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    Introduction to the whole fan fiction:
    Hello, everyone, this is Road_to_Cerulean, a Pokémon fan for more than 14 years. Years ago I got my hands on Pokémon hacks, and recently started my own project. However, being a hacker is too time-consuming and my projects are now permanently suspended. Hence, I switched into fiction writing to express my love for Pokémon.

    This is a novelization, or rather, a remix of the core Pokémon games. It roughly (which means NOT EXACTLY) follows the main progress of each series of games, but are added with various interesting original plots (like the Pokémon Adventures Red Chapter hack game, which I recommend to all hack players).

    Enough of off-topic issues. This is a fan fiction created by me, based on the official Pokémon World events. As long as the Pokémon franchise lives, the fan fiction will never reach its true end. The fiction is divided into several chapters (as the Pokémon Adventures manga does). Currently, I plan to post every chapter in an independant thread (but all episodes within a chapter are contained within a single thread). Don't mistake the meaning of CHAPTER here for the one in the rules post. The word EPISODE in my fiction is the equivalence of CHAPTER in the rules post!

    The fiction is titled Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen because the Pokémon events start from the Generation I games Pokémon Red and Green (Pokémon Red and Blue in western countries, and their Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen remakes). The title is created just like adding prefixes to Pokémon Red and Green to produce Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

    Features of this fiction:
    1. Almost every in-game protagonist and rival receives a counterpart in the fan fiction and affect the main plot, as opposed to the anime. They closely follow their game designs (but may receive modifications in characteristics, and may be added additional physical information, e.g. birthdays and heights).

    2. Though early chapters are based on early released games, all information related to Pokémon themselves (e.g. movepools and physical-special split) are updated to the newest generation during which the chapter is posted. However, TMs and HMs are an exception, as Alola region does not have HMs while other regions do. Cross-regional, cross-generational and even cross-canon references are also common features.

    3. Let's smash the darn fourth wall into pieces!

    Currently planned chapters:
    Chapter 1: FireRed & LeafGreen
    Chapter 2: HeartGold & SoulSilver
    Chapter 3: Black & White
    Chapter 4: Black 2 & White 2
    Chapter 5: X & Y
    Chapter 6: Sun & Moon
    Chapter 7: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    Introduction to the first chapter:
    Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (FireRed & LeafGreen Chapter), abbreviated FRLG Chapter or Chapter 1, is the 1st chapter of the Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen fan fiction. It generally follows the role of Pokémon Trainer Red, from his hometown Pallet Town, across the whole Kanto region, ultimately to the summit of Indigo Plateau, where he tries to defeat the Elite Four and claim the Champion title. However, his plot does not end there. He continues to travel through Kanto and Sevii Islands, a small archipelago dependent region with his friends.

    This chapter is divided into 2 seasons:
    Season 1 (AJS01): FireRed & LeafGreen (Episode 1 - 36, AJ001 - AJ036)
    Season 2 (AJS02): FRLG: Adventures in Kanto and Beyond (Episode 37 - 54, AJ037 - AJ054)

    Warning: May contain uncomfortable contents for some readers, including:
    1. Shipping. Shipping is a common feature in this fan fiction, and I believe that most of Pokémon fans are shippers for at least one couple. If you do not support my shippings, simply turn away. There must be lots of fanfictions on your favorable shippings.

    2. Slight violence. Pokémon battles featured in this fiction may be considered violent by some viewers, but it is a necessary component in a Pokémon fan fiction. Episodes related to antagonists are also consisted of violence (including minor language violence). Deaths are rare but not excluded, considering the ghost Marowak in Lavender Town. However, this is not a horror fiction, so do not worry about excessive negative respects.

    3. Dark elements, especially in the Sevii Islands part. Where there is light, there is darkness.

    Other notices:
    1. Prologue is at #2. Character introduction is at #3. And Episode 1 is at #4. Please don't reply until I post Episode 1. Any feedback and suggestion is highly appreciated.

    2. Before I post the final epiosde, I suggest viewers PM me (to not interrupt the story). After the final episode is posted, you can either PM me or directly leave messages in this thread.

    3. Some already posted episodes may be updated for minor error correction.

    Now let the story begin!

    You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
    Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
    My remixed music list: Here
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      Prologue (Apparently a corruption of Professor Oak's intro)
      Hello, there! Glad to meet you! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! This world... is inhabited far and wide by creatures called Pokémon. For some people, Pokémon are pets. Some others use them for battling. And a few of people study them as a profession...

      But first, tell me a little about yourself.

      1. Are you a boy, or are you a girl?

      Hmm, you are not deceiving me, I think.

      2. Let's begin with you name. What is it?

      ...Right, so your name is [player]. I got it. Your name is as impressive as your look.

      3. Do you want to become a Pokémon Trainer?

      Haha, I'm just testing your sincerity.

      [Player]! your very own Pokémon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits! Let's go!

      You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
      Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
      My remixed music list: Here
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        Warning: Spoilers alert in the character parts!
        Main Characters:
        No. 101 Red (レッド)

        Age: 11
        Gender: Male
        Birthday: February 27th (Pisces)
        Blood Type: O
        Height: 151 cm
        Weight: 48 kg
        Eye Color: Reddish Brown
        Hair Color: Dark Brown
        Origin: Pallet Town, Kanto
        Legal Residence: Pallet Town, Kanto
        Relatives: Unnamed Mother
        Occupation: Trainer
        Game Counterpart: Red
        Anime Counterpart: Ash Ketchum
        Manga Counterpart: Red
        Likes: Pokémon Battles, Swimming, Video Games, Manga
        Dislikes: Cold Weather, Ghosts, Gamblers

        No. 102 Blue (グリーン)

        Age: 11
        Gender: Male
        Birthday: February 27th (Pisces)
        Blood Type: B
        Height: 151 cm
        Weight: 46 kg
        Eye Color: Lime Green
        Hair Color: Light Brown
        Origin: Pallet Town, Kanto
        Legal Residence: Pallet Town, Kanto
        Relatives: Professor Oak (Grandfather), Daisy Oak (Elder Sister), Samson Oak (First Cousin Twice Removed)
        Occupation: Trainer
        Game Counterpart: Blue
        Anime Counterpart: Gary Oak
        Manga Counterpart: Green
        Likes: Playing Cards, Volleyball, Sunbathing
        Dislikes: Laboratories, Soap Opera, Being Called "Professor Oak's grandson"

        No. 103 Leaf (リーフ)

        Age: 11
        Gender: Female
        Birthday: January 29th (Aquarius)
        Blood Type: B
        Height: 148 cm
        Weight: 41 kg
        Eye Color: Blue
        Hair Color: Grayish Brown
        Origin: Pallet Town, Kanto
        Legal Residence: Viridian City, Kanto
        Relatives: Unnamed Father, Unnamed Mother
        Occupation: Trainer
        Game Counterpart: Leaf / Green
        Anime Counterpart: None
        Manga Counterpart: Blue
        Likes: Basketball, RC Helicopters, Foreign Languages
        Dislikes: Junk Food, Horror Movies, Purple Lipsticks

        Supporting Characters:
        No. 110 Professor Oak (オーキド博士)
        No. 112 Daisy Oak (ナナミ)
        No. 115 Bill (マサキ)
        No. 116 Sutō (ストウ)
        No. 117 Reina (レイナ)
        No. 118 Mr. Fuji (フジ老人)
        No. 119 Celio (ニシキ)
        No. 120 Ryoma (リョーマ)
        No. 121 Lostelle (マヨ)
        No. 122 Selphy (アキホ)
        No. 123 Sebastian (セバスチャン)
        No. 124 Ultima (キワメ)

        No. 140 Giovanni (サカキ)
        No. 241 Archer (アポロ)
        No. 242 Ariana (アテナ)
        No. 243 Proton (ランス)
        No. 244 Petrel (ラムダ)
        Plus all the other Team Rocket members

        Episode list: (Click on the link to save your time):
        Season 1:
        Episode 1: Pokémon, I Choose You! (ポケモン、きみにきめた!)
        Episode 2: Red Catches a Pokémon! (旅立ちの日!新たな仲間ゲット!)
        Episode 3: The Rivalry Continues! (ライバルの初対決!)
        Episode 4: Adventure in the Forest (森林探検)
        Episode 5: Detective Red (ニビシティの食い物泥棒)
        Episode 6: The Rock-Solid Geo-Dude (岩みたいに堅いバトル)
        Episode 7: Road to Mt. Moon: Leaving Pewter City (ニビシティからオツキミやまへ)
        Episode 8: Way to the Cape (ゴールデンボールブリッジと岬の怪獣マニア)
        Episode 9: A Pooled Fight (激戦!室内プールで浪を起こせ!)
        Episode 10: The Harbor City in the Dusk (夕日に浴びる港都市)
        Episode 11: Pikachu Is Shocked (ピカチュウの大ショック)
        Episode 12: A Sparkling Revenge (負けないで、ピカチュウ!)
        Episode 13: A Hike Round Vermilion (クチバ辺りの遠足)
        Episode 14: The Pokémon Fan Club (ポケモン大好きクラブ)
        Episode 15: The Town of Noble Purple (お化けタワーと失踪した老人)
        Episode 16: Journey to the West (ヤマブキへの道)
        Episode 17: An Embarrassing Reunion (すっかり忘れてた?6年ぶりの再会!)
        Episode 18: Secret Mission: Game Corner (隠れる地下アジト)
        Episode 19: Gone with the Fragrance (香りが漂う優雅な挑戦)
        Episode 20: R. I. P. Marowak (泣ける親子のお別れ)
        Episode 21: From Silent Bridge to the Seaside (カビゴンゲット!からくり満載の忍者屋敷!)
        Episode 22: Certificate of Immunization (忍者の修行)
        Episode 23: A Hunter's Adventure (サファリゾーンのラッキー)
        Episode 24: Secret Mission: Silph Co. (ヤマブキに潜入!侵されたシルフカンパニー!)
        Episode 25: The Base of Psychics (エスパーパワーで未来予知!)
        Episode 26: Brain Teased! (カギは謎々?頭が壊れそう!)
        Episode 27: The Fire Is Out (噴火のような激情)
        Episode 28: Days on My Past (ポケモンセンターでの出会い!往事の思い出!)
        Episode 29: Monster Birth Diary (廃棄された研究所 残された日記)
        Episode 30: The Downfall of Empire (ジムリーダーが帰った?最後のバッジを目指せ!)
        Episode 31: The Last Road (チャンピオンロード突破!セキエイ高原で集え!)
        Episode 32: Icebound Battleground (寒さに震えよう!熱さで氷を溶けろ!)
        Episode 33: He Who Does Not Fight Is Not a True Man (体術の試合!漢同士の勝負!)
        Episode 34: There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Words (青は藍より出でて藍より青し!)
        Episode 35: Drag O' Dragons (ドラ軍襲来!ポケモンマスターへの道!)
        Episode 36: Battle at the Summit (頂点での戦い!サミットへ登れ!)

        Season 2:


        You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
        Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
        My remixed music list: Here
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          Season 1: FireRed & LeafGreen
          Episode 1: Pokémon, I Choose You! (ポケモン、きみにきめた!)
          [10:48 PM, Feb 26, Pallet Town]
          In a crowded stadium, a fiery Pokémon battle is on the way.

          "Nidorino, use Peck!" commands its Trainer who wears a red shirt and black pants.

          "Gengar, dodge the attack!" commands the opposing Trainer in a spooky violet jacket.

          Nidorino extends its horn and stabs Gengar, but Gengar just avoids it by jumping sideways. Nidorino tries to hit its foe several times, but to no avail.

          "Gengar, Shadow Ball!"

          Gengar forms a dark, shadowy sphere in front of its paws and fires it at Nidorino. The Shadow Ball deprives Nidorino of all its remaining HP, claiming Gengar the winner.

          "OH YEAH! Fantastic! What a wonderful Pokémon battle!" cried out loud someone viewing the fight. The battle is actually a recorded video playing on a laptop screen, in front of which a nearly 11-year-old boy is watching it.

          "Hey, Red! It's almost 11 o'clock! Won't you go to bed early?" A woman's voice comes up from downstairs. It is the boy's mother. "You have made an appointment with Professor Oak tomorrow morning. No getting up late!"

          "Yes, mom!" responds Red, who continues sticking his eyes on the video. The battle at the stadium is just too charming for the young boy to make him feel drowsy. Not until the clock points at a quarter to 12 does he let out a yawn and fall asleep in his comfortable bed.

          [7:00 AM, Feb 27, Pallet Town]
          It is a new day. The sun rises from the ground with its perpetually unchanging look. How about our hero who is still drowned in his dreams in his cozy quilt?

          "Red! It's seven o'clock!" calls his mother from downstairs.

          "ZZZZZ…Charmander, I choose you! Use Flamethrower…" sleep talks Red, apparently dreaming of a Pokémon battle.

          "Enough of lying-in, Red! Didn't you forget your appointment? It's impolite to be late when you've promised someone!" rises mom's voice in an angry tone, dragging him back to reality. Red opens his eyes and glances at the unset Voltorb alarm clock, whose hands points to where his mother said.

          "Waaargh! 30 minutes left! I'd better hurry!"

          Jumping out of his bed, Red swiftly folds his quilt, changes into his red jacket, blue jeans and red cap, finishes his wash-up, and bumps downstairs for the delicious, handmade breakfast. Never has Red stuffed food so rashly into his mouth like a Mankey!

          Devouring all the food on the table, Red attempts to leave home with his backpack, but is stopped by his mom, who asks, "Check your bag for the Four Essentials!"

          "Trainer Card, smartphone, key, wallet, nothing forgotten! Don't worry, mom, 'cause everything was well prepared last night!" replies Red without hesitation, who opens the door and runs off.

          Why is Red so excited today? Well, he passed the regional Trainer's Qualification Test (TQT) and obtained his Trainer's card days earlier. And today is his 11th birthday, and as a birthday present, he is going to receive a gift Pokémon from Professor Samuel Oak, the most famous Pokémon professor in the Kanto region! Since his childhood, it has been a dream of Red to become a Pokémon Trainer. He simply cannot hold back dashing all the way to the professor's laboratory!

          [7:27 AM, Feb 27, Professor Oak's Laboratory]
          Luckily, the everyday exercises prove to be useful as Red arrives at the lab just on time. He attempts to open the door when he is tapped by someone on the shoulder.

          "Bonjour, Red! You don't look bad today!" A male voice echoes from behind.

          "Blue! You are also here!"

          Red is not surprised to find his childhood friend standing with him. Blue, whose full name is Blue Oak, is Professor Oak's grandson, and Red's neighbor. Getting to know each other at the age of six, they both often invited each other to their homes for entertainment such as gaming and card playing. However, since the day they simultaneously became legal Pokémon Trainers, a rivalry has been fermenting between them.

          "Congratulations, Red, for the largess from Gramps!" satirizes Blue.

          "The same to you, Blue!" mocks Red.

          When the boys enters the lab hall, they meets Professor Oak in his white lab coat who pushes a cart outside of an inner room. On the cart, there is a metal box which holds three Poké Balls, labeled "Bulbasaur (Grass)", "Charmander (Fire)" and "Squirtle (Water)".

          "Good morning, Blue and Red! How's everything going?" greets the old professor.

          "Haha, very nice, Gramps! Are those the starter Pokémon for us?" asks Blue.

          "Yeah. They are for you not only as both of your 11th birthday gifts, but the first acknowledgement of you two as official Pokémon Trainers. You either can have one of them. Go on, choose!"

          "Red, you first!" pushes Blue on Red's back.

          "But why me?"

          "Heheh, shouldn't I compete with someone who takes Pokémon as treasure!"

          "That's very kind of you, Blue." thanks Red sarcastically, who picks up Charmander's Poké Ball without a second thought, and raises it up high, as if pledging to the world, "Red is the color of fire! I've already decided that you'll be my first partner, Charmander!"

          "So you chose Charmander. I can feel your heart also burning like fire!" praises Professor Oak, who then asks Blue, "And what about you? Do you want Bulbasaur or Squirtle?"

          "Haha, I'm not choosing Pokémon outta that silly reason! I want this!"

          Blue's hand touches a Poké Ball and grabs it--and it is Squirtle, whose type is super effective against Charmander's Fire-type.

          "It's interesting to take advantage of an opponent after he makes a move, isn't it?" taunts Blue.

          "Not until we have a Pokémon Battle!" angers Red.

          "Battle? Do you really want to make them fight for you before they get familiar with you?" shrugs Blue, still in his cocky manner.

          "Blue is right, Red. You should try to get along with your Pokémon as Trainers. Before battling other Trainers, I suggest you have practice battles with wild Pokémon." agrees Professor Oak.

          "Impulsion perfectly fits you, Red! I recommend Route 1 as your arena of exercise. The natural resources there are too valuable for you to miss!" jeers Blue.

          "Humph! You chatty gossip, Blue!" grunts Red.

          "OK. Since both of you've received Pokémon, now I'll give you this!" says Professor Oak, who opens a drawer and takes out two flip devices. They look identical except for their colors, one red and one green. Red takes the red one while Blue takes the green one.

          "What I gave you are called Pokédexes! It's a thing that automatically records data of Pokémon you've seen or caught! It's a high-tech encyclopedia!" explains Professor Oak.

          "Wow! Technology is incredible!" cries Red.

          "…And this! Poké Balls!" Professor Oak then gives the boys 5 half-red half-white spherical devices each, and explains, "These are tools for catching wild Pokémon! Their usage is really simple. Just throw them at the wild Pokémon you intend to catch. However, a healthy Pokémon has the chance to escape, so you'd better lower their HP or inflict status conditions on them before you attempt to throw a ball."

          "Gramps, I've heard there are many other Poké Balls that enhance the rate of catching. Are their usage much different from these basic balls?" asks Blue.

          "Not much. They only varies in catching rates between Pokémon species. For example, a Dive Ball specializes in catching aquatic Pokémon, and a Repeat Ball helps when you want to capture more individuals of one species. Of course, you have to obtain those balls yourselves."

          "Hmm, intriguing!" comments Red.

          "One more thing, PLEASE heal your Pokémon ASAP after a battle or capture!" warns Professor Oak seriously, "You may either use Potions or Pokémon Centers at every city or town. Their services are free of charge but takes a little time. A Pokémon left injured can leads to physically deformity and death, and mentally, disobedience! Last but not least, Pokémon abuse is strictly prohibited as a qualified Trainer! Is that clear?"

          "Yes, Professor (Red) / Gramps (Blue)!"

          "And it's time for the first step. I'll go now. Smell ya later, Red!" Blue leaves the lab after putting the received stuff in his fanny pack tied around his waist.

          "Goodbye, Professor Oak!" Red leaves the lab after bidding farewell.

          When Red is about to enter Route 1, his mother catches up from behind.


          "Mom! What's up?"

          "This is for you, my sweetie."

          The woman searches her pocket and takes out an omamori (lucky charm) shaped in a Poké Ball, and puts it in Red's hands, "This is an amulet I cherish for years. Wish you a pleasant and lucky Pokémon adventure, Red!"

          "Thanks, mom. Goodbye!"

          "Your mom is always there for you. Goodbye!"
          --End of Epsiode 1--
          Save File:
          Player: Red
          Time: Day 1
          Pokédex: Seen 2, Owned 1
          Badges: 0

          You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
          Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
          My remixed music list: Here
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            Episode 2: Red Catches a Pokémon! (旅立ちの日!新たな仲間ゲット!)
            [8:23 AM, Feb 27, Route 1]
            Connecting Pallet Town and Viridian City, Route 1 looks like a straight forest route on the map. Nonetheless, geographically it is higher in the north and lower in the south, divided into several portions by ledges. Though it is quite easy to jump off them from the north to the south, climbing up them from the opposite direction requires hard work. Otherwise, passers have to detour around them, which even lengthens the distance they need to cover. Moreover, a number of patches of tall grass traverse the route, blocking the way for everyone who does not want to encounter Pokémon. Hence, it itself is quite a challenge for Trainers starting in Pallet Town.

            When Red is searching Pokémon with Charmander, he notices a shaking patch of tall grass! There must be a wild Pokémon inside!

            "Chamander, Scratch!" commands Red.

            Charmander extends his sharp claw and scratches the patch. The wild Pokémon inside is startled, revealed to be a Pidgey. The wild Pidgey gets so annoyed and Tackles Charmander.

            "Charmander, Scratch!"

            The second scratch leaves a trail on Pidgey. Red's Pokédex informs him that Pidgey's HP has fallen below the red line.

            "I've lowered the HP of Pidgey. Now time to catch it!"

            Red grabs a Poké Ball from his bag and throws it at the injured tiny bird. The ball opens its "mouth" upon impact with Pidgey and sucks it in as if a beam of plasma.

            "Did I succeed?" wonders Red, staring at the shaking ball nervously.

            Unfortunately, the Pidgey breaks free from the Poké Ball in a poof and disappoints the boy. To make matters worse, the Pidgey tweets loudly into the woods, summoning a large flock of Pidgey, who furiously attack Red and Charmander in revenge of him hurting their same kind!

            "Run, Chamander!" Red recalls his starter Pokémon and starts running desperately along the route. However, the Pidgey flock will not let go of them and keeps chasing. It is not until Red dives into a bunch of bushes that the Pidgey lose their target and scatter.

            "Phew, that was close! Catching Pokémon is hard! I never thought they would counterattack in groups!" ponders Red regretfully, "Charmander's level is not high enough to hold them back. I have to train 'im more."

            [2:11 PM, Feb 27, Route 1]
            Several hours later, after gaining tons of Exp. Points for Charmander, Red decides to take a short nap under a tall tree. He closes his eyes and begins to enjoy the cool in the shade…

            *Rustle*! *Rustle*! A patch of grass starts rustling again! A wild Rattata appears!

            Too bad, our hero is too lazy to take care of the Pokémon…

            Or not. The Rattata is apparently hungry. He looks delighted to find bags of snacks in Red's backpack, saliva dropping from his mouth to the ground.

            "A-ha! Time to get to work, Chamander!" Red sends out Charmander to face the wild Rattata. The Rattata looks initially a bit confused, but he soon realizes that he need to beat the fire lizard in order to get access to Red's food.

            "Charmander, use your newly learned Ember!"

            Charmander turns around and swings his tail, and flame sparks fly out from his tail onto the purple rat. Rattata attempt to dodge them but the attack lands on him anyway.

            "Good! Now Scratch!"

            Charmander scratches Rattata's skin with his sharp claw, leaving a bright trail of energy. Rattata falls, defeated.

            "Go, Poké Ball! I hope I'd succeed this time!"

            A second try to capture begins. The red-and-white sphere "absorbs" Rattata and shakes. Red stares at the ball anxiously, his heart beating wildly like a Primeape thrashing about.

            "Poof!" Three stars pop out from the ball and the ball stops shaking.

            "Hooray! I caught Rattata!" Red and Charmander hop up in joy. Success never tastes so sweet after a bulk volumes of bitter exercises.

            As soon as Red catches Rattata, a fanfare rings from his Pokédex, and the screen displays the basic information of the Mouse Pokémon newly registered:
            No. 019 Rattata
            Type: Normal
            Category: Mouse Pokémon
            Height (Average): 1'00" (0.30 m)
            Weight (Average): 7.7 lbs. (3.50 kg)
            Gender Ratio: 50% male, 50% female
            Description: Its fangs are long and very sharp. They grow continuously, so it gnaws on hard things to whittle them down.
            Area: Routes (1, 2, 4, 9, 16, 17, 18, 22), Pokémon Mansion

            Red turns the Pokédex page, and discovers that the individual information of this Rattata was also registered on the second page:
            ID: 23423
            Gender: Male
            Current Level: 3
            Nickname: None
            Original Trainer (OT): Red
            Ability: Guts (It's so gutsy that having a status condition boosts the Pokémon's Attack stat.)
            Trainer Memo: Docile nature. Met at Route 1 at Lv3.
            Known Moves: Tackle (Normal), Quick Attack (Normal), Bite (Dark)

            "Hmm…The record is very detailed. The power of science is truly amazing!" thinks red, "Now it's time to let my two partners get to know with each other…Oops! I forget that Rattata is still injured! Better take it to a nearby Pokémon Center!"

            Red views the Town Map in his smartphone and finds out that the nearest Pokémon Center is located in Viridian City, 1,996 meters from his current position.

            "Less than 2 kilometers! Go on, Red! Don't give up! The goal is near!"

            Red pumps himself with energy and dashes along the route. Finally, he arrives in Viridian City on the north, his clothes covered in mud and dust.

            [2:58 PM, Feb 27, Viridian City]
            Following the road signs, Red successfully makes his way to the Pokémon Center, a landmark building with white wall and red roof. To enhance convenience for Trainers, the Pokémon League has established standards that all Pokémon Centers must be built in this style.

            Entering the hall of the Pokémon Center, Red finds that there are a number of Trainers resting in the waiting area, some with their Pokémon, some without, apparently waiting for them to be healed. At the reception counter, a nurse in pink hair is admitting hurt Pokémon from Trainers. Red takes out his two Pokémon Balls and reaches the nurse.

            "Good afternoon, Trainer! Welcome to our Pokémon Center! Would you like us to heal your Pokémon back to perfect health?" asks the nurse.

            "Yes. My Rattata is injured and my Charmander is tired."

            "Then give me your Poké Balls, please. And please show me your Trainer's Card."

            Red hands over the Poké Balls to the nurse and flashes his Trainer's Card. The nurse puts the balls onto a cart and pushes the cart into the back room labeled "Treatment Room".

            "Wait a minute, nurse! Could I know how long my Pokémon have to be healed?"

            "It depends on the degree of injury and tiredness of them. For a tired Pokemon, just rest for a few moments and they'll be OK. For a badly injured one, I'm afraid that it's a bit time consuming. Don't worry. Just leave 'em to us professionals." replies the nurse before she closes the door.

            While the nurse is busy working with her colleagues behind the scene, flashbacks of the capture of Rattata flows in Red's mind. Though he never intended to deliberately harm the cute creature and he just did what all he had to, he nevertheless feels sorry for the little mouse for taking it advantage of hunger. Viewing Pokémon as his lifelong companion, he vows to raise Rattata properly anyway, out of apology and responsibility.

            Time passes as Red waits. The hands of the clock points to 3:16. Without noticing any signs of success or failure, Red starts to wander around in the hall in anxiety.
            --End of Epsiode 2--
            Save File:
            Player: Red
            Time: Day 1
            Pokédex: Seen 4, Owned 2
            Badges: 0

            You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
            Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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              Episode 3: The Rivalry Continues! (ライバルの初対決!)
              [3:18 PM, Feb 27, Viridian City Pokémon Center]
              "Ding, ding, ding-dongding!" A pleasant fanfare rings above the center hall.

              "Trainer Red! Please come to the reception counter!" The voice of a nurse is broadcasted through large speakers attached to the wall. Red rushed there upon hearing the notice.

              "Thank you for waiting, Trainer! We've restored your Pokémon to full health!" The nurse smiles to Red as she returns the Poké Balls to the young Trainer.

              "Many thanks, nurse."

              "We hope to see you again any time you need our help." smiles the nurse.

              Eager to check out the conditions of his partners, Red activates the Poké Balls immediately, and sees Charmander and Rattata jumping around healthy and lively.

              "Thank goodness you are so energetic!" Red hugs Charmander and Rattata happily.

              Just then, Red's smartphone rings and vibrates. It is a call from his mother.

              "Red, its' mom! How are you doin'?"

              "I'm fine, thanks, mom. I've got to Viridian City, and I also caught a Rattata!"

              "Wow, you are excellent! Do you feel well?"

              "Very well. Kakuna Rattata, mom!"

              "Kanuna Rattata? What does it mean?"

              "It an Internet slang. It means 'no worries'!"

              "Haha, maybe I'm a little out of date! Your safety is the best news for your mom! Bye!"

              "See ya, mom!"

              Red puts away his smartphone before he feels his jeans pulled by someone.

              "Rattata? Oh, you must be hungry! You want my snack?"

              Rattata nods.

              "Haha, here you are!"

              Red takes out a bag of snacks from his bag and feeds it to Rattata. Rattata immediately begins eating greedily. Red and Charmander smile as they watch Rattata filling his empty stomach.

              After a few minutes, Rattata is full and satisfied. Red stores him and Charmander in the Poké Balls, puts away his remaining snacks and leaves the Pokémon Center.

              Suddenly, Red catches sight of a familiar figure running westwards, disappearing shortly into the distance. It is Blue! What on earth is he doing?

