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Started by SinisterHoodedFigure June 19th, 2017 1:08 PM
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Alright I download it, but they all seem to be notepad files.

Also how would I make a backup file for Emerald Kaizo (sorry I'm a bit new to this)
Did you get G3T from here?

G3T automatically makes a backup of the file in a folder it creates "ROMs backup."
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Alright after a few hours, I manage to document most of the changes in Emerald Kaizo from abilities, to Held Items, to Evolutions, and finally the two TMs that were changed. If I'm missing anything, please let me know. Thanks to SevenChurches for suggesting Gen 3 Tools

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I'm pretty sure that TM32 was replaced with TM31 (Brick Break) at the Game Corner, meaning that you can't buy Draco Meteor. Similarly, Thunderbolt was replaced with Shadow Ball in the Game Corner, and the former is now a postgame TM (Battle Frontier).

Other relevant TM changes that I can think of it that Thunder was removed, and Hyper Beam is a postgame TM (Battle Frontier).


In other news, after I was reminded that there were missing areas in the Encounter Doc the other day, I went through the areas that were missing and added them. Fiery Path, Scorched Slab, Magma Hideout and two forgotten rooms in the Cave of Origin. Additionally some postgame content, namely Alternating Cave, Desert Underpass, and Artisan Cave.

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Huh that's weird considering that the tm listing in the Game Courner didn't change. Upon actually buying them, I can see that yes it is now Brick Break and not Draco Meteor which begs the question as to why the creator of this ROM hack didn't bother to change the listing

Edit: ok I added the locations of most of the tms in this romhack. Currently it's incomplete since I haven't finished the game yet (right now I'm at Seafloor Cavern) and I'm not sure if earthquake is still there. I also added a note that mentions move tutors since all of them are in this romhack (with the exception of Substitute)