Seventh Generation Alola, trainers! Come discuss the latest generation in the Pokémon series with us! This includes Sun & Moon as well as Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

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    January 10, 2017

    There was one more Pokémon I knew I had to find in the Totem’s Den. It didn’t take me long, and I hooked and caught a Wishiwashi of my own!

    71. Wishiwashi

    As I made my way out of Brooklet Hill, I fished in any rippling spots I saw along the way, and caught a Goldeen.

    72. Goldeen

    While taking a break at the Pokémon Center, I overheard someone saying they caught a Feebas while fishing at Brooklet Hill. I asked Nurse Joy about it, and she said that Feebas are extremely rare to find, but there are a few that can be found there. I’m no stranger to how rare and difficult finding a Feebas is; I still remember finding my shiny Barboach in Sinnoh while spending hours searching for one! Thankfully, this time was not even close to being that difficult. It only took me a Fishing Rod casts to find and catch one!

    “Feebas, the Fish Pokémon. Feebas are tough Pokémon that are perfectly fine even in dirty water. However, due to their ragged, shabby appearance, they aren’t popular. Despite this fact, their marvelous vitality has made them a subject of research.”

    73. Feebas

    With that, I’m finally done with Brooklet Hill, and ready to move on in my journey.

    I was walking down a path in Paniola Ranch in the morning. I saw some Sudowoodo blocking the entrance to Route 6. As soon as they saw the Waterium Z, though, they ran off. I followed and finally entered Route 6, which passes east of Paniola Town and eventually reconnects with Heahea City. As I traveled down the short straight street, I battled a few trainers. The first one used a Magby, which I’m excited that they are native to Alola, and the second used a Sudowoodo, like the pair I just chased away.

    “Magby, the Live Coal Pokémon. Magby can be seen in areas with volcanic activity. Feeding can get them so excited, they exhale flames of 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. A famous potter lives with one, and apparently its soft flames produce fine works.”

    “Sudowoodo, the Imitation Pokémon, and the evolved form of Bonsly. Sudowoodo mimic trees to avoid attack. They will run off if splashed with water, which they hate. Apparently, the larger the green parts of this Pokémon, the more collectors value them. They’re a particular favorite among elderly people.”

    About halfway down the road I saw a Pokémon I never encountered before! It wasn’t wild, though, as its Trainer was standing next to it with a Drifloon as well. The Trainer introduced herself as Hapu, and the way she talked, she definitely wasn’t from the city. She asked if I could help her, as she was being harassed by two familiar bandana-covered faces, the Team Skull grunts from back on Melemele Island. They recognized me as well, so one sent out his Drowzee, but it was no match for my Eevee and its Bite attack. The grunts ran off after being threatened further by Hapu. Hapu then thanked me, and then watched as her Drifloon flew off, heading home, I reckon. Then she climbed on her other Pokémon, which she introduced as Mudsdale, and trotted off towards Paniola Ranch.

    I continued down Route 6, and battled more Trainers. First was a Beauty with a Cubone, which made me think about my shiny Cubone I left in the Kalos region. Then I battled a Dancer who was dancing with her Oricorio… but it looked nothing like the Oricorio I caught in the Melemele Meadow! Rotom explained that this Oricorio was called Pa’u Style, and is psychic and flying-type. A very interesting combo!

    “Cubone, the Lonely Pokémon. Cubone wear the skull of their dead mother on their head. When they thick of their deceased mother, they weep loudly. Mandibuzz that hear their cries will attack them from the air. According to some, they will evolve when they come to terms with the pain of their mother’s death.”

    “Oricorio, the Dancing Pokémon. This Pa’u Style Oricorio has sipped pink nectar. They relax by swaying gently. This increases their psychic energy, which it then fires at their enemies. Their enemies’ hearts melt at the sight of their gently swaying hips.”

    After the battle, the Dancer told me that I could find Pink Nectar among some flowers at nearby Royal Avenue. For now though, I returned to Heahea City at the end of Route 6.

    January 11, 2017

    I did a lot of training with my current team today. My Green Grimer 2 reached Rank 35 after getting a lot of Festival Coins from a Global Mission. Then I stopped by the Battle Buffet on Melemele Island for some experience and cash. One of the most lucrative battles was against someone from a different region, who used a Grimer that was a more familiar looking form to me.

    “Grimer, the Sludge Pokémon. Grimer were born from sludge transformed by exposure to X-rays from the moon. Their main source of food is the slimy industrial waste of factories. When their internal load of germs decreases, they die. Their numbers have been decreasing in recent years.”

    After a quick stop to play the lottery, I returned to Akala Island and had my Pokémon battle wild Pokémon on Route 6. During that time, my Lillipup evolved into Herdier!

    “Herdier, the Loyal Dog Pokémon, and the evolved form of Lillipup. Herdier obey their masters’ orders faithfully. However, they refuse to listen to anything said by a person they don’t respect. Their dense black fur grows continuously. The high cost of keeping their hard fur properly groomed makes this a troublesome Pokémon to train.”

    74. Herdier

    After a few more random battles, we had an hour long battle with a horde of Oricorio, who kept calling for help, so I just kept rotating and battling with my team. After that, I gave my Pokémon a well-deserved rest at the Pokémon Center. The next group of Pokémon will consist of a lot of recent captures: Alomomola, Psyduck, Goldeen, Eevee #8, Morelull, and Dewpider.
    Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
    Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
    Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
    Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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      January 19, 2017

      After a week break, I finally moved on in my journey, and explored Royal Avenue. It looked like a relaxing, recreational place to visit. There was a park near a Pokémon Center, where the nectar of the flowers could change an Oricorio’s form. I collected some of that, then found a huge Pokémart called Thrifty Megamart, where all sorts of items were heavily discounted. I found a Zygarde Cell outside, bringing the cube up to 5%. But the centerpiece of attractions was the Battle Royal Dome, which I saw Gladion walking into. I’ll have to check that out another time. For now, I treated my Pokémon to some malasadas at the Malasada Shop, and then relaxed at the Pokémon Center with a hot cup of Komala Coffee.

      January 20, 2017

      In the evening, I found two more Zygarde Cells. One was in the park in Royal Avenue, and the other near a building called the Dimension Research Lab in Heahea City. That brings the Zygarde Cube up to 7%.

      January 21, 2017

      As I was training my team on Route 6, I decided to test out my Waterium Z with the help of one of my favorite new Alola Pokémon, Dewpider. I did the wavy motion Lana taught me to activate the Z Crystal and powered up Dewpider, and it used a move called Hydro Vortex, which plunged its opponent under water and created a powerful twister to spin its opponent in! These Z-Moves are entertaining to witness.

      January 23, 2017

      Green Grimer 2 reached Rank 40. I’m stocked with Poké Balls, recovery items, and many other things from my frequent visits there!

      As I continued to train my team, my Eevee evolved into Umbreon! This will help me not have to refer to them by number.

      “Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. Umbreon blend into the darkness with their black fur. They bide their time, and when prey appears, they go for its throat, and then eat it. When they become angry, their pores secrete a poisonous sweat, which they spray at their opponents’ eyes.”

      75. Umbreon

      January 24, 2017

      After finishing up training my current team, I gave them a well-deserved rest at the Pokémon Center. While they were being treated, I took Dartrix with me and checked out the Battle Royal Dome. When I entered, I was immediately greeted by The Masked Royal, who apparently was a famous Battle Royal competitor, and who had a striking resemblance in height and build to Professor Kukui. Hau and Gladion were present also, so Professor… I mean, the Masked Royal invited us to have a practice Battle Royal battle! We each used a single Pokémon, so I used Dartrix, Hau used Brionne, Gladion used Type: Null, and the Masked Royal used Rockruff. The rules of battle are much different than a normal Pokémon battle; it’s essentially a free-for-all, and the battle is over when all of one Trainer’s Pokémon are knocked out. Dartrix did quite well with its Razor Leaf attack, as it was able to strike all three opponents, although at much reduced power. Type: Null took out Brionne, and my Dartrix followed up by taking out Rockruff. We didn’t get ranked after the battle, but I think Gladion would have won, as Type: Null took the lesser damage in the battle.

      Afterwards, we were approached by a guy who introduced himself as Captain Kiawe. He watched our Battle Royal, and invited Hau and myself to take part in his trial at the nearby Wela Volcano. We all then went our separate ways.

      I’m assuming there will plenty of fire-type Pokémon living around a volcano, so the next group of Pokémon I decided to train was Feebas, Poliwag #2 (Great Ball), Wishiwashi, Bonsly, Eevee #2, and Formantis. Before heading over to Route 7, I stopped in the Malasada Shop, and they were running a special. Today they were selling Mythic Malasadas, which all Pokémon love! So I treated my team to a bunch, and even sent some over to Paniola Ranch where my other Akala Pokémon were staying.
      Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
      Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
      Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
      Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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        I'm surprised at my big gaps in training, especially since I've barely scratched the surface of Sun & Moon. It's my own fault for picking up FFXV...

