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    Chapter 45: History Lesson From Optimus

    Sabrina's POV

    I know the drive to my house to the base wasn't that long, but the silence was starting to get to me. I turn on the radio and find a station that plays music appropriate for Brandon to listen to I'm able to stop on one that is playing one of Brandon's favorite songs - Witch Doctor [Chipmunk Version]. I turn my head to look out the window. As we pass some houses, I see a few families playing in the front yard.

    I wish my earth- my family didn't have to get torn apart because of the battle with the Decepticons. Why is it that war always seems to affect a family?

    I hear a clicking sound of the radio being turn off as well as Brandon asking nicely for Optimus to turn it back on. I turn my head and look over at Optimus's holoform.

    "Sabrina, you haven't said a word since we left your house. Do you have something on your mind that you would like to talk about?" Optimus asks.

    "If the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons first began on Cybertron, why did the flight move to Earth? Did the human race do something wrong?"

    "Sabrina, the human race is not being punished." Optimus says, "Has Ratchet told you about Primus and Unicron?"

    "Wait you have unicorns on Cybertron?" Brandon and I gasp.

    "I said Unicron he is also known as the Chaos Bringer," Optimus says.

    "Do Primus and Unicron have something to do why you and Megatron are fighting here on earth?" I ask, "I'm aware that history is important, but is this the best time to have a history lesson?"

    I know that Brandon and Sabrina need to hear the story about how the history of both planets are linked. But, I feel that Sabrina and her sister also need to know that Chromia and Ironhide are their carrier and sire too. I hope that Chromia and Ironhide won't be upset with me if they were planning on telling the girls about this history lesson. Optimus thinks.

    "How long is this history lesson going to take?" Brandon asks, "Do I need to hear this?"

    "Brandon," I scold, "I'm sorry Optimus, but is this something appropriate for a four-year-old to hear?"

    Don't worry, nothing I will say is going to cause nightmares," Optimus says.

    "Okay, Optimus, go ahead,"

    "Before the beginning...there was Primus. And there was Unicron. One, the incarnation of creation—the other...of destruction. For eons, Primus and Unicron battled, the balance of power shifting between them more times than could be counted. Only by creating the Thirteen—the original Primes who preceded me," Optimus says.

    "Is Alpha Trion one of the Original Primes?"

    "Yes, with their help, Primus finally able to defeat Unicron and cast him out. Primus became one with the very core of our planet, creating life through the Well of All Sparks, while Unicron was never to be heard from again." Optimus says.

    "Could Unicron return?"

    "It is possible since we believe that debris gathered around the slumbering Unicron to form Earth," Optimus says,

    "Wait so Earth's core isn't made of magma?" I gasp.

    "Then what is it made of?' Brandon asks.

    "Dark Energon," Optimus says.

    "Can Unicorn wake up?"

    "There is a prophecy written in the Covenant of Primus," Optimus answers, "'when the forty-seven spheres align, a perpetual conflict will culminate upon a world forged from chaos. And the weak shall perish in the shadow of a rising darkness.'"

    "What does perpetual and culminate mean?" Brandon asks.

    "Perpetual means never-ending." I say, "Culminate means to arrive at a final stage,"

    "Will the prophecy come true?" Brandon asks.

    "I don't want to worry you, since we believed that the prophecy was talking about Cybertron," Ratchet says over Optimus' com,"Our home planet has been dark for eons,"

    "We must not forget what has happened on Earth since Megatron arrived here," Optimus adds.

    "We have known about these superstitions for years," Cliffjumper says.

    "We haven't given them a second thought," Elita adds.

    "Why would you bring up the prophecy now?" I ask.

    "I'm afraid that the planetary alignment is almost upon us," Optimus answers.

    "Where is the end point?" Brandon and I ask.

    "Earth," Ratchet answers.

    "That just an unfortunate coincidence, right Ratchet?" I ask.

    "I'm afraid not Sabrina," Ratchet says.

    "How much time do we have?" Cliffjumper asks.

    "Two weeks at the most," Ratchet answers.
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      Chapter 46: A Bigger Problem Part 1, - Preschool Kidnapping

      Sabrina's POV

      I didn't get much sleep since my brain refused to turn off last night. All I could think about is What will happen when the planets align? Two weeks isn't a lot of time to prepare. I hope I'm able to help Brandon master his cybertronian form before it happens. What if I can't, and something terrible happens to him. I groan when I hear the door to my room open and the pattering of Brandon's footsteps as he runs up to my bed. My optics turn on as I turn my head towards the door.

