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    Chapter 1: Iki Town

    It's been forever since Amber been to the islands of Alola, which her grandmother was from. She departed from the S.S. Anne and stepped out of the docks of Iki Town, a very familiar place she remembered as a little girl. Her curly medium-length hair flowed through the breeze as she walked on the Alola docks, wearing a white t-shirt and a red skirt. She continued down the docks and then onto the sandy path of Iki Town, suddenly being stopped by a boy.

    "Hi, my name is Harrison, what's your name?" the boy asked.
    "Hi, my name's Amber," Amber said. "Um, why would you greet yourself out of the blue?"
    "Well, it looks like you're a newcomer here on the islands," Harrison said. "So, I'd just thought to introduce myself and possibly show you around."
    "Um, well, my grandmother's from this town so I know it pretty well," Amber said.
    "Okay, that's cool," Harrison said. "If you're trying to start your Pokemon adventure here, good luck because I'll be facing you," Harrison said.
    "That's fine," Amber said. "I love Pokemon battles."
    "That's great, see you around, Amber," Harrison said.

    Amber waved at Harrison as he waved at her, quickly minding her own and following the sandy road. She turned over to look at Harrison one more time and then suddenly thought of the Pokemon her grandmother gave her as a gift for coming back to the islands. She opened up her white and red backpack, grabbing out the lone pokeball her grandmother gave her. Running over to Harrison and catching him before walking out of Iki Town, she whistled to him.

    "Hey Harrison! Do you want to have a Pokemon battle?!" Amber asked.
    "Alright! Let's go!" Harrison exclaimed.
    "Okay, it'll be a one to one Pokemon battle!" Amber exclaimed.
    "Let's bring it! I'll take out Rowlet!" Harrison exclaimed.
    "Okay, let's go Litten!" Amber commanded.

    Amber forgot about the Pokemon her grandmother gave her as a gift, taking out her pokedex and seeing what kind of moves it had. When she looked, she saw that it learned Scratch, Ember, and Growl. As a much older person that Harrison and more experienced, she knew what type of moves and Pokemon were best.

    "Okay Litten, use Ember, now!" Amber commanded.
    "Um, use Tackle, Rowlet!" Harrison commanded.

    Litten was faster than Rowlet, quickly inhaling a breath of air and spitting out a burst of fire. As it blasted towards Rowlet, Harrison jumped in the air and cheered for the wrong Pokemon. Amber thought it was odd that he would do such a thing, but she also thought that it might've been his personality.

    "Okay Litten, let's use Ember again!" Amber commanded.
    "Okay Rowlet, let's use Growl!" Harrison commanded.

    Amber was wondering if Harrison even knew how to battle with Pokemon or knew what moves were best for Rowlet. Litten spat out another burst of fire and as it hit Rowlet directly and fainted it, she walked over to Harrison with an odd look.

    "Do you know how to Pokemon battle, Harrison?" Amber asked.
    "Yeah, I do, why?" Harrison asked.
    "Well, Growl isn't a good move to use," Amber said. "Here, let's use my pokedex and move it on top of Rowlet to see what kind of moves are best for it."
    "Okay, even though I do know what kind of moves are best for it," Harrison said.

    Amber took out her red pokedex and hovered it on Rowlet, making her able to read all of Rowlet's stats and moves.

    "Okay, Harrison, your Rowlet looks good, except for your own skill," Amber said. "I'm sorry to tell you, Harrison, but Growl isn't a good move at all, which made you lose."
    "Oh, well, you look older than me and probably know a lot about Pokemon more than I do," Harrison said. "Even though you might, I'll be one of the very best Pokemon masters of all."
    "Okay, Harrison, that's good and all, but you do need to realize what's a good move from a bad move," Amber said. "See, my Litten has a higher attack and speed than any other stat, which is good, especially since it as a Brave nature."
    "Oh, okay, so what about my Pokemon?" Harrison asked. "Is my Rowlet good?"
    "Well, your Rowlet has a good attack and defense stat, while everything else isn't good," Amber said. "It also has a Jolly nature, which is good since it'll end up being very jolly and excited."
    "Well, thank you and all, but I got to go," Harrison said. "Maybe find a pokecenter and heal Rowlet, maybe train my Rowlet a little more."
    "Okay then, we'll see you around, Harrison," Amber said.
    "We'll see you," Harrison said.

    Amber noticed that Harrison was bummed out when she dissected her Rowlet, which was a bad move on her part. She wanted to teach him a little information on the moves and what kind of moves are good and what moves aren't good, but it seemed like Harrison didn't want to listen to her dictate him. Feeling bad about it, she looked around and noticed that she needed to go to the pokecenter as well to heal her Litten, so she whistled at Harrison and ran, trying to catch up with him. When she caught up with him, he didn't say a word to her, reminding himself that she was just another Pokemon trainer on the way to the same place. As they entered the pokecenter, they went through the automatic sliding doors and awed.