        I'm going to try to stick with it, because I'm sure I'll be taking another break when the Switch (and, specifically, Breath of the Wild) is released.

        January 25, 2017

        I decided to do some exploring along the coast of Route 7 before heading over to Wela Volcano Park. I found a strip of caves where Diglett darted across the sand, in and out of their little holes, and nearby I found another Zygarde Cell (8%). I then found a swimmer who challenged me to a battle with her Alomomola… and decimated my entire team. It was critical hit after critical hit while most of our moves missed, until my entire team was knocked out. Oh, well. I guess it’s back to training on Route 6 first. I think Formantis could provide a decent rematch after some battle experience!

        At least while I training on Route 6, my Eevee evolved into Sylveon!

        “Sylveon, the Intertwining Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. Sylveon swirl their ribbonlike feelers as a distraction when they sight their prey. These feelers give off an aura that weakens hostility in their prey, causing them to let down their guard. Then they pounce and attack.”

        76. Sylveon

        After a bit more training, I did go back and challenge the swimmer with the Alomomola to a rematch, and this time was able to win with Formantis and Sylveon.

        January 26, 2017

        As I continued to explore Route 7, I battled another swimmer who used a… a… what is that thing? It looks like a droopy blue and purple cactus. Who’s that Pokémon?

        “Mareanie, the Brutal Star Pokémon. Mareanie are found crawling on beaches and seafloors. They plunge the poison spike on their head into their prey. When the prey has weakened, they deal the finishing blow with their 10 tentacles. The coral that grows on Corsola’s head is as good as a five-star banquet to this Pokémon.”

        Speaking of Corsola, the next Trainer I battled on a small island had two Pokémon I was much more familiar with.

        “Shellder, the Bivalve Pokémon. Shellder always have their tongue hanging out. They use this tongue with great dexterity to dig up sand from the seabed in their search for food. The hardness of their shell surpasses the hardness of a diamond. In days gone by, people used the shells to make shields.”

        “Corsola, the Coral Pokémon. Corsola are pursued by Mareanie for the branches that grow from their head. They will sometimes snap their own branches off as a diversion while they escape. They break off quite easily, but they grow back in about three days.”

        While I was on this little island, there was a little hole in the center, so I cast my fishing rod a few times, and hooked yet another familiar Kanto Pokémon, a Staryu! I had Formantis weaken it, and then easily caught it.

        “Staryu, the Starshape Pokémon. Staryu get nibbled on by Lumineon and others. Thanks to their red core, they regenerate fast, so they’re unconcerned by their snack attacks. Large numbers of them make their home at the seaside. At night, a strange red glow radiates from the center of their bodies.”

        77. Staryu

        As I was Surfing back to the main path of Route 7, I battled a few wild Pokémon, and discovered one I never saw before! It was very tiny, had little red spikes on its back, and would push a hand-like appendage out from inside itself as a defense. I just started throwing Poké Balls at it, thinking it would be an easy catch. It wasn’t! It put up a good fight, and took over a dozen Poké Balls before I finally caught it! Hey Rotom, who’s this Pokémon?

        “Pyukumuku, the Sea Cucumber Pokémon. Pyukumuku live in shallow seas, and line areas near beaches. They can eject their internal organs, which they use to engulf their prey or battle enemies. The sticky mucous that covers their bodies can be used to soothe sunburned skin. How convenient!”

        78. Pyukumuku

        A little more research about these Pokémon informed me that these Pokémon don’t learn any direct attack moves, and their defenses are very high. So Pyukumuku is kind of an Alolan cross between a Shuckle and a Wobbuffet. It should be interesting to train!
        Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
        Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
        Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
        Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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        Still working on Sun & Moon...
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          March 1, 2017

          I feel like the last month has been very busy. I had to take a break from Alola. That, and I got a little engrossed with Final Fantasy XV, and was catching up on a lot of TV and anime. And Pokémon GO released new Pokémon too a few weeks ago, so I became obsessed with that. But time to take a break from catching Pokémon in the “real world,” and getting back to my Alola journeys!

          So I returned to Akala Island, where I believe I had just finished up exploring Route 7. Wela Volcano Park is my next destination, where I will undergo my next Island Trial. But first, I bet there are some new Pokémon to catch in the area! I stopped for a Komala Coffee at Royal Avenue, and then entered the Wela Volcano Park. I immediately saw some wild Fletchling, but when I went to catch one, a shadowy figure leaped from the tall grass. It looks like a new Pokémon! It’s seems like some kind of dark lizard... Rotom, who’s that cool-looking Pokémon?

          “Salandit, the Toxic Lizard Pokémon. Salandit burn their bodily fluids to create poisonous gas. They emanate this sweet-smelling gas that attracts bug Pokémon. When their enemies become disoriented from inhaling the gas, they attack them. Volcanoes or dry, craggy places are their homes.”

          Rotom also said that it was a poison and fire-type Pokémon. That’s a new combination! I sent out Poliwag, but the wild Salandit used Dragon Rage and knocked Poliwag back. I had it use Hypnosis to put Salandit to sleep, and then tossed a Poké Ball. I caught the Salandit!

          79. Salandit

          Over the next several minutes, I caught a Cubone and a Magby!

          80. Cubone

          81. Magby

          The water-type Pokémon I have with me are quickly becoming stronger battling all the wild fire-type Pokémon here. As I was battling in the area, I encountered a surprising sight. It was a wild Kangaskhan! I had Poliwag put it to sleep (hoping it doesn’t have Early Bird), and a few Poké Balls later, and I caught it! And thankfully, its ability wasn’t Early Bird, but rather it’s the much more useful Scrappy!

          “Kangaskhan, the Parent Pokémon. Kangaskhan have maternal love that is so deep that they will brave death to protect their offspring. The child in their pouch leaves home after roughly three years. This is the only time the mother is heard to cry wildly.”

          82. Kangaskhan

          After some more battling, I found some wild Fletchling. I had my Bonsly battle them, and caught one. And as I continued to train, my Bonsly evolved into Sudowoodo!

          83. Fletchling

          84. Sudowoodo

          That’s a good chunk of Pokémon added to my Akala Pokédex! I decided to explore further along the path around the volcano. I ran into a sightseer who challenged me to a battle. Since she wasn’t from Alola, the Meowth she used was one that was more familiar to me than the ones native to this region.

          “Meowth, the Scratch Cat Pokémon. Meowth lie around all day, becoming active near dusk. At night, they wander the city in search of loose change. They love shiny things. They often fight with Murkrow over prey they’re both trying to catch.”

          Further along the path, I battled an Ace Trainer who used a Kadabra.

          “Kadabra, the Psi Pokémon, and the evolved form of Abra. Kadabra have a presence that infests televisions and monitors with creepy shadows that bring bad luck. A theory exists that they are young boys who couldn’t control their psychic powers and ended up transformed into these Pokémon.”

          I then explored the rest of the outer area of the volcano, having a few more battles. My Wishiwashi became strong enough to change into its School Form! I found another Zygarde Cell (9%), and found a spot to take some pictures of a wild Salandit with the Poké Finder. Then, back at the Pokémon Center, I gave all my Pokémon to Nurse Joy for treatment. I also asked to have Popplio sent to me, in preparation for my trial. I had it replace Formantis, since a grass-type would be at a severe disadvantage on a volcano.
          Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
          Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
          Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
          Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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          Still working on Sun & Moon...
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            Nature: Quiet
            Posts: 451
            So, I apologize for how long it's been, or maybe nobody really missed it, haha, but I DO intend to complete this journal as I have for every game since Diamond & Pearl. I kind of got lost in Hyrule for a while... man was that fun. Anyway, back to Alola, and I'll start with an entry from a few months ago that I never posted...

            March 2, 2017

            I climbed to the top of the volcano, where Kiawe was waiting for me. He officially started the trial, explaining that it would test my powers of observation. Behind him were his three Marowak. But wait those dont look like any Marowak that Ive seen before! These are much darker, and the bones theyre holding are longer and have green fires on both ends. The Cubone that I saw nearby looked the same, but their evolved forms are quite different! Rotom, what gives?

            Marowak, the Bone Keeper Pokmon, and the evolved form of Cubone. Marowak have a custom of mourning their lost companions. Mounds of dirt by the side of the road mark their graves. The bones they possess were once their mothers. The regrets of their mothers have become like vengeful spirits protecting them.