              Red views the map and finds that only one route--Route 22 is connecting Viridian City on the west. He follows the direction of his rival straight away.

              [3:42 PM, February 27, Route 22]
              Much like Route 1, Route 22 seems to be a straight way but actually the opposite. To traverse the route from the east, all Trainers must cross a patch of tall grass near a bunch of trees, then process westwards, then southwards across another grass patch west of a pond, then straight westwards. They have to beware of the long ledge in the south portion, as there is no returning to the main route as soon as they fall off it, forcing them to return to the Viridian City side and start all over again.

              Just as Red finishes crossing the first grass patch, he notices the figure, Blue, walking towards him. His facial look indicates that he returned empty-handed.

              "Blue! What's up here?"

              "Do you know the Pokémon League?"

              "Yep. It's the ultimate goals of all Pokémon Trainers. What do you mean by Pokémon League?"

              "Heh, you really know a lot 'bout it!" jeers Blue, "And how about the entry requirements?"

              "At least 8 Gym Badges within the local region…Hey, are you looking down upon me?"

              "Confident, eh?" challenges Blue, "Then show me your strength with a battle!"

              "Bring it on, Blue!" accepts Red.

              "Go, Pidgey!" Blue tosses a Poké Ball and reveals his Pokémon.

              "Rattata, I choose you! Use Tackle!"

              Rattata responds by filling his legs with energy and charging at full force at Pidgey.

              "Tch, too rash! Pidgey, Sand Attack!"

              Pidgey flips his wings and kicks sand at Rattata. Rattata stops and closes his eyes by instinct.

              "Then Gust!" Blue launches his second command before Red and Rattata can react.

              Pidgey flips his wings more rapidly, creating a gust that spins towards Rattata. The gust works as a miniature twister and smashes Rattata into a nearby rock, making it scream in pain.

              "Rattata!" Red cries out worriedly as he watches Rattata injured.

              "Heheh! Am I strong or what?" asks Blue proudly.

              "Not over yet! Rattata, switch out! Charmander, I choose you!"

              "Oh? So quick of the trump card? Are you running outta patience?" Blue digs at Red as Charmander pops out from his Pokémon Ball.

              "Stop talking bunk! Charmander, Ember!"

              Charmander spins as fire sparks fly out of his tail at Pidgey.

              "Pidgey, Sand Attack!"

              Pidgey kicks sand at Charmander. Unluckily, he fails, for Charmander's ember sparks fly at all directions towards the foe's side and cannot be blocked by the eye-blinding attacks. Pidgey's Sand Attack is interrupted when his feathers are scorched by the high-temperature sparks.

              "Now it's our turn to avenge! Charmander, Scratch!"

              Charmander growls as he gives Pidgey a final blow. Pidgey faints with his eyes swirling.

              "Not bad, Red!" Blue switches his Pokémon, "One more left! Brace yourself!"

              Unsurprisingly, Blue's starter, Squirtle, becomes the second and toughest opponent for Charmander. He pops his round head, short limbs and wavy tail from his sturdy shell as he comes out from his Poké Ball. Charmander looks nervous as he is weak against water.

              "Ember is not effective on Squirtle. Charmander, Scratch!"

              Charmander extends his claw and scratches Squirtle. However, this move also proves not very effective on Squirtle's shell. The Shell is hard enough even to wear the tip of Charmander's claw off.

              "Hahaha. You are still centuries to break through Squirtle's defense!" ridicules Blue.

              "Charmander! Aim at Squirtle's head rather than the shell! Again, Scratch!"

              "Too late!" says Blue, "Squirtle, Withdraw!"

              Squirtle pulls his head and limbs into his shell before Charmander's move hits. Charmander almost loses his balance and fall over.

              "No fair letting you attack first! Squirtle, Water Gun!" commands Blue.

              Squirtle instantly pops his head and limbs out, and spits a powerful beam of water from his mouth at Charmander. The super effective attack renders Charmander entirely wet and unable to fight any longer.

              "Char…Charmander! I…I lost…" Red admits defeat and kneels down, tired and unwilling.

              "Red, I have to admit that you really grows s little, but not much different than a green hand!" says Blue, "There's still plenty of time before the next Indigo League opens, so don't spare any efforts on your training, haha! I'm now on my way to my first Gym Badge at Pewter City. Here's an extra Potion for your fighters. Smell ya later!"

              Blue pats on Red's shoulder, casts a bottle of Potion to him, and walks off, leaving a frustrated Red, his defeated Charmander and severely injured Rattata there.

              "I hate to admit it but Blue's correct. I have to work harder and harder." thinks Red.

              As Red returns to Viridian City, it is getting dark outside. He spends his first night at the Pokémon Center after he has the nurse heal his Pokémon.
              --End of Epsiode 3--
              Save File:
              Player: Red
              Time: Day 1
              Pokédex: Seen 6, Owned 2
              Badges: 0

              You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
              Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                Episode 4: Adventure in the Forest (森林探検)
                [9:54 AM, Feb 28, Viridian Forest]
                The following day, a fully refreshed Red goes on his Pokémon journey across Kanto.

                Leaving Viridian City on the north, it is not farther than 1 kilometer that our hero catches sight of a gate and a sign in front reading "Viridian Forest: South Entrance".

                Viridian Forest is a large maze standing between Viridian City and Pewter City, separating Route 2 into two portions. For travelers between the two cities, the forest is a daily challenge. The forest is deep and sprawling, allowing very little sunlight to get in even in the middle of the day. It is not unexpected that a first-time traveler gets lost inside and wastes days before he comes out.

                "I'd better watch out. Getting lost is worse than losing a battle!" thinks Red, crossing the gate.

                Upon entering the natural labyrinth, the surroundings become dark in a moment. The noises of people and vehicles are no longer heard, and the ground turns more grassy and soft. The grass here is much taller than outside routes, and hidden wild Pokémon are more difficult to be sensed. In fact, it does not take very long before Red irritates a sleeping Weedle by abruptly stepping on it, making it attack him with its deadly Poison Sting, forcing him to run dejected.

                Walking in tall grass takes much longer time than on flat cement roads, and avoiding wild Pokémon even adds to the problem (as Red does not own any Repels). Hours later, Red finds himself lost as the rumor of the forest describes. Why am I so unlucky, groans Red, bathing in cold sweat.

                "Hey there, are you a Trainer?" Red heard a voice apparently calling at him. He turns around and it is a Bug Catcher wearing a straw hat and carrying a bug-catching net.

                "Oh, someone's there! Yes, I'm a Trainer. Unfortunately I got lost here in Viridian Forest. Could you tell me the way to Pewter City, please?"

                "Sure. But I won't help you before you battle me!"

                "Huh? You mean we battle in such a shady area?"

                "If you have Pokémon with you, then you are an official Pokémon Trainer. You can't say no to other Trainers' challenges!" cries the Bug Catcher, who sends out a Weedle.

                "Heh. Then no need to hold back! Charmander, I choose you!"

                "Weedle, Poison Sting!" commands the Bug Catcher.

                The foe's Weedle's horn glows purple and it fires multiple venomous needles at Charmander.

                "Charmander, be careful! Dodge it!"

                Nevertheless, the light is too dark for Charmander to dodge all the needles. Several needles stabs Charmander hard, injecting poison into his body. The continuous corrosion of poison makes Chamrander suffer in pain.

                "Come on, Charmander! Ember!"

                Charmander spins around and fires flame sparks at Weedle, defeating it in one shot.

                "Awww, you are strong!" comments the Bug Catcher recalling Weedle, "As promised, I'll tell you the way to Pewter City."

                "But my Charmander…He's poisoned!"

                "Poisoning is easily cured by eating a Pecha Berry! Here it is!" says the Bug Catcher. He picks out a peach-like berry from his pocket and feeds it to Charmander, healing his poison.

                "Berries are so marvelous! You definitely know very much about them, don't you?"

                "Yeah. Different berries work differently on Pokémon. Oran Berries, Sitrus Berries and Iapapa Berries can directly restore health points. Lum Berries temporarily prevents Pokémon from falling into status problems. And some berries like Occa Berries and Yache Berries can weaken the opponents' super effective attacks! Berries fall everywhere in Viridian Forest, and you never fails to find some if you are careful enough."

                "Do you resort to Viridian Forest? Wouldn't you get lost in it?"

                "We Bug Catchers have been playing around here since we were young, so there is no reason we'll be trapped here." says the Bug Catcher, "You are lucky that I found you. I'll tell you a secret that only we Bug Catchers know!"

                As Red gets his ear close to the Bug Catcher's mouth, the Bug Catchers lowers his voice. "Do you notice those round-topped trees with lightly colored leaves? Unbeknownst to many others, those trees are natural road signs that leads to either exit of Viridian Forest. If you don't walk too far away from them, you'll surely find your way out. But please keep it a secret for us!"

                "Sure, no problem." Red promises.

                "And last thing. Do you know the difference between Weedle and Caterpie?"

                "Yep. Weedle is poisonous while Caterpie isn't."

                "That's right. As you've seen, my Weedle poisoned your Charmander in our battle. To prevent poisoning, I suggest you keep some storage of poison-curing berries like us."

                "Thank you. That's very kind of you."

                After departing, Red follows the trees as described by the helping Bug Catcher. As he progresses, he can feel the light growing brighter and brighter from the north. Yes, he is indeed approaching the northern exit! It is not a mirage!

                As the exit is getting near, Red notices a strangely empty area in the northeastern side of the forest. There is no tall grass but a single large rock covered in moss. As Red gets close to the rock, he somehow senses the rock is emitting some kind of radiation. However, the forest seems to be totally unaffected by the presence of the Moss Rock.

                Leaving the Moss Rock, Red continues to walk towards the exit. As the exit is finally visible, he suddenly feels the grass rustling again. Initially, he has no interest in the Pokémon inside at all, as no Pokémon seem to inhabit this forest except Weedle, Caterpie and their pupa evolutions…

                But there are. The final Pokémon appearing is by no means related to those bugs. It has a yellow body with brown stripes on its back, a pair of large pointed ears with black tips, a round face with black eyes and two red round cheeks, and an erected lightning-shaped tail.

                "My goodness! It's a Pikachu! Pikachu is quite rare in Kanto! I can't afford to let 'im away!"

                Sending out Charmander, Red is determined to capture the electric mouse Pokémon.

                However, unlike other wild Pokémon, Pikachu does not even spare a glance at Charmander and his Trainer. He continues to walk away as he chews an Oran Berry in his mouth.

                "Hold it, Pikachu!" Red jumps in front of the Pokémon and extends his arms, not realizing that he is a human knowing no Pokémon moves.

                Pikachu gets very cross when he sees someone dares to stand in his way. Electricity sparks begin to shine around his cheeks and he displays a ferocious look on his face as if saying, "Scram or I'll show you no mercy!"

                "Huh? No way! Charmander, use Ember!"

                Hearing the command, Charmander spins around and release fire sparks to Pikachu. However, Pikachu dodges all the sparks without difficulty by hopping back and forth like an acrobat.

                "Grrr…Charmander, Scratch!"

                Charmander jumps up to Pikachu and scratches his fur with tipped claws, but this time Pikachu sneers cunningly and does not attempt to avoid! Question marks pop out of Red's head.

                Aww, too bad. The moment Charmander's claw touches Pikachu's back, yellow electricity comes out of Pikachu's fur and flows into his hand. Charmander's whole body is then totally covered in electricity and his movement slows down drastically.

                Oh, no! Charmander inadvertently activated Pikachu's Static Ability and paralyzed himself!

                What is Static? Literally, it is short for static electricity. It has approximately one third chance to paralyze the attacker when the defender is hit with a move that makes contact. Paralysis is a dangerous problem in Pokémon battles because it negatively affects their speed and agility. Now that Charmander is paralyzed, he entirely lost the opportunity to get the upper hand against Pikachu.

                And what about Pikachu himself? Well, he takes great pleasure in Charmander's misfortune, and he rolls about on the grass, laughing at him and his Trainer with sinister cackles.

                "Come back, Charmander! Go, Rattata!"

                When Red is about to switch Pokémon, Pikachu actively releases a beam of electricity from his body directly onto Red, zapping the poor Trainer from head to feet. After the electricity fades, Red himself is dyed black as charcoal, and he burps a puff of smoke from his mouth. Charmander watches his owner in shock, while Pikachu makes face at them before disappearing into the grass.

                It is quite a while before Red recovers from electrocution and shakes off the dust on his clothes. As he recalls Charmander, he realizes that his battling skills are yet to level up. He resolves to train even harder than usual, but he never gives up the idea to capture that naughty Pikachu.
                --End of Epsiode 4--
                Save File:
                Player: Red
                Time: Day 2
                Pokédex: Seen 11, Owned 2
                Badges: 0

                You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                  Episode 5: Detective Red (ニビシティの食い物泥棒)
                  [1:15 PM, Feb 29, Pewter City Pokémon Center]
                  After a humiliating defeat from a wild Pikachu, Red hurried to the Pokémon Center in Pewter City and entrusted the local nurses with his Pokémon. He made full use of the rest of the day training his team and spent the last night in the Pokémon Center.

                  As Red wakes up this morning in the hall, he overhears a conversation between a middle-aged man and a middle-aged woman near him.

                  "It's full of whammies these days! My Sitrus Berries keep disappearing for no reasons!" complains the woman.

                  "You're not the only one. My Pokémon food for Nidoran♂ has also been eaten up mysteriously, and he's at odds with me now. I've heard that some of our neighbors have also encountered the issue." agrees the man.

                  "Maybe the thief is a wild Pokémon?"

                  "Probably. But who did it? Why didn't a mere Pokémon leave no trace after the thefts? Have they grown cleverer even than human beings?" says the man.

                  "No trace? Even odor?" says the amazed woman.

                  "Yeah. You know the high sensitivity of the nose of a Growlithe, but even they failed to make out anything. But I insist the thief isn't a human, or they must have stolen money as well!"

                  Wanting to help out, Red approaches them and greets them.

                  "Excuse me, sir, ma'am. I'm Pokémon Trainer Red. What's the matter with you two?"

                  "Hello, Red. My name's Yasmin, and he's my neighbor Karter. In short, we're victims of a thief who steals nothing but food." says the woman.

                  "And the crafty thief always wipes out all pieces of evidence after each theft!" adds the man.

                  "Would you mind telling me where you both live?"

                  "Southwest of Pewter City, about 1 mile from here." says Yasmin.

                  "And when did you first experience theft?"

                  "February 16." answers Karter.

                  "For me, it was 14th. But for all the victims we know, it was 7th." answers Yasmin.

                  "Was the food stolen overnight?"

                  "Yeah." Nod the victims.

                  "And what's the estimated time of the theft?"

                  "I think it was after 11 PM, because we all go to bed before that and the food didn't disappear before we closed our eyes."

                  "Where did you store the food?"

                  "I put Sitrus Berries in a large bag in the corner of the living room." says Yasmin.

                  "I prepared Nidoran♂'s food on a plate in front of his kennel so that he could help himself when he got up." says Karter.

                  "Any damage other than stolen food?"

                  "Nothing much, I think…" recalls Yasmin, "Except that the doors were always unlocked as long as the house were burgled, even if they had been firmly locked the last night. I mean UNLOCKED, not DAMAGED! It's weird, isn't it?"

                  "Had two or more victims been burgled on a single night?"

                  "No. If I'm correct, at most only theft was reported each night."

                  "Hmm…" Red ponders in his brain, "And do any of you or your neighbors pet a gluttonous Pokémon? They might steal food from other houses if they starve."

                  "No." answers Yasmin, "Nobody other than us own Pokémon except Marina, who has an Oddish, but Oddish can feed itself with photosynthesis and needs little food. What's more, every of them is docile and never disobeys what its owner says."

                  "……" As the victims describe their situations, Red becomes so confused as if his brain cells were dying down like a massacre.

                  "Wait!" Red suddenly comes up with an idea, "I got it!"

                  "What's the matter, Red?" asks Yasmin.

                  "You two said that you live in the southwest part, didn't you?"


                  "Your residences are close to Viridian Forest. It's possible that a wild Pokémon there was attracted to your food. Many wild Pokémon are nocturnal, so it's no wonder that one of them stole your food in the midnight!"

                  "Sounds reasonable. But we're worried that it's still at large…" says Karter.

                  "I'll catch it for you! " Red pats on his chest, "I think I've already known the identity of that thief!"

                  "What? Really?" The victims cannot believe their ears.

                  "Yep! I'll definitely put it into custody…as long as you two could assist me!"

                  "How can we assist you?" asks Yasmin.

                  "Just lend me a little bit stolen food as a bait! I also have some berries but I dunno if the culprit likes 'em, sorry."

                  "No problem!" agree the victims.

                  [1:42 AM, Mar 1, Pewter City Outskirts]
                  Lurking in the bushes in the outskirts of Pewter City for more than two and a half hours, Red and his partner Pokémon struggle to stay up merely for the moment the culprit to come out of its den. Red specifically keeps Rattata outside his Poké Ball as he has no problem acting at night as a mouse, while Charmander stays in the ball to prevent his tail flame from giving them away.

                  As time passes, dizziness starts to strike Red's head continually. Red slaps in his face to keep himself sober. He must not fall asleep, or the culprit will escape again!

                  Red's efforts eventually pay off, as he hears running sound from the direction of the forest. The sound drives all the dizziness out of the boy and fully pumps him up!

                  After a while, a dark figure gets close to the team. It appears to sense that someone other than itself is present but it soon convinces itself that it is alone, and it crawls quietly to a pile of food. Of course, this pile is borrowed by Red from the victims and serves as a lure. Before starting helping itself, the figure turns around to ensure that nobody is watching it. Red is afraid that his and his Rattata's odor may betray them, but it is proved to be a false alarm as the figure grabs a berry and cracks it between its teeth.

                  As the figure lowers its defense, Red observes it with his binoculars. The figure looks like a larger Rattata, but its tail is oddly shaped and it does not seem to have a large fang. It is clear that the figure is wearing a Rattata disguise!

                  "Shhh. Rattata, you sneak up to it and give it a Bite attack!"

                  Rattata nods in acceptance and quietly sneaks up behind the figure. Then, he takes his foe by surprise, opening his mouth and biting down on the figure's tail hard! The figure hops up in pain.

                  "Chance! Go, Charmander! Reveal the culprit with Scratch!" Red throws out the Poké Ball as quickly as he can.

                  Before the figure can get rid of Rattata, Charmander tears its disguise apart with his claws.

                  "Now, attack the enemy with all your power!" shouts Red.

                  Charmander and Rattata frenziedly scratch, kick and bite the figure, cutting down its HP.

                  As the figure is weakened, Red takes out a Poké Ball and is about to throw at it. But then he changes his mind, and he recalls Charmander and Rattata, before he gently embraces the figure in his arms.
                  --End of Epsiode 5--
                  Save File:
                  Player: Red
                  Time: Day 4
                  Pokédex: Seen 14, Owned 2
                  Badges: 0

                  You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                  Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                    Episode 6: The Rock-Solid Geo-Dude (岩みたいに堅いバトル)
                    [1:53 AM, Mar 1, Pewter City Outskirts]
                    Picked up by Red, the figure rises its head, looking at the human boy puzzled.

                    "Pikachu, that's the end of your thief life." says Red, "Your cleverness is no stronger than your gluttony, hehe!"

                    Pikachu responds with a start.

                    "If I'm correct, you were hiding inside a victim's house before they locked the door so that you could steal their food, weren't you? After eating your booty, you secretly unlocked the door and ran away. I don't know how you did it, but I think you have the ability since I saw your Rattata cosplay. The cosplay not only concealed your identity but your odor, making even Growlithe unable to identify you. If I'm wrong, just correct me."

                    Pikachu expands his eyes in astonishment, implying Red's reasoning's correctness.

                    "You're lucky that you're a Pokémon rather than a human. A human who commits crime will stay in prison for years and lose his freedom. You don't want to be like that, do you?"

                    Pikachu droops his ears without saying anything.

                    "I'll explain to your victims so that you'll be exempt from responsibility, as long as you travel with me and grow stronger. Is that acceptable?" suggests Red.

                    Pikachu keeps silent as if in acquiescence.

                    "Then go, Poké Ball!" Red touches Pikachu with his spare ball. The Poké Ball opens, sucks Pikachu in, closes, shakes for three times, and emits three stars as a sign of capture success.

                    "Good, now you're my partner instead of enemy, Pikachu!" says Red in satisfaction.

                    Meanwhile, Red's Pokédex adds itself with a new entry at the 25th slot:
                    The species information:
                    No. 025 Pikachu
                    Type: Electric
                    Category: Mouse Pokémon
                    Height (Average): 1'04" (0.40 m)
                    Weight (Average): 13.2 lbs (6.00 kg)
                    Gender Ratio: Male 50%, Female 50%
                    Description: It has small electric sacs on both its cheeks. If threatened, it looses electric charges from the sacs.
                    Area: Viridian Forest, Power Plant

                    And the individual information:
                    ID: 23423
                    Gender: Male
                    Current Level: 10
                    Nickname: None
                    Original Trainer (OT): Red
                    Ability: Static (The Pokémon is charged with static electricity, so contact with it may cause paralysis.)
                    Trainer Memo: Sassy nature. Met at Pewter City at Lv10.
                    Known Moves: Thunder Shock (Electric), Quick Attack (Normal), Thunder Wave (Electric)

                    [10:08 AM, Mar 1, Pewter City Pokémon Center]
                    "Why, the thief is this Pikachu?" Yasmin cries in surprise as Red shows Pikachu to the two former victims.

                    "He has agreed to travel with me, so just let 'im go, will you?" asks Red.

                    "That's OK. Oh, Red. Have you heard of Brock, the local Gym Leader?" asks Karter.

                    "Yep. He's a Rock-type specialist, and my first Gym challenge."

                    "Then better prepare yourself. Never underestimate the power of Gym Leaders! Only a few strong Trainers are able to defeat them and win their Badges!" warns Karter.

                    "I've already known that, but thanks anyway." says Red.

                    [9:40 AM, Mar 4, Pewter Gym]
                    After three days of training, Red is now standing in front of the door to Pewter Gym.

                    "Excuse me! I'm Red to challenge the Gym! Is anybody in?" Red speaks politely as he enters the front door.

                    "Welcome to Pewter Gym. So the challenger is you, young man!"

                    With a masculine voice, a tall, strong man in brown jacket with squinty eyes walks out to welcome him, "I've heard your deed in Pewter City to capture a food thief. You must be a talented Trainer! My name is Brock, the Pewter Gym Leader!"

                    "Thanks for your compliment, Mr. Brock! I'm here to show you my training results, with the proof of your Boulder Badge!"

                    "You are confident, young man! Come with me to the battlefield!"

                    As Red is led by Brock, he notices a poster on the wall listing victorious Trainers. He feels a little bitter when he sees the name of Blue, his rival, and the date of victory, March 3rd.

                    Finally, Brock and Red appear in a large room with rocky ground. This is the official battleground of Pewter Gym.

                    "Are you ready, challenger?" asks Brock.

                    "Sure. Bring it on!" replies Red firmly.

                    "Great! Go, Geodude!"

                    A round, rocky Pokémon lands on the battleground as Brock throws out a Poké Ball. It has no legs but it has two rocky, muscular arms. It lets out a roar upon its entry.

                    "Rattata, I choose you!" Red responds by throwing out his own Poké Ball.

                    "I wonder what your battle style is, Red. You attack first!" says Brock.

                    "Obedience is better than politeness. Rattata, Bite!"

                    Rattata's fang glows white and he bites down on Geodude. However, Geodude's high physical defense and rock-made skin protects it from severe damage. In defense, it grabs Rattata and throws him away.

                    "Are you OK, Rattata? Then Bite!"

                    Rattata recovers and charges at Geodude with his fang revealed.

                    "Geodude, use Defense Curl!" commands Brock.

                    Geodude glows brightly and it curls its body. Rattata attempts to bite down on it, but is deflected by a mysterious power.

                    "WHAT? I've heard that Defense Curl can raise Defense, but can it deflect attacks?"

                    "It CAN if its user is proficient enough. That's the wonder of Pokémon moves!" says Brock, "Now it's our turn! Geodude, Tackle!"

                    Geodude floats from the ground and charges at Rattata as if flying, and bumps the purple mouse into the wall behind. A defiant Rattata stands up and returns to the battlefield.

                    "Show the foe your Guts! Rattata, Bite!"

                    "Geodude, Tackle!"

                    When Rattata is about to bite Geodude, the rocky Pokémon smashes him into the wall again. This time, Rattata cannot stand up anymore.

                    "Oh, Rattata. You worked hard. Come back then." Red has to recall the fainted Rattata.

                    "What's up, young man? You didn't bring only one Pokémon, did you?"

                    "Not at all!" replies Red. But before he can send out Charmander and Pikachu, he thinks carefully before he gives Brock an unexpected answer, "I'm sorry, Mr. Brock, but I'll forfeit the match."

                    "Why, young man? I don't think you've run outta your power!"

                    "I underestimated Rock-type Pokémon's defense power, that's why I need to restart from all over." says Red, "Pokémon aren't fighting tools, and I mustn't make my Pokémon fight for me in a hopeless condition. But I think we can have a rematch when I become stronger."

                    "It's a virtue giving up in necessary situations." says Brock, "OK, young man. Pewter Gym is always open to challengers like you."

                    After Red leaves the Gym, he emphasizes to himself on the main problem he has to overcome: the terrible defense of Geodude (and Brock's next Pokémon). Normal-type and Fire-type moves perform very badly against them, and Electric-type moves are completely ineffective. The only move that deals normal damage is Rattata's Bite, but it is a physical attack and is easily countered by Geodude's defense.

                    [10:02 AM, Mar 4, Pewter City Pokémon Center]
                    As Red temporarily gives his Pokémon to the nurse at the local Pokémon Center, during his rest in the hall, he notices a schoolboy with glasses reading a book of Pokémon. Currently, he is watching a square table. It is a table listing type effectiveness. The schoolboy reads out, "Rock is super effective against Fire, Flying, Bug and Ice; Steel is super effective against Rock and Ice; Ice is super effective against Grass, Flying and Dragon…"

                    "Steel is super effective against Rock! Darn, I totally forgot it!" Red facepalms, "But what a pity my Pokémon haven't learned a Steel-type move."

                    Meanwhile, the schoolboy turns the pages and reads, "Endeavor. It's a Normal-type damaging move that cuts down the foe's health to the same level as the user. The weaker the user, the strong the foe, the more effective the move is. Pokémon compatible with Endeavor include: Rattata, Cubone, Duduo…"

                    Rattata! Endeavor! That might be a brilliant idea for Brock's rematch!

                    [10:12 AM, Mar 6, Pewter Gym]
                    Two days later, Red arrives at Pewter Gym again, welcomed by Brock.

                    "Ohhh, so quick of you to take revenge on me!" says Brock.

                    "Of course, Mr. Brock. I've got the perfect strategy to take you down!" says Red.

                    "Ha, I'm thirsty for your perfect strategy!" responds Brock who leads Red to the battlefield.

                    "Go, Geodude!"

                    "Rattata, I choose you! Bite attack!"

                    Rattata opens his mouth and strikes Geodude with his sharp fang.

                    "Geodude, Defense Curl!"

                    Geodude glows and it curls, deflecting Rattata to the wall behind.

                    "Once again! Rattata, Bite!"

                    "Geodude, Defense Curl!"

                    The situation seemingly remains the same as Red and Brock's first match as Rattata tries to attack Geodude in vain. But this time, confidence never fades from Red's face as he watches Rattata's HP falling to the alert line.

                    "Eh? Is THIS your perfect strategy, young man?" asks Brock in doubt.

                    "Don't be so anxious, Mr. Brock! Watch out for my surprise counterattack, heheheh…"

                    "What? I don't quite get you!"

                    "Rattata, Endeavor!" Red lets out a loud roar.

                    Rattata squeaks and fires a beam of light onto Geodude. As the light fades, Geodude's condition becomes worse all of a sudden. It begins to breathe heavily and droops its arms on the ground, as if it barely finished a 3,000-meter race.

                    "Geo…Geodude!" cries Brock.

                    "It's chance! Rattata, Quick Attack!"

                    Rattata squeezes all his remaining energy onto his legs, and he charges at Geodude at fast speed, bumping his opponent into a rock in front of Brock. Geodude gives out and faints.

                    "Ya-ho! First castle down!" cheers Red.

                    "Amazing!" exclaims Brock, "I never thought a challenger could make use of such strategy, haha! Now the second and the final. You'll face this bulky guy!"

