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King of the Jungle (Luxray vs. Pyroar vs. Solgaleo)

Started by Brendino March 12th, 2019 10:23 PM
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Which Pokémon do you choose?

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  • 13.04%
  • 13.04%


New Horizons
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Posted 1 Day Ago
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After going three generations without a proper lion Pokemon, we were treated with one family in three of the next four, as Sinnoh gave us Luxray, Kalos brought Pyroar, and while maybe unexpected, little Cosmog has the ability to evolve into Solgaleo. While each of them are quite different in appearance and type, each has their own appeal, and think they deserve the title of top dog cat. Which of the three lion Pokemon has your support?


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Age 32
Vermillion City
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Posted 11 Hours Ago
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It was a bit of a hard choice between Luxray and Solgaleo because I love them both. Though I had to go with Luxray because I'm a sucker for my Electric types. Though Solgaleo was a very close second.
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Posted 2 Days Ago
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3.6 Years
Yeah, this is very easy for me, but it might not be so for others. Luxray. I don't think I have even used the other two lion based Pokémon yet. Especially not Solgaleo, since I don't use legendary Pokémon.
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Seen September 10th, 2019
Posted September 9th, 2019
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I'm a bigger fan of Luxray's design, don't really like that shield-mane on the other two.


New Horizons
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Posted 1 Day Ago
8,305 posts
9.9 Years
Litleo and Pyroar were arguably my favorite Pokemon from Kalos, so I'm a little sad to see they're doing so poorly in the poll. And I would probably put Solgaleo ahead of Luxray on my list too, but that's just because I loved Nebby so much.


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Posted 1 Day Ago
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5.1 Years
idk, i like solgaleo but it feels like a robot to me, personally. i think pyroar looks a bit more real and majestic


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Posted 2 Days Ago
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1.8 Years
Luxray has a stunning design and I LOVE Electric types! It wins this one by a landslide.


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Posted 1 Day Ago
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Solgaleo wins, it has a lot better stats than Luxray and Pyroar.
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This is fine.

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Posted 42 Minutes Ago
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Luxray is an easy choice for me. I just like the Shinx line too much not to pick it! Pyroar line just never really got my interest and I hardly use Legendaries.


Seen 13 Hours Ago
Posted 3 Days Ago
13,454 posts
11.2 Years
Hmm... almost a toss up between Luxray and Pyroar but I gotta say that Luxray wins it for me. I've used it more often and I just find its design just much more appealing.


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the dream world
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Posted 1 Day Ago
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14.5 Years
Luxray!! The others are cool and all but I've always been a huge Luxray fan since Gen IV was a thing so I can't not vote for it. n.n


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Posted 17 Hours Ago
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8.4 Years
Man I am late to this thread! Luxray gets my vote! xx


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Posted 2 Hours Ago
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Luxray, probably? It’s a reliable Electric mon to use. Don’t think I’ve used it too much but its not bad at all.
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