      "Sabrina, you awake?" Brandon shouts.

      "I'm up Brandon, and you don't have to shout," I groan again as I start to get out of the berth.

      "Good, I don't want to be late," Brandon chuckles as he runs back out. I change into human form and get ready for school. I walk into the main room and see Seaglide in her human form 'Natasha.' I see Graham sitting on Ratchet's shoulder. I guess she must have taught him how to change into his human form while Brandon and I were at my house packing up Brandon's stuff. Ratchet sets Graham down on the floor and picks up four water bottles. Three have what looks like Blueberry juice in them and the last looks like super watered down kool-aid. The last one must be for Brandon.

      "Make sure you keep these with you at all times alright," Ratchet says as he starts to hand them out.

      "Why does mine look different from Sabrina's?" Brandon asks.

      "Because Sabrina and the others Cybertronian side is fully activated, and yours isn't, "Ratchet explains, "You're energon levels are only at 10%, so you need a tiny amount of energon to keep your level where they need to be,"

      "Okay," Brandon says.

      After we put our water bottles in the pouch on our book-bags, Cliffjumper and Elita transform into their Alt modes. Brandon, Graham and I get into Cliff. While Natasha climbs into Elita, then we drive to the preschool.

      Zachary's POV

      Grace and I got a call from Bishop that there will be a slight change of plans. They did another scan and discovered that a four-year-old boy that goes to the same preschool as Isabella is also giving off a faint signal. So he wants us to bring the boy to the lab. I'm hiding in the nurse's office. While Grace is hiding in the closet in the Principal's office waiting for me to give her the signal when I see Principal Wallace pull into the parking lot, then she can take his place at the desk, and we can capture the boy. I place a camera on the blinds in the main room. I turn it on and see Brandon, Graham, and Sabrina get out of the car with the bullhorn hood ornament. Then the scanner Bishop built into it reads the same signal the scanners at the base picked up. Then another girl who looks similar to Sabrina walks up to them. The energy reading I'm getting from her is the same as the one I'm picking up from Sabrina.

      Wait, so Grace and I have to kidnap our son! Who is that other girl?

      I turn on the microphone. Then see a 5'5'' tall woman in her late thirties get out of the pink car, and an 18-year-old boy gets out of the red car. They walk over to them.

      "Do you want us to come in with you?" The boy asks.

      "I think you two should stay out here to watch for 'Cons just to be on the safe side," Sabrina says.

      "Swiftglide, have you picked out my human name yet?" The woman asks.

      Why would that woman need a human name? Is that pink car hiding something else - like maybe a robot form?

      "Shh, remember it's Sabrina. Yes, I did, you're name will be Ellie," Sabrina says.

      "Sorry, Sabrina, and I like the name Ellie," The woman says.

      Sabrina nods then Brandon grabs her wrist and drags Sabrina into the school. The girl and Graham follow them. I turn off the camera and send Grace the signal to move onto phase two of the plan. I send Bishop the footage. A few seconds later I get a text saying to bring that other girl with us and that he'll send back up to help us bring the children back to the base.

      Sabrina's POV

      Brandon lets go of my wrist. I open the door. As we enter the room, the first sound we hear is the sound of items breaking coming from Principal Wallace's office.

      "Should we call Clark and Ellie?" Graham asks.

      "Let's not freak out. Principal Wallace could have left the window open before he left yesterday and a bird flew in."

      "I'm afraid your explanation is wrong," A voice says.

      We turn to the right and see Graham's father standing next to us.

      "Dad, what are you doing here?" Graham asks.

      Then I hear the sound of boots thumping and look over my shoulder to see two more men walk in the room.

      What is going on here? Are Graham's dad and these goons trying to kidnap us? Maybe I should have taken Cliff up on his offer after all.

      I nod to Brandon and he starts to run around the room. One of the men starts to chase him around the room. I see him get about to get back into a corner.

      "Brandon, Teleza!" I shout.

      "Teleza," Brandon says as he slides to his right.

      The goon runs into the wall and falls backward then lands on his back.