    "Wow, look what they've done to this place," Amber said. "It looks different than before."

    Still, there wasn't a word from Harrison which made her feel more terrible. As she let Harrison go with the nurse first, she sat down and looked at the posters on the wall. Many posters were posted and pictures were hung on the walls, making her admire what kind of person her grandmother was. Her grandmother was a native-born to Alola traveling the world of Pokemon. She remembered that she went through the many regions of the Pokemon world and gathered up the badges like the many trainers before her; Kanto, Hoenn, Johto, you name it. Another thing Amber didn't like about grandmother was the fact that she joined the gang, Team Rocket.

    Amber thought and thought about the decision her grandmother made back when she was in Kanto, joining Team Rocket. She never knew the real explanation behind it, assuming that she needed the money, which she needs now.

    "I'm sorry, grandmother, I really am," Amber said to herself. "I think I know why you've made that bad decision."
    "Every decision must be from your heart," an old man said. "Every choice and decision you make determines the path you're creating in front of you. Joining Team Rocket for money is a desperate cause, especially the Pokemon stealing, but if it's already written, you must do what you must."
    "Why do you say that, old man?" Amber asked.
    "Her choices were her choices, not yours," the old man said. "However, if you really think that your grandmother did a bad thing and never experienced it for yourself, how do you know it's a bad thing? Think of it, young lady, think of it and then choose your own destiny."
    "I will, thank you, sir," Amber said.

    Amber looked over at Harrison and walked over to him, soon patting him on the shoulder.

    "Hey there, I'm sorry about earlier today," Amber said.
    "It's okay, it's not your fault," Harrison said. "I'm just a ten-year-old wanting to live the dream of a Pokemon master, that's all."
    "You're correct on that, but with you being a ten-year-old, you have a big heart," Amber said. "You pretty much have the same nature as your Rowlet, which is a good thing."
    "Is it a good thing?" Harrison asked.
    "Of course, we'll meet up later," Amber said. "I have to heal my Pokemon and probably later we'll find each other and have another Pokemon battle."
    "Okay, Amber, that sounds fun," Harrison said. "We'll see you later!"

    Amber suddenly felt happy for Harrison, making him have a smile on his face and hers. She most likely had the same vibe as her grandmother, brave and already knowing what to do because of her teachers and mentors. When Litten got done healing, she made Litten walk with her, soon making Litten walk anywhere she went to. When she was about to go out of Iki Town, she looked at her pokedex noticing that she was going south. Remembering to have a good time on her sudden Pokemon adventure and taking it easy, she also remembered how her grandmother was taught; which was to be brave and proud. As she took her first couple steps out of Iki Town, she saw many varieties of Pokemon, which made her want to catch one. With a smile from Litten and herself, she grabbed a pokeball from her backpack and kissed it, making it be her first pokeball thrown in years.

    To Be Continued...
    - The Amazing Journey -

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      Chapter 2: Route 1

      Amber and Litten were walking around the outside of Iki Town, finding many Pokemon to catch as her second Pokemon. There were many more Ledyba and Pikipek more than anything but she wanted the rares. As she started her search for rare Pokemon in the area, she wanted to search high and low.

      "Okay Litten, let's find you a friend," Amber said. "We'll search here around the trees first."

      Amber started to climb the tall tree as Litten was searching low around the tree. Climbing and stepping on one branch after another, she searched through the cracks and holes but only finding Ledyba.

      "Come on now, Amber, we can find a rare," Amber told herself.

      As she started to climb the tree higher Litten was growling, trying to get Amber's attention. She looked down and saw that Litten was growling at a Yungoos. Laughing at the look of the Pokemon, she yelled at Litten.

      "No, Litten! Not that one!" Amber exclaimed.

      Litten snared and scared off the Yungoos, making it search longer. When she was on the second branch, she saw a lot of Pikipek nests, wondering where the Toucannon was. As she kept looking, she heard a noise and thought it was Litten. She looked down and saw that Litten was still looking around for a rare Pokemon, quickly looking back at the Pikipek nest and getting scared. Falling off the branch as she saw a large Toucannon, she was screamed. Falling on her back, she was hurt bad making Litten quickly come back to her. When she was slowly getting up, she saw a Yungoose.

      "Go away! We don't want you!" Amber yelled.

      Amber sighed as she was finally able to get her footing, brushing off the loose sand and grass. When she was able to focus after her fall, she looked around slowly, making sure and wondering where the best spot for the rare would be. Soon, she found a cute yellow and black mouse looking Pokemon; it was Pikachu.

      "What?! A Pikachu?!" Amber exclaimed. "I thought Pikachu was a Kanto Pokemon?!"

      Litten snared at the wild Pikachu and started to chase after it. Quickly, Amber started to follow Litten and Pikachu, soon going into an open meadow. She looked at the open meadow and saw that it was a large enough area for a battle to weaken it, so she started to command Litten.

