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i don't think i've ever like. found out the spoilers to the story before the game's release lol if i'm trying to go in blind, it's me trying to ignore all the new pokemon leaks but god it's hardly even leaks anymore when gamefreak reveals everything now. but i started avoiding them in gen V. i've attempted to go in blind to the pokedex ever since then. before then though like i remember trying to eat up every little morsel of new content that showed up on serebii for gen III...remember the ruby/sapphire commercial where they were shouting random new pokemon names like that one guy on the dock with his arms up like KECLEOOONNNNN as if the thing was his long lost lover or smth lmfao man i would like write down the names they were yelling...jeez. and i remember checking serebii everyday when diamond/pearl were close to release so that i could see the new pokemon. but yeah after that, i wanted to lay low...and that's like. i swear. when gamefreak decided oh let's show Everything before the game is out lmfao.
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