Farfetch'D
Game: Shield
Tweaks: I must play on Set. I am allowed healing items if I am not healing the active pokemon, but no revives in battle and I can only heal one Pokemon per battle. The team I bring to the gym battle must be the same amount of pokemon as the gym leader, and the net level of the team cannot be higher than the net level of the gym leader's team. If I lose to a gym leader I am allowed a +3 net level boost. I am undecided on whether or not I will allow dynamax, or only am allowed to dynamax when the gym leader dynamaxes. If an area has different encounters and there is an entry point within the area (think pinwheel forest in gen 5, with the interior and exterior having separate encounters) they will be considered separate areas. After the first gym, i am allowed a 50% chance of a new pokemon per area. I get one wild area encounter for each gym and one before the first gym, for 9 in total. They all have to be from different areas within the wild area. For the final tournament, I am allowed to bring back one Pokemon that has departed.