      "Good job, Brandon, now get out of here," I shout.

      Brandon nods and starts to head the door. The other man walks over to him and grabs him by the waist.

      "Let him go," I shout.

      I run over to the man to try to rescue my brother. Then someone grabs my arm and pins me up against their chest. I look up to see Graham's mom staring down at me. Before I have a chance to say anything the room fills with a strange gas. Then I hear evil chuckles as things fade to black.
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        Chapter 48: A Bigger Problem Part 3, - The Reason behind Graham's Parents odd behavior
        Sabrina's POV

        I try again to break the restraints to keep Silas's assistant from putting the dark energon into Brandon. I discover the restraints are so strong that the only way earn my freedom be to turn into my Cybertronian form.

        If I did that, I am doing precisely what Silas want me to do, but I need to save my brother I'm sorry Brandon I wanted to make sure you wouldn't get hurt or captured again.

        I looked to my left and see the scientist walk over to Brandon.

        "Leave him alone," I shout.

        The scientist only chuckles and puts the needle into Brandon's right arm. I feel a sharp pain in my chest when Brandon creams out in pain. I was reminded how strong our Bond as siblings is when everything starts to spin around me. The last thing I remember things fade to black is the scientist saying that Brandon has passed out. I'm not sure how long I was out, but the sound of Silas happy chuckles and him say that he is glad to see Brandon has become a tiny orange and red robot.

        Normal POV

        Meanwhile, at the Autobot base, Ratchet is doing his best to locate the teens and Brandon. Arcee looks over her shoulder to see Cliffjumper pacing back and forth. He is worried about what this Silas person could be doing to the children and is feeling guilty again about failing as Sabrina's guardian. Arcee turns around, goes over to him and grabs his wrist because his actions were beginning to drive her crazy. Cliffjumper turns his head to look her in the eyes.

        "Cliff, you need to relax Ratchet will find them," Arcee says.

        "I know Cee, but I failed again as Sabrina's guardian. If I went into the school we wouldn't be in this situation," Cliffjumper says.

        "Cliff, stop beating yourself up over this. I can assure you once we bring them back Sabrina will apologize to you."

        They walk over to Ratchet.

        "I've located another faint dark energon signal," Ratchet says.

        "Dark energon," Elita gasps.

        "Do you think that this Silas person used Dark Energon on Brandon?" Cliffjumper asks.

        "It could be possible," Ratchet answers.

        "Where are they?" Arcee asks.

        Ratchet shows them some video footage he was able to get from hacking into a government satellite. The first video was from a few days ago Ratchet was able to zoom in enough so everyone could see Graham's father press a button on the dash, then two robotic hands come out from underneath the radio. They are holding a device. Then the video is blocked out because of a sudden flash of bright light then they hear a robotic voice says. "You don't have any children. Now, go to Silas's office," Ratchet stops the video.

        "I can't believe that is what humans think robots sound like," Bumblebee says.

        "Focus Bumblebee, so this video would explain why Graham's parents were acting strangely in the video we got from Cliffjumper," Optimus says.

        "Not to mention why they weren't concerned about Isabella being kidnap," Agent Fowler says.

        "This video didn't help us locate the kids. Plus, we still don't know why this Silas person is using them in the first place," Cliffjumper adds.

        "We'll have to figure out why this Silas is using Graham's parents later." Optimus says, "Ratchet, are there any other videos from that satellite that would aid us in locating the children?"

        Ratchet pulls up the second video it was from an hour ago, it shows Graham's parents and same men from Cliffjumper's video taking the children out of the jeep then carrying them into a building.

        "Ratchet, hurry up and find that building so I can go rescue the kids," Cliffjumper says.

        "You mean so we can rescue them, right partner?" Arcee asks.

        "Right, I meant to say we," Cliffjumper says.

        Ratchet quickly starts to locate the building from the video, but it takes him longer than he was expecting due to the speed of the connection the computer had to the internet. When he finds it and types the coordinates into the ground bridge, the Autobot medic turns to face the team.

        "I've programmed the ground bridge to send you to a spot outside the building's security system, so be careful to avoid the cameras to keep this rescue a secret from this Silas person and to make sure our cover isn't blown," Ratchet says.

        "Understood, Autobots, roll out!" Optimus says.

