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Started by Firebolt April 17th, 2020 7:43 AM
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Your FC shows up as already registered on my end, so you may just have to add it and hopefully it'll reconnect. 5327-1652-0643 is the number.

ORAS sounds good!
Ok I’ve re-added (it confirmed immediately), and I’m online in ORAS


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Alright in Festival Plaza now. IGN is Conan in this one.

Btw, would you like a shiny Masuda Ditto and/or a 6IV one in SV? I started up a Spanish save and ground out about 50
Thank you for the trade, and I also just saw this! I actually have been trying to get desirable Dittos to trade for a foreign one, but I haven't been able to carry out that particular part of the plan yet. I may take you up on that but some other/next time! On midnight the magic is lost and now CinderFirebolt needs to sleep and think on it in the new day's light!