            The trio of Marowak performed two different dances. Kiawes challenge was for me to determine which Marowak danced differently each time. I chose correctly, and apparently my reward was a battle! It seems Alolan Marowak are fire and ghost-type; theyre not ground type at all! That still makes them week to water, so

            Popplio, maximize! I sent out my Pokmon. The Marowak used Tail Whip, so I used the opportunity to charge up my Z Crystal. I started dancing in a wavy motion, and then the power transferred to Popplio.

            Popplio, use Hydro Vortex! The powerful attack was super-effective, but the Marowak was still standing.

            Its weakened, finish it with Aqua Jet! Popplio quickly charged forward, knocking out Marowak easily.

            Marowak was so pleased by your right answer that it simply had to battle you, commented Kiawe.

            And with the battle ended, Popplio started to evolve! I now have a Brionne, whose extra power should really help in this trial.

            85. Brionne

            Next up was another dance from the trio of Marowak. I once again had to tell what was different which was more than obvious by the photobombing hiker that appeared. This time, I had to battle the hiker in a one on one battle to proceed! He used a Magmar, so I decided to test out my new Brionne!

            Magmar, the Spitfire Pokmon, and the evolved form of Magby. Magmar have bodies that burn at 2,192 degrees Fahrenheit. When angered, they spout brilliant fire from all over their body. They dont calm down until their opponent has burned to ash. When theyre tired, they leap into the mouth of a volcano and soak their body in magma to ease their weariness.

            Magmar, use Faint Attack! the hiker called out, getting the first shot in on Brionne.

            Get ready, Brionne, I said as I charged the Waterium Z again. Use Hydro Vortex!

            The attack did serious damage, but not quite enough. Same as before, follow that with Aqua Jet!

            The quick combination attack defeated my opponent.

            Well done, Kiawe complimented. Onward to the final dance!

            The Marowak, as well as the hiker, did another pair of dances. After the latter dance, which was exactly the same, the difference was the arrival of a new Pokmon which apparently is the Totem Pokmon! Is that a giant Salandit? No, its different whos that Pokmon?

            Salazzle, the Toxic Lizard Pokmon, and the evolved form of Salandit. Salazzle have only been found as females for some reason. They create a reverse harem of male Salandit that they live with. Filled with pheromones, their poisonous gas can be diluted to use in the production of luscious perfumes.

            Well, its still poison and fire-type, I observed. This might be a bad match-up, but, go, Sylveon!

            My fairy-type took the field. Salazzle tried using Toxic, but Sylveon shrugged it off. Then Salazzle called for help, and a Salandit appeared.

            Sylveon, use Hidden Power! The attack was super-effective, and the ally Pokmon was knocked out. Salazzle fired a Flame Burst, and then called for another Salandit.

            Keep using Hidden Power on those allies, I called out. Salazzle used Torment to mess with our attack, and then called another ally to its side.

            We cant use the same move again, so lets mix things up with your Swift attack! The attack did hit both Pokmon, but our opponents used a brutal combo. Salazzle used Toxic, and then Salandit used Venoshock. To top it off, Salazzle finished up with Flame Burst, knocking out Sylveon.

            Sylveon, return, you did great, I selected my next Pokmon. Wishiwashi, maximize!

            My Pokmon transformed into its School Form. Salazzle and Salandit used Torment and Taunt respectively, but I had Wishiwashi go right for Salazzle this time. Use Brine!

            The attack did some good damage! Unfortunately, our opponents used the Toxic + Venoshock combo again, but Wishiwashi was able to take it.

            Great job, Wishiwashi! Strike back with Feint Attack on Salandit! The attack hit, but Salandit was hanging in there. Another Flame Burst and Venoshock attack, and Wishiwashi fainted.

            Return, Wishiwashi, and take a good rest. Poliwag, youre next, maximize!

            The opposing pair is getting predictable, as Salazzle used Torment immediately, but before Salandit could use Taunt

            Poliwag, use Rain Dance! Rain started coming down, and steam rose as the rain fell on the volcano.

            Poliwag, return! Feebas, go, use Confide! Im setting up for the final shot. As I expected, Toxic followed by Venoshock knocked out Feebas.

            Brionne, maximize! This better work the way I hope. I started to sway my arms. Use Hydro Vortex!

            The whirlpool of water violently tossed around Salazzle, powered up by the falling rain. As the vortex cleared, Salazzle was knocked out!

            Way to go, Brionne! The rain stopped, and only Salandit remained. It used Taunt, which was fine, because the next move was most definitely going to be a direct attack.

            Brionne, use Water Gun, then follow up with a quick Aqua Jet! The two attacks landed, and Salandit was knocked out! Brionne danced triumphantly.

            Kiawe congratulated me on my victory, as his Marowak trio danced behind him. My Brionne joined them while Kiawe spoke with me. He awarded my fourth Z-Crystal, Firium Z! Kiawe demonstrated the movements needed to activate it. I then placed the Z-Crystal in my Z-Ring. Trial complete!

            March 4, 2017

            Kiawe had updated my Ride Pager to include a new Pokmon. Kiawe had something that I had not expected to see in Alola a Charizard! Rotom had no data, and thats because Charizard are not native to Alola, as Kiawe explained. But, he did say that if I needed to travel somewhere among Melemele or Akala Island, his Charizard would respond to the pager and fly me there. Thats a handy convenience! No more annoying HMs for fast travel!

            First, though, it was recommended that I check out a place called the Pok Pelago. Kiawes Charizard flew me there. Pok Pelago was a strip of small islands. Pokmon Trainers that begin their journey with Professor Kukui use the Pok Pelago as a place to store their Pokmon. I met Mohn, the person who helps care for the Pokmon that live here. He assisted me with having all of my Pokmon transferred from Professor Kukuis lab and Paniola Ranch to the islands.

            The Pok Pelago is made up of five islands: Isle Abeens, where Pok Beans could be harvested; Isle Aplenny, where berries could be planted and grown; Isle Aphun, where Pokmon could discover useful items; Isle Evelup, where Pokmon could train; and Isle Avue, where Pokmon could relax at a hot spring. This is like a much more interactive form of the old Pokmon Ranch, which I very much miss from my days in the Sinnoh region!

            March 6, 2017

            I finally rotated my Pokmon, getting ready to continue my adventure. (Although I did get a Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild, so I can see another break from Pokmon coming up!)
            Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
            Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
            Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
            Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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              June 2, 2017

              Its been a few months since Ive did any Pokmon training in the Pokmon world. This has got to be the longest break Ive ever taken from Pokmon! (Well, excluding Pokmon GO.) But, I want to get back into it because, well, I miss it. I have an Alola journey to complete!

              First order of business is figuring out where I left off, so reviewed what Ive done and where Im at.

              Caught 85 Pokmon in the Alola region.

              Completed the Grand Trial on Melemele.

              Completed two trials on Akala Island.

              Obtained 5 Z-Crystals: Snorlium Z, Normalium Z, Fightinium Z, Waterium Z, and Firium Z.

              Zygarde Cube is at 9%.

              Festival Plaza (Green Grimer 2) is Rank 41.

              Pok Pelago is where all my Alola Pokmon not in my party are staying.

              I just completed Kiawes trial at Wela Volcano Park, and was staying at the Royal Avenue Pokmon Center.

              I picked up my six Pokmon with Nurse Joy, and they seemed happy to see me, if not a little annoyed for taking so long to return! So I gathered Eevee #1, Trumbeak, Zubat, Chansey, Finneon, and Jigglypuff, and decided to shake the rust off and do some training!

              June 3, 2017

              One of the islands of the Pok Pelago, Isle Aphun, has a lot of caves for Pokmon to explore and find random items such as Hard Stones, Shards, Pearls, or even evolutionary stones! Today they turned up a few things like a Green Shard, and more importantly a very useful Shiny Stone.

              June 4, 2017

              My Pokmon on Isle Aphun found a bunch more random items, including a Red Shard, a Rare Bone, and a new evolution stone called an Ice Stone! I wonder what Pokmon evolve using an Ice Stone?

              June 7, 2017

              My Pokmon have continued to collect items from the Pok Pelago, so I expect Ill be able to get a bunch of evolutionary stones that way. And in between, I have been training my current six Pokmon at Wela Volcano Park. With today off from work, Im hoping to make some serious progress!
              As I finished training the current team, my Zubat evolved into Golbat!

              Golbat, the Bat Pokmon, and the evolved form of Zubat. Golbat have thick fangs that are hollow like straws, making them unexpectedly fragile. These fangs are specialized for sucking blood. Sometimes they drink so much blood, they cant fly anymore. Then they fall to the ground and become food for other Pokmon.