        Everyone transforms and drives into the ground bridge.

        Don't worry Sabrina I'm going to make this Silas pay if he/she hurts you or any of the others, Cliffjumper thinks.
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          Chapter 49: Rescue Mission Part 1, - Finding the Lab

          Normal POV
          Team Prime exits the portal and drives to a safe spot away from the camera's view.

          "So, we are going to use our holoforms to sneak around right?" Cliffjumper asks.

          "Yes, Autobots, activate your holoforms, Optimus says.

          Cliffjumper is taken aback seeing Ironhide and Cormia's holoforms for the first time. Ironhide holoform is a muscular man in his early 30s, with tan skin and black hair. He is wearing a tank top, green camo shorts, and combat boots. Chromia's holoform is a woman in her early 30s, with tan skin and blue hair in a ponytail. She is wearing a leather jacket, navy blue camo shirt, ripped black jeans, and black converse.

          "Chromia, when did Ratchet program holoforms for you and Ironhide?" Cliffjumper asks.

          "Two days ago, but I guess you would say today is the test run to see if it will fool any humans we'd run in to," Chromia says.

          "Let's get going Autobots. Time is of the essence. We need to find where Silas is keeping the children in the building," Optimus says.

          The group enters the building and goes down a hall when they reach the end it splits off into four separate paths.

          "I'd suggest that we pair off to cover more ground," Elita says.

          Optimus nods. Arcee and Cliffjumper go down the hall to their right. Bumblee and Bulkhead head down the one in front of them. Ironhide and Chromia take the middle one. Optimus and Chormia take the final one.

          Sabrina's POV

          I hate hearing my little brother screams of pain. Silas told his lacy to start to dissect him to find out what makes him tick. I can feel his pain as the saw blade begin to slice into his metal skin. I'm about to try to break the restraint again by turning into my cybertronian form. Then I begin to get a massive migraine, and I knew that meant that my energon levels are starting to drop. The last thing I hear is Brandon shouting for me to save him as things fade to black.

          Elita's POV

          Optimus and I searched for what felt like two megacycles to find no sign of the children. The door I open is to where I think this Silas person stores all the military weapons and other equipment.

          "I know you frown against stealing sweetspark, but we should find something we can use to defend ourselves,"

          "True, we can't be sure if we'll need to engage in battle to free the children," Optimus says.

          I find a human weapon that is similar to my cybertronian blaster along with the carrier. I put it around my waist and tighten the belt so it will sit comfortably on my hip. Optimus finds a taser along with a thermal scanner and shoves them into his jacket pocket. We exit to continue our search. A few minutes later, we go to the rendezvous point to regroup with the rest of the team.

          "Did you find any clues to where the kids are?" Cliffjumper asks.

          "Sorry, Cliff, but Bee and I didn't find anything," Bulkhead says.

          "I'm afraid that Chromia and I came up empty as well," Ironhide says.

          "We didn't find anything except for a room full of human weapons and other equipment," Optimus says.

          "It makes no sense we searched the entire building and couldn't find them," Cliffjumper snaps.

          "I understand you're frustrated, Cliff, but we don't want to give away our location," Acree says, as she Acree grabs Cliffjumer's wrist to keep him punching the wall in frustration.

          Cliffjumper yanks his hand away and spins around, then asks "Then what are we supposed to do Cee? How do we find them?"

          "What if the lab is hidden underneath the building," Chromia says.

          "That could be why we couldn't find it," Arcee says.

          Cliffjumper takes a few deep breaths to calm his nerves, then asks "IF it is hidden how do we find it?"

          "I did pick up a thermal scanner," Optimus says.

          Optimus hands it to me. This time we reach the building together as I scan the walls of each hall hoping to find the entrance to the lab. After scanning two of the four halls and coming up with nothing we head down the third hall. I tell everyone to stop when I see a hot spot appear on the screen. I slowly reach my right hand up and press the panel on the wall. I give the scanner back to Optimus. We watch as the two sides of the wall move away from each other revealing a set of stairs.

          "Should we gear up before heading down?" Bulkhead asks.

          Acree goes in first as soon as she walks in the entrance starts to close.

          "we don't have time Bulk, move it," Cliff says.

          We dived inside and made it through just as it closed behind up. We stand up and start to walk down the stairs.
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