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Started by Her May 31st, 2020 6:16 PM
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back in the day steve would post threads on very american and mostly jingoistic national holidays or remembrance days and be like ‘pc. please support the fallen. or talk about them. remember them.’ or what not
that kinda fell off even before he was removed

but fundamentally he had a point, even if it wasn’t one he was making
you’re a global community and probably the most well-known and visited of the pokemon chat sites outside of r/pokemon or whatever, but you’re also a distinctly #american one in terms of long-term ownership and cultural focus
speaking on the crises happening right now and showing some level of support from the top instead of just half-heartedly allowing discussions on pc discussion mediums is very important imo, and kinda expected at a minimum
particularly one that stresses its inclusivity and anti-racist nature and wants to be a loving place for its members

pc itself needs to make a statement of support, and if possible, do some research and find a organisation that is trustworthy and make a donation to show some solidarity

there are many ways pc can help even if janna or similar figures are uncomfortable with being overtly political
don’t support the rioting? help educational services or food banks or what not serve their communities
don’t support anti-cop talk, but support those protesting? send money to bail funds to help get them out of prison

the tendency for pc has been to shy away from being open about what it believes in unless sufficiently pushed, and i think this should be remedied for what is one of the biggest crises facing the country
enough of that shyness and ‘current events scary’ mindset, pc as a name needs to be clear about where it stands on issues that affect its members

you’d be doing a great service by helping


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I’d like to see something from pc. Normally i wouldn’t support pc getting involved in something political but what is going on in the world right now is more than politics. We are closer to a breakthrough against racism than ever before. The world is tired and we are ready to fight. It takes a collective effort and the LEAST thing we can do as a community is come together and stand strong and help.

Maybe we can set up a donation link to donate on behalf of the forums? Whatever we can do would help and would go such a long way. This is important.

Please note I am speaking from my own thoughts on this and am not speaking for any other staffer or administrator.



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you know, i was initially going to start this post with "be wary we're going to piss people off by having this site taking any sort of stance"

but then, yknow, thinking about it, and nah i don't care. people are going to get mad then let them stay mad. this is a time where we need to come together in support of pocs



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exactly y’all have got it
supporting black people and our black members takes total priority to any potential awkwardness or backlash

kia kaha


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Omg I would love to see this. PC always been a place for community, and we often support each other, and support holidays and happenings.

I do remember those threads that Steve used to make!

Really, it doesn't even have to be anything big. It could be a one paragraph thread with some donation links, even. lol

There are, and have been black staff members at the core of this community, and plenty of members, and I think it's a nice idea to show support. :O

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"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."
- Desmond Tutu

Let's do it


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I think this is a spectacular idea. This is a human rights issue, the rights of an entire demographic are being violated. We need to take a stance and do all we can to show our support.

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This is fine.

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Setting up a donation link sounds sensible and I agree with the idea. We might need some time on doing research on possible places for that and deciding on one/a few first, is all.


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There's been some internal murmurings about what extent we should comment or work with social issues such as the riots in the States, so you're not alone. It's currently in discussions higher up, so maybe we'll have something to say about it soon. :)


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I definitely agree. It's being worked on.

Thanks for this post. <3
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ty for having a clear and undiluted response