                    As Brock throws out the Poké Ball, a rocky serpentine Pokémon smashes its body onto the battleground, creating a mini earthquake and kicking up some sand.

                    "It's an Onix! So long and so heavy!" Red says to himself, "It's also Rock- and Ground-type, so Pikachu is still useless. My only Pokémon left is Charmander. Though he's weak to Rock, he's learned some new moves. I hope they can make difference…"

                    "And what about your next?" asks Brock.

                    "Rattata, come back! Charmander, I choose you! Metal Claw!"

                    As soon as Charmander pops out, his claw glows metallic silver and he slashes Onix.

                    "It's super effective!" calls Red.

                    "Yes, it's super effective. But have you tasted Onix's extremely high defense?"

                    As expected, Onix simply shakes the attack off after taking little damage from it. Indeed, it's a shame for a high-defense Pokémon to fall to a single physical attack.

                    "Now our turn! Onix, Rock Tomb!" commands Brock.

                    Rocks around Onix float into the air and rain over Charmander. If they hit, they may trap Charmander inside and make him open to any attack from Onix.

                    "Charmander, pulverize the rocks with Metal Claw!" orders Red calmly.

                    Charmander's claw extends as he rapidly slices all the rocks into pieces.

                    "Interesting! But Onix, use Bind!"

                    Immediately when Charmander destroys all the rocks, Onix runs up to him and wraps him with its rough body. Charmander struggles for freedom only to find it harder and harder to breathe.

                    "Charmander, don't struggle! Use Smokescreen!"

                    Charmander produces a puff of black smoke in his mouth and he spits the smoke onto Onix's face. Onix closes its eyes and lets go of Charmander out of self-protection instinct.

                    "Charmander, use Smokescreen again!"

                    Since all of Onix's attacks rely on vision, their accuracy will be badly hindered when its eyes are blinded. Therefore, Charmander will be at huge advantage when none of his opponent's moves may land on him even if they are super effective.

                    Charmander opens his mouth and produces a second puff of smoke. However, this time the smoke gradually develops into a blue-greenish fire ball! Probably a new move?

                    Unable to hold his excitement, Red views his Pokédex and finds out in ecstasy that a third extra move is added to Charmander's movepool--Dragon Rage!

                    "Charmander. No Smokescreen. Use Dragon Rage instead!"

                    Charmander continues to produce the fire ball and spits it onto Onix's face. Dragon Rage obviously inflicts serious damage on the rock snake as it growls in pain.

                    "Go on, Onix! Rock Tomb!" calls Brock.

                    Onix struggles to shake off the aftermath of Dragon Rage and summons rocks at Charmander.

                    "I won't let that happen! Charmander, climb onto Onix's head!" shouts Red.

                    Charmander dodges all the rocks and climbs onto Onix's body and makes his way onto Onix's forehead and holds on to its horn. Onix tries to shake him off, only for the fire lizard to hold on more tightly.

                    "Now, the final blow of Dragon Rage!"

                    Charmander fires a second fire ball of energy onto Onix's face. After the attack takes effect, Onix crashes onto the ground with swirly eyes and groans in defeat.

                    "Woohoo! Charmander, we won!"

                    Red hops about overjoyed. Charmander also hops about merrily with his Trainer.

                    "What the…How could the high defense of my Rock-type Pokémon be crushed?" Brock watches at his losing Onix in astonishment.

                    "I did nothing but found the matched key to a highly secured lock!" replies Red in humor.

                    "Anyway, congratulations on your victory against Pewter Gym!" Brock hands over an octagonal grayish Badge to the red-capped challenger, "As proof of your winning, I confer on you this…the official Pokémon League Boulder Badge!"

                    "Thank you, Mr. Brock!" Red puts the Badge in the first slot of his Badge Case.

                    "Now that you have the Boulder Badge, it also enables the use of the move Flash outside of battle. Of course, a Pokémon must know the move Flash to use it. And take this with you, too." Brock gives Red a thin disk-like device encased in a box.

                    "What's this? A…Technical Machine?"

                    "A Technical Machine, abbreviated TM, contains a move that can be taught to Pokémon. What I gave you is TM39, which contains Rock Tomb. When a Pokémon learns this move, it can hurl rocks at the opponent which lowers their speed and has a chance to trap them."

                    "No.39? So there must exist more numbers of TMs."

                    "Yes. The official number of TMs has reached almost 100."

                    "Are they disposable or not?"

                    "They were, but they aren't." explains Brock, "As technology advances, nowadays Trainers don't have to worry about which Pokémon they need to teach a TM to."

                    "Wow, that's convenient for me."

                    "And have you decided the next Gym?"

                    "Eh…not yet."

                    "What about the nearest Cerulean City? It is only separated from Pewter City by Mt. Moon, but beware of the rolling Geodude and the blood-sucking Zubat inside!"

                    "Many thanks, Mr. Brock. By the way, do you know where someone called Blue went?"

                    "He's another challenger who beat me three days before you. You must be acquaintance according to what you said." says Brock, "To tell you the truth, it's no wonder that he won my Badge earlier than you, because his Squirtle is the greatest weakness of my rocky Pokémon!"

                    "That's all, Mr. Brock. I have to go now, goodbye!"

                    "Welcome to Pewter City again if you have time!" Brock waves to Red as the boy departs.

                    --End of Epsiode 6--
                    Save File:
                    Player: Red
                    Time: Day 9
                    Pokédex: Seen 18, Owned 3
                    Badges: 1

                    You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                    Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                    My remixed music list: Here
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                      Episode 7: Road to Mt. Moon: Leaving Pewter City (ニビシティからオツキミやまへ)
                      [11:00 AM, Mar 6, Pewter City Pokémon Center]
                      After an intense rematch, Red defeated Brock in a Gym Battle and won his first Badge, but at the cost of almost all his Pokémon's health points. As soon as he leaves the Gym, he scurries to the Pokémon Center for timely healing.

                      Nevertheless, when the automatic door opens before him, what he sees is that everyone inside has fallen asleep! Whether the waiting Trainers, the reception nurse, or the visiting guests…

                      "What da…" Red takes a look at the clock and it displays 11.

                      "It's noon now! How can so many people fall asleep in the same time! Perhaps someone is releasing hypnotic gas?" thinks Red, who promptly covers his nose and mouth with his hand, temporarily holds his breath, and escapes from the door.

                      Now that he is in the safe area, he wants to check out if his thought is true. He opens the door again and gently sniffs, but he does not sense anything smelly, nor does he feel drowsy anyway. It could not be some gas that caused the group hypnosis.

                      A relieved Red comes up and shakes a male Trainer on his shoulder, waking him up.

                      "Hi, pal! What was happening here?"

                      After a yawn, the Trainer responds to Red sleepy-eyed. He suddenly panics when he realizes that his Poké Balls are not with him, "What? How long have I slept? Where're my Pokémon? I gave 'em to the nurse! Are they safe?"

                      "Calm down, pal. Think how you fell asleep!" says Red.

                      "Yawn…If I'm right, when I visited this Pokémon Center, I heard an odd melody from somewhere. I thought it was a broadcasted song and didn't care about it. But for not long, not only I, but everyone around me started yawning and became one over eight. My body seemed to be out of control and I fell asleep, until your arrival…" replies the Trainer.

                      "What do you mean that song was odd?" asks Red.

                      "Because it sounded like someone singing, but the singer didn't seem to be human…"

                      "Not a human? Then it must be a Pokémon! And a wild one!" cries Red.

                      "Wild Pokémon? How can wild Pokémon live in such a metropolitan district?"

                      "There's always something Onix-pected, isn't there?"

                      During their conversation, the Trainer catches sight of a pink spherical Pokémon jumping onto the counter. It grows a pair of feline ears on top of its head, a pair of very short arms and feet, and a pair of large, blue-greenish eyes.

                      "It's a Jigglypuff!" cries Red, "Jigglypuff know the move Sing, which can put their listeners to sleep. It must be that Jigglypuff who'd done that!"

                      "So the culprit is that Jigglypuff?" swears the Trainer, "Darn, if my Pokémon were with me…"

                      "*Melody*" The two boys hear in horror that after taking a breath, the Jigglypuff begins singing! The song is melodic enough to put Red and the Trainer into a drunken state.

                      Before they are rendered immobilized by sleepiness, Red slaps himself in the face to keep him awake, and pulls the Trainer, urging themselves to run!

                      Since they have no healthy Pokémon to counter the foe's Sing, battling the Jigglypuff is a bad choice. Out of moves, they visit the local police office and ask for their assistance.

                      "You are in trouble with a Jigglypuff? Thank you for your report. Let's go to the crime scene!" says a policeman in blue uniform.

                      At the Pokémon Center, before they break in, the policeman offer the boys each a pair of earmuffs so that they will not be affected by Jigglypuff's voice. After proper ear protection, they go into the hall, and find the Jigglypuff still singing.

                      The policeman takes out a Poké Ball and throws out, sending out a Voltorb.

                      Obviously, the Jigglypuff looks down its nose (if it had one, hehe) at any opponent who dares stand before its eyes. In its opinion, any challengers simply fall under its hypnotic songs.

                      But it is wrong. However it growls, shouts, and yowls, the Voltorb is completely unaffected.

                      "Voltorb, Thunder Wave!" commands the policeman.

                      Voltorb releases weak electricity sparks from its round body. The electricity paralyzes the wild Jigglypuff and seals its movement.

                      "Sonic Boom!"

                      Voltorb creates small explosions in the air around it, which rush towards the Jigglypuff. The Jigglypuff falls and faints. The policeman then tosses a Poké Ball, which captures it.

                      Watching the culprit "arrested", the trio let out a long breath and take off their earmuffs.

                      "That was great, mister." says the Trainer, "Your Voltorb can withstand Jigglypuff's song!"

                      "Yes, because its Soundproof Ability prevents any sound-based move from working."

                      "Then what will you do after catching that Jigglypuff?" asks Red.

                      "I plan to let it work as my assistant, so that it can hypnotize escapees." answers the policeman.

                      "That's a good idea." says Red.

                      [12:00 PM, Mar 6, Pewter City Pokémon Center]
                      As the Jigglypuff was expelled, the Pokémon Center returns to normal. After healing his partners, Red sends all of them out, and flashes the Boulder Badge before them.

                      "Look, it's a Gym Badge! It marks the first step of victory of us. There are seven Badges left for us to win, so let's work harder, shall we?"

                      Charmander and Rattata hop and clap in positive response, but Pikachu turns away.

                      "Pikachu, aren't you happy?" asks Red.

                      "Pika." Pikachu's cheeks begin sparkling with electricity and he gives an impatient look, as if saying, "Won't you just keep your mouth shut? Or have another taste of my Thunder Shock!"

                      "It doesn't matter you're not with me now. I'll definitely prove my compatibility with you!"

                      "Pika." Pikachu darts a look at his Trainer in disbelief.

                      [1:32 PM, Mar 6, Route 4 Pokémon Center]
                      Traveling along Route 3, Red obtained considerable volumes of Exp. Points by fighting other Trainers. However, his mind was caught by a sign of notice at the entrance to the route, which reads that recently fossil thieves appeared at Mt. Moon and any report to Pewter Police is appreciated.

                      Leaving the Pokémon Center on Route 4, west of Mt. Moon, Red catches sight of a furtive figure sliding into the cave of the mountain. Although his face is obscured, he is obviously in a black uniform up and down, with a gray belt around his waist that holds Poké Balls, and a large, red-colored letter R on his back.

                      He doesn't look like a good-doer, thinks Red.

                      [1:51 PM, Mar 6, Mt. Moon]
                      As soon as Red enters the cave, it turns darker as it did in Viridian Forest, but the light is not dim enough to hinder Red's sight. Nonetheless, Red has to be careful, as Brock warned, of Zubat hovering above Red's head emitting supersonic sound, and Geodude rolling about, tripping anybody who step on them. Despite the dangerous wild Pokémon here, Mt. Moon is an attraction of Trainers such as Hikers and Super Nerds.

                      As Red is exploring the cave, someone bumps into him from the front, who turns out to be a Bug Catcher, whose Trainer Class is rarely found far from forests and woods.

                      "Ouch!" Red rubs his aching forehead.

                      "Nooo! I'm found...Wait, you are not with those in black."

                      "Those in black? You mean…"

                      "It's Team Rocket! They are nobody other than Pokémon thieves and robbers! My Butterfree was on the edge of getting snatched, if I weren't quick enough to hide myself…"

                      "Do you mean those guys in black uniform with an R painted on?" asks Red.

                      "You are right. I accidentally eavesdropped their secret conversations that they discovered fossils here and are going to make fortune out of them." answers the Bug Catcher.

                      "Do you happen to know where they'll dig fossils?"

                      "Sorry but I don't…"

                      "Thanks anyway. I'll take care of myself." says Red, leaving the Bug Catcher.

                      Walking through a dark corridor, Red finds himself at a small chamber. As he is approaching, he hears someone digging the earth. And when he notices the digger, it turns out to be a Team Rocket Grunt, who murmurs "Fossils, fossils…" while he digs with a pickaxe.

                      "Whaccha doin' with fossils, you rotten thieves?" Red tightens his nerves and berates the Grunt.

                      The Grunt is startled with Red's unexpected presence, but he calms down when he sees that his opponent is a child, "You scared me, brat. If you don't stop meddling with adults' affairs, I'll show how scary we Team Rocket are!"

                      The Grunt throws out a Poké Ball and releases a Sandshrew.

                      "So this is your scariness, you thieves?" scoffs Red, "Charmander, Ember!"

                      The advantage of level and power makes Charmander defeat his foe in one round.

                      "Crap! Don't think it's over yet!" The Grunt scrams with a parting shot.

                      "Humph! Where did your scariness go?" mocks Red at the Grunt's back view.

                      As Red advances, he encounters more and more Team Rocket Grunts. Some of them are digging fossils as the first one did, and some are in guard. Despite being adults, Red defeats them all with ease. When the last Grunt loses a battle with Red, he warns Red that Team Rocket is going to blacklist him and retreats hastily.

                      "Goodness. I'm on Team Rocket's blacklist!" sighs Red, "I'm only a 11-year child. What should I do to face an unknown scale of gang of criminals? Oh, forget it. There's no turning back now. I'm a man, and I MUST stand up to any adversity."

                      Finally, Red makes his way to the eastern exit of Mt. Moon. At the very exit, Red sees a long-haired Super Nerd with glasses holding a few fossils grumbling, "These are MY fossils I found myself. Don't imagine taking them away, you Team Rocket bastards…"

                      "Hey, pal. Seems that you've had close contact with Team Rocket!" greets Red.

                      "Who, who're you? Are you here for my fossils?" asks the Super Nerd nervously.

                      "Don't mistake me for those fossil thieves! I'd just driven them out!"

                      "You, you beat Team Rocket?"

                      "Don't you believe me? Then you wouldn't stand here with your fossils intact!"

                      "Rea-really? Then prove what you said with a battle. Is that OK?"

                      "It's a welcome opportunity!" says Red excitedly, "Charmander, I choose you!"

                      "Go, Voltorb!"

                      Soon after the battle begins, Charmander finishes his foe off with Ember and Dragon Rage.

                      "You're strong. May I have your name?" asks the Super Nerd.

                      "I'm Red."

                      "I admit defeat from my heart. My name's Miguel, the so-called 'Super Nerd of Fossils'. Since you defeated Team Rocket, you can have one of my fossils as my respect." suggests Miguel.

                      "Can I really have one?"

                      "It's my pleasure. Just go on."

                      "Thanks. Then I'd like this one." Red selects a Dome Fossil from Miguel's collection, "But I wonder which organism turned into it."

                      "Hmm…" investigates Miguel, "This must be fossil of a Kabuto, an extinct ancient Pokémon. If you'd like, I heard that a lab on Cinnabar Island claim to offer to resurrect dead fossils into living Pokémon."

                      "Resurrect fossils? Sounds interesting! But why don't you go there?" asks Red.

                      "I'd rather keep my fossils as they are than risk them getting destroyed…"

                      "And your Pokémon…" Red is concerned about Miguel's fainted Voltorb.

                      "Never mind. I have many spare Potions. By the way, please beat those Team Rocket SOBs up for me! I wanna throw all of them into heck!" says Miguel with a closed fist.

                      "I will, or rather, I have to! Bye, Miguel pal!"

                      Confidently as he claimed to Miguel, Red is actually very disturbed. He has only met a small portion of Team Rocket, and never does he know how big and how strong the actual gang is. If they wish, they can erase Red's presence from this world in a moment. The countless unstable factors in the future makes Red quite uneasy.
                      --End of Epsiode 7--
                      Save File:
                      Player: Red
                      Time: Day 9
                      Pokédex: Seen 23, Owned 3
                      Badges: 1

                      You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                      Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                      My remixed music list: Here
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                        Episode 8: Way to the Cape (ゴールデンボールブリッジと岬の怪獣マニア)
                        [5:03 PM, Mar 10, Cerulean City Pokémon Center]
                        Leaving Mt. Moon, Red walks downhill along the east portion of Route 4, and reaches another seaside city--Cerulean City.

                        As the first visit to an unfamiliar town, Red locates the Pokémon Center as the most essential place. After healing his party, he immediately devotes himself into training in the outskirts of the city. As for the disobedient Pikachu, he gives no command to the mouse but only let him watch the battles of Charmander and Rattata, his fellow fighters. Red hopes that Pikachu would feel sorry for doing nothing when his friends are bathing in sweat.

                        Days later, it is Red's 6th visit to the Pokémon Center. His attention is caught when he hears two young girls talking about someone.

                        "Hi, Alice! Do you know about Bill the PokéManiac?" asks the girl in yellow dress.

                        "Definitely! I'll tell you, Miho, that he's not only a handsome lady-killer but a high-leveled computer geek. It's Bill-sama who developed the Pokémon Storage System! Wow, I can't stop thinking about him!" answers the girl with glasses as she displays a crazy look.

                        "But Bill's acting weird these days. Many guests have visited him only to find he's not in…" says Miho worriedly.

                        "Impossible! He must have been working all day before his complicated machines…" cries Alice.

                        "But he wasn't! He left nothing behind but a Clefairy in the living room, and left the door unlocked!" says Miho.

                        "Bill!" Red has heard of Bill before he obtained his Trainer's License, and he is thirsty to meet the IT guru in the flesh, but never succeeded to get Bill's address and contact information. He politely interrupts the conversation between the girls, "Excuse me, but can you tell me where the man called Bill lives? I'd like to pay him a visit."

                        "Em…I dunno for sure, but he lives not far from Cerulean City." answers Alice.

                        "I know his address. Let me tell you." answers Miho, "There'a cottage at the Cerulean Cape, and that's the eastern end of Route 25. To reach there, you'll go up north along Route 24 and the Nugget Bridge, turn right at the northern corner, and go east until you see the sea, and the cottage is on your left."

                        "Thanks." Red views his Town Map before he sets off to the north.

                        [5:39 PM, Mar 10, Route 24]
                        Most of Route 24 is on a golden bridge, the so-called "Nugget Bridge". At first impression, most of visitors may think that it is the bridge's color that gives its name, but they only reaches the edge of the correct origin.

                        On either side (east or west) of the Nugget Bridge, there are Trainers who keep guard, with strict looks on their faces.

                        As Red passes the first guarding Trainer--a Bug Catcher, he is stopped by the Trainer.

                        "Hold there, Trainer!" calls the Bug Catcher.

                        "Huh, you wanna fight?"

                        "People call this the Nugget Bridge! If you beat us five Trainers, you'll won a fabulous prize! Think you got what it takes? BUT, if you lose to ANY ONE of us, hehehe…I'm the first opponent. I suggest you weigh your strength before you insist on passing through me!" says the Bug Catcher in a menacing way.

                        "Didn't your parents teach you that pride comes before a fall?" replies Red angrily, "Charmander, I choose you!"

                        "Go, Caterpie! String Shot!" cries the Bug Catcher as he sends out a Pokémon.

                        The foe's Caterpie shoots silky threads from its mouth and ties Charmander.

                        "Haha! Nobody has broken free from my Caterpie's powerful strings!" says the Bug Catcher arrogantly.

                        "Then I'm the first!" says Red, "Charmander, burn the strings with Ember!"

                        Charmander hits the strings with his tail flame, burning them down to ashes. As a Fire-type Pokémon, his body is immune to the flame produced by himself.

                        "Good, Charmander! Now Ember at Caterpie!"

                        Charmander smacks Caterpie with his tail tip and defeats it.

                        The Bug Catcher then sents out his remaining Pokémon in order--a Weedle, a Metapod and a Kakuna, all of them defeated with a single Ember from Charmander.

                        "Humph! Though I lost, I did my best and I have no regrets!" says the Bug Catcher.

                        The second guard is a Lass that is a peer of the Bug Catcher. Red's Rattata defeated her Pidgey and his Charmander defeated her Oddish and Bellsprout, all in one shot.

                        "How could I lose? Tch, I did my best. I have no regrets!" says the losing Lass.

                        The third guard is a Youngster, challenging Red with a Sandshrew and an Ekans. Sandshrew's poor Special Defense makes it fall easily for Charmander's Ember. Ekans' Intimidate has no effect on Ember and it falls consequently.

                        The fourth is another Lass. She challenged Red to a double battle with her male and female Nidoran. But even their combination cannot withstand Charmander's Ember and Rattata's Quick Attack.

                        The fifth is a Camper boy in green. He has only a Mankey, but its level is much higher than Red's ex-opponents. The Mankey manages to deal a little damage on Charmander with Fury Swipes, but then faints from Charmander's close Dragon Rage onto its face.

                        After Red beats all five guarding Trainers, he is amused to find out that each of them lets out the same parting words as "I did my best. I have no regrets."

                        However, Red has no clue about what he will win for defeating the guards, until he is stopped by the sixth Trainer, a male Ace Trainer, at the northern end of the bridge.

                        "Congratulations, Trainer!" The Ace Trainers holds Red's hands in compliment, "You successfully defeated all 5 of my fellows. As promised, I'll give you a prize."

                        "But what is it?"

                        "It's this, a Nugget!" The Ace Trainer searches his backpack and rewards Red with a shiny, golden bead, apparently made of gold.

                        "Thank you. I suggest that the name of Nugget Bridge is from such a prize?"

                        "You're absolutely correct." says the Ace Trainer, "It's been a long history since we guard this Nugget Bridge. 36 years ago, the first generation of our team began standing on this bridge and required all passers-by to battle every of us. If they manage to defeat all of us except our leader, they'll won a Nugget. If they then defeat the leader, then an extra prize will be rewarded! However, if they lose to anyone except the leader, then sorry but they need to restart all over. Believe it or not, we're the 42nd generation of the Nugget Bridge Team!"

                        "So you must be the leader! What's the prize for winning against you?"

                        "None until you beat me! Battling me is optional to pass here, but is mandatory for the extra prize!"

                        "Haha, then I challenge you to a battle!" says Red.

                        Accepting the challenge, the Ace Trainer throws out a Poké Ball and releases an Ekans.

                        "Go, Charmander! Ember!" commands Red as he sends out his party leader.

                        "Ekans, use Bite!" commands Red's opponent.

                        Charmander spins around and scatter sparks onto Ekans, but Ekans holds on and bites down on Charmander with its fangs.

                        "Once again! Charmander, Ember!"

                        "Ekans, Bite!"

                        The second round of attacks crossfire. But Charmander's fire attack activates its additional effect--Ekans is burned! It struggles as its body glows red.

                        Burning is no better than paralysis, for it gradually cuts down the victim's HP, and their physical power is also cut in half. The burn on Ekans is absolutely a valuable opportunity for Charmander to attack!

                        "Farewell, Ekans! Charmander, Dragon Rage!"

                        Charmander spits a blue-greenish fire ball onto Ekans and cause it to faint.

                        "Very good, Trainer." The Ace Trainer claps his hands after recalling Ekans, "You are indeed a tough opponent. If you can beat my second Pokémon, the extra prize is yours."

                        "Go on, pal!" says Red.

                        "Go, Zubat!" exclaims the Trainer as he sends out the second Pokémon.

                        Though Zubat are blind and hate light, Zubat under training can withstand it to some extent.

                        "Charmander, Ember!"

                        "Zubat, Supersonic!"

                        When Charmander begins to spin, Zubat opens its mouth and emits distorting supersonic waves, making Red and Charmander hold their ears in pain and their heads ache. After a while, Charmander's eyes glow red and he starts waving his hands and legs in a random way.

                        It's confusion! Though confusion is not a permanent status condition, it messes up the victim's mind and make them attack random targets, and there's about one third chance that the victims will hurt themselves, or even their Trainers! Oh, my!

                        "Charmander, can you hear me? Ember!" cries Red.

                        But the confused Charmander do nothing but scratching the air and growling.

                        "Zubat, use Leech Life!" commands the Ace Trainer.

                        Zubat attaches itself to Charmander's back and bites down on his skin, sucking blood from Charmander. Charmander counters by scratching where he thinks his foe is--and that is exactly the opposite direction.

                        "CHARMANDER, CAN YOU HEAR ME? CHARMANDER!" roars Red.

                        As if a miracle, Charmander snaps out of his confusion and feels Zubat on his back. Meanwhile, the foe's Zubat is full of blood sucking and returns to its original position for its Trainer's next command.

                        "I'll make you pay with interest!" shouts Red, "Charmander, Dragon Rage!"

                        "Zubat, one more Supersonic!"

                        "Charmander. Protect your ears and DRAGON RAAAAAGE!" roars Red.

                        When Zubat tries its second attempt of Supersonic, Charmander spits his Dragon Rage onto Zubat's face while covering his ears with his hands. The Dragon Rage explodes upon impact and interrupts the foe's Supersonic.

                        "No allowing breath taking! Charmander, Ember!"

                        Charmander lands his final hit on Zubat, taking it down.

                        "Oh, yeah! We won! You are something, Charmander!" cheers Red. Charmander reacts by doing akimbo and roars happily into the sky.

                        "Yowch! Your team is horribly strong!" says the Ace Trainer, "Since I became the leader, nobody has defeated all of us including me before you, except a boy with orange spiky hair who looks the same age as you. Actually, he left only hours before you arrived here."

                        "Heh, it's nobody other than Blue!" sneers Red.

                        "And here's your extra prize." The Ace Trainer searches his backpack and gives Red a blue candy, "This candy is not for human, but Pokémon! It's called a Rare Candy, because its ingredients are so rare that its production is very limited. It permanently boosts a Pokémon's overall power, unlike other nutrition items. However, it's a no-no to feed too many Rare Candies to a Pokémon at one time, or they'll activate side effects."

                        "What are the side effects?" asks Red.

                        "In a benign condition, the Pokémon get puffy and loses agility and evasion ability, depending how many excessive Rare Candies they ate, and the symptoms will be self-cured in weeks. But in the most malignant condition, the Pokémon will suffer somnolence and obesity. They easily lose the will to fight in battles, and is more likely to disobey a Trainer's command if they feel bad. Remember, only feed Rare Candies to your Pokémon when you don't have time training them, and better not over 1 per day. "

                        "Can I use Rare Candies in-battle?"

                        "You can if you wish. But every nutrition item takes time to take effect, so feeding Pokémon in-battle won't affect the result anyway."

                        "Thanks for your advice. I'll go now. Bye."

                        [8:08 PM, Mar 10, Sea Cottage]
                        Darkness covers the sky before Red reaches the Sea Cottage where Miho pointed to, but not before Red battles a bunch of Trainers on Route 25, all of them being Cerulean City residents. According to a Hiker, only legal current Cerulean citizens are exempt from the battles with them. However, winning passers-by like Red are also exempt from rematches when the guard Trainers are updated. Exemption Trainers may still battle the guards if they wish. The Nugget Bridge is closed late at night and nobody is allowed to pass until the guards' return the next morning.

                        As Red approaches the cottage and knocks on the door, he hears nobody reacting to him. He gently pushes the door and finds it unlocked.

                        "Excuse me? Is anyone in?" asks Red politely.

                        Nobody responds.

                        In the main room, the ceiling lights are on despite nobody is in. The desktop displays complicated information on its screen, and in the opposite direction of the door, there are two cylinder modules connected by metal pipes. Lights flash on their surfaces.

                        Just then, the door to the bedroom opens, and a Clefairy bumps out. No wonder Bill's called a PokéManiac, thinks Red, as such a cute Clefairy is also in his collection.

                        "Hiya, bud. You just arrived in time!" the Clefairy talks, much to Red's surprise, "I've had some problems with myself, would you please help me out there…"

                        "Why, a talking Clefairy?" exclaims Red.