      "Okay Litten, let's use Scratch!" Amber commanded.

      Litten started to run after the wild Pikachu as fast as it could, but the wild Pikachu was too fast as the Pikachu made Litten miss. The wild Pikachu used Tail Whip, quickly flying Litten back towards Amber. She took out her pokedex and hovered it towards the wild Pikachu, finding that it was a really good Pokemon to catch. However, it would be tough if the wild Pikachu was faster than her Litten. When she thought of a plan to surround the wild Pikachu, she started to walk around it as Litten stayed put.

      "Okay Litten, let's use Growl trying to let it come towards me!" Amber commanded.

      Litten made a loud noise as it growled at the wild Pikachu, making it start to go over towards Amber. It looked like her plan was about to work, but the wild Pikachu kept running around and shocked Litten with a Thunder Shock. As the attack didn't knock out Litten right away, she knew that it was finally a battle.

      "Okay Litten, let's finally attack with Ember!" Amber commanded.

      Litten looked back at Amber and nodded, quickly staring at the wild Pikachu. Litten inhaled a breath and burst out a spit of fire, hitting the wild Pikachu directly. When she saw that it was a direct hit she was sure that Litten's high attack would weaken it for sure. The wild Pikachu, however, growled at Litten making it curl up around Amber's bare leg.

      "We can't do this now Litten, we need to weaken it," Amber said. "So, let's use Ember again!"

      Litten burst out a large ball of fire and as it was another direct hit, the wild Pikachu started to weaken. As the wild Pikachu was trying to get up, Amber took the opportunity and grabbed one of the empty pokeball's from her backpack and threw it as hard as she could. She was a muscular girl as she was into sports, making the pokeball smack the wild Pikachu in the face. A bright light flared the entire area as the pokeball consumed the wild Pikachu. A red light in the middle of the pokeball started to sparkle back and forth as it moved the same. The pokeball moved back and forth multiple times and it looked like it stopped, she hoped that it was caught.

      "Okay Litten, go fetch it," Amber said.

      Litten trodded over to the pokeball and grabbed it with its teeth, quickly running over to Amber just in case it opened. She grabbed the pokeball and kissed the red part of it, making sure it stayed inside the pokeball. She got excited that she caught her first Pokemon which was a Pikachu, quickly giving Litten a high five and a petting. Both of them were very excited that they got a Pikachu on the team, making them a better team. Continuing down the route, she found a Pokemon school, wondering why a Pokemon school would be in the middle of a trail instead of a town or city. As she walked passed the Pokemon school she remembered a time when she was in Pokemon school learning about the many Pokemon types.

      "Okay Litten, we now got an Electric-type Pokemon with us since you're a Fire-type," Amber said. "So, we got to make both of you two stronger by battling Grass, Bug, Water, and Flying-type Pokemon."

      Litten nodded as it knew what her trainer was saying, quickly acknowledging her own type. When Amber continued down the trail, she saw Harrison walking right behind her. As she thought that he was close by, she whistled at him to get his attention. He ran towards her and greeted himself like they never met before.

      "I'm sorry, Amber, but I got to go," Harrison said. "I caught a Ledyba back there and it really weakened Rowlett."
      "That's not good, Harrison," Amber said. "I was thinking we should have another Pokemon battle since we both have two Pokemon now, but if your Pokemon are hurt and not fully healed, I'll wait for you outside of the pokecenter in Hau'oli City."
      "Okay, cool! We'll see you then!" Harrison exclaimed.

      Amber was curious about why Harrison would catch a Ledyba, which was weak against both her Litten and Pikachu. As she thought of what the old man said back in Iki Town, she shook her head and laughed about it. She wanted Harrison to be tough and a challenge for her instead of having a team that'll get wiped out instantly. However, she started to walk towards Hau'oli City, the biggest city in all Alola. With the thought of going into Hau'oli City, she thought of the shopping district there, letting her have a smile on her face. When she pictured herself what she wanted herself to look like, she ran towards the big city making Litten fall behind barking away.

      To Be Continued...
      - The Amazing Journey -

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        [Sorry for it being shorter than I actually had it, it didn't load and I'm too busy slamming me foot against a wall to write it all out again so I'll keep it short and concise. Also, I've only read chapter 1 as of this comment so bear that in mind]

        So, your chapter is cool. I like the introduction and how it is structured in a viewing perspective. I find that some of the dialogue and characters a bit...plain in acting. Like the dialogue isn't really more fleshed out save for he said/she said.

        I can say that I liked what you did with Harrison. He I felt wasn't so affected by the singular view that the others appeared to be. Also, yeah the old guy at the end was interesting at first till the whole, "Is it wrong?" but which I honestly found kinda dumb of him to say merely to a stranger.

        Other than that, a few repetitive things, lack of detail in some areas and slight pacing issues this chapter was a solid start. Best of you luck to you good sir.