              86. Golbat

              I then rotated out my Pokmon, taking Grubbin, Surskit, Eevee #4, Magikarp, Tauros, and Eevee #3 with me. Now its time to finally move on, so I passed Wela Volcano Park, passed through the tunnel at the north end of Route 7, and exited onto Route 8! Route 8 opened up to the salty air of the northern Akala coast. I did some fishing at a fishing spot nearby, since that seems to be the current global challenge. Which on that note, Im mad that I missed a few. Then I saw the green glow of another Zygarde cell, so the Zygarde Cube is now at 10%. According to a message I received from Sina, this is enough to summon Zygarde, though its form would look completely different that the 50% form that I encountered in Kalos.

              Then I returned to the coast to fish some more, and found mostly Magikarp and a few Wishiwashi. But then I snagged a Chinchou! It took a few Pok Balls, but I caught it.

              Chinchou, the Angler Pokmon. Chinchou live in the depths beyond the reach of sunlight. They flash lights on their antennae to communicate with others of their kind. These two antennae were originally fins. They discharge electricity to stun their prey before attacking.

              87. Chinchou

              A little further on Route 8, I found a base where some Aether Foundation scientists were helping treat a trainers injured Slowpoke. Outside, I ran into a familiar, but extremely unexpected face. It was Colress, a researcher formerly part of Team Plasma, who helped Ghetsis in his nefarious plans to bring disaster to the Unova region. Colress never bought into Team Plasmas ideals, and only joined as a means to study Pokmon in an effort to find a way to draw out the true strength of Pokmon. Despite the half decade or so since our last encounter, he recognized me as well. He said he came to Alola to study Z-Power and compare it to the power of a Mega Ring. That makes sense, since both are ways to tap into a Pokmons full power. He also seemed fascinated by the Pok Pelago. As long as he keeps his nose clean, we shouldnt have a problem. Team Skull doesnt seem his style, anyway.

              June 8, 2017

              I was looking for wild Pokmon on Route 8, and found a bunch of wild Yungoos. Then finally, I saw something new. It was a Pokmon I saw at Professor Kukuis lab: a Stufful! I sent out Eevee to battle it, and it called another wild Stufful to help. The Stufful used a move I never saw before; one would swing its body around damaging its ally as well as its opponent. Rotom said the move was called Brutal Swing, and its a dark-type move. I was able to knock out the first one and weaken the second one enough to catch it! Hey, Rotom, tell me about Stufful!

              Stufful, the Flailing Pokmon. Stufful are incredibly dangerous Pokmon despite their adorable appearance. A touch from anyone except a known friend sends them into a surging frenzy. When they get angry and flail about, their arms and legs could knock a pro wrestler sprawling.

              88. Stufful

              Stufful is a normal and fighting-type, and even more interesting, has an ability Ive never seen before. Fluffy halves the damage from moves that make direct contact, but gives it a weakness to fire. Its almost like Furfrous Fur Coat ability, with a slight twist.

              I then reached a Pokmon Center near the west end of Route 8. After giving my Pokmon to Nurse Joy for treatment, I was told that Captain Mallows trial was not far from here. Route 8 loops around and connects with Route 5, from which I could reach the Lush Jungle. Sounds like a place where I might find some new grass-type Pokmon!
              Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
              Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
              Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
              Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                June 11, 2017

                Why wait any longer? Its time to take on my next island trial!

                Since this will be a grass-type trial, I decided to take a break from my current rotation of Pokmon and take my Litten with me to help me in the trial. For backup, I also brought along some of the fire-types I caught at Wela Volcano Park.

                First, I wanted to test out my Firium Z. I powered it up, and had Litten use a Z-move called Inferno Overdrive, which blasts the opponent with a fiery explosion. (The poor wild Lillipup didnt know what hit it!) That will come in handy in our next trial.

                June 12, 2017

                I entered the Lush Jungle, where Mallow was waiting for me near the entrance.

                Thanks for stopping by! the captain greeted. Welcome to Lush Jungle, the trial grounds for me, Mallow! I knew it the first time I saw you and your team, youve chosen only the finest ingredients! Thats why Im gonna make you help me- er, no! I mean, thats why you should try my trial!

                Hm, I wonder where shes going with this after that slip.

                You are the one that Tapu Koko saved, arent you? Mallow asked.

                Yeah, some Spearow were attacking a small Pokmon, and when we the bridge collapsed under us, Tapu Koko dove down from the sky to rescue us, I replied.

                I see! Then youre so totally ready for this! Ah, the breath of the jungle, I can tell what todays special should be Mallow thought for a second, then clapped her hands together. Yup! Its gotta be! My personal specialty: the Mallow Special! Im gonna need you to find four ingredients for me! Ill need a Mago Berry, a Tiny Mushroom, a Revival Herb, and a Miracle Seed!

                We walked through the trial gate, and Mallow handed be a Forage Bag to hold the ingredients I gather for the trial. She also suggested that using my Ride Pager to call Stoutland might help, as Stoutland could help sniff out the ingredients.

                TRIAL START!

                I jumped on Stoutlands back, and started searching the jungle. Not far from the entrance, we found a patch of mushrooms sprouting in the soil. There were a bunch of Tiny Mushrooms, but there was an odd Big Mushroom among them. I placed a Tiny Mushroom in the Forage Bag, when suddenly, the Big Mushroom attacked! Whoa, its actually a Pokmon, and one I never saw before! Rotom, whos that Rotom? Apparently, the Pokmon startled it too, but from behind I tree I heard

                Shiinotic, the Illuminating Pokmon, and the evolved form of Morelull. Shiinotic emit flickering spores that cause drowsiness. When their prey succumb to sleep, they feed on them by sucking in their energy. Forests where they live are treacherous to enter at night. People confused by their strange lights can never find their way home again.

                Ok, well thats pretty creepy.

                Litten, help me out! My fire-type cat jumped out to battle. Lets not take any chances. Inferno Overdrive!

                The attack was super effective, but not enough to knock it out. And to make matters worse, it used Sleep Powder on Litten!

                No! Litten, wake up! It was no use, and the Shiinotic started to absorb Littens energy with Mega Drain, just like the Pokdex described.

                Litten did eventually wake up long enough to use Fire Fang, but was put to sleep again immediately with Sleep Powder. Shiinotic then used Ingrain to regain some energy, and smacked Litten with Astonish.

                Come on, Litten, use Fire Fang! My Pokmon woke up and was finally able to knock out its opponent.

                A little further in the jungle, we were attacked by a Formantis that jumped out of a tree, but Litten easily defeated it with Inferno Overdrive. Then we found a Mago Berry nearby. Two ingredients to go!

                In another part of the jungle, I needed help from Tauros to smash some rocks, one of which had the Miracle Seed I needed hiding underneath! That just leaves a Revival Herb as the last ingredient I need.

                In the deepest part of Lush Jungle, I found a few spots where it looked like Revival Herbs were growing. Except this was a ruse, and most of them turned out to be Formantis when I went to pull them! But Litten easily defeated them and started to evolve! Thats one cool cat I mean hot cat, cause its fire-type never mind, just whos that Pokmon?

                Torracat, the Fire Cat Pokmon, and the evolved form of Litten. Torracat boast powerful front legs. With a single punch, they can bend an iron bar right over. At their throat, they bear a bell of fire. The bell rings brightly whenever they spit fire.

                89. Torracat

                We then found the actual Revival Herbs, and Torracat got to try out its new power on one last Formantis. After that battle, I returned to the entrance and handed the Forage Bag with the ingredients to Captain Mallow. I was then in for a small surprise. Lana and Kiawe showed up, and added their own (odd) ingredients to the mix. Strange as the combination was, Mallow said that cooking this recipe will lure out the Totem Pokmon of Lush Jungle.

                The aroma of this tasty dish will draw that Totem Pokmon right to us! Ready to start cooking? asked Mallow.

                I agreed, and Mallow instructed me as to what to do. The ingredients that Lana and Kiawe brought made more sense once I started crushing, pounding, and grinding the ingredients. A unique aroma began to waft around the area, when I suddenly felt a piercing gaze from somewhere within the underbrush. I felt something creeping up to me, and the three captains were looking at something behind me, so I turned

                Lurantis, the Bloom Sickle Pokmon, and the evolved form of Formantis. Lurantis fire beams from their sickle-shaped petals. These beams are powerful enough to cleave through thick metal plates. It requires a lot of effort to maintain their vivid coloring, but some collectors enjoy this work and treat it as their hobby.

                So thats the Totem Pokmon were facing, I said. Torracat, maximize!

                My new Pokmon took the field. Three trial captains looked on.

