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I,m working in a Hack Room of a Pokemon Firered,inspirated in a Brazil,Please,need a sprite style GBA,shiny,pallete 16 colors of a fakemons a my galery.
Any contribuition help me.
Go to my profile, find a gallery titled fakemon, read the information, and try to play the fakemons in sprites style gba, 16 pallete colors,and put in the post
Any doubt,ask me here in the post,and soon i will place with detailed images.
Welcome to Brasca, the Brazilian region of pokemon.
Then my friends left, let's explore all the pokedex of the continent of Brasca and I know that this post will be long but I ask you to read as much time as possible because I'm sure they will have fun since I want to apologize in case the name fails Some wrong little monster, I already have difficulty with the names of the gamefreak.
Well, surely you are a pokemon fan and you know that the pokedex of the regions always have a few things in common, 3 initial lineages, passerines, insects and local rodents, pokemon objects, trio of legendary and much more.
So let's start our journey through these curiosities, because just like any other generation,
Brasca does have these characteristics.
The trio of starters region is formed by Myrmeflag of grass type, Manedolf ??of fire and Manaty of water.
Which of these three would have your choice? Before deciding let us know your evolutions.
The grass-like lineage is inspired by the Tamandua Flag, Myrmeflag evolves to Myrmeter and gains the type fighter before finally arriving at its final form: Capemyr long before Bewear existed, this pokemon already had as one of its main characteristics a powerful embrace Able to take the breath of its opponents indepente of the size.
While the initials of fire are wolves guars, Manedolf ??evolves to Magmanar that turns Magsocyon in the second stage the pokemon happens to have the secondary type: Noturno but also becomes a species difficult to have the confidence conquered.
And finally we have the manatees of water: Manaty, Manaid and Monmarteid and still had the influence of one of the main icons of the Brazilian flocore: Bumb-Meu Boi.Although apparently friendly Monmarteid can crush any prey with his body until death.
And now, is it easier to decide what is your initial in Brasca? Once that choice is made, the journey begins by finding those classic monsters from the first routes of the game, such as insects, birds and regional rodents, and it is logical that Brasca has everything This in ambundance.
Altogether there are 3 lines of insects.
The first is Electar and as the name suggests has as secondary type the Electric, this pokemon evolves to Elecoon and then Monarctric, whose wings are totally formed by energy. All of them were inspired by the Monarch Butterfly.
The second insect is Keypillar, the key monster its beak and tail can open any lock that causes it to be used by thieves in robberies at night.
Keypillar evolves to Steeliqua, the safe pokemon and finally to Fakeliqua.
Finally the most different of all: Prela, Zikulp, Zikaegypti. As is very clear they were inspired by Aedes Egypti: Mosquitoes transmitters of Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya. Therefore, besides insects, these are also poisonous species
In relation to typical birds following the line of Pidgey, Taillow, Starly and others.Brasca has four evolutionary lines.
Aredera and Aredacaw have description and design inspired by the red macaw, traditional animal of our country.