        “I’ve been to places I wouldn’t have visited before. I get to see different things, which is important. It gives me new experiences to draw from.” ~Hidetaka Miyazaki [creator of Bloodborne]
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          Chapter 3: Hau'oli City

          Amber and Litten reached the city limits of Hau'oli City, the biggest city of all Alola. Her main reason to walk through Hau'oli City was to get some shopping supplies and new clothes. Although she liked her outfit she wore, she wanted to wear something more suitable as a Pokemon trainer. When she was walking through the streets, she saw the beachfront and looked at the amazing ocean, watching the sun shine down making the ocean seem it had crystals.

          Amber saw that the beachfront was open, wondering why there weren't anyone swimming or having a bonfire. Thinking of taking a stroll down the beach, she sent out Pikachu so Litten could have a friend to play with. As she was walking, she found many Wingull flying about in the sky. She wanted to catch one but she wanted to see if any one of them would swoop down. However, as she was strolling along the beachfront, she found many pearls.

          "Look at it here, Pikachu and Litten," Amber said. "I think it should be rare to find pearls out in the open like this, but we're rich now."

          Pikachu and Litten sounded out like they liked what their trainer found, scattering about to collect more pearls for her. When she collected enough pearls to make a beautiful necklace, she got off the sandy floor and sat on a wooden bench.

          "Okay guys, let's make us a pearl necklace," Amber said.

          As Amber was about to make the necklace, a wild Wingull swooped down to the bench and took one of the pearls.

          "Hey now!" Amber exclaimed.

          Quickly getting off the bench to chase down the Wingull that took her pearl, Pikachu and Litten chased it as well. Running down the beachfront and then onto the shopping district, Amber and her Pokemon were already getting a sweat. Running as fast as she could, she stepped through benched and jumped through tables, using her aerobatic skills to get through the city fast.

          "Pikachu! Use Thunder Shock on the Wingull now!" Amber commanded.

          Pikachu ran its fastest trying to catch up to the wild Wingull, soon finding a table and then jumped up high. Electricity generated throughout Pikachu's entire body and as the electricity bolted towards the wild WIngull, a bright flash flared in the sky. Yellow, black, and white lights flashed back and forth quickly making the Wingull drop the pearl. With the sudden thought of having another Pokemon, Amber went into her backpack and grabbed a pokeball, but it was on the street not even moving.

          Litten looked and found the pearl, quickly retrieving it for Amber. After getting the pearl back she was bummed as she was thinking of the thoughts she had of having a Wingull. Walking back towards the beachfront and then onto the wooden bench. She started to make the pearl necklace without any interruptions, making it easier for her to concentrate.

          It took a lot of patience from her Pokemon and a lot of time out of her day as the sun was going down. When she was finished she saw Harrison walking passed the beachfront, making her remember that she promised him a Pokemon battle. She put on the necklace around her neck and walked up towards him with a smile.

          "Well, hello there fellow trainer!" Amber shouted out.
          "Hi, Amber! How are you?!" Harrison asked.
          "I'm okay, how are you?" Amber asked.
          "I'm alright, so are you ready for our Pokemon battle?" Harrison asked.
          "Yes, of course I'm ready for our Pokemon battle," Amber said.
          "Okay, cool!" Harrison exclaimed.

          Harrison sent out Ledyba which Amber thought was a gamble since she had a Pikachu, which was strong against it. When Ledyba came out of its pokeball, she saw that it was flying around bravely.

          "Okay Pikachu, let's do this!" Amber exclaimed. "Let's use Thunder Shock!"
          "Let's use Tackle!" Harrison commanded.

          Pikachu ran towards as fast as it could towards Ledyba, quickly giving it a shock. However, as Amber saw that Harrison's Ledyba was nearly as fast as her Pikachu, she was impressed in his choice of a Pokemon. Ledyba flew back towards Harrison as it was ready for a command but Pikachu was running around the area like it was more excited to run than battle.

          "Okay Pikachu, let's use Thunder Shock again!" Amber commanded.
          "Um, let's use Supersonic Ledyba!" Harrison commanded.

          As Pikachu was about to bolt Ledyba with electricity a second time, Ledyba quickly used its antennas and sounded a strange tone, making Pikachu confused.

          "Clever move, Harrison, well done!" Amber shouted. "However, let's go Litten!"

          Litten jumped off the table they were sitting at and growled like it was ready for battle. Harrison was worried about Litten as he remembered that it took down Rowlet easily.

          "Okay Ledyba, let's use Supersonic!" Harrison commanded.
          "Let's try to do our best and block it, Litten!" Amber exclaimed. "So, let's use Growl louder than Supersonic!"

          Ledyba was faster than Litten, using its Supersonic move a second time but this time it wasn't effected as Litten growled so loud that it scared Harrison's glasses off.

