Help Thread Ditto Mega-Thread

Started by Firebolt November 22nd, 2019 9:47 PM
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Hello everyone! Considering the amount of Ditto threads that exist, I figured it'd be much simpler to have one mega-thread where you can see everyone's Ditto posts in one place!

Simply say what sort of Ditto you're looking for and what you're offering to trade for it.

For example:
LF: Foreign Ditto, FT: English Ditto or 5IV Pokemon.
It's that easy!

In the context of this thread, all Ditto labeled as 'foreign' will be interpreted as non-English Ditto.

Happy trading!
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LF: Foreign 6IV Ditto.
Will trade most things I have - make a request and I'll tell you if I've got it.
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