                        "Hey, what's that skeptical look, bud?" calls the "Clefairy", "I'm not a Pokémon! Call me Bill! I'm a true-blue PokéManiac! I'm not joshing with you!"

                        "Then why do you look like a Clefairy?" asks Red.

                        "Em…It's a long story. In short, I screwed up an experiment and accidentally got combined with this Clefairy! You're the first one to let me finish. The last four visitors before you were all scared away upon I opened my mouth!" explains Bill in Clefairy's form.

                        "So you want me to help you. What should I do?" asks Red.

                        "There's the Cell Separation System on my PC. It's not difficult to operate. Just like this…" Bill instructs Red the operation steps, and says, "Now I'll go inside that teleporter. When I close the door, you run the program on my PC. Is that OK?"

                        "Of course." accepts Red.

                        Bill enters the right module and closes the door. As soon as Red clicks on the "Activate" button, lights begin flashing on the cylinder teleporter's surface, and 8-bit sound effect can be heard. 30 second later, Bill comes out of the left module unharmed, while the Clefairy returns from the right module, regaining its soul.

                        "Yeehah! Thanks, bud. I owe you one. What's your name?"

                        "I'm Red, a Pokémon Trainer from Pallet Town."

                        "Red bud, are you here for my Pokémon Collection?"

                        "Not specifically, Bill pal. But I'll be happy if you could show me."

                        "Haha! Just a minute!" Bill searches his bookshelf and takes out an album. He opens the album and turns to a page. There are 4 photographs on this page, each depicting a Pokémon with a different form. At the bottom of each photograph, there is a line of note, possibly the names of the Pokémon.

                        "Eevee…Vaporeon…Jolteon…Flareon…" reads Red.

                        Eevee looks like a brown fox, but with longer ears and a less pointed nose, with a circle of fur covering its neck; Vaporeon looks like a blue version of Eevee but grows a long, ichthyic tail and its ears are shaped like fins; Jolteon has its yellow fur erected like needles and its tail shrinks considerably; Flareon grows red-orange fur, and its tail is also formed like flame.

                        "Eevee is such a marvelous Pokémon!" explains Bill, "Possessing unsteady genes, it tends to evolve into a different kind of Pokémon under different conditions. However, unlike ordinary Pokémon who evolve when they naturally grow in level, Eevee won't evolve until it's exposed to a specific type of stones, called evolutionary stones."

                        "Like Moon Stone which evolves Jigglypuff and Clefairy?" asks Red.

                        "Yep. If you obtain an Eevee, you should find at least one evolutionary stone to evolve it. For Vaporeon, a Water Stone; For Jolteon, a Thunder Stone; For Flareon, a Fire Stone. These stones are not Eeveelution-exclusive, though. However, an evolved Pokémon cannot revert to its pre-evolutionary stage, let alone Eevee. Moreover, Pokémon evolved via stones may not naturally learn some of their moves in their previous stages. So it's a bad idea to evolve such Pokémon too early."

                        "And do you know where I can find wild Eevee, Bill pal?"

                        "I'm sorry but Eevee is too rare in Kanto for me to even find a real one…" shrugs Bill.

                        As Bill puts away his Eevee album, Red glances at his smartphone and it displays 10 PM.

                        "Oops! Bill pal, I took you too long. I gotta go!"

                        "Oh, don't be so hurry. It's too late. How about spending this night with me here? I still have an extra bed and you can have it after I clean it." says Bill.

                        "Thank you very much." responds Red in gratitude.

                        [7:45 AM, Mar 11, Sea Cottage]
                        The next morning, Red gets up and has his breakfast at Bill's cottage. When he is about to leave, Bill stops him and hands over a ship ticket to him.

                        "It's a ticket to S. S. Anne! " says Bill, "S. S. Anne is a luxury cruise ship that stops annually in Vermilion City, and it's gonna return 2 days after! I heard that there're a lot of Trainers on board, too. This ticket is from my grandfather, but I think you fit it better than me. It's not connected to your Trainer's ID, so no worries, haha. If you enjoy world traveling, this is a chance you can't miss."

                        "Oh, gosh. The ticket price is 200,401 Poké Dollars. What a luxurious ship!" cries Red in his mind as he thanks Bill for his courtesy.

                        "Oh, and take this, too." Bill opens a drawer and gives Red a blue, triangular, badge-like device, "It's called a VS. Seeker! You can search Trainers around you who're in the mood of a battle. Just hang it on your backpack belt and walk! It recharges itself with sunlight and physical movement, so no worries about dry battery. If it finds such Trainers, it will inform you by ringing."

                        "Woohoo! Just what I needed!" Red thanks Bill again before he attaches the VS. Seeker to the left belt of his backpack, "Ah, Bill pal! How about I add you to my PokéChat friend list? I would like to consult you with issues on the Pokémon Storage System."

                        "Certainly!" Bill takes out his smartphone. Red scans Bill's QR code and Bill is added, and vice versa.
                        --End of Epsiode 8--
                        Save File:
                        Player: Red
                        Time: Day 14
                        Pokédex: Seen 29, Owned 3
                        Badges: 1

                        You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                        Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                          Episode 9: A Pooled Fight (激戦!室内プールで浪を起こせ!)
                          [9:17 AM, Mar 11, Cerulean Gym]
                          As soon as Red returns to Cerulean City from Bill's cottage, he visits the local Gym, Cerulean Gym. He is going to win his second Gym Badge here.

                          As he enters the Gym, Red is on the southern end of a rectangular swimming pool. On the pool, there is a zigzag path leading from the entrance to the room on the opposite.

                          "Excuse me. I'm Red the challenger. Is anybody in?" call Red at the inner room.

                          "Oh, a challenger. Welcome!" The room door opens, and a teenager girl with orange, spiky hair tied to the left, wearing blue bikini walks out to welcome the red-capped Trainer.

                          "Good morning, challenger. I'm Misty, the Leader of this Cerulean Gym." The girl introduces herself, "As you see, all of the Pokémon used here are Water-type. Besides my position as a Gym Leader, I'm also a swimming coach. No landlubbers are allowed here!"

                          "And I'm here for the Cascade Badge no matter how strong my opponents are!"

                          "Only those Trainers who have a policy about Pokémon can turn pro." says Misty, "What's your approach when you catch and train Pokémon? My policy is an all-out offensive with Water-type Pokémon! Nothing is softer than water, but nothing strikes more powerfully than water, either. I hope you can withstand my overwhelming force of water!"

                          "Bring it on, Misty!" challenges Red in confidence.

                          "Go, my sweetie, Staryu!" Misty sends out her first Pokémon.

                          "Pikachu, show 'em how you mature!"

                          "My…Pikachu must be a tough foe." comments Misty quietly.

                          To Red and Misty's surprise, Pikachu runs up to Misty and nuzzles on her leg and looks up to her cutely, as if Misty were his owner rather than an opponent, much to Red's dismay. Even Staryu the faceless starfish begins to feel ashamed for Pikachu's Trainer.

                          "Hehe, never thought I 'The Tomboyish Mermaid' would be popular among even Pokémon!" giggles Misty, watching at Pikachu and then Red whose face blushes like an apple.

                          "Be serious, Pikachu! It's Gym Battle now!" calls Red. But Pikachu responds by making funny faces at him and continues his pettish action. Despite Pikachu attacking wild Pokémon as Charmander and Rattata did at the outskirts, he never listened to Red's orders and his focus was easily distracted. It is not an unexpected situation when Pikachu deliberately act against Red at such a critical time.

                          "Sigh…Pikachu, come back! Go, Charmander!"

                          "Eh?" Misty is surprised to see Red sending out a weak Pokémon against Water-type, "This Trainer is full of amazement. I should not look down on him."

                          "Charmander, Dragon Rage!" commands Red.

                          "Staryu, Water Gun!" cries Misty.

                          "Dodge the Water Gun!" commands Red as Charmander is producing the fire ball.

                          Staryu spins and releases a beam of water from its central gem, but Charmander jumps aside and dodges it, causing the water to hit the wall behind Red. He then fires the fire ball onto Staryu's front.

                          "Go on, Charmander, Dragon Rage!"

                          "Staryu, Water Gun!"

                          Charmander fires a second Dragon Rage at Staryu after he dodges the Water Gun again. The fire ball explodes on Staryu and kicks it out of battle, with its central gem shining pale red.

                          "Bravo! One castle down!" cheers Red.

                          However, after Staryu is defeated, Charmander starts to hold his head as if he has a headache, while his entire body glows white.

                          "Charmander, are you well? No way! It must be…" exclaims Red.

                          "Evolution, eh?" adds Misty.

                          After the light fades, Charmander's body grows a little taller, his limbs longer, and his skin color darker. Additionally, a single horn sticks out of his head. No, he is not called "Charmander" anymore. Red views his Pokédex while it plays a fanfare, the screen displaying:
                          Congratulations! Your Charmander evolved into Charmeleon!

                          The Pokédex entry list displays Charmeleon's position right after Charmander. That is, Charmeleon is at 005 while Charmander is at 004.

                          "Good news you evolved, Charmeleon!" calls Red, "But look out for the next!"

                          And after Charmander evolved, Misty recalls Staryu and sends out her second one. The second aquatic Pokémon look like a combination of two Staryu with their peduncles changed to blue. Red's Pokédex shows that this Pokémon, named Starmie, is also places right after Staryu whose position is 120. Red instantly realizes that Starmie is the evolution of Staryu and is no weaker than the latter.

                          "Charmeleon, concentrate on it! Dragon Rage!"

                          "Starmie, jump into water!"

                          As Charmeleon fires his Dragon Rage, Starmie plunges into the pool to dodge it. After hearing the explosion of Dragon Rage on the wall, it waits for seconds, emerges from water and returns to Misty.

                          "It's our turn now! Starmie, Scald!"

                          Starmie spins and it fires hot, powerful beam of water from its central gem at Charmeleon. The Scald is too fast for Charmeleon to dodge. Moreover, it is a Fire-type Pokémon so it cannot hide in water. The super effective attacks drags Charmeleon's HP bar down to less than a half. It is quite a ridiculous fact that Charmeleon can withstand 2,000℃ fire but not 90℃ water.

                          "Charmeleon, blind Starmie with Smokescreen!"

                          Charmeleon spits a puff of black smoke onto Starmie. But Starmie doesn't seem to attempt to dodge! What is it thinking about?

                          "Starmie, use Swift!"

                          Starmie flings glowing stars out of its body at Charmeleon. Depite being covered in smoke, all the stars strike Charmeleon hard without miss.

                          "Gosh! Swift is a move that cannot be avoided! I miscalculated!" sighs Red regretfully.

                          "That's it!" says Misty, "I'm fully prepared for foes who dare lower my accuracy! Starmie, wash off the Smokescreen!"

                          Starmie dives into the pool and cleans its body.

                          "And now Scald!"

                          Starmie hops onto the ground and fires hot water at Charmeleon, draining up his energy.

                          "Shoot! I could win easily if Pikachu could listen to me…" Red stomps his foot in anxiety.

                          "What's up, challenger? Will you surrender or what?" asks Misty.

                          "Not at all!" shouts Red, "Rattata, I choose you!"

                          When Rattata is sent out, Red takes another glimpse of his individual page. His anxiety is gone when he finds that Rattata has learned an extra move.

                          "Rattata, stay still. Don't attack!" commands Red.

                          "Huh? What does that mean?" says Misty, "Never mind. Starmie, Scald!"

                          "Now attack, Rattata! Sucker Punch!" Red launches his order right after Misty.

                          Apparently, Starmie's movement is much faster than Rattata. But the moment it spits out the hot water, Rattata jumps up high and lands on Starmie, and bites down on it hard! The sudden pain from the Dark-type super effective Sucker Punch makes Starmie lose its balance and trip over. Rattata dodges the incomplete Scald and hops back to Red.

                          "Haha. How does it taste, Misty?" asks Red proudly.

                          "You surprised me, challenger." says Misty, "But Starmie, Recover!"

                          Starmie's body glows yellow and it completely restores its lost HP. Despite not attacking, it is immune to Sucker Punch in this state as this Dark-type move is only effective (and let the user move faster) when the target is trying to use a damage-inflicting move.

                          "Rattata, wait until Starmie attacks you!" commands Red, who thinks for a while as he watches Starmie recovering.

                          "I don't know what you're thinking." says Misty, "But anyway, Starmie, Scald!"

                          "Sucker Punch! But don't retreat!" Red commands immediately after Misty finishes her order.

                          Starmie fires a beam of hot water at Rattata, but Rattata gets the upper hand again and bites down hard on it before the Scald can even reach Rattata. Rattata is about to jump off Starmie but he stops when he remembers Red's second order.

                          "Starmie, Recover!" commands Misty.

                          "I won't let you do that!" cries Red, "Rattata, continuous Bite!"

                          As Starmie glows yellow and attempts to recover, Rattata reveals his fang and it digs into Starmie's skin. The speed of Bite surpasses the speed of Recover and Starmie's HP gradually sinks.

                          "Starmie, use Rapid Spin!"

                          A partially recovered Starmie spins rapidly like a motor and the effect of linear velocity throws Rattata into water. However, mice are born swimmers, and Rattata quickly swims back to ground with only his fur wet.

                          "Starmie, Recover!"

                          "No Recover any longer! Rattata, Bite your foe like grinding your teeth!"

                          Rattata runs up to a recovering Starmie and hits it fiercely with his fang. He bites so swiftly that he leaves a line of tooth prints on the foe like printing letters onto a piece of paper. The recovering Starmie can do nothing but look helplessly at its opponent mercilessly attacking it since a Pokémon cannot use two moves simultaneously.

                          Before the timer of Recover expires, Rattata eventually eats up all of Starmie's energy. Starmie faints with its central gem shining.

                          "Ahhh, Starmie, take a good rest." Misty recalls her signature Pokémon as she walks up to Red, "You're too much, challenger. All right, you can have the Cascade Badge as a proof you beat me. The field move Cut is also available outta battles."

                          After rewarding a cerulean water drop-shaped Badge to Red, Misty then hands over a TM case numbered 55, and explains, "Please have my favorite TM. It's Scald. It is only a little weaker than creating a wave and crash it down on the opponents, and interestingly, it has a little chance to burn them! Use it on an aquatic Pokémon to get STAB boost!"

                          "Thank you, Misty. Do you know where the nearest Gym is?" asks Red.

                          "The nearest one is at Saffron City to the south. The city itself is not far from Cerulean City, and Saffron Gym is in the north. Set off from Cerulean City, walk approximately 6 miles and that's it!"

                          "Many thanks. By the way, I love swimming, too. Maybe we can have a race some day!"

                          "Haha, don't you think you can beat me in that way!" laughs Misty as she watches Red depart.
                          --End of Epsiode 9--
                          Save File:
                          Player: Red
                          Time: Day 14
                          Pokédex: Seen 35, Owned 4
                          Badges: 2

                          You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                          Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                            Episode 10: The Harbor City in the Dusk (夕日に浴びる港都市)
                            [12:03 PM, Mar 11, Route 5]
                            To reach Saffron City from Cerulean City, one has to go south via Route 5, a relatively short passage between the woods. At the southern end, there is a small house fenced off by a ledge. The door to the house is labeled "Day Care". Literally, it is a place for helping Trainers raising Pokémon, but only for those who have money rather than time.

                            As Red enters the northern gate to Saffron City, he is stopped by a guard.

                            "Wait, young man! The road is closed!"

                            "What happened to Saffron City?" asks Red.

                            "Hours ago we discovered that somebody suspicious slipped into the city, and currently we're investigating on it. Nobody is allowed to pass here until we finish our investigation."

                            "Suspicious men? Were they Team Rocket?"

                            "Not sure enough."

                            "Then what about me? I've got to go on my next Gym challenge!" says Red in confusion.

                            "Then you may choose Vermilion City instead." says the guard, who points to an alternate entrance on the eastern side of Route 5, "Go through the Underground Path there, walk south along Route 6, and it's Vermilion. We're sorry for the inconvenience but rules are rules."

                            "Aww, thank you." Red thanks the guard before he enters the Underground Path.

                            While Red is in the Underground Path, he watches the aging lights flashing unstably and listens to the old ventilation fans giving out noise. It must be a long time since their last maintenance, thinks Red, and it would be scary if the lights suddenly went out.

                            Exit the Underground Path at the south and it is Route 6, packed with Trainers including Campers and Picnickers. Red's VS. Seeker rings clearly, telling its owner that all the Trainers there are dying for battles.

                            It takes Red quite a long time earning Exp. Points and pocket money from his opponents before he reaches a new city in the south. Just then, his phone rings again.

                            "Hello, Red, it's mom. Where are you now?"

                            "Vermilion City, with two Badges with me!"

                            "Wow, brilliant, son. Your mom is delighted!"

                            "Hehe, just a piece of cake! I'm very well now, Kakuna Rattata, mom!"

                            "Then go ahead, my sweetie. Bye!"

                            "Bye, mom!"

                            [4:59 PM, Mar 11, Vermilion City]
                            Lying on the seashore, Vermilion City was developed into a harbor City. Ships sail between other overseas town and Vermilion Port, transporting passengers and cargo to and from all over the world. Visitors of all races, speaking all languages are present on the streets of this city. The city is also famous for its beautiful scenery at the sunset time. Standing near the sea, watching into the distance to the west, bathing in comfortable breezes, that is quite a treat!

                            According to his S. S. Ticket, S. S. Anne is scheduled to arrive on 13th. Red spends his 2 nights at the local Pokémon Center while he trains his Pokémon at the outskirts in the days.

                            [8:19 AM, Mar 13, Vermilion City]
                            The morning 2 days later, a gigantic cruise ship, painted with "S. S. Anne", arrives at Dock 1 with its horn tooting. Red hurries to the port when he hears the horn, only to discover that there has been a long queue of passengers waiting to board the ship. However, the flow of crowd is steady though slow, allowing Red on board in 15 minutes.

                            Filled with excitement on the ship, Red imprudently opens the door to Room 105 without even knocking on it…

                            "Bleh, you insolent pup! How dare you barge in! Get out!" An old Gentleman inside scolds Red angrily before he forces Red to exit in shame.

                            When Red closes the door of Room 105, he hears a voice behind him.

                            "Dad, dad, I like that Trainer's clothes!"

                            Red turns around and finds a little boy pointing at him while talking to his father.

                            "Don't be so greedy, Sherlock!" says his father, "You've just got new clothes days ago!"

                            "But I like it!" pouts Sherlock.

                            "Haha, you can choose more new styles of clothing when you grow up, Sherlock!" Red comforts the little boy as he approaches them.

                            "Trainer! What's your name?" asks Sherlock innocently.

                            "My name's Red."

                            "I'm Sherlock! This is my dad Damien! We're riding the ship with my mom Andrea and my sis Hope! We're from the Hoenn region!" says Sherlock.

                            "Bro, you're back!" Room 104 opens and a young girl comes out with her mother. She must be Sherlock's sister Hope, thinks Red.

                            "It's inconvenient to talk here, Red bro! Come with us inside!" invites Sherlock.

                            "OK, thank you." Red follows them into Room 104.

                            After Red enters, Hope asks Sherlock, "Bro, you said that big bro is a Trainer?"

                            "He must be!" says Sherlock, "Because I heard that most of the passengers are Trainers!"

                            "Haha, I'm indeed a Trainer." smiles Red, "I'm Red, and I'm from Pallet Town. Nice to meet you all!"

                            "Hey, hey, Red bro! Since you're a Trainer, you must have Pokémon, right?" asks Hope.

                            "Yep. Come outside, you all!" Red activates his Poké Balls and sends his partners out.

                            "Wow, Pikachu! It's so cuuute!" Hope hugs Pikachu affectionately upon seeing him. Pikachu feels a bit uncomfortable but he is unable to rebel her.

                            "Hey, Red bro! When I grow up, I'd like to have a Pikachu as my partner as well. Shall we have a battle with our Pikachu then?" asks Hope hopefully.

                            "Em…sure." Red agrees hesitantly while he worries about Pikachu's disobedience.

                            "Then let's make a pinky swear!" Hope extends her little finger to Red and vice versa.

                            "Pinky, pinky bow-bell, whoever tells a lie will sink down to the bad place and never rise up again." says Hope earnestly while entwining her finger with Red.

                            "I hope dad could be as nice as Red bro…" mumbles Sherlock.

                            Sherlock's mother cannot help laughing, making her husband smile obsequiously.

                            After leaving Room 104, Red spends his rest time walking on the ship up and down, including dining rooms, spare guest rooms, and docks. Being Trainers, many passengers challenge Red when they make eye contact. However, battling is prohibited in the unauthorized area. To serve the Trainer passengers, there is a battlefield built on the front deck, and all the battles are only permitted within the battlefield. After winning, Red is rewarded with various prizes--a Great Ball, some berries, TM31 Brick Break and TM44 Rest.

                            Finally, Red has his presence everywhere on the ship except the captain room. When he approaches the door, he hears someone vomiting inside! Is someone seasick?

                            Red knocks on the door and the man inside allows him to go in.

                            "Why, are you captain? What's wrong with you?" asks Red as he sees an old man near a trash can with spew, still throwing up into it.

                            "Ooargh…I feel hideous…uurp…can you help me rub my back, young man?"

                            "Sure." Red gently rubs the back of the old captain.

                            "Whew! Thank you! I'm feeling much better now." says a relieved captain, "Sorry to let you see me like this. You can have this as my appreciation."

                            The captain takes out a machine case out of his bookshelf and gives it to Red.

                            "It looks like a TM, but it's labeled HM01. What does HM stands for, captain?"

                            "It stands for Hidden Machine." says the captain, "It differs from TMs that the moves it contains can be used outside of battle, or more commonly, to make way for you. What I gave you is HM01 Cut. Sometimes you'll see little bushes blocking your way, and if you teach Cut to your Pokémon, you can cut 'em down without dangerous tools like axes and knives. But remember, an HM move cannot be used outside of battle without enough number of Gym Badges, though such limitation doesn't apply in-battle. And when you cut those bushes, be sure to aim at the root to prevent them from re-spawning."

                            "I got it. Thanks, captain."

                            "Don't mention it, young man." The captain takes a glance at his watch, "It's nearly 11 o'clock. We'll set sail soon."

                            "Oops! I can't stay longer 'cause I need to challenge Vermilion Gym!" exclaims Red.

                            "It's still 5 minutes before we depart." says the captain, "But young man, you'll not be able to ride our ship again for a year the time we leave. Do you really want to give up this trip?"

                            "Em…" Red finds himself in a dilemma giving a satisfying answer.

                            "Never mind, I won't interfere with your decision." says the captain, "You're still young, and you've got plenty of opportunities for sea voyages."

                            "OK. I'm sorry but I have to get off the ship."

                            "Then hasta la vista, young man!"

                            "Bon voyage, captain, and all your passengers!"

                            Red manages to disembark S. S. Anne before he watches the ship sail into the distance with its horn tooting. He does not regret doing so as he has got more important things to do.
                            --End of Epsiode 10--
                            Save File:
                            Player: Red
                            Time: Day 16
                            Pokédex: Seen 42, Owned 4
                            Badges: 2

                            You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                            Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                            My remixed music list: Here
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                              Episode 11: Pikachu Is Shocked (ピカチュウの大ショック)
                              [11:20 AM, Mar 13, Vermilion Gym]
                              It is not long before Red arrives at Vermilion Gym after he got off S. S. Anne.

                              Vermilion Gym is a little distinguished from other Kantonese Gyms, as it is additionally decorated with golden adornments, and a lightning-shaped symbol is attached to its roof. When Red enters the Gym, there are 15 silver trash cans lying on, or rather, fixed to the ground, forming a 5×3 rectangle, each containing pieces of rubbish. Among the trash cans, there are Trainers waiting for challengers before they can reach the Gym Leader. The Leader room is separated from the main hall with a 2-layer electric fence. Anyone who try passing it will be zapped into oblivion without turning it off.

                              Defeating all the Trainers in the hall, Red consults them on the key to unlocking the fence. An Engineer tells Red, that, there is a switch hidden in every trash can under the trash. Only 2 of them can unlock the fence, and they are randomly selected by the controller system. Plus, a challenger must press the 2 correct switches in order, that is, they are labeled with 1 and 2 (by the controller system), and only when he presses Switch 1 will Switch 2 be effective. As long as a wrong switch is pressed, including pressing one other than Switch 1 and 2, or pressing Switch 2 before Switch 1 is activated, the fence will be reset (or remain locked) and the correct switches will randomly change positions. However, the two correct switches are always adjacent to each other, vertically or horizontally, but not diagonally.

                              Hearing the rule of puzzle solving, Red puts his hand into the trash cans to reach for the switches inside. If he presses the correct one, a "ding-dong" fanfare will ring. The process or fence unlocking is truly exhausting, for the probability to solve the puzzle is 1 in 210 if the "adjacent" rule does not apply and 1 in 44 when it does. As the Gym states, he who does not have the courage and perseverance to face seemingly endless failures is not welcome.

                              It is not until the minute hand turns 288 degrees that Red finally unlocks the fence to reveal the room where the Gym Leaders stands. The Gym Leader is in stocky and imposing build, with white skin, yellow spiky hair and Roman nose, wearing a green military uniform.

                              The Gym Leader raises his right arm to show his muscles to Red as a welcome, "Hey, kid! You're the 20th challenger today, and the second one to solve my puzzle! Congratulations for you first step of success! I'm the Gym Leader here, Surge! I used to be a lieutenant, so everyone calls me Lt. Surge!"

                              "I'm the second? Who's the first?" asks Red.

                              "It's someone the same age as you with orange spiky hair!" answers Lt. Surge.

                              "Tch, Blue beat me again…" groans Red.

                              "And what Pokémon do you bring today?" asks Lt. Surge.

                              "Is it too much for a Gym Leader to show his team before a challenger?"

                              "Haha, kid, you're clever. My first part of troop is this, Voltorb!"

                              After sending out a Pokémon, Lt. Surge says, "All my Pokémon belong to the Electric-type! Many challengers didn't stay long in combat with me! Not with their puny power! I tell you, kid, electric Pokémon once saved my life during war while zapping my enemies into paralysis! If you dare challenge me, too, the same I'll do to you!"

                              "Probably not!" calls Red, "Rattata, I choose you! Quick Attack!"

                              "Voltorb, Screech!" commands Lt. Surge like a general.

                              Voltorb screeches noisily as Rattata charges at it. Rattata nearly has his ear drum pierced before he manages to land the hit on the Poké Ball-like Pokémon.

                              "Voltorb, Sonic Boom!"

                              "Rattata, Quick Attack!"

                              Voltorb releases explosive solidified air at Rattata while he launches himself at it. The Sonic Boom explodes upon impact and pushes Rattata away.

                              "Voltorb, Rollout!" commands Lt. Surge.

                              Voltorb rolls like a boulder rolling off a hill into Rattata.

                              "Rattata, dodge it!"

                              Rattata jumps aside to avoid being run over by Voltorb, but Voltorb instantly changes its direction and aim at Rattata. Rattata hops in vain only to face a foe rolling faster and faster. Eventually, Voltorb strikes Rattata hard and severely cuts down his health.

                              "See? Can you stand up to Voltorb's Rollout attack?" asks Lt. Surge.

                              "Not if Rattata hadn't learned this…Rattata, Endeavor!"

                              Rattata squeaks as he fires a beam of light onto Voltorb. The attack synchronizes the foe's HP with Rattata and Voltorb's speed slow down drastically.

                              "And now a full-force Quick Attack!"

                              Rattata runs up to Voltorb and bumps it before it can counter. Voltorb crashes into the wall, fall down, and faints. But Rattata is also exhausted (though not fainting) and can hardly continue fighting.

                              "Kid, you're good!" says Lt. Surge, "Now my No. 2, Magnemite!"

                              Magnemite looks more like a robot than a living thing, for its body is apparently constructed of metal and no organic substances. Magnemite is sometimes made fun of by some Trainers as it cannot nullify Ground-type (and 4× weak to it instead) attacks despite floating in the air.

                              "Come back, Rattata! Go, Charmeleon, Ember!"

                              "Magnemite, Light Screen!"

                              Charmeleon spits fire sparks from his mouth onto Magnemite, who creates an invisible wall in front of itself, deflecting most of the sparks.

                              "Wanna block my Special Attack? No way! Charmeleon, Dragon Rage!"