                Torracat, use Fire Fang! My Pokmon leapt in to attack, but the Lurantis struck first with Razor Leaf. So Lurantis is faster than Torracat. After the exchange of attacks, Lurantis called out for help, and a Trumbeak appeared.

                Torracat, return and take a rest! I switched out my Pokmon. Kangaskhan, I choose you!

                The Lurantis started charging its energy like it was going to use Solar Beam, but this move was quite different, as a blade of light struck Kangaskhan and immediately knocked it out!

                Whoa, what was that? I asked as I recalled my Pokmon.

                That was Solar Blade, Mallow answered. Its the totems special move. Lurantis gathers light and fills a blade with the lights energy, then attacks. Since Lurantis also had a Power Herb, it was able to use the attack much faster than normal!

                So, its a physical Solar Beam, I reasoned. Go, Salandit! Use Dragon Rage!

                Unfortunately, my Pokmon never got the attack off. Lurantis used X-Scissor and Trumbeak used Pluck, and knocked out my Pokmon.

                Salandit, return, I said, realizing at this point that I was likely going to lose this battle. Lets try this. Stufful, go! Use Brutal Swing!

                My Pokmon did very modest damage to both Pokmon. Then I had an idea

                Stufful, use Bide! This would have worked, had Lurantis not landed a critical hit with Solar Blade. That was quite aggravating.

                Thank you, Stufful, you tried. I realize my problem is that Im using Pokmon who have never batted before. So, back to basics.

                Torracat, its up to you! Lets go INFERNO OVERDRIVE! I powered up the Firium Z, and Torracat blasted Lurantis with a critical hit! Ok, that made up for the last attack, because Totem Lurantis was knocked out!

                Great job, Torracat! I almost forgot about Trumbeak in my excitement. Quick, dodge that Supersonic, then use Fire Fang!

                This time, it was Trumbeak that dodged, and instead connected with Supersonic.

                I will not lose after coming this far, I said with clenched fists. Use Fire Fang!

                Torracat heard my call, and chomped down on Trumbeak, not only doing good damage, but also leaving it burned! When Trumbeak knocked Torracat off with Pluck, it was thankfully not as damaging.

                Hang in there, Torracat. Finish this with Fire Fang! Torracat shook off the confusion, and knocked out Trumbeak! It roared in triumph as we won the battle!

                Wow, Steve! Mallow congratulated me. You really drew out the flavor of your Pokmon in that battle!

                Yes, even back at Wela Volcano Park my vaunted Salazzle didnt stand a chance, added Kiawe.

                Nor did the Wishiwashi that I had trained so carefully, Lana chimed in.

                All right, youve cleared all three of Akalas trials! Mallow stood there with hands on her hips. You even managed to get through my trial, and Id say its a real doozy!

                Mallow awarded me a new Z-Crystal, and showed me how to use grass-type Z-Moves. Trial complete!!

                After the trial, Professor Kukui congratulated me on clearing all three of Akala Islands trials.

                Looks like its time for you to take on Kahuna Olivias grand trial! the professor advised. Olivia is an expert user of rock-type Pokmon. Youre gonna wanna catch some grass-type Pokmon in Lush Jungle to add to your team. Whenever youre ready for the grand trial, come see me at the Dimensional Research Lab! Its down past Route 6, yeah, but just ask Rotom if you need some help!

                Rotom showed me the map, and it looks like the Dimensional Research Lab is back in Heahea City. But first, time to go back to training my Pokmon, and seeing what kind of wild Pokmon live in Lush Jungle!
                Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                  After getting some rest, I fit the Grassium Z into my Z-Ring, and decided to continue to train my current team. I figured Torracat, Fletchling, Salandit, Kangaskhan, Magby, and Stufful would be a good group to explore the Lush Jungle with. The grass-type Pokmon that live in the wild there would make easy opponents for my mostly fire-type team.

                  It wasnt long after exploring that I ran into a wild Pokmon that I had never seen before! It looked like a little berry, almost like a completely round Cherubi. Whos that Pokmon?

                  Bounsweet, the Fruit Pokmon. Bounsweet pour a delectable aroma from their body. Although its too sugary for human consumption, their sweat can be watered down into a juice with just the right amount of sweetness. They are often swallowed whole by Toucannon lured by the wafting deliciousness.

                  Whats a Toucannon? Anyway, I had Kangaskhan use Fake Out to weaken it, and then two Pok Balls later, I caught it!

                  90. Bounsweet

                  Youre almozzzt up to 100 Pokmon in your Dex, pal! Rotom reported. There are plenty of different kinds of Pokmon in Alola, huh? But none are azzz great azzz me! Zz-zz-zz!

                  Rotom was right, but I took way too long a break, and Im severely falling behind other trainers. I really want to see what the other islands of Alola have to offer!

                  Back to exploring the Lush Jungle. After a little more searching, I found a very familiar Pokmon; it was a Pinsir! After a long battle with a couple of them, I had Torracat paralyze one with a Lick attack, and then a handful of Pok Balls later, I caught a Pinsir!

                  Pinsir, the Stagbeetle Pokmon. Pinsir grip their prey in their pincers and split them apart. One solid blow from their horns is enough to split apart a large tree. Although they are powerful, they cant deal with the cold. Their greatest rival in Alola is Vikavolt.

                  91. Pinsir

                  Whats a Vikavolt? Man, the last two Pokdex entries are telling me I still have a lot of new Pokmon to discover in Alola!

                  I took a break to take some photos with the Pok Finder, and got some more likes for an animated picture of a wild Paras. Then not long after, I encountered something very new. At first I thought it was a Slaking, but it was smaller than that would be. But it was a very cool looking purple and white ape, which was holding some branches like a fan. I cant wait to hear about this one! Rotom, whatve you got?

                  Oranguru, the Sage Pokmon. Oranguru abide deep in the jungle, high in lofty canopies. Known for their extreme intelligence, they will look down on inexperienced trainers, so theyre best suited to veteran trainers. On rare occasions, they show up at the beach to match wits with Slowking.

                  Not only that, but Rotom also explained that Oranguru is a normal and psychic-type, which is a unique combination. Im more excited to learn about it now! I had Kangaskhan use Fake Out to weaken it slightly, but it called some Trumbeak to help it out. When it was just Oranguru, I switched between tossing Pok Balls and Great Balls. It took a little bit, but eventually a Great Ball clicked. I caught an Oranguru!

                  92. Oranguru

                  I continued to train my team, mostly finding wild Formantis, Paras, and Trumbeak to battle. Eventually, my team was pretty worn out, so I returned to the Pokmon Center and gave my Pok Balls to Nurse Joy. I decided I would return to the rotation I was working on prior to my island trial, so I once again took Grubbin, Surskit, Eevee #4, Magikarp, Tauros, and Eevee #3 with me.

                  June 13, 2017

                  I stopped by Green Grimer 2, where I collected my reward for the fishing Global Mission, and the rank of my Festival Plaza is now Rank 60! I collected the usual items from the festival, and stopped by the caf to treat one of my Eevee. Then it was back to Lush Jungle. I saw some flowers moving through the tall grass. No wait, it looks like a lei thats floating? And it has a face is that a Pokmon?

                  Comfey, the Posy Picker Pokmon. Comfey attach flowers to their highly nutritious vine. This revitalizes the flowers, and they give off an aromatic scent. Baths prepared with the flowers from their vine have a relaxing effect, so they are a hit with many people.

                  Another new Pokmon! I thought it might be a grass-type, but it seems its a fairy-type. It called for help so I ended up battling two of them, but they were tougher than they looked! They knocked out Grubbin, but I had Tauros use Breakneck Blitz to finally knock one out. The wild Comfey kept using Growth and eventually knocked out my Tauros with a powered up Magical Leaf. I went through about a dozen Pok Balls, but eventually I was able to catch it!

                  93. Comfey

                  I ran back to the Pokmon Center to heal my Pokmon. Professor Kukui was there, and he was studying a move I never saw before. Its called Smart Strike, and its a steel-type move that never misses. Only Pokmon with a horn can learn it, so he helped me teach it to my Tauros. I shared some of my recent captures from Lush Jungle with the professor. He seemed impressed, but said there were some very rare Pokmon that I live in the jungle that I havent caught yet. He advised that I search Lush Jungle under different weather conditions, especially rain, to increase the chances of finding these rare Pokmon. So before leaving the Pokmon Center, I also taught my Surskit the move Rain Dance.

                  A few of my Pokmon evolved during training. Eevee #3 evolved into Espeon, which was my main goal for the day. My Magikarp defeated a wild Caterpie and evolved into Gyarados, and gives me another Pokmon that could use Rain Dance. Finally, I found a mossy rock near the back of the jungle, and my other Eevee evolved into Leafeon! Im just glad I wont have to keep calling my Eevee by numbers.