          "Oh wow, that's loud!" Harrison exclaimed.
          "Alright, so let's use Ember, Litten!" Amber commanded. "Let's not get distracted here!"

          Litten quickly burst out a large ball of fire as it was getting stronger. Ledyba was still trying to with-hold the effect of Litten's growl, making it unaware of its Ember. Since it was a Bug-type Pokemon, Ledyba was quickly taken out of the battle, making Harrison worried.

          "Okay Amber, we're not backing down now!" Harrison exclaimed.
          "Are you sure? Okay, let's go!" Amber exclaimed.

          When Harrison called out Rowlet, Amber was starting to get cocky, putting a grin on her face.

          "Let's use Tackle, Rowlet!" Harrison commanded.
          "Okay Litten, let's use Ember!" Amber commanded.

          Litten burst out a small fire out of its mouth, aiming it directly at Ledyba. It was already weakened from Pikachu, but Harrison didn't want to back down. When the fire hit Ledyba's wings, it was burned and on fire.

          "Stop! I stop the battle!" Harrison yelled.

          Harrison ran over towards Ledyba and took out a healing supplement which looked like a Burn Heal. He sprayed a little on Ledyba's wings and the fire instantly went away, making his scare turn into a worry.

          "You win this Pokemon battle, Amber," Harrison said. "You win!"
          "Well, I didn't know that Litten was this strong," Amber said. "I'm sorry, I really am!"

          Amber felt bad that Harrison's Ledyba got burned, making him worry a lot about his Pokemon. She went back to the bench and sat down feeling bummed, quickly kicking herself in the shin. Thinking of what she done, wondering if she done anything wrong, she looked down at Litten and looked at it.

          "I don't know, Litten, what did we do wrong?" Amber asked.

          Litten looked up at its trainer and purred like it was sad of what it did. Deep inside she felt fine that she didn't do anything but it just scaring Harrison, petting Litten on its head. When she was ready to leave the beautiful beachfront, she got off the bench and walked towards the shopping district. Quickly she was amazed that she had a little money from before she arrived in Alola. She petted Litten one more time and grabbed the still confused Pikachu like a newborn baby and started to walk. Walking passed Harrison, she still felt bad and sorry for what she done, making her think that she's becoming a bad Pokemon trainer.

          To Be Continued...
          - The Amazing Journey -

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            Chapter 4: Route 2

            Amber was still sad about Harrison making her continue to think about what he said to her. Although, as of what other people told her in her journey of life, you always have to keep your head up and keep moving forward. That's what she insisted on doing; slowly but surely. As she was continuing down the trail, she saw many rustling bushes wondering what was happening.

            Amber saw that Litten and Pikachu were very curious, running towards the rustling bushes to find what or why they were moving. Most of the time it was a nest of wild Ekans which she thought were scary looking. Trying to continue on through the tall grass without being bit by one, she noticed that there was a dog-looking Pokemon just wondering around. As the dog looking Pokemon moved Amber moved with it, soon closing in on it.

            The pokedex read that it was a Furfrou, the Poodle Pokemon. Amber immediately thought it looked cute in a way, but could easily be dangerous looking, too.

            "Okay Litten, let's use Ember!" Amber commanded.

            As strong as Litten was Amber was surprised to see the wild Furfou taking the hit hard thinking that it would be easy to catch. However, the wild Furfou ran off fast; faster than both of her Pokemon combined.

            "Oh wow, that's real smart," Amber whispered to herself. "Now I got to try and find it again."

            However, with Amber still struggling to get through the tall grass, the wild Ekans she saw before were coming closer to her. Litten and Pikachu were trying to fight them off one by one, but they were no use as more of them slithered after them. Soon, as she wanted to find an easier way out of the tall grass, she ran her fastest.

            Trying to run her fastest and hardest through the tall grass Amber noticed that they were trying to leap up towards her. Hitting them with her knuckles and feet trying to get them off, she started to yell out loud. Later on she saw an opening which would've been the dirt trail, still fighting her way through the tall grass. Litten and Pikachu fought their hardest to clear the way of wild Ekans but more of them kept coming.

            In the midst of her running Amber stopped and thought of why the wild Ekans would encounter her or her Pokemon like this, checking to see if there were any sign. However, as she noticed, she saw an egg. It was a purple egg with yellow spots on it, wondering if it was an Ekans egg.

            "Okay, I get it now," Amber whispered. "So you guys think that I took this egg?"

            Numerous wild Ekans hissed at her as an answer, thinking that she did take their egg from their nest.

            "If so, than here," Amber said. "I don't want to intrude in anyway, I just thought-"

            Amber was interrupted as she was looking around the tall grass and saw a Yungoos holding an egg.

            "There's your thief!" Amber yelled. "Let's get him!"

            The wild Ekans looked and saw their mongoose enemy, the Yungoos. Slithering as fast as they could towards the wild Yungoose, she ran with them. Catching the wild and mischievous Yungoos before the wild Ekans would be able to wrap it around their body and squeeze it to death, she fought it; fighting it and struggling to get the Ekans egg back.