                              Charmeleon fires a blue-greenish fire ball at Magnemite. And although it is also a Special Attack and the Light Screen has not worn off, the fire ball neglects the Light Screen and explodes directly on Magnemite. Why? Because Dragon Rage is a fixed-damage move and is not affected by any Attack or Defense stat, nor any Attack or Defense stat-changing moves anyway.

                              "One more time! Charmeleon, Dragon Rage!"

                              "Magnemite, Explosion!" commands Lt. Surge to Red's shock.

                              Magnemite's body glows red and rises in temperature, and it suddenly explodes violently like tons of TNT dynamite! The blast wave sends Charmeleon crashing into the wall behind Red and knocks him out.

                              "Whoa…what power!" A stunned Red watches at his defeated fellow with his eyes and mouth open wide.

                              Despite sheer power, Explosion is a suicidal last-resort move that takes away all of the user's HP, and will be a complete loss when the target protects itself. After using Explosion, Magnemite falls to the ground with its pupil in the form of an X.

                              "Haha. How does my Normal-type explosion taste compared to your Dragon-type explosion?" says Lt. Surge, "Now I've to be more serious! Go, Raichu!"

                              A large, yellow-brownish, jerboa-like Pokémon jumps onto the battleground, emitting a frightening aura at its enemy, even to push Red back several steps. Raichu stands up, pats its chest like a gorilla, and raises its arms howling into the sky.

                              Since both Rattata and Charmeleon are out of battle, Pikachu is the only remaining weapon of Red. He sends him out in doubt of Pikachu's obedience.

                              Seeing the little Pikachu, Raichu speaks scornfully and waves its left hand at Pikachu.

                              "My Raichu is saying that your Pikachu is too wimpy to stand up to him!" explains Lt. Surge.

                              Instantly, Pikachu is enraged by the provocation of Raichu. He turns his body at his foe, his cheeks sparkling with electricity. He is determined to kick anyone's butt who dare look down upon him!

                              "Oh, Pikachu, you are finally in battle! Good, Quick Attack!"

                              Pikachu runs at Raichu, seemingly obeying Red's order. But the subsequent scene is so shocking that Red has his eyes fall out--Pikachu used Thunder Shock instead!

                              "Darn Pikachu! Don't you be self-willed again!" curses Red in his heart.

                              Shocked as Raichu is, it swings its head and shakes off the electricity on its skin, and fires a Thunder Shock of itself. Though same in basic power, the difference of physical power between the two Pokémon makes Raichu's move dealing visible damage on Pikachu.

                              An unreconciled Pikachu stands up and continues shocking Raichu--out of his own will rather than Red's command, only to be countered by Raichu's Thunder Shock over and over again.

                              When Pikachu's HP reaches its critical point, Pikachu desperately attempts to damage Raichu by a late Quick Attack. But Raichu chops Pikachu with a Brick Break after he gets near and sends him crashing into the wall behind and falling down with swirling eyes.

                              "How does it feel, boy? See my brute power?" says Lt. Surge as he recalls Raichu, "You didn't cooperate very well with your Pikachu, which will be a fatal problem in the wars!"

                              "I admit defeat this time, Lt. Surge. But next time your Thunder Badge will be ours!" oaths Red as he carries his badly injured partners out of the Gym.

                              "Welcome to taste the thrill of electricity again!"
                              --End of Epsiode 11--
                              Save File:
                              Player: Red
                              Time: Day 16
                              Pokédex: Seen 45, Owned 4
                              Badges: 2

                              You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                              Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                                Episode 12: A Sparkling Revenge (負けないで、ピカチュウ!)
                                [12:54 PM, Mar 13, Vermilion City Pokémon Center]
                                "Thank you for waiting! Your Pokémon are fighting fit now!" The reception nurse retrieves the healed Pokémon on a cart from the treatment room and returns them to Red.

                                As Red activates the Poké Balls, Charmeleon and Rattata jumps around vigorous and energetic, but Pikachu has his ears drooping and his head lowered. It is a horrible blow to his self-respect losing to Raichu so easily.

                                "What's wrong, Pikachu?" asks Red caringly.

                                Pikachu shouts at Red as if asking his Trainer to leave him alone.

                                Not wanting to add to Pikachu's gloomy heart, Red keeps Pikachu outside of his Poké Ball, let him stay aside him, without saying anything.

                                When Pikachu finally calms down, Red takes him to seat and let him sit on his thighs.

                                While resting, Pikachu looks at his Trainer and his hands at times, immersed with depression. He once believed himself to be the "Overlord of Viridian Forest". No other wild Pokémon dared scramble for food with him. Even a trained Charmander fell to his Static. Moreover, he remained at large stealing Pewter residents' food until Red's arrival. But he never stood a chance against a Raichu. Is god playing tricks on him?

                                "Pikachu, I have to say, you are the cleverest Pokémon I've ever met." says Red.

                                Pikachu keeps his mouth shut, not in the mood to accept commendations.

                                "But your haughtiness drags you. You are too proud of yourself to listen to me and to battle opponents that you ought to. As a result, you were never aware of the power difference between you and your foes. What's more, you ran reckless when Raichu taunted you, without thinking about proper strategies. Do you find it reasonable?"

                                Pikachu gazes at the red-capped young boy in acquiescence.

                                "But I promised you that we'll grow stronger. Don't you remember?" says Red, "You must have seen Charmeleon and Rattata fighting diligently around Cerulean City, and they are able to defeat opponents that have advantages against them. They were no stronger than you when they first joined my party. I don't believe you cannot avoid Raichu's attacks now that you can dodge Charmander's Ember."

                                Pikachu's ears jerk implying that he is touched.

                                "However, power is not everything. You might not believe a Charmander can win against an Onix, and a Rattata against a Starmie, but those just happened to your teammates, 'cause they both know to adopt their best points to avoid their shortcomings. What I think of you is your speed and nimbleness. If you can make full use of your agility, we'll surely win the rematch!"

                                Pikachu stares at Red as if in acknowledgement.

                                "While hunting the food thief, I discovered your primary weakness was gluttony, for you put down all your defense at the sight of that pile of food. But when I hugged you, in spite of the chance to escape before I captured you, you didn't. You never tried to run away under my possession, either. You don't really detest Trainers, do you?"

                                Pikachu's eyes turn watery.

                                "It's OK, Pikachu. Everything has passed. Let's put everything aside and become stronger from now on, shall we?" encourages Red.

                                Eventually, Pikachu can no longer hold his ears as he starts squalling in Red's bosom like an infant and makes his jacket entirely wet.

                                After Pikachu stops crying, Red asks him, "We'll have another 4-day training mission around here. I warn you all that it won't be relaxing. Will you shrink or not?"

                                Pikachu shakes his head firmly.

                                "Great! Now for training! Let's go, Charmeleon, Rattata, Pikachu!"

                                [9:24 AM, Mar 17, Vermilion Gym]
                                When Red visits the Gym for the second time, Lt. Surge closes down his electric fence and welcomes the challenger to the battle field.

                                "Thanks. But why?" asks Red.

                                "It's just a daily routine. It'll be too boring to have challengers solving the same puzzle for times." answers Lt. Surge.

                                "And in return, I'll show you my crushing force!" challenges Red as he raises his fist.

                                "Oh? I'm just hungry for it! Go, my troop leader, Raichu!"

                                "Ehhh? I expected you to send out Voltorb…" exclaims Red in astonishment.

                                "You must be after my Raichu, aren't you?" says Lt. Surge, "To make things easier, we'll have a 1 vs. 1 battle this time. OK?"

                                "Exactly!" says Red, "Pikachu, I choose you!"

                                Pikachu cries clearly as he exits his Poké Ball, his cheeks flickering with electricity. Raichu raises its defense when it discovers Pikachu fully pumped up.

                                "Go, Pikachu, Quick Attack!"

                                Pikachu yells loud and dashes at Raichu at full speed.

                                "Raichu, Fake Out!" commands Lt. Surge.

                                Raichu claps its hands and sends out a shock wave, which stops Pikachu's movement against his own will, dealing a little damage to him.

                                "Pikachu, don't stay dumb! Quick Attack!"

                                Pikachu charges at Raichu again. His attack is too fast to be dodged by Raichu, who has its stomach getting hit hard by a headbutt from Pikachu.

                                Why was not Red afraid of Fake Out this time? Because this move is ineffective unless the user has not made any other moves (including Fake Out itself) since it enters the battlefield. But when it hits, it is for sure to stop the opponent's move for a while and cut down the opponent's HP. It can be quite annoying when you plan to attack first.

                                "Excellent! Keep it up, Pikachu!" praises Red.

                                Pikachu raises his hand in response.

                                "You're getting along with your Pikachu." comments Lt. Surge, "But that's not enough! Raichu, Brick Break!"

                                Raichu's right hand glows white and it chops down on Pikachu.

                                "Dodge it, Pikachu!"

                                Pikachu focuses his eyes on Raichu's attack, and rolls sideways when the move is to hit. Raichu hits the ground instead and holds its swollen hand screaming in pain.

                                "Nothing serious! Raichu, get 'em with a Thunderbolt!"

                                Raichu's body dazzles yellow and it releases a tremendous beam of electricity at Pikachu, dealing large amounts of damage, but Pikachu manages to hold on using his type effectiveness.

                                "Pikachu, you Thunderbolt, too!" cries Red.

                                Pikachu roars and he also releases a blinding beam of electricity onto Raichu. Raichu moans and shakes the electricity off itself.

                                "Not too bad. But Raichu, Thunder!"

                                Raichu fires a more glaring beam of electricity into the sky, creating a circling field of energy which sparks emitted from it. Seconds later, a lightning shoots down from the field and strikes Pikachu. Pikachu has part of his fur charred and his limbs begin to tremble.

                                "Don't give up, Pikachu! You haven't taken your revenge yet!" shouts Red.

                                Pikachu barely keeps his torso off the ground.

                                "Final blow! Raichu, Thunder!" orders Lt. Surge.

                                "Oh, my goodness. We're outta fuel again…" facepalms Red.

                                But Pikachu's ears jerk and he grits his teeth tight. At that moment, several identical doppelgängers of him comes out of his body and surrounds the foe's Raichu.

                                "It's Double Team! What a life-saving move!" cries Red as he checks his Pokédex.

                                The sudden counter of Pikachu makes Raichu lose its target. The Thunder runs out of control and the lightning strikes the bare ground. The tiles on the hit spot break into sand and splash everywhere. When the fragments penetrate some of Pikachu's doppelgängers, they disappear in a puff of smoke.

                                "Raichu! Thunderbolt all of the mirages!"

                                "Pikachu, Quick Attack! With your Double Team!"

                                Pikachu summons his copies and they all accelerate to lighting-fast speed, tackling Raichu from head to toes, disorienting it badly. Raichu insanely shoots electricity around itself to try to identify the real Pikachu, but Pikachu is able to restore them whenever one is dispelled.

                                About one minute later, Pikachu's Double Team dies off, and both the rodent Pokémon are out of attacking capability and stand still panting, their bodies covered in abrasion and bruise. The only thing remained that they are able to compete against is durability.

                                5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds…the timer goes on ticking, but Pikachu and Raichu keep standing, glaring at their foes with a steadfast look on their faces, despite their body growing heavier and heavier. It is an insult to their dignity to admit defeat before their opponents do.

                                "Pikachu, don't risk your body for a win! We still have chances of comebacks!"

                                Nonetheless, remembering his last one-sided defeat, Pikachu is too unwilling to fall in front of Raichu.

                                "Pikachu…" Red is moved.

                                "You, too, Raichu! Prove your strength as the Special Forces!" orders Lt. Surge.

                                Raichu responds in a weak voice.


                                126 seconds! The foe's Raichu eventually gives and lies down unconscious.

                                "Oh, no! How could our electric attacks lose!" exclaims Lt. Surge, "That's a shocker! You're the great deal, kid!"

                                The time Lt. Surge finishes his speech, Pikachu faints and collapses subsequently, but not before he makes a V posture to his Trainer with his tiny hand.

                                "Wait a minute, Lt. Surge! I think we've got a draw since both of our Pokémon are knocked out…"

                                "Nope, you won! Just because your extra seconds of persistence. This is an essential quality for servicemen!" says Lt. Surge, "Now take the Thunder Badge and this TM!"

                                As Lt. Surge presents Red with an orange octagonal Badge and a TM case, he explains, "Thunder Badge allows your Pokémon to fly lightning-quick anytime. And TM24, it's Thunderbolt. It electrocutes its enemy and can induce paralysis. Teach it to an electric Pokémon, kid!"

                                "Oh, thank you. Sorry but I've to heal Pikachu asap, see you!"

                                "We wish you a pleasant Pokémon journey!"
                                --End of Epsiode 12--
                                Save File:
                                Player: Red
                                Time: Day 20
                                Pokédex: Seen 47, Owned 4
                                Badges: 3

                                You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                My remixed music list: Here
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                                  Episode 13: A Hike Round Vermilion (クチバ辺りの遠足)
                                  [1:09 PM, Mar 17, Vermilion City Pokémon Center]
                                  After a dreadful battle with Lt. Surge's Raichu, Pikachu won the Thunder Badge for Red at the cost of all but his last breath. According to the nurse, Pikachu has been in deep coma when he was rushed there, and his body would suffer permanent disability if Red arrived 10 minutes late. A flow of sense of guilty circulates through Red's heart.

                                  Fortunately, the timely treatment restores Pikachu's health and he returns to Red brimming with energy.

                                  "Thank goodness you're all right. I'm sorry for pushing you too hard." apologizes Red.

                                  Pikachu pats his chest as if saying it's nothing but a daily exercise.

                                  "OK. We should have a holiday. There's a broad area east of Vermilion for a hike. Let's go there. You should walk a lot too. There's a saying that it bestows longevity to walk hundreds of steps after meals." Red views the Town Map as he opens all of his Poké Balls.

                                  After exiting the Pokémon Center, he strolls east as his Pokémon follow him instead of staying inside their Poké Balls.

                                  [2:27 PM, Mar 17, Route 11]
                                  However, Red's holiday ends abruptly when a Youngster challenges him to a fight.

                                  "Who volunteers?" asks Red to his fellows.

                                  Charmeleon raises his right hand.

                                  "OK, Charmeleon, I choose you!"

                                  "Go, Ekans, use Glare!" says the Youngster with his Poké Ball thrown out.

                                  "Charmeleon, don't look at Ekans' eyes! And Dragon Rage!"

                                  Ekans glares at Charmeleon, but Charmeleon covers his eyes with his hands and produces a fire ball in his mouth. He then shoots the fire ball at Ekans, defeating it.

                                  "Exp. Points get!" Red withdraws Charmeleon and the team continue to the east.


                                  As the team progresses, they hear snoring voices continually, torturing their ears little by little.

                                  "Ouch! That hurts! Hold there, you three!"

                                  Red puts away all of his Pokémon in his Poké Balls and runs back towards Vermilion City until he is out of the snore's range. He bumps into the Youngsters with Ekans again.

                                  "Huff, puff…I tried to catch up with you but you were too fast…" pants the Youngster, "You can't reach Lavender Town in that direction…"

                                  "So this way leads to Lavender Town. But what's that irritating noise?"

                                  "It's a colossal Pokémon blocking the way. Huff, puff…"

                                  "What's it like?"

                                  "I dunno. Nobody is able to get close to it…"

                                  "Then how could I get to Lavender Town?" asks Red.

                                  "You can detour through Rock Tunnel, but its' too far, and it's pitch dark inside. You'd better not if you don't have a torchlight or a Pokémon knowing Flash."

                                  "Sigh…but that's the only way for me now. Thanks. See ya."

                                  Red leaves the helping Youngster, views the Town Map, and hurries back to Vermilion.

                                  "Wahahahah! I won! I haven't lost since I came here!"

                                  With the guffawing voice of an old man, Red notices a young boy carrying his injured Spearow towards the Pokémon Center, obviously losing a battle against that old stuff. Red is curious to find out what keeps the old guy from losing.

                                  Sure enough, the old man challenges Red as soon as he catches sight of the boy.

                                  "Another Exp. Point pack! Take it for me, Voltorb! Spark!"

                                  "Charmeleon, I choose you! Ember!"

                                  Charmeleon soaks the foe's Voltorb with fire sparks before it can even emit any electricity, knocking it out of battle.

                                  "Aiyeee, how can Voltorb lose! Magnemite, bring the Exp. Point pack for me!"

                                  "Charmeleon, Ember!"

                                  It's a silly decision to send out someone even weaker to Fire-type when his predecessor is down, isn't it? Does this old fellow lack common sense?

                                  "Humph! You were just lucky!" says the old man in a tough tone.

                                  "Lucky enough to have 3 Badges?" replies Red with contempt.

                                  "You got those Badges by nothing but luck! I can win them handily, too!"

                                  "Bah, no time wasting on your nonsense!" Red runs away after he sticks his tounge out at the boasting man.

                                  And after hundreds of further steps, Red encounters another old man. However, this old man is quite contrary to the last one as he claims that he has never won a match. He begs Red to have a battle with him so that he can break his zero-win record.

                                  "It's too hard to satisfy." says Red, "But I accept your challenge."

                                  The old man then sends out a Growlithe. Despite possessing the Intimidate Ability, it looks old, shaky and clumsy. Red realizes the man's problem in a momen--his Pokémon are too aged to put up good fights against young ones, just as the relationship between elders and youngsters.

                                  "Don't push your Pokémon!" advises Red to the man, "It's merely a symbol for a win!"

                                  But the old man is too stubborn to cease the battle, and orders his Growlithe to use Bite. Growlithe opens its mouth, only to reveal its worn, blunt teeth.

                                  "Sorry but your zero-win continues. Mild Dragon Rage!"

                                  Charmeleon spits a small fire ball onto Growlithe and knocks it to the ground.

                                  Nonetheless, the old man is desperate for a win. He sends out a Vulpix after recalling Growlithe, sickly and stagnant as its Growlithe partner.

                                  "Early death, early relief! Charmeleon, mild Dragon Rage!"

                                  The Vulpix collapses when the fire ball touches it, even without exploding.

                                  And when the old man watches his Vulpix faint, he starts to wave about madly and curses Red with words as dirty as he can imagine. Red wishes that he had the contact information of the madhouse.

                                  Finally, Red gets close to the entrance of a cave. The cave does not look like forming naturally or being dug out manually (by human). There is a signpost outside the entrance, reading:
                                  Diglett's Cave
                                  To Pewter City

                                  When Red is looking into the cave from outside the entrance, a middle-aged Hiker with a backpack calls him.

                                  "Wait a moment, kid. Don't be so hurry!"

                                  "What's the matter, sir? Is it dangerous inside?"

                                  "This cave is dug out by Diglett and Dugtrio, the only residents of it, and that's why it's called Diglett's Cave! You'll be in trouble with their Ability Arena Trap, which'll prevent you from escaping unless you defeat 'em in battles or make 'em flee. But if you insist, you should bring yourself with Repels so that wild Pokémon will not attack you in some time."

                                  "Thank you, but I'm just a passer-by."

                                  Red leaves the Diglett's Cave and returns to Vermilion City.
                                  --End of Epsiode 13--
                                  Save File:
                                  Player: Red
                                  Time: Day 20
                                  Pokédex: Seen 49, Owned 4
                                  Badges: 3

                                  You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                  Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                  My remixed music list: Here
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                                    Episode 14: The Pokémon Fan Club (ポケモン大好きクラブ)
                                    [3:50 PM, Mar 17, Vermilion City]
                                    Walking for long distances every day since February 27th, Red's arms and legs begin to ache. He often dreams of owning a bicycle, and he did visit a bike shop in Cerulean City. However, all the bicycles sold there are for terribly high prices. The cheapest bicycle costs even 86,888 Pokémon Dollars despite Red has earned only 19,962 (including the 3,000 he brought from home).

                                    Red lets out a yawn when he is about to enter the Pokémon Center, but is called by an old Gentleman with a walking stick.

                                    "Hello there. Are you Red?"

                                    "Yep. What's up, sir?"

                                    "So you must be the hero who expelled Team Rocket from Mt. Moon! I've heard you for long before I meet you here by accident!"

                                    "Not at all." says Red with a shy face and scratches his back head, "I just couldn't stand those fossil thieves…"

                                    "Don't be too modest. Young man, how about coming with me to my Pokémon Fan Club? It's not very far from here."

                                    "I'd like to but I feel tired…"

                                    "I won't push you. You just come when you wish."

                                    Before leaving, the Gentleman hands out a business card to Red, revealing his name to be Sutō, the chairman of Vermilion Pokémon Fan Club. The address on the card shows that his club is approximately one block away from the Pokémon Center.

                                    [7:14 PM, Mar 17, Vermilion Pokémon Fan Club]
                                    Under Chairman Sutō's invitation, Red visits his fan club this evening after recovering his energy at the Pokémon Center.

                                    "Excuse me." Red knocks on the door and is welcomed in by the Gentleman.

                                    "Come in please. You can have your seat here." The chairman seats Red beside a rectangular table, with many other fans of Pokémon in company, all with walking Pokémon.

                                    "A-hem!" The chairman clears his throat and introduces Red to others, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the very young man I told you about, who brilliantly drove the Team Rocket thugs out of Mt. Moon. And his name is Red!"

                                    "Nice to meet you, Red. My name's Regis." says a man in 40s, "You are a big deal to fight a gang of criminals! I took my Dodrio to Mt. Moon yesterday only to be chased down by those scoundrels. I would have lost him if he hadn't run fast carrying me…"

                                    "That's right." says a 17-year-old teenage girl in pink dress, "Not only do those Team Rocket steal Pokémon, but they have the heart to even murder them!"

                                    "WHAT? Murder?" asks Red in shock.

                                    "I'm Yuko. That was days ago when I was at Lavender Town." The girl recollects her memories of the past, "I visited my younger brother Yuji on March 4, and planned to sweep the tomb for my mother's Wigglytuff on 5th. But the town was then invaded by a gang of men in black, Team Rocket! They lock the dwellers inside the houses and forced them to close the curtains. They claimed that nobody should interfere with them making money."

                                    "Is the town inhabited with wild Pokémon?" asks Red.

                                    "There are wild Pokémon living in the Pokémon Tower northeastern of Lavender Town." says Yuko, "During my tomb sweeping, A herd of Team Rocket came in and drove all the tomb sweepers out. I was luckily not discovered by hiding behind a grave holding my breath…I peeped from the gap between graves and saw them running after a Cubone and a Marowak, crying 'Hold it, my money bag'. My parents told me that Cubone's skull helmets are rare and valuable. Perhaps that' why Team Rocket was after them."

                                    "And what happened to Cubone and Marowak then?" asks Red.

                                    "When the footsteps couldn't be heard, I heard another shill scream from Cubone and Marowak, with the sound of something like a shotgun. I was too frightened to move until it came to an absolute silence…And when I went to check out, I found Marowak lying on the ground motionless bleeding from its mouth, with Cubone missing. I felt Marowak's nose and heart and…it was dead."

                                    "Wait! A Ground-type Marowak was killed by a shotgun?" cries Red, "Oh, forget it. Maybe Ground-type Pokémon are only immune to Electric-type moves from Pokémon."

                                    "I felt sorry for Marowak but I had to be careful of Team Rocket's return, so I slid out of the tower only to find the men in black scattered in the town! I hid myself with the help of walls and fled to Vermilion City where my home is."

                                    "That was close, huh?" says Red.

                                    "And though Team Rocket finally left, I received a message from Yuji that the Pokémon Tower was haunted! And it might be closely related to Marowak's death!" The stress of "haunted" makes everyone, especially Red, gulp nervously.

                                    "And though the tomb sweepers gradually returned, all of them stated that they were scared out by a ghastly, angry voice. Other brave adventures tried to seek it out, only to be scared out, too."

                                    "What was that voice?" asks Red.

                                    "Get out…get out of here…" Yuko makes gestures as she mimics the voice.

                                    "Oh, god." Red smiles bitterly as he waves his hand, "There shouldn't be ghosts on this world!"

                                    "Whether or not you believe, I believe it!" says Yuko, "Pokémon are friends of men. It can't be merrier that all of us get together. But Team Rocket views them as merely sources of income!"

                                    "Yeah! It's absolutely unacceptable to take Pokémon as ATMs!" echoes everybody.

                                    Red stands up from his seat, his fist holding tight, his eyes bursting with fury, "Those Team Rocket sleazeballs! They're nothing other than heartless beasts! I've put up a fight with 'em at Mt. Moon, and I won't let those jerks in black get away easily!"

                                    "But I doubt your ability to deal with them, since even the cops fail to make out their network. Nothing about their leader and core admins are known, and capturing the fleeing underlings is as ineffective as scratching an itch on your foot outside your shoe!" says a middle-aged woman in her 50s.

                                    "We never know the result before we start, do we?" says Red, "We can't just sit there to watch Team Rocket do bad things rampantly, much less my experience at Mt. Moon!"

                                    "I believe in you, young man!" says the chairman, "And this is the meeting gift for you!"

                                    Red obtains a Bike Voucher from the chairman.

                                    "Wow! I always want my own bicycle! Thank you, Chairman Sutō!"

                                    "Just out of my will. Simply exchange it for a bicycle in the bike shop in Cerulean City. It's late now, but I'm glad to put you up for a night here. In return, please tell us more about your experience with Pokémon!"

                                    "It's very kind of you, Chairman Sutō!" Red bows to the chairman gratefully.

                                    The next morning, the fans comes out of the club to see Red off. The chairman calls out his Fearow and offers Red a shortcut ride to Cerulean City. Fearow carries the red-capped Trainer to the entrance to Cerulean Bike Shop before it returns to the chairman.

                                    [8:22 AM, Mar 18, Cerulean Bike Shop]
                                    "Excuse me, sir. I'd like to exchange for a bicycle!" Red shows the voucher to the salesman.

                                    "Hmm…Then this is your bicycle." The salesman points to a red foldable mountain bicycle with a price label reading 142,888 Poké Dollars.

                                    "Woooah! So expensive!" exclaims Red.

                                    "Expensive? No bike shops dare sell bicycles at such a price other than us!" states the salesman proudly, "You are a lucky dog to get the bicycle of the best quality in ours. It's strong enough to withstand a decade's time! It'll be your loss to miss it!"

                                    "All right. I'll take it." Red gives the voucher to the salesman and takes the bicycle out.

                                    Upon leaving the shop, Red cannot wait to ride on his brand new bicycle. It does very well in both acceleration and braking. When it is fold up, it perfectly fits Red's backpack. What is more, lt weighs only a little bit over 2 kilograms, even lighter than two ultrabooks. Red is gratified to get to know about such a kind club chairman.

                                    Planning his next destination to be Lavender Town, Red views his Town Map and it displays the shortest route there. Red is to ride along Routes 9 and 10, crossing Rock Tunnel in the middle. Red has obtained TM70 Flash somewhere and taught it to Pikachu, which adds to his speciality to dodge enemy attacks.
                                    --End of Epsiode 14--
                                    Save File:
                                    Player: Red
                                    Time: Day 21
                                    Pokédex: Seen 51, Owned 4
                                    Badges: 3

                                    You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                    Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                    My remixed music list: Here
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                                      Episode 15: The Town of Noble Purple (お化けタワーと失踪した老人)
                                      [8:49 AM, Mar 18, Route 9]
                                      Obtaining his beloved mountain bicycle, Red is riding on Route 9 humming merrily. He continues humming every time he is interrupted by Trainers.

                                      Three week ago…

                                      [3:21 PM, Feb 27, Pallet Town]
                                      With hasty paces, a visitor arrived at Red's house and knocked on the door. Red's mother opened the door and was surprised to recognize the visitor.

                                      "Why! If it isn't [the visitor's name]! It's been years, and you've grown so beautiful!"

                                      "Thank you, auntie. Do you know where Red is now?"

                                      "He left early this morning. He's now in Viridian City, I think."

                                      "Viridian City? Oh, no, I missed him!" cried the visitor in regret.

                                      "Have you visited Professor Oak?" asked the woman.

                                      "Nope. I will, but I think I have to hurry." said the visitor who left Red's house.

                                      [3:32 PM, Feb 27, Professor Oak's Laboratory]
                                      "Good afternoon, Professor Oak!"

                                      "Ohhh. Hi, there. What's your name?" asked Professor Oak who greeted the visitor.

                                      "I'm [the visitor's name]. Excuse me, Professor Oak, but do you know where Red is now?"

                                      "You know Red? He texted me that he had arrived in Viridian City…half an hour ago."

                                      "Ah, so he did leave." The visitor facepalmed, "Sorry to bother you. I'll leave now."

                                      "Wait!" called the professor.

                                      "Yes, Professor Oak?"

