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Old October 14th, 2017 (11:29 AM).
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    Hey people,

    As some of you know, I have been working for on gen 6 engine in Unity3d. It's mostly XY based, but also has ORAS features. It includes:
    • A lot of gen 6 sprites
    • Some gen 6 models
    • Some nice C# codes
    • A working UI
    Unfortunately, I am not going to continue working on the project because of limited time, lack of motivation and my decision to move onto UE4. That's why I am going to release my engine called Echi's Pokémon Kit (EPK) here, so interested people can work on it. Like I said, it's not complete and I am not going to work on it anymore. But if you want to, you can continue working on it and eventually release it someday when you believe that it's done and ready for use. But don't forget to give credits to the people who had initially worked on it:

    ======= Pokémon NX Engine Credits =======
    Project manager & scripter: Echi
    Model ripping: Random Talking Bush, Fallenleader, Ploaj
    Sprite ripping: redblueyellow, FinalArt, Eurons, lorenz42, Ray', Moy, GeoisEvil, Kyle-Dove, lydario, A-Pinnari, zerudes,
    Drabber96, Zeo254, RianSky, GeoisEvil, Zermonious, Seiku88
    XY font: TheLouster115
    Pokemon X and Y game text: Variometer
    Unity add-ons
    Post Processing: Unity Technologies
    with the help of...
    Pokémon Essentials: Flameguru, Poccil, Maruno, AvatarMonkeyKirby, Luka S.J., Boushy, MiDas Mike, Brother1440,
    Near Fantastica, FL., PinkMan, Genzai Kawakami, Popper, Harshboy, Rataime, help-14, SoundSpawn, IceGod64,
    the__end, Jacob O. Wobbrock, Venom12, KitsuneKouta, Wachunga, Lisa Anthony, xLeD
    Pokémon NX Engine made with Unity3D
    Original rights owned by: The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, GAMEFREAK

    Here is the download link:

    Good luck and have fun working on it!
    Greetings, Echi.
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    Old October 14th, 2017 (7:35 PM).
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      You've peeked my curiosity, any screenshots?
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