            When the wild Ekans came to Amber and the wild Yungoos, all of them used the move Glare to stun the mischievous Pokemon. As it was stunned the Ekans egg slipped through the wild Yungoos' paws, soon falling into the tall grass. Amber was in shock as the egg could easily be shattered, making them Ekans family lose their baby. When the tall grass was blown by the wind she saw that it wasn't, the egg was gently placed around the body of an Ekans.

            "Whew, that's a relief," Amber whispered to herself. "Now, here goes for the other egg you guys."

            Amber put down the egg that was mistakenly put in her backpack with the other egg, quickly stepping away from the wild Ekans family so she wouldn't be bitten or wrapped to death. As she was soon leaving the area and out of the tall grass, she noticed that there was a cemetery nearby, thinking of what other scary adventures could be happening. As she thought about it, she was daring herself to go to it.

            However, before she was able to step another time along the trail, she noticed that one of the wild Ekans that she helped out slithered to her. She saw that it was holding one of the eggs she saved from the wild Yungoos, thinking that the egg would be a gift. The wild Ekans tilted its head and then looked up at her, extending its body. She saw that it was one of the eggs she saved indeed and it was going to be a gift from the Ekans family.

            "Well, thank you," Amber said. "I appreciate having another Pokemon on my side, however, I'm not used to having any Poison-type Pokemon yet."

            Amber thanked the Ekans family by giving them some berries she suddenly found on a bush nearby. As the Ekans family was happily eating the berries, she continued her way towards another scary adventure; the cemetery. Holding the egg in her hands trying to keep it warm, she kept and made sure that Litten and Pikachu were walking alongside her at all times. When they were walking however, she wondered what kind of moves it would learn when it hatches, or when it hatches... Thinking of the best of the best.

            To Be Continued...
            - The Amazing Journey -

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              Chapter 5: Route 3

              A lot of time was spent alone taking care of the Ekans egg, making both Litten and Pikachu help out as well. When Amber was starting to walk north passing the creepy looking cemetery, she realized that she was nearing the end of the island. Wondering how big the island really was, she kept walking soon finding a few new types of Pokemon. She pulled out her pokedex and registered the types of Pokemon she saw, finding a Cutiefly.

              "Oh, that's so cute!" Amber exclaimed. "We have to catch it now!"

              The Pokemon she was talking about was a Cutiefly, which she thought that any female trainer should have in their Pokemon party. When she saw what type of Pokemon it was, she thought it was interesting that it was both a Bug-type and a Fairy-type. However, since it was Bug-type, it would be an easy battle for Litten.

              "Okay Litten, let's go and use Ember!" Amber commanded.

              With how strong Litten was it wasn't long that Cutiefly was weak enough for it to catch, making Amber easily throw a pokeball at it. It was easy as cake making her continue walking down the rocky path.

              "This was too easy, to catch you," Amber said quietly.

              Amber was looking down at the newly caught Cutiefly, wondering if it was really worth it. As she shook her head slowly in disappointment, she put the pokeball in her backpack. Both Litten and Pikachu cried as she was putting Cutiefly in the backpack, wondering if it would be transferred to the pokecenter. When she turned south nearing a cave entrance, she saw many more Cutiefly.

              Amber continued her way soon finding less of them and more Spearow. She was starting to get bummed as she doesn't have any cool looking Pokemon, but only cute looking ones. As she was looking at the cave entrance, she saw a blue colored Pokemon that looked like a dinosaur.

              "Oh wow, I wonder what Pokemon that is," Amber said. "Let's find out and look!"

              Amber walked closer to the wild Pokemon, soon finding out that it was a wild Bagon. Quickly grabbing a pokeball out of her backpack she saw that it was trying to gnaw on a rock. She was wondering if it was it's nature to gnaw on rocks and pebbles, but when she looked on the pokedex, it wasn't. It's nature was to jump off cliffs in order to fulfill its dream to fly. Amber thought that it would be amazing to let the wild Bagon fulfill its dream, wanting to catch it.

              "Okay, let's get Bagon gang," Amber said.

              Amber walked closer towards the wild Bagon, but however, she saw that it jumped on a cliff. Shockingly she thought that the wild Bagon would get hurt or even worse... die. She quickly ran towards Bagon but when she was about to catch it with her hands, it jumped off. Both Litten and Pikachu was in shock as well, making them hurry down the rocky cliff. Quickly following her own Pokemon, Amber yelled and screamed as how steep the cliff was.

              "Oh no! What did I get into now?!" Amber yelled.

              Continuing down the steep hill, she saw wild Tauros charging up the cliff. Thinking of how to get the wild Bagon before it gets hurt or worse, she looked at the wild Tauros. She quickly got up on her feet and before she fell on her face, she hopped on a wild Tauros. Holding on as tight as she could, she jumped towards the next closest Tauros. Leaping back and forth in order to catch the wild Bagon, she wondered if jumping on Tauros was worth it.