                                      "You can take these with you." Professor Oak gave the visitor a Pokédex and 5 Poké Balls. The Pokédex is identical to Red's and Blue's except that it is blue.

                                      "Thank you, professor. Oh, is that a Bulbasaur, one of the starter Pokémon for rookies?"

                                      "Yes. It was with Charmander and Squirtle, but both of them were already taken. Do you want that Bulbasaur?"

                                      "Can I really have it?" asked the visitor in delight.

                                      "Sure. Just take good care of it."

                                      "Oh. Thank you, Professor Oak!" The visitor took Bulbasaur and viewed it in the Pokédex, "Wow. It'a girl! There can be only 1 out of 8 of them to be girls!"

                                      "Haha, sure there is. You have a solid Pokémon knowledge foundation!"

                                      [10:23 AM, Mar 18, Route 10]
                                      As Red exits the valley on Route 9, he arrives at a riverbank. The northern entrance to Rock Tunnel is located a little southeast. A Pokémon Center is built near it to put up campers and hikers. Red rests there for a while before he sends out Pikachu for walking through Rock Tunnel.

                                      Though as dark as midnight without illumination, the Rock Tunnel is crammed with Trainers, even little boy Campers and girl Picnickers. Some long-haired PokéManiacs are searching for rare Pokémon here. A few Hikers are trying to climb up rocks. Red finds a TM80 inside the tunnel. It contains Rock Slide and it has a chance to spook every target it hits.

                                      Leaving Rock Tunnel, there is only a little more than half a mile to Lavender town. But even on this short southern portion of Route 10 are there full of Trainers!

                                      [12:16 PM, Mar 18, Lavender Town]
                                      As the title of the town states, all of Lavender Town's buildings are colored purple (except the Pokémon Center and the Poké Mart). The local residents believe in purple to be the most elegant and noble color, and the style of architecture barely changed since the town was found centuries ago.

                                      A 7-floor tower is erected northeastern of the town, with a semispherical roof protected with a long lightning rod. It must be the Pokémon Tower according to Yuko.

                                      As Red approaches the tower, a Hex Maniac in dark violet calls him.

                                      "Hey…Do you believe in ghosts?"

                                      "Nope, not at all!" Red shakes his head.

                                      "Hehehehe…" The Hex Maniac giggles in a way to make Red's hair stand on end. Are you under the effect of Chunibyo, thinks Red.

                                      "Look at your left shoulder…Can you see a white hand on it?"

                                      Red suddenly feels his left shoulder a bit heavier than his right. But when he turns his head, he sees nothing over it except the bag belt.

                                      Darn you! How dare you scare me with illusionary ghosts! Swears Red in his mind.

                                      But the next moment, Red shudders in fear that the Hex Maniac is gone! Yes, she is gone!! She is gone!!! Three times for the important things!

                                      Red turns around and finds nobody running off. There are not many buildings around his position except the Pokémon Tower, so it cannot be that the Hex Maniac swiftly hid herself in one of them. However, it is even more difficult to be convinced that a living person suddenly disappeared from open space without a trace, let alone in the middle of the day!

                                      Are you hiding in the tower? An angry Red steps towards the tower in order to find out. But an ominous wind blows from inside and renders Red almost unable to forward anymore.

                                      "Get out…get out of here…"

                                      Red's heart begins to beat wildly, and droplets of sweat roll down his forehead. Is the tower really haunted? It can't be! It's against science! Red pats his head to keep himself calm and attempts to raise his foot…

                                      "Get out…get out of here…"

                                      The eerie voice echoes around Red like the god of death. Red's heart is going crazy and he desperately persuades himself that there are no ghosts on this world!

                                      "Get out…get out of here…"

                                      When the voice echoes the third time, Red's soul is completely scared out of his human body and he scrambles away from the tower until he reaches a house, holding on to his knees breathing like a Tauros plowing the fields.

                                      "What's wrong with you? Don't you feel well?" The door opens and a young girl comes out.

                                      "I…I found ghosts! They…they're in the Pokémon Tower…I mean it!" Red replies as his hands fail to stop shivering.

                                      "Oh, calm down. Come in, please." The girl invites Red to the house.

                                      [12:26 PM, Mar 18, Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House]
                                      Red returns to his reason after drinking a cup of warm tea made by the girl. He notices that this house is like a classroom in a kindergarten. Arrays of books are neatly arranged on the bookshelf at the east side; A large box of toys are put in the northwestern corner; The northern side seems to be accommodations for small Pokémon, where a Psyduck, an Oddish and a Nidoran♀ are sleeping.

                                      "You must be a traveler from other towns." says the girl, "My name's Reina. Nice to meet you!"

                                      "I'm Red from Pallet Town. Nice to meet you, too."

                                      "Pallet Town…That must be a faraway place. It must be hard for you to keep traveling until now. " says Reina, "And you said you found ghosts in Pokémon Tower? Not ghosts, but a ghost, and it must be the spirit of Cubone's mother, Marowak."

                                      "I heard in Vermilion that a Marowak was killed by Team Rocket and her child Cubone narrowly missed being captured." says Red.

                                      "That very Cubone is here." says Reina as she calls deeper into the house, "Come out, Cubone! No bad guys here!"

                                      An infant Cubone walks out in a timid manner with grief and sorrow in his eyes. He cannot understand why a group of human strangers would kill his mother, leaving him orphaned, despite they have done nothing bad to those humans.

                                      "I'm totally with you, Cubone." comforts Red, "I loathe those Team Rocket devils like you!"

                                      Cubone briefly shakes his bone club in his hand. This bone club originally belonged to his mother, but it snapped into halves when they were hunted by Team Rocket. It was given by Marowak as she was dying as his self-protection. His skull helmet is also part of remains of his mother so that he can protect his head.

                                      "Reina. You said Marowak turned into a ghost after death?" asks Red.

                                      "Yes, and it just appeared after the murder." says Reina, "And I think there must be something important that prevents Marowak from resting, and that's why she scares anyone away from Pokémon Tower."

                                      "I think Marowak wants to see her child Cubone…" ponders Red.

                                      "I think so, but I failed to calm her down even if I tried to take Cubone into the tower..."

                                      "Maybe a battle with her will do?"

                                      "Giggle…Don't be silly, Red. How can you fight a ghost that has no physical body?"

                                      "Haha, I'm just joking."

                                      "But that's not completely impossible." Reina suddenly changes her tone, "Do you know that Silph Co. from Saffron City is propagating their recent new production? It's called Silph Scope, and it's said to let users identify ghosts! Even communications and battles are enabled! You may have a try if their propaganda is real."

                                      "Isn't it a wonderful idea. And Reina, are those Pokémon orphans like Cubone?"

                                      "They didn't lose their parents, but they were abandoned by their Trainers." says Reina, "Some Trainers view Pokémon as tools of fame and money, and whenever their Pokémon fail to live up to their expectations, they dump them like worn boots."

                                      "In no way will I abandon my Pokémon!" claims Red, "A Trainer is no different from those Team Rocket crooks if he doesn't take care of his Pokémon!"

                                      "I'm with you, Red." says Reina, "And that's the primary motivation that we Lavenderers founded this volunteer house led by Mr. Fuji. All homeless and abandoned Pokémon are taken care of here until they're voluntarily adopted by other Trainers."

                                      "But I found nobody here other than you, Reina."

                                      "Mr. Fuji used to be here until 5th, the day of Team Rocket's invasion." says Reina, "He claimed to calm down Marowak and insisted in entering Pokémon Tower, never to return. I'm worried about his safety but I never managed to even take a step into the tower…"

                                      "So it'll be convenient if I had those Silph Scopes, if the guards of Saffron City would let me in…"

                                      "You may visit Celadon City to the west first." suggests Reina, "Because the two cities are very close to each other, and you may find something useful there. But don't go south! There's a Snorlax sleeping on Route 12 and it'll snore you into a deaf!"

                                      "A Snorlax? Got it. I feel much better now. Thanks for you help, Reina."

                                      "My pleasure, Red."
                                      --End of Epsiode 15--
                                      Save File:
                                      Player: Red
                                      Time: Day 21
                                      Pokédex: Seen 55, Owned 4
                                      Badges: 3

                                      You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                      Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                                        Episode 16: Journey to the West (ヤマブキへの道)
                                        [1:02 PM, Mar 18, Route 8]
                                        Route 8 connects Saffron City and Lavender Town. Unlike Route 1 and Route 22, it is really a straight road, except that a small garden is present in the middle of it. The small garden is fenced off and is home to a few kinds of wild Pokémon. Both entrances to the garden are blocked by a Cut-able bush, protecting non-Trainers from trespassing it.

                                        When Red has covered about half of the distance, he notices 4 Trainers arguing on something at the sidewalk of the road. He rides on and asks them what they are discussing about.

                                        "We're talking about the most popular Pokémon. I just loooove Meowth! Either when it raises its paw or it hisses, it's so kawaii! Meowth, that's right!" says a Lass.

                                        "No, no, what can those Pokémon who look cute do for us?" A Super Nerd interrupts the Lass, "As a science guy, I prefer Pokémon like Grimer and Koffing. I study chemistry and I'm working on how the substances they release can be made use of…"

                                        "Grimer and Koffing are ugly and disgusting!" cries the Lass, "Do you enjoy absorbing the poisonous gas they emit?"

                                        "But what can Meowth do other than playing up to their owners? They're pleasant to the eyes but of no use like vases!" argues the Super Nerd.

                                        Red meditates their quarrels, "Calm down! We're here for communication, not for quarreling!"

                                        The Lass and the Super Nerd let out a "Humph" and cease brawling.

                                        The Picnicker beside them says, "And I love Pokémon that belong to the same family, such as Nidoran♀ and Nidoran♂. I like them just like being with my parents and siblings."

                                        And the Camper next to the Picnicker says to himself blushing, "And that's why I caught a Nidoran♂ when I knew Jane had a Nidoran♀…"

                                        "And it's my turn." says Red, "I'm not specifically interested in one or more species of Pokémon, but I admire Pokémon who can develop a close bond and cooperate well with their Trainers. Take a look at my team!"

                                        Charmeleon, Rattata and Pikachu cry out clearly as they exit their Poké Balls.

                                        When the Super Nerd sees Red's Pokémon, he asks if Red can have a battle with him.

                                        "No problem. Pikachu, I choose you!"

                                        "You go, Grimer!"

                                        When Grimer is out, the Lass steps backwards and protects her nose and mouth with a mask. The foul odor of Grimer is too strong for her to stand.

                                        "Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!" commands Red.

                                        "Electric is countered by Ground. Grimer, use Mud Slap!" says the Super Nerd.

                                        Pikachu jumps up and releases powerful electricity onto Grimer. Grimer pinches some mud out of its body and throws it at Pikachu, only to be dodged by the agile electric mouse.

                                        "Another Thunderbolt!"

                                        Pikachu's second Thunderbolt faints Grimer and claims Red the winner.

                                        "Ah, you're not bad." says the Super Nerd as he withdraws Grimer, "My research is still on the way. You can have this TM."

                                        The Super Nerd gives Red a TM case numbered 84.

                                        "It's Poison Jab! The user jabs the opponent with arms or tentacles steeped in poison, and it may cause poison on contact, too." explains the Super Nerd.

                                        "Oh, your Super Nerds are thinking about nothing but chemical substances!" says the Lass.

                                        "But everything is made up of chemical substances, isn't it?" retorts the Super Nerd.

                                        "Alas…I don't think their issues will end very soon." sighs Red.

                                        [1:40 PM, Mar 18, Route 8]
                                        After defeating the Super Nerd with Grimer, Red gets on his bicycle and continues westwards. As he approaches the gate to Saffron City, he sees a baldy old man sitting on the side of the route with white beard, fiddling with an upside-down flower pot with a dice on it.

                                        "Wahahahah! Already a 49-win combo! One more and my combo will reach 50! Ooaargh, where's my 50th opponent? I'm gonna be crazy!"

                                        "Tch, a Gambler!" grumbles Red, "They call themselves Gamers but they gamble all day!"

                                        "Hey, the dude over there!" The Gambler calls Red, "Come here and battle me if you have guts! I can't wait to have my first 50-win combo!"

                                        "What if I decline?" asks Red.

                                        "You won't be a Magikarp, will you?" The Gambler goads Red.

                                        "What a shame his 50th opponent is me." sighs Red, "Pikachu, I choose you!"

                                        To Red's amusement, the Gambler sends out a Poliwag and subsequently a Poliwhirl seeing his foe as a Pikachu. Red finds it even more hilarious that the Gambler believes that Water is strong against Electric! All in all, the old chap can get it wrong on even the basic chart of type effectiveness. How weak his former opponents were when he should win 49 times in a row!

                                        After laughing his butt off, Red snaps his finger and Pikachu zaps Poliwag and Poliwhirl into chunks of charcoal.

                                        "…You! How dare you destroy my winning combo?" The Gambler points at Red trembling, "I've been waiting here since 6 o'clock and I reached a 46-win streak for the first time, until a dude with orange hair came the same age as you, and my second streak of 49…Am I doomed to be kept away from 50?"

                                        "Sorry but I've nothing to tell you about. Bah!" Red leaves after he poses an akanbe to the Gambler.

                                        Crossing Saffron City via the Underground Path and it is Route 7. The route is too short to be classified as an inter-city route, and standing in the middle of it provides the viewers with both the scenery of Saffron and Celadon. There used to be a Wepear Berry lying near the southern woods, but now it lies in Red's backpack.

                                        [2:03 PM, Mar 18, Celadon City]
                                        Red rests his Pokémon at the Pokémon Center before he has his lunch in a local restaurant. He decides to spend this afternoon walking around the rainbow city. The name of this city originates from the color of its buildings, celadon, and the symbol of the local Gym, Celadon Gym. It is also home to the largest shopping mall of Kanto, Celadon Department Store (CDS). It is convenient for Kantoneses' everyday life since almost all daily essentials and Pokémon items can be purchased there. The business of CDS keeps rocketing since its foundation 26 years ago.

                                        Meanwhile, on Route 8…

                                        *Tap, tap, tap*! Someone is evidently rushing towards Celadon City, currently at the entrance to the Underground Path.

                                        "I'll definitely catch you! Wait for me, please!" says the person quietly.
                                        --End of Epsiode 16--
                                        Save File:
                                        Player: Red
                                        Time: Day 21
                                        Pokédex: Seen 58, Owned 4
                                        Badges: 3

                                        You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                        Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
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                                          Episode 17: An Embarrassing Reunion (すっかり忘れてた?6年ぶりの再会!)
                                          [2:55 PM, Mar 18, Celadon City]
                                          After treating himself with a tasty lunch, Red is healthy and charged, and forwards his wandering through the avenues. The scale of Celadon City even exceeds those of Pewter, Cerulean and Vermilion. Never has he been to such a grand metropolis before. The first 11 years of his life were entirely spent in his hometown, Pallet Town, on the region border. Not even has he been to Viridian City before he was eligible for Pokémon training. Red feels himself to be a countryman just passing by the crowds on the prosperous streets. He walks as he croons on his favorite BGM, Road to Cerulean City: Leaving Mt. Moon.

                                          *Tap, tap, tap*!

                                          Footsteps from behind are getting closer and closer, but Red is too immersed in his favorite music to take any care of them.

                                          Suddenly, a pair of hands extends from behind and covers his eyes!

                                          "Yipe! What's going on here!" exclaims Red.

                                          "Guess who ~ I am!" A female voice is heard in an impish way.

                                          Huh? That voice sounds a bit familiar! She must be…But what in Red's mind is nothing but void. He tries to settle himself, but the pressing force onto his back (or backpack) just won't let him do so.

                                          "Fu-fun! Made it out?"

                                          "OK, I surrender! And take your hands off me!" says Red.

                                          "What's that rude response! It's not interesting at all!" says the person disappointedly as she lets go of Red.

                                          Red turns around and sees a young girl about the same age as him. The girl possesses light, smooth skin, with light brown-grayish long hair, and blue irises. She is wearing a bluish sleeveless T-shirt and a red miniskirt, a white round hat, blue loose socks and red-and white sneakers. The collar of the T-shirt is black which extends with a water drop-like symbol to the middle of the chest. The hat as red stripes on it to make it look like a Premier Ball. She wears a pair of black wristbands as Red does. She carries with herself with a yellow-brownish satchel with a pink VS. Seeker on the belt. Sweat is visible on her forehead, proving that she had been running for a long distance.

                                          The girl looks at Red smilingly and blushes, "Do you remember me? It's been 6 years…"

                                          6 years ago? What happened then? Red's memory remains blank.

                                          "Didn't you forget everything, Re-chan? That day on Route 21…" says the girl.

                                          Being called "Re-chan" does remind Red a little about his past. He remembers that he once made friends with a girl, and it was approximately 6 years ago. They played together for a short time until the girl moved away from Pallet Town and they lost contact since then. But he still has difficulty recollecting what he did on Route 21.

                                          "Do you remember saving a little girl from drowning? It was on Route 21, south of Pallet Town!" The girl keeps reminding Red of the incident when he is fetching his memory.

                                          Drowning! It comes to Red at last the day when Red was playing outside alone...

                                          One day, a 5-year-old Red was drawing a Pikachu with a branch on the beach south of Pallet Town when he heard someone crying for help! He looked around and spotted a little girl struggling on the surface of the sea.

                                          "He…help! Someone help me!" The girl cried as the sea mercilessly tried to drag her underwater.

                                          "My mom told me to be brave! I can't stand here and look at her dying!" thinks Red, "But I can't swim! I'll lose my life if I dive into water, too! But nobody's around here. What should I do?"

                                          At that moment, a Tangela stepped out of a bush near the beach and walked on the beach carefree.

                                          Aha! Maybe the vines of Tangela can do!

                                          Wait a minute! It's a Pokémon! If I accidentally enrages it, it may attack me!

                                          "He…help…gulp…" The voice of the girl died down and she began to sink.

                                          Lifesaving is everything! Red ran up to the Tangela and talked to it, "Tangela! Please help me! Use your vines to pull that girl up! Hurry up! Over there!"

                                          The Tangela seemed to understand Red's meaning, as it extended one of its vines towards the position of the drowning girl. When it felt its vine being pulled, it exerted all its strength with Red to pull backwards.

                                          With a splash of waves, Red and the Tangela successfully pulled the girl onto the shore. The girl coughed for several times before she fainted, possibly as a result of water inhaling. Although the young Red is new to first aids, his mother had taught him that he must dial 119, the emergency number as soon as possible. He made his mother dial 119 after he rushed home as quickly as he could.

                                          After not long, a group of doctors and nurses arrived at the scene, together with the victim's parents. The couple ran into panic when they lost sight of their daughter and they almost broke down when they saw her unconscious as a result of drowning. The Tangela had already left before the adults' arrival.

                                          When the doctors were examining the girl, her father asked them anxiously, "Is our daughter safe, doctor?"

                                          "…(Examining)...Yes, she is. You're lucky that this young boy discovered her in time."

                                          "Thank goodness!" said the girl's mother, who then asked Red gratefully, "Thank you for saving our daughter! What's your name? And where do you live?"

                                          "My name's Red, and I live at 1201 White Mount Ave!" answered Red in his immature voice.

                                          After proper emergency aids on the girl, the doctors told her parents that she had been out of danger and what she needed was resting at home for a few days, much to the couple's relief. After the group left, Red put his deed aside and went home.

                                          Days later, Red was enjoying the first volume of Pokémon Adventures manga upstairs. This volume was first published years before he was born. Red was specifically interested in its main character as the fictional spiky-haired boy also wears a reddish cap and jacket and is named Red.

                                          Just then, Red's mother called him from the living room.

                                          "Reeed! Someone's looking for you at the door! It's a girl!"

                                          A girl? Red went downstairs curiously, and found the very girl at the door he saved from drowning.

                                          The girl was rejoiced to see Red, "Hello, are you Red?"

                                          "Ahaha…Yes, I am." Red blushed embarrassedly as he scratched his back head, "And you?"

                                          "I'm Leaf! Nice to meet you!" greeted the girl in a joyful tone.

                                          "Nice to meet you, too, Leaf. But how did you find my home?"

                                          "Didn't you tell my mama about your address?"

                                          "Yikes! I totally forgot it!" exclaimed Red.

                                          "Thank you for saving me! I thought I'd die if you were not there!"

                                          "It was thanks to that Tangela." said Red modestly, "Or I couldn't have done anything!"

                                          "Don't say that! Since you saved me, then let's be friends, shall we?"

                                          "I love making friends!" said Red, "Sure. I'd like to be your friend!"

                                          "Great! Now we're friends!" said Leaf happily, "And friends should have nicknames! And I'll call you Re-chan❤!"

                                          "Really? I'll be shy at nicknames. Not even mom had called me by nicknames." answered Red bashfully.

                                          "Oh, it's nothing serious!" said Leaf, "And in return, you shall call me Lea-chan!"

                                          "Lea…chan. I'm not used to calling somebody by nicknames."

                                          "You will be! Now let's go out playing, Re-chan❤!" Leaf grasped Red's hand and ran out.

                                          "Stop it! Don't pull me like this!" cried Red while he was forced to follow the blue-dressed girl.

                                          "Don't come home too late, Red!" warned his mother watching the children leaving.

                                          "I won't keep Re-chan long! No worries, auntie!" said Leaf.


                                          "Ooooh! That girl must be you, Leaf!" It suddenly hits Red the girl's true identity.

                                          However, to Red's surprise, Leaf starts sobbing, "Sniff…It's been 6 years…You used to call me Lea-chan…We shouldn't be separated too long…Sniff…"

                                          "Don't cry, Leaf!" Red is bewildered at Leaf's tears, "I'll apologize for anything I did wrong!"

                                          But Leaf bursts into laughter in the next second, "Tee-hee! I'm just kidding with you! I'm not sad at all to reunite with you! You're super cute, Re-chan❤!"

                                          "……" Red is left speechless at Leaf's nasty trick.

                                          "But I remember you disappeared after weeks playing with me. Where were you going?" asks Red.

                                          "Just miles to the north." says Leaf, "My parents had been considering on moving, and they decided that our new home in Viridian City. It was 2 months later that we finally moved out. I was eager to meet you but I couldn't cross Route 1 without a Pokémon…So I had to watch the album with our photos every day."

                                          Red feels guilty on his forgetting the time he played with Leaf while Leaf kept the memories in the album. In fact, he also has an album containing the two's photos in his bedroom, but he rarely opened it since his obsession with Pokémon.

                                          And when Red tried to apologize, Leaf suddenly asks him, "Enough on that stuff. Re-chan, what do you think of my figure?" and bends down a little, holding her hands on her knees.

                                          When Leaf does so, Red's face turns reddish and hot like melt iron! Gee, Several years' time has cultivated the little girl in old times into an attractive, enchanting beauty! Red dares not directly staring at Leaf any longer…

                                          "Tee-hee, seems that I've caught Re-chan's heart❤!" thinks Leaf, "Then I'll go on! I've studied for years to be a real man-killer!"

                                          But Leaf's plan fails when Red catches sight of a suspicious man in black. There's a large, visible, red-painted letter R on the figure's hat and uniform!

                                          Those Team Rocket crooks again! Fossil thieves! Pokémon murderers! In a moment, all negative adjectives emerge in Red's mind, making him grinding his teeth in aversion.

                                          "What's the matter, Re-chan?" asks Leaf.

                                          "Ah, I'm sorry, Leaf. But it comes to me that I have something important to do! I must go now, see ya!" Red answers hastily before he runs off.

                                          "Wa-waaaait! I still have many things to say…" Leaf tries to catch up with Red but he disappears around a block never to be seen again.

                                          "Boohoo…I've missed you too many times before, and I caught you after so much trouble. At least leave your phone number to me before going away!" moans Leaf disappointed as she takes out a case of Badges, "There're 3 already…I hope I haven't filled this case the next time we meet. Wherever you run, I'll catch you, Re-chan!"
                                          --End of Epsiode 17--
                                          Save File:
                                          Player: Red
                                          Time: Day 21
                                          Pokédex: Seen 58, Owned 4
                                          Badges: 3

                                          You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                          Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                          My remixed music list: Here
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                                            Episode 18: Secret Mission: Game Corner (隠れる地下アジト)
                                            [3:54 PM, Mar 18, Rocket Game Corner]
                                            After Red spotted the Team Rocket grunt and ran away from Leaf, he followed the figure closely until the black-uniformed guy raises his speed, and hops out of Red's sight around a corner under the cloak of the crowds. The corner belongs to a building with orange walls, blue automatic doors, and purple arches, decorated with rocket-shaped symbols. The sign in front of the door reads:
                                            Rocket Game Corner

                                            "Is it related to those Team Rocket crooks? Perhaps that thug is in it!" thinks Red, who enters the building through the door.

                                            Inside the game corner is a typical layout of casinos. The casino requires the players to exchange real currency for a special kind of tokens to play with any type of gambling machines. There are lines of slot machines in the main hall, with hundreds of players in front of them, anxious to win more tokens for themselves. Some players smile joyfully for consecutive winning, while others wail pitifully for their bad luck. There is a side door to the prize room where winners can exchange tokens for prizes. However, once bought, the tokens are not refundable.
                                            The token price list:
                                            Small Bag of Tokens (50): 999 Poké Dollars;
                                            Large Bag of Tokens (200): 3,799 Poké Dollars;
                                            Small Case of Tokens (500): 9,299 Poké Dollars;
                                            Large Case of Tokens (1500): 26,999 Poké Dollars;
                                            Mine of Tokens (5000): 84,999 Poké Dollars;

                                            The item counter:
                                            Smoke Ball: 799 tokens;
                                            Mystic Water: 999 tokens;
                                            Red Card: 1,949 tokens;
                                            Choice Scarf: 3,399 tokens;
                                            Focus Sash: 5,899 tokens;

                                            The TM counter:
                                            TM30 Shadow Ball: 8,999 tokens;
                                            TM40 Aerial Ace: 6,499 tokens;
                                            TM52 Focus Blast: 11,499 tokens;
                                            TM68 Giga Impact: 14,999 tokens;
                                            TM75 Swords Dance: 8,499 tokens;

                                            The Pokémon counter:
                                            Abra (Lv9: 179 tokens; Lv12: 229 tokens; Lv15: 279 tokens);
                                            Clefairy: (Lv8: 499 tokens; Lv14: 789 tokens; Lv19: 1,029 tokens);
                                            Dratini: (Lv10: 1,599 tokens; Lv18: 2,799 tokens; Lv22: 3,409 tokens);
                                            Scyther: (Lv12: 2,859 tokens; Lv17: 3,819 tokens; Lv25: 5,499 tokens);
                                            Pinsir: (Lv12: 2,859 tokens; Lv17: 3,819 tokens; Lv25: 5,499 tokens);

                                            When Red is observing around, he spots a suspicious poster sticking on a wall. There seems to be an unnatural bump in the center of the paper, as if concealing something behind it. Moreover, one of the corners of the poster seems to have been peeled up and stuck back.

                                            Red looks around to ensure nobody is watching him, and he peels the corner up carefully, revealing a secret switch behind the poster as he suspects. The switch catches Red's attention more when he notices a red-painted R on it!

                                            Sheesh, never thought those Team Rocket crooks should make money out of ignorant gamblers!

                                            And when Red presses on the switch, he sees a hidden door open in an inconspicuous corner. The shelter of the walls and the gambling machines makes it even more impossible to spot the door even if it is not hidden closed.

                                            Something must be wrong inside the door! Red sneaks into it before anyone can sense his presence.

                                            [4:06 PM, Mar 18, Rocket Hideout]
                                            After going through a dim corridor, a broad hall comes into Red's eyes as if he is in an ordinary office building. There are bonsais arranged in front of the walls of the hall, and some complicated machines with lights flashing on them lying in the corners. Red walks in the hall quietly, expecting to find some clues.

                                            But unfortunately, a Team Rocket Grunt suddenly appears and notices Red. The man in black immediately activates the alarm, which echoes throughout the entire basement. It is not long before a horde of Team Rocket Grunts emerges from around the hall and surrounds Red.

                                            "Are you the very urchin that meddled with our mates at Mt. Moon?" says a chubby Grunt arrogantly, "You're in big trouble now! Don't you understand?"

                                            "Considering you're a kid, we'd take it easy if you just quit, but I sincerely admire your courage to pluck out some hair on a tiger's forehead!" says a tall and fierce-looking Grunt.

                                            "Aniki (lt. big bro, used to refer to a male team leader) is right. We're too tolerating to harm someone like you, but not if you actively jumps into our snare again!" says a thin and cunningly-looking Grunt.