                  Espeon, the Sun Pokmon, and an evolved form of Eevee. Espeon can instantaneously sense their opponents movements by feeling air currents with their fine fur. They unleash psychic power from the orb on their forehead. When its power is exhausted, the orb grows dull and dark.

                  Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokmon, and the evolved form of Magikarp. Gyarados are believed to appear any place that is fated for destruction. A tale is told of a town that angered them. Before the sun rose the next day, flames utterly consumed the town, leaving not a trace behind.

                  Leafeon, the Verdant Pokmon, and an evolved form of Eevee. Leafeon have a cellular composition closer to that of a plant than an animal. They use photosynthesis to produce their energy supply without eating food. The younger they are, the more they smell like fresh grass. With age, their fragrance takes on the odor of fallen leaves.

                  94. Espeon

                  95. Gyarados

                  96. Leafeon

                  Later that night, I wanted to test out my new Grassium Z. So I sent out Leafeon and powered up the Z-Ring. Leafeon was able to use the grass-type Z-Move called Bloom Doom, which to me pretty much looks like a Solar Beam surrounded by flowers.
                  Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                  Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                  Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                  Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                    June 14, 2017

                    My Grubbin evolved after doing some battling today. Thats one blocky cocoon stage for a bug-type. Whos that Pokmon?

                    Charjabug, the Battery Pokmon, and the evolved form of Grubbin. Charjabug generate electricity from the food they digest, and they store this energy in their electric sac in their body. On camping trips, people are grateful to have one around.

                    97. Charjabug

                    So it becomes part electric-type, interesting. I wonder what its final form looks like.

                    While I continued to explore Lush Jungle while having Surskit or Gyarados use Rain Dance, I thought I saw a familiar Pokmon appear in the tall grass. Was that a Goomy? That would make sense, since Goomy love rain! Ill have to keep searching.

                    It took nearly all day, spamming Rain Dance in Lush Jungle, but during a battle with some wild Trumbeak, I finally found a Goomy!

                    Goomy, the Soft Tissue Pokmon. Goomy are the weakest of all dragon-type Pokmon. Their source of protection is their slimy, germ-laden mucous membrane. Anyone who touches it needs some thorough hand-washing. Theyre unable to breathe if their skin dries out, so they stick to shady places.

                    98. Goomy

                    June 15, 2017

                    I switched things up and taught Gyarados to use Hail. I was battling a group of wild Paras for over an hour, when suddenly, a Castform appeared!

                    Castform, the Weather Pokmon. Castform change their form on their own depending on the weather, due to their cells sensitive reactions to temperature and humidity. This is Castforms form when caught in a hailstorm. Their cold skin is as smooth as ice. Their body becomes an ice-like material, with temperature near 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

                    It changed the weather over and over while I tossed over a dozen Pok Balls at it. (Seriously, this battle was annoying. The Paras kept calling for help as SOON as the hail ended, probably six or seven times in a row.)

                    This is Castforms form during a downpour of rain. Their body retains moisture and gets slippery. When their body is compressed, water will seep out as if from a sponge.

                    This is Castforms form when basking in fair weather. Their body is warm and toasty. Their skin is unexpectedly hot to the touch, so approach with care.

                    My persistence paid off, and I finally caught the Castform!

                    99. Castform

                    With obtaining those hard to find Pokmon out of the way, I finished up training the current team of Pokmon. There was one more addition to my Pokdex though, as my Surskit evolved into Masquerain!

                    Masquerain, the Eyeball Pokmon, and the evolved form of Surskit. Masquerain intimidate enemies with the eye-like patterns on their antennae. Their four wings allow them to fly in any direction. Their wings and antennae dont cope well with moisture. After a rain, they face sunward to dry off.

                    100. Masquerain

                    With that, Ive obtained 100 Pokmon in Alola! I still have a long way to go, but I feel like this is a decent milestone to have reached.
                    Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                    Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                    Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                    Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                      June 25, 2017

                      It’s time to take another group of Pokémon with me for training. I visited the Poké Pelago and took Yungoos, Crabrawler, Mudbray, Gastly, Paras, and Butterfree with me. I spent a little time in the Lush Jungle, and while I was training that team, I found a Pokémon egg among the trees. It quickly hatched, and it was a Pokémon I never saw before. It looked like a black and white monkey. It grabbed a nearby berry, broke it in half, and wore it on its head like a helmet. Then it found another round berry, and started throwing it around like a ball. Rotom, who’s that feisty Pokémon?

                      “Passimian, the Teamwork Pokémon. Passimian battle with hard berries for weapons. They form groups of roughly 20 individuals. Their mutual bond is remarkable; they will never let down a comrade. Their battle techniques are passed from the boss to the group, generation upon generation.”

                      101. Passimian

                      I feel I have found everything there is to find in the Lush Jungle, so I decided to return to Route 8 to explore it more thoroughly. I found a guy living in a trailer in a clearing off to the side of the route. He called the area the Dream Park, and hopes to one day make it a park consisting entirely of Pokémon that are revived from fossils. Nearby, there was a scientist named Tyrone who said that the Dream Park actually had the technology to revive Pokémon from fossils. To prove it, he battled me with an Archen and a Shieldon, two Pokémon familiar to me from other regions! They’re fossil Pokémon from Unova and Sinnoh, respectively.

                      “Archen, the First Bird Pokémon. Archen are the ancestors of all bird Pokémon. They could not actually fly but moved by hopping from treetop to treetop. They would glide down from tall treetops to snag prey.”

                      “Shieldon, the Shield Pokémon. Shieldon lived in primeval jungles. Many fossils of this Pokémon have been found, but almost none have shown signs of damage to the face. It’s thought that few enemies would have been willing to square off against their heavily armored face.”

                      I battled several other trainers along the route, then took a small break at the Pokémon Center. While I was there, I received a gift for taking part in the latest Global Mission… a very rare Lure Ball! The only other place I’ve seen those were in the Johto region! I’ll have to save it for a special occasion.

                      Outside the Pokémon Center, I stumbled upon another Zygarde Cell, bringing the Zygarde Cube up to 11%.

                      June 26, 2017

                      I saw some kids chasing a Pokémon on the small beach on Route 8. Every time someone got remotely close to it, it scurried into a small cave. I never saw that Pokémon before, so I wanted to catch it! But first I need to know more about it. Rotom?

                      “Wimpod, the Turn Tail Pokémon. Wimpod are cowards. As they desperately dash off, the flailing of their many legs leaves a sparkling clean path in their wake. Their habitat varies from beaches to seabeds. A natural scavenger, they will gleefully chow down on anything edible, no matter how rotten.”

                      Even when I approached, it ran away to hide. So I snuck around to block its cave, and sent out Paras to battle it. I had it use Fury Cutter to weaken it, then got ready to toss a Poké Ball… but it ran away!

                      “Wimpod’zzz ability is Wimp Out,” explained Rotom. “It will run away if it takezzz too much damage zzzt.”

                      Ok, so new approach. I blocked its cave again, and waited for it to run towards me. This time when it did, I simply had Paras use Stun Spore to paralyze it. Since it’s a bug and water-type, I figured a Net Ball would work well. I only have two, but I threw one, and caught the Wimpod!

                      102. Wimpod

                      I met an Ace Trainer named Eileen who challenged me to a battle. I greatly underestimated her strength, because she had a Z-Ring! The fact that I had mostly fighting, grass, and bug-type while she used flying-types didn’t help. It took four of my Pokémon just to take down her Wingull. She also had a Fearow, and I got to witness a new Z-Move called Supersonic Strike, which unfortunately my Pokémon were no match for. I will be back to challenge her, though likely with a different team.

                      “Fearow, the Beak Pokémon, and the evolved form of Spearow. Fearow are tough and have excellent stamina. They have no problem flying continuously for a whole day carrying a heavy load. Drawings of Pokémon resembling them can be seen in murals from deep in ancient history.”

                      I then explored more of Route 5, as I continued to train my team. I found another Zygarde cell (12%), battled a bunch of trainers and wild Pokémon, and my Yungoos evolved into Gumshoos!

                      103. Gumshoos

                      I finished up exploring Route 5, and then rotated out my Pokémon. The next group consisted of Poliwag #1, Wingull, Rattata, Eevee #6, Oricorio, and Barboach.

                      The next day, I decided I wanted to train for a rematch with Eileen on Route 8. Looking at my current Pokémon, there was one that might give me a small advantage. I took one of the Thunder Stones my Pokémon found on Isle Aphun, and gave it to my Eevee, evolving it into a Jolteon!