              "Oh dear, let's go guys!" Amber exclaimed. "We're close to him!"

              Amber was getting near the end of the wild Tauros herd, making her jump on the last one. Quickly, she leaped in the air extending her arms as far as she could, catching the tumbling Bagon. Immediately she was tumbling down the cliff as well, having a feeling that she was about puke. Trying to reach for a stable rock to hold onto, she cried out as she finally did so. Being unable to look down to see if the cliff was about to end, she was scared to death.

              "Oh no, oh no, oh no!" Amber shouted. "I'm going to die, I'm going to die!"

              Amber hung on tight getting scared to move, trying her best to grip on tight. It took her a long time to get the courage to look down, seeing that it wasn't really far down as she thought. Wanting to step down as bad as she wanted the wild Bagon, she looked at the frightened Pokemon and saw that it was trying to get free. With all she got she held on tight to the wild Bagon and jumped down the high cliff.

              Stepping down safely on pavement, Amber looked around herself and saw that she was back in Hau'oli City. Confused and still scared she looked down at her Pokemon, seeing that they were wiped out. Checking on the Pokemon egg she saw that it was cracked, quickly grabbing it and releasing the wild Bagon she didn't know to be scared about the egg of the Pokemon.

              "Oh no! We need to go to the pokecenter, stat!" Amber exclaimed.

              Amber grabbed both the wild Bagon and Pokemon egg, quickly running as fast as she could towards the pokecenter. She continued to hurry to the pokecenter, hoping that the two Pokemon weren't hurt badly since they all slid down a steep cliff. Soon, as she got to the pokecenter, she quickly handed the cracked Pokemon egg and wild Bagon to the nurse.

              "Quickly, nurse! All of my Pokemon are injured!" Amber yelled.
              "Okay, let's get them into the emergency room, stat!" the nurse exclaimed.

              Amber saw a Blissey and a Chansey coming out of the back room, quickly grabbing the wild Bagon and the Pokemon egg. With shock and worry, she wasn't able to sit down, quickly pacing back and forth in the pokecenter. Soon, she saw that there was access to another island from Hau'oli City which was Heahea City on the island of Akala.

              "I wish I can have a map of every island so I won't get lost like last time," Amber said. "I don't really want anything like this happening again."

              It took a couple hours for the nurse to get back to Amber, giving her back the Pokemon egg. However, instead of just the Pokemon egg, she was given the Pokemon that was inside it.

              "Here you go, the egg hatched into an Ekans," the nurse said. "Did you know that it was going to be an Ekans or no?"
              "Yes, I did know," Amber said. "A family of wild Ekans gave it to me for saving this egg and another egg from being taken and possibly ate by wild Yungoos."
              "Oh wow, that's wonderful," the nurse said. "So, you're like a Pokemon ranger? You also saved a wild Bagon from getting extremely hurt."

              Amber carefully thought of the title the nurse said, thinking hard and remembering on what a Pokemon ranger was.

              "Uh, yeah, I'm kind of a Pokemon ranger indeed," Amber said. "However, it's been forever since I've actually saved a Pokemon like this one."
              "Well, soon the wild Bagon would be fully recovered," the nurse said. "So please, take a seat and relax. All of your Pokemon are in good care."

              Amber sat down and closed her eyes, thinking hard on was a Pokemon ranger really was. As she was really thinking about it, she walked towards the computer to search for the actual definition. As she read was a Pokemon ranger was, she wondered how she could be a ranger as she never had a partner or had the idea of saving wild Pokemon. When she continued her research she thought of finding someone to become her partner... but she didn't know who.

              To Be Continued...
              - The Amazing Journey -

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                Chapter 6: Heahea City

                Amber woke up inside a bundled up room with others that were traveling to Heahea City, making her feel anxious on a new location and adventure. She started walking out of the ferry and instantly saw the big city of Heahea, being amazed in awe. When she continued down the local streets, she walked inside a nearby pokecenter and saw many items to buy. Walking down aisle by aisle, she carefully selected the items she wanted to buy, especially a rope.

                Also buying medication for her Pokemon, she grabbed potions and pokeballs. As she was purchasing the items that was in her cart, she saw that there was nothing else in this city. However, when she walked out of the pokemart, she looked up at the sky and saw that the sun was quickly going down. As she just woke up nearly an hour before she arrived at Heahea.

                As she was about to walk out of the city, she noticed that there was a cute looking Pokemon hiding behind a garbage can. Pikachu and Litten ran towards the Pokemon and cried like they were surprised. Amber walked over to the garbage can and saw that it was an Eevee. The Eevee looked like it was scared and hurt, so she tried to grab it but it ran away. Pikachu and Litten followed the wild Eevee, soon making Amber wonder where they went.