                                            "No need to be easy on bait takers, is there?" asks the tall Grunt to his accomplices.

                                            "Heheheh! You'll be like a meat bun thrown at a dog--once come, no return!" sneers the thin Grunt.

                                            With cold smiles, the Grunts send out their Pokémon to assault Red. Their Pokémon underlings include Zubat, Raticate and Koffing.

                                            (The Battle vs. Trainer theme plays)

                                            "Why do we share our battle BGM with ordinary Trainers?" says one of the Grunts resentfully, "Bah, forget it! Attack that brat!"

                                            A horde battle is much more difficult compared to a single one, but Red simultaneously sends out his three partners before he launches commands, "Charmeleon, Flamethrower! Rattata, Bite! Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

                                            Charmeleon fires broiling flames from his mouth to burn the enemy Zubat up; The enemy Raticate attempts to bite Rattata only to be bitten hard on its forehead and faints instantly; The enemy Koffing releases plumes of Poison Gas from its mouth but Pikachu zaps it before the gas can take any effect.

                                            "Grrr…How strong this twerp is! We have to report to our boss…" The Grunts scatter.

                                            "Boo, you Team Rocket losers!" shoos Red.

                                            Meanwhile, in a secret room…

                                            "WHAAAAT? Another preadolescent intruder? What on earth did you guards do?" shouts a Grunt.

                                            "But we did increase our security level! We came up with a perfect idea to hide the secret switch, but it was still found!" explains another Grunt.

                                            "No excuses allowed! Go and find that intruder brat!"

                                            "We tried! But all of our mates were beaten badly!"

                                            "Screw it all! Are you eating your heads off? Giovanni-sama is gonna kill us if he finds out you good-for-nothing wasting his time and money!"

                                            "But we did our best…"

                                            "Those screwing things just won't go as expected!" shouts the first Grunt, "Crap! I feel like beating anybody up!"

                                            And on Red's side, to avoid further unnecessary encounters, he tries to hide himself by sticking his body to the wall and avoid going under ceiling lights. He slides past some of the Team Rocket Grunts and descends to B2F via some stairs.

                                            On the 2nd basement floor, there is a wide area consisted of a series of weird tiles. Some of them are equipped with flashing arrows in all four directions on them, and some of them have rougher surfaces than others. There does not seem to be a detour path or a way to cross the tile maze without stepping on any arrow tile.

                                            "I've played many role playing games containing such a maze!" thinks Red, "Once I step on an arrow tile, I won't stop moving at the arrow's direction before I hit the wall or move onto a rough stopper tile. I have to think carefully before I attempt or I'll alert those Team Rocket crooks!"

                                            After thinking for a while, Red tried his first attempt and successfully reaches the other side without bumping his nose into the walls.

                                            Another more complicated tile maze is located on B3F. And in this maze, some items were dropped by careless Team Rocket members. Red manages to pick up all of them without being discovered. Those items include TM12 Taunt, TM21 Frustration, a Max Ether and an X Speed.

                                            The area of B4F has decreased compared to the wide maze areas on B2F and B3F. Before stepping on the last step, Red senses someone nearby in front and he hides himself behind the wall on the side of the stairs, peeping out with only one of his eyes. He spots two Grunts guarding a locked door, evidently leading to their boss's office as the label on the door reads.

                                            "I can't break in before I take out those watchdogs. And perhaps the key is on one of them." thinks Red. He takes out Pikachu's Poké Ball and is about to activate it, but he suddenly realizes that the popping sound would betray them. He returns to B3F and releases Pikachu there instead.

                                            Pikachu cries out of habit as he exits the ball.

                                            "Shhh! Pikachu, follow me and you tranquilize the two Team Rocket crooks in front of the office with Thunder Wave. But don't hurt them!"

                                            Pikachu nods quietly and follows Red creeping back to the stairs.

                                            "OK. Go, Pikachu!" commands Red in a low voice.

                                            Pikachu jumps out from behind the wall at a lightning-bolt speed and releases weak electricity onto the guarding Grunts. The Grunts were instantly immobolized from moving and crying out, watching helplessly as Red loots a card key to the door on one of them.

                                            There is a rectangular office table in the center of the office. Behind the table is a wide red sofa that can hold 3 people. A middle-aged man in black uniform sits in the middle of the sofa watching at Red coldly, as if Red's arrival is completely not unexpected.

                                            "There you are, little intruder." says the man calmly.

                                            "So you must be the boss of Team Rocket, are you?" asks Red nervously. Never can he forget Team Rocket's warning to blacklist him at Mt. Moon. Now that even the boss has appeared, what will they do to him, the single, innocent little fellow?

                                            "First, I must say, I'm impressed that you should reach here!" says the boss, "My name's Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. Team Rocket is a criminal gang who captures Pokémon from all over the world. They're important tools for our enterprise going. Even I, the boss, finds it unimaginable for a kid like you to dare interfere with our plans!"

                                            "Wasn't it unimaginable for a boss to hire such incapable watchdogs?"

                                            "But you should know that someone's too dangerous to provoke, kid. If you don't hold your insolence, I'll make you feel a world of pain!" Giovanni makes Red gulp as he gropes for Poké Balls in his pocket.

                                            "Bzzzt!" Giovanni's smartphone vibrates as he receives a text message.

                                            After reading the message, Giovanni puts back his Poké Balls, rises up, and says, "Unfortunately I've got something other to do. You're lucky this time, kid. A child like you will never understand what I want to achieve. I shall step aside now, but not in further times! If you keep meddling with us, you'll end up like that orange spiky-hair inside!"

                                            After the parting shot, Giovanni leaves via an elevator near the stairs on B4F. The elevator requires another ID card to access, making it completely useless for Red. Furthermore, even if Red had the elevator ID, the noises of the elevator would give Red away.

                                            "The orange spiky-hair inside? Dear me!" thinks Red, "Did he mean that a hidden place is somewhere inside this office? Aha, I can make use of Rattata and Pikachu's sensitive noses! Maybe they can find something useful!"

                                            When Red additionally sends Rattata out, the rodents begin to sleuth thoroughly in the office, and assist Red in searching in drawers and behind shelves.

                                            After a while, Pikachu informs his Trainer when he senses something strange under the sofa.

                                            When Red removes the sofa with the rodents, they notices a hidden panel under it. However, the panel is locked by a padlock, and there does not seem to be a key to it around here, even on the guarding Team Rocket Grunts…

                                            Wait a moment! Can't I just use Pokémon moves? It's reality, not a role playing game that allows the player to only use items in the item list!

                                            "Go, Charmeleon! Break the lock with Metal Claw!"

                                            Charmeleon pops out and splits the lock into fragments before Red raises the panel, revealing stairs leading to a dim and damp room. Red has Pikachu use Flash as illumination.

                                            "Mmm…mmm…mmm!" Red hears someone trying to make noises in the depths of the room, but his mouth is disabled by something. And the time Red reaches the victim, he finds it amusing to watch him bound up tight and solid.

                                            "Blue! How did you get here?" asks Red as he unties the rope on Blue and removes the cloth that covers his mouth.

                                            "Tch, just because of some accidents!" grumbles Blue, "I noticed a Team Rocket thug sneaking into the game corner so I secretly followed him, down to their hideout. I thought I could do something here before I was whacked on the head and lost consciousness, and I found myself here when I woke up…"

                                            "Where're your Pokémon?"

                                            "No idea. They aren't with me since I woke up."

                                            "Then I'll find 'em for you!"

                                            "That's so kind of you, my best bud!" thanks Blue ironically, "And by the way, did you find Team Rocket's boss?"

                                            "Just before I rescued you. I thought a fight was inevitable until he abruptly left."

                                            After leaving Giovanni's office, Red and Blue root around the whole basement. Red protects Blue with his partners whenever a Grunt attacks. Finally, they retrieve Blue's Pokémon in a small warehouse at B2F. Blue has attached stickers to all his Poké Balls, making them easier to locate, and informing Red of Blue's current party--Wartortle, Pidgeotto, Kadabra and Growlithe.

                                            "Nothing valuable here. Let's go now." says Red.

                                            But when the boys are to leave, Red feels his jeans pulled by someone. Then, a cute voice strikes Red's eardrums. Red looks down and finds that it is an Eevee!

                                            According to Bill, Eevee is very rare in Kanto. How lucky Red is when an Eevee comes to him itself!

                                            While Red is observing the Eevee, he notices that its fur is dirty and unorganized, and the shape of some of its ribs are visible. It must be that the Eevee has been trapped and starved long in Team Rocket's base. It looks up to Red with its baby-doll eyes, as if begging Red to not leave it behind.

                                            Red is overjoyed to add a new member to his party, but he hesitates as he thinks Blue may also want this Eevee.

                                            "You want that Eevee, Red? Then go on. It looks that the Eevee likes you!" says Blue, "As for me, I prefer strong to rare Pokémon!"

                                            "Hmm…" Red kneels down and asks Eevee, "So Eevee, would you like to travel with me?"

                                            Eevee hops in joy.

                                            "Haha. Then go, Poké Ball!"

                                            As soon as Red takes out a spare ball, Eevee hops up, pats its front paw on the button, and goes into the ball itself. Three stars pops out of the ball seconds later, capturing the Eevee.

                                            [6:31 PM, Mar 18, Celadon City]
                                            "Haaa…the air outside is so fresh!" Red breathes greedily after he has got enough of the musty, stale air inside Team Rocket's hideout.

                                            "I'd gotta go now. You'd better quit dawdling and rest your Eevee at the Pokémon Center. Smell ya later!" says Blue as he departs.

                                            [6:47 PM, Mar 18, Celadon City Pokémon Center]
                                            Shortly after, Red restores all his Pokémon's health at the Pokémon Center. Eevee returns to normal state after helping itself to lots of food and has its fur cleaned. After this, he opens all the Pokémon Balls to acquaint Eevee with its seniors.

                                            While Charmeleon and Rattata greet Eevee politely, Pikachu leers at Eevee with his cheeks blushing. Eevee is digusted at Pikachu's manners and berates him, as if saying, "Don't stare at me like that, you pervert!"

                                            Intrigued, Red opens his Pokédex entry for Eevee.
                                            Part 1:
                                            No. 133 Eevee
                                            Type: Normal
                                            Category: Evolution Pokémon
                                            Height (Average): 1'00" (0.30 m)
                                            Weight (Average): 14.3 lbs. (6.50 kg)
                                            Gender Ratio: 87.5% male, 12.5% female
                                            Description: An extremely rare Pokémon that may evolve in a number of different ways depending on stimuli.
                                            Area: Unknown

                                            Part 2:
                                            ID: 23423
                                            Gender: Female
                                            Current Level: 15
                                            Nickname: None
                                            Original Trainer (OT): Red
                                            Ability: Run Away (Enables a sure getaway from wild Pokémon.)
                                            Trainer Memo: Bashful nature. Met at Rocket Hideout at Lv15.
                                            Known Moves: Tackle (Normal), Sand Attack (Ground)

                                            "Gee, no wonder Eevee behaves in such a feminine way." thinks Red, watching Eevee defying Pikachu's lustful look.
                                            --End of Epsiode 18--
                                            Save File:
                                            Player: Red
                                            Time: Day 21
                                            Pokédex: Seen 61, Owned 5
                                            Badges: 3

                                            You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                            Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                            My remixed music list: Here
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                                              Episode 19: Gone with the Fragrance (香りが漂う優雅な挑戦)
                                              [9:03 AM, Mar 22, Celadon City Gym]
                                              Under the utmost care of Red and the staff in the Pokémon Center, Eevee turned sound and lively as her companions. Though a newbie, she actively joined Red's 3-day training and raised her level a little.

                                              And this morning, Red pays a visit to Celadon Gym in the southeast of the city. He is long for his 4th Badge after he won the last one more than ten days ago. But Red decides that he needs to do some extra work when he approaches the Gym building.

                                              "Nihihihi! This Gym's great! It's full of ladies!" An old man is standing outside the Gym, peeping into it through a window, cackling in a tone of lechery, "Oh, that one in the corner. She's in white today, uhehehe…"

                                              "Poof!" Eevee's Poké Ball shakes violently and she pops out of it. The Evolution Pokémon attacks the old man with an all-out Tackle, sending him flying backwards and falling to the ground. Standing up unhurt, the old man flees frightened and crestfallen. Eevee yells at the old man crossly as he staggers away along the narrow path.

                                              "I understand you, Eevee, now come back!" says Red and he recalls Eevee.

                                              "Hey, what's going on here?" A Lass exits the Gym after she heard the sounds, "Ah? Are you that peeping tom?"

                                              "No, I'm just a challenger. You must mean that old man we've just driven away."

                                              "Oh, sorry I made a mistake. Are you here to challenge Erika-sama?"

                                              "Yes, of course."

                                              "But you must bypass me and others to reach our Leader! Come with me!"

                                              Red follows the Lass into the Gym to find out that all of the Trainers in it are female (except himself). The Gym is decorated like an indoor garden. Colorful flowers are planted in pots arranged in a specific pattern which Red cannot understand. Fragrance of flowers fills the air.

                                              "And now you battle me! Go, Bellsprout!" says the Lass.

                                              "Charmeleon, I choose you!" Red responds by tossing a Poké Ball.

                                              "Bellsprout, Razor Leaf!"

                                              "Charmeleon, Flamethrower!"

                                              Bellsprout swings its leaf-like arms and throws sharp leaves at Charmeleon, only for them (and subsequently itself) to be burned by the blazing stream of fire.

                                              "Not bad, challenger, but there're still six of us!" says the Lass when she withdraws Bellsprout.

                                              Red has his Charmeleon sweep all the Trainers before he finds the way to the Gym Leader, who is napping on a large pillow. The Gym Leader is a young lady in yellow-and-red kimono and black getas (a kind of Japanese footwear), wearing a red hairband.

                                              "Urraaagghh…" Erika lets out a yawn before she senses the presence of the challenger and elegantly gets up, "Hello, Mr. Challenger. It's a lovely weather, isn't it? It's so pleasant. I'm afraid that I may doze off, sorry. Welcome to Celadon Gym, Mr. Challenger."

                                              "Hello. My name's Red, and I'm here for your Rainbow Badge!"

                                              "Hello, Mr. Red. My name's Erika. Apart from being a Gym Leader, I'm also a student of the art of ikebana. And my Pokémon are solely of the Grass-type."

                                              "And I raise Pokémon of various types to face every type of challenge!" says Red.

                                              "So are you ready for an official Gym battle, Mr. Red?" says Erika, "I've also dedicated all myself for fighting. I shall not easily lose!"

                                              "Neither shall I! Bring it on, Miss Erika!"

                                              "Good! My number one is this, Weepinbell!" Erika takes out a Poké Ball from inside her obi and throws it out.

                                              "Pikachu, I choose you! Prepare for a battle!"

                                              "Hmm? Why does he sends out a Pokémon not strong against Grass-type? What kind of surprise will he bring us?" thinks Erika as she watches at the electric rodent.

                                              "Pikachu, use Quick Attack!"

                                              Pikachu charges at Weepingbell and tackles it with full force.

                                              "Weepingbell, Razor Leaf!" commands Erika.

                                              Weepingbell spins its body and razor-sharp leaves fly out from its leaves at Pikachu.

                                              "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"

                                              Pikachu electrocutes all the leaves with a blinding stream of electricity, protecting himself.

                                              "A brilliant reaction." says Erika, "But take this, Sleep Powder!"

                                              Weepingbell breathes greenish, hypnotic powder at Pikachu. Pikachu begins to act like a drunken the instant he inhales the powder, and collapses onto the ground.

                                              "No, Pikachu! Fine, switch out! Charmeleon, I choose you! Flamethrower!"

                                              As soon as Charmeleon is released, he ignites a ball of flames, which extends into a stream of fire and shot at Weepingbell.

                                              "Weepingbell, Toxic!"

                                              Weepingbell creates a ball of venom and spits it onto Charmeleon before Flamethrower lands on it, knocking it out. The toxin permeates Charmeleon's body and continues sapping his energy.

                                              "Excellent, Mr. Red. Now my next, Tangela!"

                                              When Tangela lands on the battleground, it reminds Red of the Tangela who assisted him in saving Leaf's life on Route 21.

                                              "Go on, Charmeleon! Flamethrower!"

                                              "Tangela, Sludge Bomb!"

                                              Tangela creates a ball of sludge after taking a hit from Flamethrower and flings it at Charmeleon using its vines. The ball explodes upon contact, making Charmeleon fall on his back.

                                              "Get up, Charmeleon! Flamethrower!"

                                              Charmeleon struggles up as Toxic from Weepingbell takes stronger and stronger effect. He attempts to load energy of flames in his mouths, but his motion slows down sharply due to his insufficient health.

                                              "Tangela, Slam!"

                                              Tangela grabs Charmeleon with some of its vines and slams him into the ground, fainting him.

                                              "Gosh. Things are getting hard, I think." says Red.

                                              "What do you mean? Are you going to surrender?" asks Erika.

                                              "No way! Rattata, I choose you! Bite!"

                                              "Tangela, Ingrain!"

                                              Rattata bounces up and lands on Tangela before he bites down on it using his sharp fang. But Tangela lays some of its vines into earth like roots and starts absorbing energy from it.

                                              "Sleep Powder!"

                                              Before Rattata can retreat, Tangela spills Sleep Powder on Rattata, putting himself into sleep. Erika expects Red to switch Pokémon, but Red seems to be indifferent to Rattata's status condition.

                                              "I'd like you to do anything you like before Rattata wakes up, Miss Erika." says Red as he spreads out his hands.

                                              "What a wonderful taste from the challenger." comments Erika, "But expect no mercy! Tangela, Slam!"

                                              Tangela grabs Rattata and smashes him into the ground.

                                              "Another Slam!"

                                              Tangela whacks Rattata with its vines, reducing his HP to near zero. But unfortunately the effect of Sleep Powder wears off and Rattata opens his eyes.

                                              "It's now! Rattata, Endeavor attack!" shouts Red loudly.

                                              "What?" exclaims Erika in astonishment.

                                              Rattata releases a beam of light from his body and cuts the HP of the foe's Tangela down to the same as his.

                                              "Haha, get it with Quick Attack!"

                                              Rattata slams himself into Tangela and knock his opponent out. Red then recalls Rattata before he runs out of his remaining health.

                                              "Well, well, I must have underestimated you, Mr. Red." says Erika, "Now that I have only one left, I guess I have to bring out all my power! Vileplume!"

                                              Vileplume is a flower Pokémon with a rafflesia on its head, giving out a strong, smelly odor as its pre-evolution, Gloom.

                                              Red ponders on his strategy for a while before he decides to send out Eevee. Though she is not very familiar with Trainer battles, she has to gain the first volume of experience from them.

                                              "Eevee, put on with a Sand Attack!"

                                              Eevee turns around and kicks sand at Vileplume with her hind legs.

                                              "Vileplume, Protect!"

                                              Vileplume generates a bright shield of energy, blocking all the sand particles.

                                              "Protect cannot be successfully used consecutively! Eevee, another Sand Attack!"

                                              "Vileplume, Sunny Day!"

                                              When Eevee kicks sand at Vileplume, Vileplume raises its hands and an artificial sun appears above the Gym, intensifying the light drastically. And the time Sunny Day begins to work, Vileplume becomes very nimble and it dodges Eevee's Sand Attack quite handily.

                                              "Gulp…Maybe it'll be a big shot!" thinks Red, before he orders Eevee, "Swift!"

                                              Eevee swings her tail and hurls shining stars at Vileplume. No matter how fast the foe can move, it can by no means dodge any accuracy-bypassing moves such as Swift and Aerial Ace.

                                              "Vileplume, Solar Beam!"

                                              Vileplume absorbs energy from the miniature sun into the center of its flower. It then transforms the solar energy into a powerful beam of light and fires it at Eevee, severely damaging her.

                                              "Solar Beam doesn't require charging in harsh sunlight. That's tough to deal with." thinks Red, "But Eevee can still fight…" before he commands, "Eevee, Swift!"

                                              "Solar Beam!"

                                              Eevee casts shiny stars at Vileplume, but is subsequently hit with a second Solar Beam. She falls onto her legs, her HP reaching the critical line.

                                              "Eevee, take a rest. You can get part of Exp. Points from your partners." says Red, before he switches into the sleeping Pikachu.

                                              "Vileplume, Solar Beam!"

                                              Red has to wait for Pikachu's awakening before he can order any move, but Vileplume is determined to defeat its opponent before he is allowed any chance to fight back. Red's heart starts to beat wildly as he watches Vileplume launching its attack.

                                              But god just likes to play tricks on his creations. The moment Solar Beam is to hit Pikachu, he rolls aside, perfectly avoiding any damage by the light beam, without even opening his eyes.

                                              "Vileplume, Solar Beam!"

                                              Vileplume takes in light and redirect it at Pikachu, only to be avoided another time. To make matters worse, the miniature sun goes out in this turn and Vileplume's speed is seriously down. Moreover, Vileplume has exhausted much of its energy creating Sunny day and launching multiple Solar Beams, and it is unable to summon another Sunny Day anymore.

                                              "Aww, no choice. Vileplume, Petal Dance!"

                                              Vileplume begins to dance as it releases petals from the center of its rafflesia at Pikachu. The petals turn into sharp blades when they land on Pikachu, stabbing him hard. Pikachu wakes up from the pain from the petals in the end.

                                              "A-good! Pikachu, Iron Tail!" cries Red.

                                              Pikachu's tail glows metallic silver. He leaps up, somersaults in the air, points his tail down, and jabs the foe's Vileplume.

                                              "Barrage of Iron Tails!" commands Red.

                                              Withholding the damage from the petals, Pikachu holds himself onto Vileplume's flower and recently jabs it with his tail. Vileplume can do nothing but continues its Petal Dance since the move cannot be actively paused without spending at least 2 turns.

                                              When the timer of Petal Dance expires, Vileplume's eyes turns dizzy and it falls into confusion, still with Pikachu on its head.

                                              "Vileplume, Petal Dance!" commands Erika.

                                              But Vileplume is confused! It hurts itself in its confusion by bumping its head into the ground!

                                              "Pikachu, the final Iron Tail!"

                                              Pikachu's close-ranged Iron Tail sends Vileplume falling on to the ground, defeating it.

                                              "Well, well! You're remarkably strong, Mr. Red. I concede defeat!" says Erika as she calls back Vileplume with swirling eyes.

                                              "And I must confer you with the Rainbow Badge," Erika forfeits a flower-like octagonal Badge to the new victorious challenger, "It's the undoubted proof that you defeated me. It also allows the move Strength to be used out of battle."

                                              "Thank you very much, Miss Erika."

                                              "And please also take this with you." A TM53 case is given to Red, "It's Energy Ball. It draws power from nature and fires it at the target, and can lower the target's Special Defense. Wouldn't you agree it's a wonderful move?"

                                              "Er, pardon me but I never saw you using this move in battle." asks Red in doubt.

                                              "I taught it to Weepinbell, but it was knocked out before I could command it." says Erika, "What an impressive battle we just had! I feel that I'm full of energy now. Losing tastes bitter for me as a Trainer, I must admit, but getting to know about extraordinary challengers like you is sweet. How many Badges have you got, Mr. Red?"

                                              "Four, including yours."

                                              "Have you decided your next Gym?"

                                              "Er…not really."

                                              "I recommend the one in Fuchsia City. It's a bit far, but it takes not long if you have a bicycle. The Cycling Road allows you to travel south in hours' time, but please remember that pedestrians are now allowed on it."

                                              "Many thanks, Miss Erika. It's a precious experience exercising with you." Red departs after he makes a civil bow to the flower arranging kimono lady.
                                              --End of Epsiode 19--
                                              Save File:
                                              Player: Red
                                              Time: Day 25
                                              Pokédex: Seen 65, Owned 5
                                              Badges: 4

                                              You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                              Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                              My remixed music list: Here
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                                                Episode 20: R. I. P. Marowak (泣ける親子のお別れ)
                                                [12:16 PM, Mar 22, Celadon City]
                                                The time Red makes his first step out of Celadon Gym, his phone starts to ring and vibrate.

                                                "Hello! Red speaking! Blue?"

                                                "Red! I've got something good! Wanna see it?"

                                                "What's your 'something good'? Don't make me guess!"

                                                "I pickpocketed it from a Team Rocket thug! It's said it a kind of ghost-identifying scope!"

                                                "Gho…ghosts…" Red's arms shudder for a second when he hears "ghost".

                                                "What's up, my best bud?"

                                                "No…nothing. I mean I'm also looking for the thing you've got…"

                                                "Then you hurry up to Lavender Town or I'll leave you behind!" urges Blue.

                                                "Asap!" Red hops onto his foldable bicycle and rushes to the noble purple town.

                                                [1:02 PM, Mar 22, Lavender Town]
                                                "Look! Like this!" Blue shows Red a pair of odd-looking binoculars.

                                                "This? Will it uncover the identity of ghosts?"

                                                "If you don't believe me, I'll just go up the tower without you."

                                                "I believe in you…But why did you call me?"

                                                "Tch, just in return for you rescuing me from those thugs. Come on, let's go!"

                                                Red follows Blue into the haunted Pokémon Tower. The surroundings instantly turns dark and creepy. There are lines and rows of tombstones as memorials for dead Pokémon. Each tombstone has a Pokémon's shape carved into it, with the acronym "R. I. P. [plus the Pokémon's name or nickname]" below it. If observed carefully, one may feel that some of the Pokémon seems to be staring at them, thrilling him like being in a horror house.

                                                "Gwaargh!" a ghost with an amorphous, intangible body springs out behind a tombstone, making Red almost scream in fright, but Blue aims the scope at the ghost and reveals it to be a Gastly. The gas Pokémon's body is entirely constructed with poisonous gas, making it unable to withstand even the weakest flow of wind. Hence, only in dark and quiet indoor areas can they be found.

                                                As the boy progress via the stairs through the labyrinths of tombstones, they would be affrighted to coma by Gastly and Haunter if they did not have the scope. Sometimes, the Ghost-type local inhabitants would like to lick the uninvited visitors with their extendable tongues while remaining invisible or camouflaged, sometimes paralyzing them.

                                                Finally, the boys end up at the stairs on 6F to the uppermost floor.

                                                "Get out…get out from here…" a ghost shrouded in purple gas with only its red eyes revealed appears, warning the boys in a horrible tone.

                                                "I heard that there's a Marowak spirit in this tower. This must be her." says Blue, who discloses Marowak's identity with his newly obtained Silph Scope.

                                                Seeing the true form of the ghost allays Red's dread as he attempts to communicate with Marowak, "Wait a minute, Marowak. We're not bad people. We're here to help you."

                                                "Who are you…And what do you want…If you can't make it clear…then begone…" says the Marowak ghost.

                                                "The name's Blue, and this is Red." says Blue, "I assume that you're killed by those Team Rocket thugs?"

                                                "And Mr. Fuji went to see you to calm you down, but he hasn't returned, so we're looking into it." adds Red.

                                                "Thanks to the Silph Scope, we're able to find you here and talk to you." says Blue.

                                                "Yes…I was indeed killed by those men…They are just on the floor behind me…If you can beat those killers, I will trust you." says Marowak.

                                                "No problem. Even horde fights are pieces of cake for me!" says Red confidently.

                                                "Then I'll rely on you…Go ahead…" Marowak moves aside allowing the boys to pass.

                                                And when the boys reach 7F, they found a bald old man facing a tombstone, with his back to the stairs. Unfortunately he is surrounded by three Team Rocket Grunts. They managed to hold the old man captive only for themselves to be unable to escape.

                                                "Faq! I've been trapped here for days, and finally someone has come!" One of the Grunts loses his temper and vents his anger on the boys, "Do you know how miserable it was to lose freedom for such a long time? I'll show you!"

                                                "Red! Leave him to me! You next!" says Blue who sends out his Wartortle.

                                                "Drat! It's merely a Marowak, isn't it?" vociferates the second Grunt, "Pokémon are only tools for making money! If we don't do something, you'll never learn to stay outta our business!"

                                                "Charmeleon, I choose you! Metal Claw!" commands Red.

                                                "Wartortle, Water Pulse!" commands Blue.

                                                After defeating their respective opponents, there is only one to be dealt with.

                                                "Whadda heck, you persistent brats!" complains the last Grunt, "This old guy ranted at us on Team Rocket's Pokémon abusing when we went here. We wanted to talk it over as adults, but we're also confined to such a place! But it's still more than enough to teach you a lesson!"