                      “Jolteon, the Lightning Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. Jolteon send out electrical charges of about 10,000 volts. When their fur stands on end, that’s a sign they’re about to give off a jolt of electricity. Take care, as sometimes lightning strikes next to them, too. Because they are high-strung, it can be difficult to grow close to them.”

                      104. Jolteon

                      When I stopped by Royal Avenue, my Oricorio seemed to want to check out the pink flowers that were growing in the park in the middle of town. There must have been some Pink Nectar among the flowers, because my Oricorio changed forms, changing to the Pa’u Style, making it part psychic-type.

                      June 27, 2017

                      I was training my team in various areas around Akala Island, and my Rattata evolved into Raticate! But it wasn’t the Raticate I’m familiar with, it looked like the Raticate that I battled in the trial back on Melemele Island.

                      105. Raticate

                      I then returned to re-challenge Eileen, and this battle went much differently. Jolteon easily defeated her Wingull and softened up her Fearow. Even though Jolteon was knocked out by Supersonic Strike, my newly evolved Raticate was able to win the battle with Breakneck Blitz!
                      Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                      Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                      Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                      Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                        June 29, 2017

                        As I traveled down Route 5, I ran into another trainer that had a Z-Ring, a guy named Bronson who said he was a trial guide. He used a Slowpoke, so I assumed he had Waterium Z. Instead, I was treated to the psychic-type Z-Move, Shattered Psyche, which tossed my Pokmon around in the air a bit before knocking it out with a powerful blast. Jolteon once again was helpful in winning that battle.

                        June 30, 2017

                        I returned to Heahea City, where Lillie and Nebby were waiting outside the Dimensional Research Lab. She asked me how my island trials were going, and then we were soon joined by Professor Kukui. The three of us went inside the Dimensional Research lab. When we reached the third floor, Kukui shouted out Hey there, honey! to someone across the room. When she turned around, I realized it was someone Ive met before. It was Professor Burnet! I first met Professor Burnet several years ago when I was traveling through the Unova region for the second time. She was studying what was called the Interdream Zone, which was the space between dreams and reality. She developed the Dream Radar to access this space, which was how I caught a trio of legendary Pokmon that adapted a Therian Forme in that dimension: Tornadus, Thunderus, and Landorus. But I learned some new facts: not only that Burnet runs the Dimensional Research Lab here in Alola, but that shes also Kukuis wife!

                        After a bit of catching up and explaining how Burnet and Lillie met, Hau joined us. Kukui stated that he wanted all of us to learn about some mysterious phenomena that were occurring around the Alola region. He turned it over to Burnet, who said she was studying something called the Ultra Wormhole. She explained that its an extremely rare hole that sometimes opens in the sky over Alola. Its a rift that leads to another dimension. She explained that there are legends of strange and powerful Pokmon that have appeared from these Ultra Wormholes. Some of the evidence she said that supports this is that there are plenty of Pokmon that the Pokdex that have to do with other dimensions, such as Bronzong, Palkia, or Giratina. She said the Pokmon that come from an Ultra Wormhole are known as Ultra Beasts.

                        Interesting. Legendary Pokmon, mythical Pokmon, and now Ultra Beasts? I cant wait to learn more about them. But first, I have an island challenge to prepare for, and an Akala Pokdex to focus on completing! Professor Kukui pointed me in the direction of Diglett Tunnel to find where Olivia would hold her grand trial.

                        When I stepped outside, I saw something strange happen in the sky. Could that have been an Ultra Wormhole?

                        So Alola has a Diglett Tunnel like Kanto. Unfortunately, the only Pokmon that live in this long tunnel are wild Zubat and Diglett, so its not a lot of variety. When I entered the tunnel, I was met by Olivia. She said that the wild Diglett here were acting strange, so some folks from the Aether Foundation were here helping to find out what the cause is. She said that if I wanted to battle her, I should go to her shop in Konikoni City at the other end of Digletts Tunnel.

                        July 1, 2017

                        I found a pair of Aether Foundation folks in Digletts Tunnel. They said that the Diglett were finally calming down, and that it was Team Skull that caused the disturbance. And a little further in the cave, I came upon the pair of troublemaking grunts. They attacked me with a Salandit and Formantis, but luckily Hau showed up and we had a tag battle with them. Hau sent out Pikachu and I sent out Raticate. We easily defeated the Team Skull goons, and they ran off.

                        I exited the other end of the cave, and stepped onto Route 9. There was a police station there (Alola cares about your safety!) but other than that, it seems the short route is nothing more than a crossroads.

                        July 2, 2017

                        I did some fishing on Route 9. First I hooked a wild Wishiwashi, which could actually become its school form. The second Pokmon I found was a Corsola! It kept calling for help, but I figured I should catch one. But once in a while a wild Mareanie would show up and attack the Corsola! So I decided to shift my focus and try to catch one of those, and I eventually did.

                        106. Mareanie

                        July 3, 2017

                        I did more fishing along Route 9. I soon found another Pokmon I havent seen yet in Alola: a Luvdisc! I managed to catch it easily. Along with Wishiwashi and Magikarp, these Pokmon seemed to be pretty common here.

                        Luvdisc, the Rendezvous Pokmon. Luvdisc left on their own become despondent, leaving themselves open to attack. That is when Pelipper snatch them up. Loving couples have a soft spot for them, so honeymoon hotels often release them into their pools.

                        107. Luvdisc

                        I kept fishing because I wanted to find a Corsola to catch. It took a short while, but I eventually found and caught one!

                        108. Corsola

                        That should be all for Route 9, so its time to check out Konikoni City!

                        July 4, 2017

                        I arrived in Konikoni City just in time for a fireworks festival! The fireworks were shot off near a gated off lighthouse and reflected beautifully over the water.

                        I explored the city a bit too. There was plenty to buy here, from incense to evolution stones to fashion items. While I was walking around, I saw a Delibird fly over to a Probopass and give it a letter. The Probopass went inside one of the shops. I decided to check that shop out, and it turns out that it was Kahuna Olivias shop! The note the Probopass had was for anyone looking to challenge the kahuna. It stated that anyone who wanted to undergo the grand trial of Akala Island should meet Olivia at the nearby Ruins of Life. I also found another Zygarde Cell hiding in her shop. This cell looked different though, and according to the Zygarde Cube this was a special Zygarde Cell known as a Zygarde Core, and this brings the cube to 13%.

                        I went back outside and saw a trainer with a trio of Pikachu putting on a little show. Afterwards, the trainer saw my Z-Ring, and so gave me a Z-Crystal! This one was Pikanium Z, and like the Snorlium Z, is specific for a single Pokmon. Next time I train my Pikachu, Ill have to try it out!

                        At the Pokmon Center, I took some time to decide what to do next. Id like to do one final rotation of Pokmon training, this time with every single Pokmon thats in the Akala Pokdex that Ive caught, or will catch. I checked with Rotom, and the total would be 69 Pokmon, of which I currently have 62. Ill add the three starter Pokmon to the rotation, so the total is divisible by six. So that makes 12 groups. The first group will be Goldeen, Luvdisc, Cubone, Jolteon, and Dewpider. The sixth spot I left open for a reason. Olivias Shop not only sells evolutionary stones, but also Pokmon fossils! I picked up a Plume Fossil, and then had Charizard fly me back to Route 8. Though the trailer doesnt look like much, the guy that wants to build a Dream Park for fossil Pokmon was able to restore the Plume Fossil, so Archen was added to my team!

                        109. Archen

                        So its time to start my training. Ill wait until I have a team made up of types that would be a good match for the rock-type using kahuna.

                        I left Konikoni City and headed in the direction of the Ruins of Life. I had to pass through a graveyard known as Memorial Hill. There were a few Pokmon trainers there looking for a battle, and among the Pokmon I fought were a few I had yet to see in Alola.

                        Ledian, the Five Star Pokmon, and the evolved form of Ledyba. Ledian throw punches with all four arms in battle. The power of each individual blow is piddly, so they aim to win by quantity rather than quality. While its believed that starlight provides them with energy, they also love to eat berries. In the daytime, they curl up in the grass to sleep.

                        Ariados, the Long Leg Pokmon, and the evolved form of Spinarak. Ariados spin thread from both their rear and their mouth. Then they wrap their prey up in thread and sip their bodily fluids at their leisure. There are some areas where people use this string for their own weaving. The resulting cloth is popular for its strength.

                        I also found that there were some wild Pokmon that lived in the area: Gastly, Zubat, and even some Phantump!

                        Phantump, the Stump Pokmon. Phantump are stumps possessed by the spirits of children who died in the forest. Their cries sound like eerie screams. According to legend, medicine to cure any illness can be made by plucking the green leaves on their head, brewing them, and boiling down the liquid.
                        Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                        Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                        Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                        Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                          July 5, 2017

                          After getting a little sleep, I went back to Memorial Hill. When I ran into a wild Phantump, I threw a single Poké Ball and caught it!

