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Essentials Tutorial Generation 5 Door Zoom Animation

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Old October 18th, 2017 (5:31 AM). Edited October 18th, 2017 by Marin.
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You know how in generation 5, you had this zoom animation for doors?

And this replicates that:

To achieve this, you have to do the following:
Put this code in a new section or somewhere else. Doesn't really matter.
 def pbZoomIn
  $zoom.dispose if $zoom
  vp =,0,Graphics.width,Graphics.height)
  vp.z = 1000000
  $zoom =
  $zoom.bitmap = Graphics.snap_to_bitmap
  $zoom.x = $zoom.bitmap.width / 2
  $zoom.y = $zoom.bitmap.height / 2
  $zoom.ox = $zoom.bitmap.width / 2
  $zoom.oy = $zoom.bitmap.height / 2
def pbUpdateZoom(time)
  time.times do
	$zoom.zoom_x += 0.01
	$zoom.zoom_y += 0.01
def pbFadeOutZoom
  32.times do
	$zoom.zoom_x += 0.01
	$zoom.zoom_y += 0.01
	$zoom.opacity -= 255 / 32.0

Now, for your door event, this is what it should look like:

You can change the number "48" to change how long the zooming takes (and thus how far it zooms in)

  • Marin
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