                                                The Team Rocket Grunt sends out a Golbat and a Drowzee. Golbat uses Supersonic but is diverted by Wartortle's Water Pulse, enabling Charmeleon to defeat it with a Dragon Rage. Wartortle then uses Bite on Drowzee. The super effective move decreases the foe's HP grievously and allows Charmeleon to finish it off with a Metal Claw.

                                                When all enemies are vanquished, the hostage turns around, revealing himself to be Mr. Fuji.

                                                "Hello, young men. I'm Fuji. Are you here to save me? I came here out of my own free will. I came here to calm down the spirit of Cubone's mother. Did you find her?" says Mr. Fuji.

                                                "She's at the stairs. I suggest you directly talk to her, Mr. Fuji." says Blue, "I've identified her with the Silph Scope for you. Come with us."

                                                Mr. Fuji follows the boys to where Marowak's spirit stands.

                                                "So you are the elder who tried to rest me…" says Marowak, "I have truly witnessed the youngsters' deeds."

                                                "Now that those Team Rocket crooks are beat, will you rest now?" asks Red.

                                                "I might…but I want to see my child Cubone…" says Marowak.

                                                "Reina had made efforts, but you seemed to stay unrested…" says Red.

                                                "Maybe it is because of the existence of my killers…Please, be kind to let me see my child…"

                                                "All right. You wait here for a minute." promises Red, who speeds out of the tower with Blue, assembles Reina and Cubone from the volunteer house, and escorts them back to Marowak. The orphan cannot be more excited to reunite with his dead mother.

                                                "I'm glad to see you safe and sound, son…" says Marowak.

                                                Cubone hugs his mother and screeches out as if wanting her to regain her body.

                                                "…My son…You must know that deceased Pokémon can't be revived…My body has perished…leaving only my soul…What'a pity…"

                                                Cubone's eyes turns teary, trying to discourage his mother from vanishing.

                                                "…Don't be so childish…One day you'll grow up and become a true man…Be strong and staunch, my son…I can't always accompany you even if I were still alive…" says Marowak kindly as her spirit begins to glimmer.

                                                Cubone clutches onto his mother more tightly and rattles his bone club, trying in futile efforts to keep her.

                                                "Sorry, my son…It's time for me to go…" says Marowak as she slowly ascends, "You don't have to brood over your dead mother, 'cause you have so many kind people supporting you…And I can peacefully rest…"

                                                Cubone bounces up flurried, trying to seize Marowak in a weeping accent as if saying "No, mama, don't leave me! I want mama!"

                                                "Farewell, my son…I'll keep my eye on your growth…even in heaven…" Marowak leaves her last speech to Cubone before her spirit rises into heaven and disappears.

                                                And when Cubone realizes that his mother is forever gone, he slumps onto the ground and wails, leaving Red, Blue, Mr. Fuji and Reina silent in sadness.

                                                After Cubone stops wailing, Reina picks him up and cuddles him gently.

                                                "Cubone, you mom is not here now, and it's an unchangeable fact. You should face future instead of your sorrowful past. If you can grow strong and mature, your mom would be happy, too."

                                                Cubone lowers his head as if in identification.

                                                "Nice! We've done our work. Time to go!" says Blue.

                                                "Wait, you two!" says Mr. Fuji, "Follow me to my house, Pokémon House, at the foot of this tower. I have something to give you."

                                                [2:11 PM, Mar 22, Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House]
                                                "Here, young man. I'm not sure if these will help you, but I want you two to have them." Mr. Fuji presents the boys each with a recorder with a Poké Ball-like decoration in the front.

                                                "What's this?" asks Blue.

                                                "This is called a Poké Flute." explains Mr. Fuji, "Upon hearing its tune, sleeping Pokémon will spring awake. It's rather a snap learning to blow them. Come with me."

                                                Mr. Fuji briefly instructs the boys how to play the recorder in an inner room, at the thought to not unwittingly awaken the catnapping Pokémon inside the main room.

                                                And after the boys get hang of the recorders, Mr. Fuji advises, "The Poké Flute is useful against sleeping obstacles. But abusing it may result in a Pokémon subject to insomnia. Please use them as less often as possible unless you have to."

                                                The boys express gratitude the old man before they leave the house.

                                                "Guess what, Red!" says Blue, "There're two Snorlax jamming the ways to Fuchsia City. This dingus from that old gramps just comes in handy! Which one would you like?"

                                                "……I'd like the one on Route 12, then." Red reaches his conclusion after thinking for seconds.

                                                "And the one on Route 16 is mine! No being greedy, Red! Smell ya later!" says Blue as he departs.

                                                "Hmm…lucky that I have the earmuffs with me." thinks Red as he marches towards Route 12.
                                                --End of Epsiode 20--
                                                Save File:
                                                Player: Red
                                                Time: Day 25
                                                Pokédex: Seen 68, Owned 5
                                                Badges: 4

                                                You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                                Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                                My remixed music list: Here
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                                                  Episode 21: From Silent Bridge to the Seaside (カビゴンゲット!からくり満載の忍者屋敷!)
                                                  [2:36 PM, Mar 22, Route 12]
                                                  Strolling on the Silent Bridge, Red veils his ears with the very earmuffs from the Pewter policeman, under the notification from the Youngster on Route 11 and Reina from Lavender Town. Regardless of this, he can discern the snoring voice from the Snorlax from miles away. The bridge is built in a crooked way to increase the length of interface with water, making it a good fishing resort. There used to be batches of Fishermen fishing on this route, yet the presence of the Snorlax has compelled them to stay away, leaving Red the only current living being on the bridge.

                                                  And while the Town Map is displaying Red's inching towards Route 11, he noted a titanic chubby Pokémon lying at the very intersection. The position where the hefty guy not only cut off the connection between Vermilion and Lavender, but also the only pedestrian path to Fuchsia. Cracks are visible beneath the huge monster. The Snorlax must have been sleeping here for very long.

                                                  If I don't dispose of it, the bridge may be out! Thinks Red as he starts to play the Poké Flute.

                                                  Upon hearing the melody, the Snorlax gets bit and bit uneasy, but it is not until 90 seconds later before it ultimately wakes up and pounces on Red in a grumpy manner.

                                                  Red backs off to safety before he pulls out a Poké Ball, "Eevee, I choose you! Tackle!"

                                                  Despite her rather small size, Eevee does not cringe and leaps over, ramming into the Snorlax's torso, but she is bounced back by the thick fat.

                                                  The Snorlax falls towards Eevee, attempting to crush her with its ponderous body.

                                                  "It's Body Slam! Dodge it, Eevee!"

                                                  Eevee rolls sideways to safety before the Snorlax hits where she was, creating a small earthquake. The Snorlax arises to its feet soon after its attack missed.

                                                  "Eevee, use Swift at Snorlax's head!"

                                                  Eevee spins around and shoots gleaming stars at the Snorlax's face, forcing it to protect its face with its hands. The stars deals minor damage to Snorlax but is yet to take more effect.

                                                  "Not enough fire power. Eevee, switch out! Go, Rattata!"

                                                  When the Snorlax notices Rattata, it stands there looking at him in distain as if thinking that the tiny rodent would not be any big deal.

                                                  "It's not good overlooking your enemies! Rattata, get it with a Super Fang!"

                                                  Rattata clambers up the Snorlax's body onto its top. He then bites down hard on the beast with his keen fang. The Snorlax shrieks in pain before it clasps Rattata and lobs him into the air.

                                                  "Come back, Rattata! Pikachu, I choose you!" Red recalls Rattata before he can hit the ground, "A close-range Iron Tail!"

                                                  Much like Rattata, Pikachu makes his way onto Snorlax's head and spears his tail into it like a sword. The sudden aching inflicted on the Snorlax causes it to lose balance and fall on its back. Pikachu calmly retreats to Red before he is squashed into a pancake.

                                                  The Snorlax yawns and extends its limbs, and its body gets relaxed.

                                                  "You gonna Rest while I took efforts to wake you up? Do you believe I'll let you get away with that?" exclaims Red, "Pikachu, come back! Go, Charmeleon, Flamethrower!"

                                                  Charmeleon keeps heating the Snorlax's face with his scorching hot Flamethrower, preventing it from falling asleep and restoring its lost health. The Snorlax get up outraged and lowers its head. It then stick its head out and slams it at Charmeleon.

                                                  "Charmelon! Give it a Metal Claw when it draws near!"

                                                  Charmeleon stays steadily concentrating on his foe, kneeling down a bit with his claws extended into metal-sharp blades. And the minute the Snorlax is about to collide with him, Charmeleon slashes its head like a swordsman. The impact makes the Snorlax trip over and falls onto its face.

                                                  "Again, Metal Claw!"

                                                  But the Snorlax gets up in time and defends itself with its arms. Charmeleon's second Metal Claw is not effective enough to reduce his foe's HP as his first one.

                                                  "Don't give it a third chance! Fury Metal Claws!" commands Red.

                                                  Charmeleon begins to repeatedly scratch at the Snorlax's face like using Fury Swipes. Each hit is decreased in basic power, but the accumulation of Metal Claws gradually eats away the monster's health. In the end, the Snorlax cannot hold any longer and falls backwards onto the bridge, causing it to collapse!

                                                  "Go, Great Ball!" Red projects a blue-white Poké Ball at the wild Pokémon, sucking it in before it falls into water. The ball touches the ground and shakes violently as the Snorlax tries to escape.

                                                  But all its efforts turns into nil when the ball stops shaking and three stars burst out of it. Red's Pokédex chimes as it registers Snorlax's info into it.
                                                  Part 1:
                                                  No. 143 Snorlax
                                                  Type: Normal
                                                  Category: Sleeping Pokémon
                                                  Height (Average): 6'11" (2.10 m)
                                                  Weight (Average): 1014.1 lbs. (460.00 kg)
                                                  Gender Ratio: 87.5% male, 12.5% female
                                                  Description: It is not satisfied unless it eats over 880 pounds of food every day. When it is done eating, it goes promptly to sleep.
                                                  Area: Unknown

                                                  Part 2:
                                                  ID: 23423
                                                  Gender: Male
                                                  Current Level: 30
                                                  Nickname: None
                                                  Original Trainer (OT): Red
                                                  Ability: Immunity (The immune system of the Pokémon prevents it from getting poisoned.)
                                                  Trainer Memo: Relaxed nature. Met at Route 12 at Lv30.
                                                  Known Moves: Body Slam (Normal), Headbutt (Normal), Rest (Psychic)

                                                  When Red is about to put away his Pokédex, his Charmeleon's body glows brightly as his second stage of evolution is set off! Even if catching a wild Pokémon without defeating it does it win Exp. Points for all of the participating Pokémon in a Trainer's party, and Charmeleon was only a bit away from his evolution before the encounter.

                                                  And after the light dies away, Charmeleon grows even taller, his single horn becoming a pair, his body color reverting to his Charmander stage, a pair of dragon-like wings extending from his back. Red's Pokédex records another entry for the newly evolved Charmeleon, Charizard. What is more, a new Dragon-type move is added to his move slots, Dragon Pulse.

                                                  "Congratulations, Charizard!" Red pats on Charizard's chest in compliment.

                                                  Charizard howls, raises his arms and breathes fire into the sky in glory.

                                                  Moments later, a policewoman with a Growlithe hurry to the scene, apparently alerted by the noisy battle here.

                                                  "My, my. The bridge is completely in a mess!" says the policewoman as she watches at the broken bridge in front.

                                                  "I'm very sorry, ma'am. I intended to capture a Snorlax sleeping here." apologizes Red.

                                                  "Never mind, Trainer. We've been spending weeks trying to discard this large beast here. If it stayed longer, the bridge would crumple anyway. It won't take many days to repair the bridge, but I'm afraid that we have to close the entire route before the reconstruction finishes."

                                                  "Thank you, ma'am. Can I leave now?"

                                                  "Of course, but take this with you. It's a TM called Roar."

                                                  While Red is putting away the items, including the new TM05, into his bag, the policewoman describes the TM's usage, "The move Roar can be used to scare vexing wild Pokémon away. It can also force an opposing Trainer to switch between his party members. It is most useful when your opponent tries to strengthen itself."

                                                  "Many thanks, ma'am."

                                                  [4:17 PM, Mar 22, Route 17]
                                                  Filling an empty slot in his party, Red rides back to Celadon City and continues his journey via the western exit to Route 16. There is a Snorlax-shaped print in the middle of the route, its width approximately fitting the width of the route. Evidently, another Snorlax battle took place here, eventually the monster was either taken down or caught.

                                                  Passing through a gate and it is the Cycling Road. It is split into two halves, either going down southwards or up northwards. The gradient on them is high enough to defy the effect of friction, making cyclers going southwards automatically without having to apply force to their pedals. However, a south-to-north cycling is otherwise very fatiguing as a consistent component of gravity in the negative direction drags them from advancing. Regardless of this, many cyclers choose to start from the southern side as a method of bodybuilding.

                                                  [4:43 PM, Mar 22, Fuchsia City]
                                                  Covering the Cycling Road, crossing a gate, and passing by a small garden of bird Pokémon and Bird Keepers, Red ends up in a seaside city--Fuchsia City, at the end of the day. He plans to get to know a little about the Fuchsia Gym before he can carry out proper preparations for it.

                                                  Following the directions of signposts, Red comes to the gate to a traditional Japanese dojo-styled courtyard. The brand hanging on the gate reads "Fuchsia Gym".

                                                  "Excuse me! I'm Red the challenger! Is anybody in?" asks Red when he knocks on the gate.

                                                  The gate opens, and here comes out a ninja girl in pink cape.

                                                  "You're a challenger? Wait a minute. I'll tell father!"

                                                  The ninja girl runs into the courtyard. Half a minute later, she returns to Red with a middle-aged ninja in a serious look, wearing a red cape.

                                                  "So you are the latest challenger to me. May I have your name?" asks the ninja.

                                                  "My name's Red."

                                                  "My name is Koga, and this is my daughter, Janine." The Gym Leader introduces himself to Red, "Challenges are welcome 24 hours a day, except during maintenance times. It takes about a week to finish the maintenance, so sorry but you have to wait. You should train around here during this time. It is my duty to warn you that as a Gym Leader, I will not be a pushover!"

                                                  "Could you tell me something about your Gym?"

                                                  "Since I am a ninja, all I have to do is carry our handed down ninjutsu forward!" says Koga, "I believe that poison is everything, and all my Pokémon belong to the Poison-type!"

                                                  "And father is also a master in karakuri! You can never reach him if you can't bypass his traps and snares!" adds Janine.

                                                  "Being a ninja, it is an essential skill of survival to solve puzzles." says Koga, "And I will show you how we ninjas survive at the time I accept your challenge!"

                                                  "I see. Not only the process of challenging, but finding the Gym Leader is getting engaging!" thinks Red.

                                                  "I can help train you, Red!" offers Janine, "So you can get familiar with father's tactics. Is that OK, father?"

                                                  "Of course. You also need more training before you are promoted to a genuine ninja!"

                                                  [9:20 PM, Mar 29, Fuchsia Gym]
                                                  Before Koga completes his maintenance in his Gym, he had his daughter, Janine, training with Red at the outskirts of Fuchsia City. Both Trainers worked hard and raised the level of their respective teams considerably during this week.

                                                  Finally, Fuchsia Gym is reopened to challengers, and Red returns to the Gym with Janine.

                                                  After showing him around in the Gym, Janine leads Red to the entrance to a house in the depths of the yard, and explains, "Here's the karakuri house! If you can bypass it safely, you'll be eligible to challenge father!" before she opens the doors, lets Red in, and closes the doors behind.

                                                  Inside the karakuri house is a traditional Japanese room, about 10 meters wide and 50 meters long, laid with brown-pinkish tiles. Opposite of the room are the doors to the battlefield. The doors are not locked by any locks, except that the key to it is the challenger's safety crossing the maze.

                                                  Looking around, Red fails to discover anything suspicious, but not before he can take several steps forwards does he bump into an invisible wall, stars circling around his eyes, crying out with an "Oooouch!"

                                                  Red extends his had forward, and feels a glass-like transparent wall in front. However, it is a little elastic compared to traditional glass. What is more, even the joints and the edges of the wall are invisible, and looking for clues on the tiles is completely useless for all of them are perfect clones of each other. How skilled the craftsmen are if they were able to build such a flawless puzzle!

                                                  In order to go through the invisible wall maze, Red keeps one of his hands on the wall on his side while reaching for the wall in front with another hand. But nevertheless, it costs 30 times of bumping, 27 times of running into dead ends, and 59 minutes in total time for the red-capped challenger to cover half of the karakuri house, where invisible walls are no longer present.

                                                  However, Red remains skeptical about the second half of the room. In spite of the lack of the invisible walls, there must be other triggers somewhere on or under it. Red slows down his step and moves forward in a cautious way.

                                                  When Red steps on one of the tiles, it instantaneously opens, revealing a Voltorb below! The Voltorb attempts to use Self-Destruct on Red, coercing him to back off to safety. The Voltorb retreats under the tile and closes it soon after.

                                                  I'm freaking out! The snare is gonna kill me!

                                                  In fact, there are far more than Self-Destruct Pokémon traps at this part of the karakuri house. Some tiles will collapse and make victims fall into a pipe and be ejected from side of the house, forcing them to restart. Some tiles will plump up and pelt the victims onto the ceiling, making them falling and hurting their bottoms. Further, if hitting the ground triggers another traps in chain reaction, it would be a harsh time for the unfortunate challengers.

                                                  While Red is striving against the traps inside the maze, Koga is waiting on the battlefield, watching at his stopwatch, started the time Red entered the labyrinth, from time to time. He presses the stop button when he hears the doors to the battlefield opening at last, and the stopwatch displays 2 hours 11 minutes and 47.28 seconds.

                                                  "Not bad!" comments Koga as Red reaches him dog-tired and dripping in sweat.

                                                  "What's that 'not bad'? Huff, puff…My bones are falling apart! It, it was so terribly hideous…huff, puff…"

                                                  "That's only part of the trials we ninjas have to face!" says Koga solemnly, "If you cannot even finish the first and least difficult part, then go home!"

                                                  "……" A dumbstruck Red watches at Koga before he flops down weary and drained.
                                                  --End of Epsiode 21--
                                                  Save File:
                                                  Player: Red
                                                  Time: Day 32
                                                  Pokédex: Seen 82, Owned 7
                                                  Badges: 4

                                                  You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                                  Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                                  My remixed music list: Here
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                                                    Episode 22: Certificate of Immunization (忍者の修行)
                                                    [12:35 PM, Mar 29, Fuchsia Gym]
                                                    When Red successfully reaches Koga, he is almost out of his physical energy. Considering Red is a pure challenger, Koga allows him to rest for a while before he officially claims the onset of the Gym battle. During the battle, he asks Janine to watch the whole process carefully.

                                                    "Go, Muk!"

                                                    "Pikachu! I choose you!"

                                                    Entering the field, Muk extends one of its amorphous hand from its odorous body, pressuring Red to cover his nose in protection.

                                                    "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" commands Red.

                                                    A yellow outflow is shot onto Muk's body, but Muk simply stretches and burps as if it is nothing but a prickle to the back.

                                                    "Muk, Screech!" commands Koga.

                                                    A jarring, offensive screech is discharged from Muk's mouth, hurting Red's and Pikachu's ears in pain. However, Koga and his daughter looks completely unaffected by it.

                                                    "Pikachu, Iron Tail!"

                                                    Pikachu slams his metallic tail into Muk, but Muk's soft and sticky body of ooze makes it not very effective.

                                                    "Mud Bomb!" commands Koga.

                                                    Hunks of mud are fired from Muk's mouth at Pikachu. Pikachu manages to dodge most of them but is unfortunately hit by the last one.

                                                    "Sludge Bomb!" commands Koga.

                                                    Explosive purple chunks of poison are released from Muk's mouth at Pikachu.

                                                    "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" commands Red.

                                                    Pikachu leaps into the air and uses Thunderbolt while he is still in midair, voiding most of the Sludge Bombs. He then falls back to where he stood, dodging the remaining chunks of poison.

                                                    "Hmm…Pikachu is able to defend himself but is not enough in attack force." thinks Red, "I think it's time to switch 'im out." And he withdraws Pikachu, sending out Snorlax.

                                                    "Snorlax, use Yawn!"

                                                    Snorlax learned Yawn during his weekly training at Fuchsia outskirts. He extends his arms, yawns loudly at Muk, and displays a sleepy look. The move Yawn is as contagious as the real yawning, as Muk yawns heavy-eyed and its body begins to sink to the ground.

                                                    "Muk, Sludge Bomb!"

                                                    A barrage of Sludge Bombs hit Snorlax's trunk, but they are bounced off into the air before they can explode.

                                                    "Snorlax, use Body Slam!"

                                                    "Muk, Explosion!"

                                                    When Snorlax is about to flatten his foe under his body, light beams are given off from inside of Muk and it explodes violently. Luckily, Snorlax keeps his balance and protects his face with his hands to avoid deep damage. And after successfully using Explosion, Muk faints.

                                                    "Now for this. Venomoth!"

                                                    A moth-like Pokémon with three antennas on its head enters the battlefield, hovering in midair as if it were a Flying-type.

                                                    "Snorlax, Yawn!"

                                                    "Venomoth, Psychic!"

                                                    Snorlax yawns at Venomoth, but Venomoth's eyes glow blue and it redirects the yawn back at Snorlax! A dopey Snorlax has a higher tendency to be affected by hypnotic moves, and he falls on his back asleep without having to wait for a turn.

                                                    "Oh, Snorlax, come back! Charizard, I choose you! Flamethower!"


                                                    Charizard produces a sphere of flames in his mouth. But when he is about to shoot it at Venomoth, the moth Pokémon's eyes glow bright white and the fire ball is deactivated.

                                                    "Disable can't be used on two moves! Dragon Pulse!"

                                                    Another blue-greenish flame ball forms inside Charizard's mouth before it is fired at Venomoth in the form of a dragon. Still, the absence of STAB and type effectiveness makes a Bug- and Poison-type Venomoth withstand the move without much difficulty.

                                                    "Venomoth, Quiver Dance!"

                                                    Venomoth performs a graceful, mystic dance like a butterfly. Its body grows more nimble and flexible after the dance ends.

                                                    "Charizard, Dragon Pulse!"

                                                    "Venomoth, Psychic!"

                                                    A Quiver Dance-boosted Venomoth surpasses Charizard's speed, and it redirects the Dragon Pulse back to Charizard with its psychic power, delivering heavy damage to him.

                                                    "However I try, the moves will be deflected by Psychic. Charizard can't stand a chance in this way…Aha, got it! Charizard, you come back!"

                                                    Charizard is withdrawn, and the sleeping Snorlax is called out.

                                                    "You're free to do as you want before Snorlax wakes up." says Red with open hands.

                                                    "Huh? Then Venomoth, Quiver Dances!"

                                                    Venomoth carries on its Quiver Dance, maxing its Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed.

                                                    "The foe has not awakened! Venomoth, Bug Buzz!"

                                                    Venomoth releases powerful sonic waves from its mouth at Snorlax. Red is forced to protect his ears with the earmuffs, but Snorlax simply turns a deaf ear to the buzz in his sleep. Actually, any sound-based attempts to wake him up on Route 12 failed except Red's Poké Flute, even the noise of explosives. Moreover, Snorlax's lost health against Muk's Explosion is gradually recovered during his sleep, and his tough Special Defense and monstrous degree of HP makes it far more than arduous for Venomoth to deal effective damage to him.

                                                    "Psychic!" commands Koga.

                                                    The move Psychic can not only damage the foe, but can be used to lift objects with only one's brain power. A boosted Psychic can even lift heavy objects like boulders and vehicles. Despite Snorlax's average weight of over 400 kilograms, he slowly floats off the ground under the effect of Venomoth's Psychic, still in his sleep.

                                                    "Venomoth! Drop Snorlax down from meters high!"

                                                    Venomoth continues lifting Snorlax into the air. And once it receives Koga's command, it lets go of Snorlax and the burly beast crashes into the ground on his back, generating a miniature earthquake. The impact and the blast waves eventually awakens Snorlax.

                                                    What about Venomoth? Well, it is rasping heavily due to its exhausted strength lifting Snorlax.

                                                    What? Are you joking with me? Doesn't it simply cut down the PP by 1 when using a move?

                                                    Nope, of course. Psychic is only a substitute for physical strength to raise objects, and is very exhausting when the object is high in weight. Venomoth is in danger now!

                                                    "It's chance! Snorlax, Body Slam!"

                                                    Snorlax jumps up and throws his body at Venomoth, squeezing Venomoth between himself and the ground. After he returns to his feet, Venomoth lies on the battlefield fainted and flat like a piece of paper.

                                                    "Yeah! Two castles down!" says Red.

                                                    "I have tasted your power. But it is not confirmed yet who will smile to the last!" says Koga placidly as he sends out his last fighter, "Being a ninja, one can never lose the determination to fight however rough the environment can be! Go, Golbat!"

                                                    "Snorlax, you continue! Use Rollout!"

                                                    Snorlax curls himself into a ball and rolls towards Golbat at incredible speed.

                                                    "Golbat, Air Slash!"

                                                    Golbat flaps its wings after dodging Snorlax, releasing gear-like solidified air at him. Either attack is proved not very effective when the "gears" bounce off Snorlax's body under his speed and movement. After hitting the wall, Snorlax changes his direction and rolls towards Golbat again.

                                                    "Golbat, dodge it!" To avoid unnecessary health cost, Koga does not order any attack this time.

                                                    However, though its base power is quite low in the first turn, the power of Rollout will double as a turn is consumed. After several turns, the actual power of Rollout can increase to an atrocious degree. Golbat manages to avoid the first four turns only to be hit hard in the last turn. Snorlax's movement terminates as the turn timer expires.

                                                    "Now our turn! Golbat, Poison Fang!" commands Koga before Red can react.

                                                    Golbat flies up to Snorlax and bites down on his skin with its fangs, injecting venom into his vessels. Snorlax jumps about, yelping in pain.

                                                    "Snorlax! Where's your Immunity gone? Use Rollout!"

                                                    Realizing the situation, Snorlax slaps Golbat off his skin before he curls into a ball and rolls at it.

                                                    "Golbat, Roost!"

                                                    Golbat flaps its wings and feathers come out if it, restoring its energy.

                                                    But the moment Golbat recovers half of its health, Snorlax rams into it with great force, bringing down its HP down to critical points once again. The negative force stops Snorlax's movement and he stands up to his feet.

                                                    "Now the decisive Body Slam!"

                                                    Snorlax extends his arms and fall towards a tired Golbat, crushing it and wipes it out.

                                                    "Oh yeah! Our fifth victory!"

                                                    Red hop up upon seeing the last opponent defeated. But Snorlax is too exhausted to celebrate his winning. He rolls off Golbat, allowing Koga to recall it, and goes back to his sleep, before Red withdraws him.

                                                    "Argh, you have proven your worth." says Koga, "Here, take the Soul Badge!"

                                                    "Thank you, Mr. Koga."

                                                    "Now that you have the Soul Badge, you can use Surf outside of battle, too. And take this!"

                                                    "It's TM36 Sludge Bomb, huh?"

                                                    "When taught, the user hurls unsanitary sludge at the opponent. It may also cause poisoning. When afflicted by poison, a Pokémon suffers continuous damage. If afflicted by bad poison from something like Toxic or Poison Fang, it suffers worsening damage as the battle wears on! Either will surely terrorize foes!" says Koga, "Of course, don't even imagine poisoning Poison-type or Steel-type Pokémon or Pokémon with Immunity."

                                                    "Hah, how hazardous Poison-type moves can be!" says Red, "If I hadn't caught Snorlax…"

                                                    "And have you visited the Safari Zone?" asks Koga.

                                                    "Not yet."

                                                    "The place is inhabited by many kinds of wild Pokémon. It might be a suitable resort for Trainers who wish to expand their teams." says Koga, "It is just a mile from here to the north. You just have to remember that battling is strictly prohibited within the entire safari area."

                                                    "Thank you very much, Mr. Koga! It's time for me to go now 'cause I'm, kinda, hah, outta fuel!"
                                                    --End of Epsiode 22--
                                                    Save File:
                                                    Player: Red
                                                    Time: Day 32
                                                    Pokédex: Seen 84, Owned 7
                                                    Badges: 5

                                                    You are challenged by Pokémon Trainers Red, Blue & Leaf!
                                                    Pokémon AgateRed and JadeGreen (Chapter 1 Finished, Chapter 2 In Progress)
                                                    My remixed music list: Here
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