                "Hey, did you find an Eevee anywhere?" a boy asked.
                "Yeah, my Pikachu and Litten are following it," Amber said. "I think they went this way."

                Amber honestly didn't know where they went off to, quickly going down an alleyway. When she was trying to find the missing Eevee, she ran into another trainer.

                "Hey, did you find my brothers Eevee?" the trainer asked.
                "No, but your brother's over there searching in another area," Amber said. "Wherever your brothers Eevee is that's where my Pikachu and Litten is."
                "Okay, well, let me know if you find it," the trainer said. "We're trying to making it evolve into an Espeon, but since it's night we're worried that it'll evolve into an Umbreon."
                "Why are you scared of an Eevee evolving into an Umbreon?" Amber asked.

                The Pokemon trainer looked up at the sky and saw that the moon was about to turn up, thinking of what his Umbreon is like. He thought and remembered, hesitating to tell his story.

                "What is it? Is Umbreon a bad Pokemon?" Amber asked.
                "Kind of, but not really," the trainer said. "People call us the next generation of Eeveelution Brothers, but with my sisters included we're more of the Eeveelution Trainers."
                "Eeveelution Trainers?" Amber asked. "So, you and your siblings have one of each Eeveelution?"
                "Yeah, I have Umbreon and my worried brother has Eevee," the trainer said. "However, the story is... Eevee instantly evolves into Umbreon as soon as it is under moonlight. I've noticed for my own experience that Umbreon can be a tracker, known to track down prey. It eats its prey, but its color is so pitch-black that you won't be able to spot it."
                "Okay, so we got to find this Eevee before it turns into a bloodsucking fiend," Amber laughed.
                "I know that was a joke, but it can be serious because it's not really trained well," the trainer said.

                Amber and the Eeveelution Trainer went separate ways throughout Heahea City, quickly finding the other Eeveelution siblings. With all eight Eeveelution Trainer's trying to find the missing Eevee, Amber stopped and thought- If the Eevee did turn into Umbreon, it would be best to have a flashlight. Instead of having a flashlight, she told Pikachu and Litten to light up the area with their fire and electricity.

                With it being imaginative and creative, Amber laughed as she thought it was ridiculous to find a pitch-black Umbreon in the night. She looked high and low slowly going out of the city, soon shouting, "Eevee" and "Umbreon". As she did look further out of the city, she saw only a few Pokemon. Wondering if the kids Eevee did evolve into Umbreon, she was worried. Continuing her search, she saw an Eevee.

                Wondering if it was the same Eevee the Eeveelution Trainer's where missing, she tested it out and threw a pokeball. When the Eevee was transported into the pokeball, she was worried, watching it move left and right numerous times.

                "Oh no, oh no!" Amber yelled.

                Watching the pokeball move back and forth, continuing its movements, she saw the Eeveelution Trainers come towards her.

                "So, did you find the Eevee?" one of the trainers asked.
                "Yeah, I did, but I'm not sure if this one is yours," Amber said. "Let's just hope it's not."

                Amber quickly looked in the bushes and sighed, making her feel that the rustling bushes was the trainers Eevee.

                "Look over there, I wonder if it's in those rustling bushes!" Amber exclaimed.

                One of the trainers who wore pink and white walked over to the rustling bushes and snatched up an Eevee. Amber and the others quickly wondered if that was the Eevee they were looking for. As soon as the kid's Eevee was found Amber saw that the pokeball she threw was empty.

                "Okay, yeah, that Eevee you found is your brothers," Amber said. "However, my own chance of having an Eevee is a lose."

                Amber slightly laughed at her fact, thinking of having an Espeon.

                "I'm thankful that you found my Eevee," the trainer said. "However, I'm sorry that you lost your chance of getting one of your own."
                "Yeah, same here," Amber said. "I'm happy that I helped in finding your Eevee, it'll be awesome to see what Eeveelution it'll turn into."
                "I'm sure that it'll turn into an Umbreon since the moonlight is shining on it now," the trainer said. "So, me and my brother Derek would train my Umbreon to become a strong opposition."

                Amber and the rest of the Eeveelution Trainer's laughed, but Derek hesitated.

                "I'm sorry, Norman, but since you're the new Umbreon trainer, it's time for me to retire my spot," Derek said. "So, if you want I'll train your newly evolved Umbreon just the same way I trained mine."
                "Okay, that's cool!" Norman exclaimed.

                Amber waved a goodbye to the Eeveelution Trainers and continued to walk out of Heahea City. As she was still bummed that she couldn't catch an Eevee of her own, she did manage to catch an Igglybuff. As she was happy to catch an Igglybuff, she also thought that it was the cutest Pokemon she ever had. It was still during the night that she continued her way she saw that she was coming up close to a ranch... Catching up to a familiar person.

                To Be Continued...
                - The Amazing Journey -

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