                          110. Phantump

                          I continued to train my team against the wild Pokémon there, making a few trips back to Konikoni City to stop at the Pokémon Center. On one of the trips back, I found a Zygarde Cell near the lighthouse (15%). Eventually, I finished training the current team, and rotated out for Tauros, Finneon, Chansey, Magby, Wingull, and Barboach.

                          As I passed through Memorial Hill, I ran into a face-off between two folks from the Aether Foundation and two Team Skull grunts. Team Skull was trying to hurt a Slowpoke, and the Aether Foundation was trying to stop them. I helped out by battling against one of the grunt’s Raticate, and then Team Skull ran off. The two scientists thanked me for my help. One of them, who seemed higher ranking as well as a bit arrogant, said that I should stop by the Hano Resort sometime if I wanted a tour of something amazing. I’ll think about that after my grand trial.

                          July 10, 2017

                          I rotated my Pokémon, taking Goomy, Torracat, Golbat, and Diglett. Why only four? Because for one of the other spots, I purchased a Cover Fossil from Olivia’s shop, and then took it to Dream Park on Route 8 to have it restored into a Tirtouga!

                          “Tirtouga, the Prototurtle Pokémon. Tirtouga are reputed to be the ancestor of most turtle Pokémon. They lived in warm seas approximately a hundred million years ago. Based on studies of their skeletal structure, they can apparently dive to ocean depths of over half a mile.”

                          111. Tirtouga

                          July 12, 2017

                          I’ve been training in a new area just past Memorial Hill, called the Akala Outskirts. I’m getting closer to the Ruins of Life and my Akala Grand Trial! While most of my battles were against wild Wingull, Gumshoos, Raticate, and even a Stufful, I did find a wild Nosepass wandering around. That explains the Probopass I saw in Olivia’s shop. I had Goomy weaken and paralyze it with a few Dragon Breath attacks, and then tossed a Poké Ball and caught it!

                          “Nosepass, the Compass Pokémon. Nosepass use powerful magnetism to drag prey toward them. They’re also known to pull in metal, which they collect and use to protect themselves. The magnet in their nose provides an unerring compass, making them an excellent partner for trainers going on a journey.”

                          112. Nosepass

                          After training a while with that group, I rotated out my Pokémon for Chinchou, Castform, Corsola, Alomomola, Leafeon, and Oricorio. I trained for a long time with that team on the Akala Outskirts, battling the wild Pokémon and trainers there. One of the trainers had a Hariyama.

                          “Hariyama, the Arm Thrust Pokémon, and the evolved form of Makuhita. Hariyama love to compare their freakish strength, which is enough to send a truck flying with a single slap. They are known for their fantastic strength, but as they grow older, they focus more on training Makuhita.”

                          I also found another Zygarde Cell in the Akala Outskirts (16%). Then I ran into a familiar face.

                          “So you’re the one Gladion was talking about,” said a female voice. I recognized her from when I first arrived in the Alola region. Her name is Plumeria, and she’s one of Team Skull’s Admins.

                          “What do you want, Plumeria?” I asked, irritated. “Your goons keep popping up and getting in people’s way. Not that they’re too much trouble to defeat.”

                          “But don’t you think some dummies are cute in their dumbness?” she responded. “You know what I mean, right? You picking on my cute, dumb brothers and sisters is really annoying me!”

                          She battled me with a Golbat and a Salandit. The first round was a close battle of Air Cutter attacks between my Oricorio and her Golbat. The Salandit was an easier opponent, as Chinchou washed it away with a Hydro Vortex Z-Move.

                          “Hmmph! You’re pretty strong. I’ll give you that,” Plumeria commented. “But mess with anyone in Team Skull again, and I’ll show you how serious I can get.”

                          With Plumeria defeated, I can now proceed to the entrance to the Ruins of Life, where I’ll have my grand trial. But first, I need to think about which Pokémon I will battle Olivia with, so I returned to the Pokémon Center in Konikoni City.

                          July 13, 2017

                          Since Olivia uses rock-type Pokémon, I need to think about which Pokémon would have an advantage. I want to use Pokémon that are new to me in Alola, specifically ones I caught here on Akala Island. The list would be:

                          Wishiwashi: This wouldn’t be a bad choice. Its School Forme is pretty powerful.
                          Mareanie: It is part water-type, so also not a bad choice.
                          Mudbray: Ground-types are also super effective, plus its Stamina ability makes it a good tank.
                          Dewpider: This is probably my favorite Alola Pokémon so far! But it’s part bug-type, so probably not the best choice.
                          Formantis: A grass-type would work, but it would be better if it was evolved.
                          Morelull: Another grass-type, and one that’s good at inflicting status conditions.
                          Salandit: As cool as this Pokémon is, it would also be at a type disadvantage.
                          Bounsweet: Although it’s a grass-type, it needs a little more training before it can handle a tough battle.
                          Comfey: Not a grass-type, but knows a grass-type move. Possibly.
                          Oranguru: This big guy might do well, despite not having any specific advantages. But better yet…
                          Passimian: A pure fighting-type. It just hatched, but with a little training, it might be pretty strong against Olivia’s Pokémon.
                          Wimpod: It’s right in its name. Too weak, plus a bug-type.
                          Pyukumuku: This one’s gimmicky. It’s water-type but doesn’t know any water-type moves. Maybe I could surprise her with Counter?

                          That’s actually a much longer list to choose from than I thought. Well, I know I want Passimian on the team. I think Mudbray makes a good second choice. As for my third Pokémon… hm. Wishiwashi did already get a turn in an island trial, so I think I’ll go with… either Formantis or Morelull. Tough choice. Formantis has low defense, and rock-types are usually high on attack, so I’m going to go with Morelull.

                          July 15, 2017

                          So after a few days of training my trio of Pokémon, it’s finally time to take on my Akala Grand Trial! As the first rays of sun were appearing on the Alolan horizon, I did some last minute training near Konikoni City. While fishing up wild Pokémon to battle, my Morelull evolved into Shiinotic!

                          113. Shiinotic

                          Passimian and Mudbray became much stronger too, and Mudbray even learned a cool new move I never heard of before that I can’t wait to try out!

                          I approached the Ruins of Life, when I heard a familiar voice call out to me. It was Professor Burnet, and Lillie was with her. It looks like Lillie got lost on her way back to the Tide Song Hotel, so Burnet brought her here to watch my battle against the kahuna.

                          “Now I’ve gotta go,” the professor said. “The Masked Royal has a match, and there’s no way that I’m missing it!”

                          Of course you wouldn’t, he’s your husband, I thought to myself…

                          “That Masked Royal,” Burnet muttered as she walked away. “What do you think he looks like under that mask, anyway?”

                          … Really?

                          As Professor Burnet took her leave, Lillie walked over to me, with Nebby floating along at her feet. Wait, shouldn’t it be in her bag?

                          “I came here for Nebby,” Lillie explained. “Though, as you saw, I didn’t come here myself so much as I was brought here with the professor’s help.”

                          We walked forward a bit, and Lillie gestured ahead. “Within these ruins waits the guardian deity of Akala Island. This is Tapu Lele’s ruin.”

                          “Pew!” Nebby added.

                          Lillie turned to Nebby. “You! I know you tried to drag me along to the Ruins of Conflict on Melemele Island, too! Why are these ruins important to you? What do the guardians mean to you?”

                          Nebby didn’t answer, it simply stared back at her.

                          “Just think what would have happened to you if Steve hadn’t been there back then!” Lillie continued.

                          “Pew!!!” That one got a response from Nebby.

                          We all turned as Olivia walked out of the entrance to the Ruins of Life. She looked at Lillie. “Oh, haven’t I seen you with Kukui?”

                          Lillie introduced herself to Olivia. Olivia explained that she was cleaning up the ruins for Tapu Lele. And then turned to address me.

                          “Steve, thanks for getting to know the people and Pokémon of Alola,” she said to me. “All right, then! You’ve completed the trials of all three captains here on Akala Island. Now you face the grand trial of the kahuna – me! Get ready for your hardest Pokémon battle yet on Akala!”

                          Lillie and Nebby moved off to the side to watch, while Olivia and I took our respective places on the battlefield.

                          “I’ve waited a long time for this!” I said as I got my first Poké Ball ready.

                          “Great!” replied the kahuna. “We’re gonna give you guys everything we’ve got! And my partners are all adorable, rugged little rock-types!”

                          “Ok, Mudbray, you’re up first, maximize!” Out came my donkey Pokémon.

                          “Your first challenge will be my Nosepass!” The kahuna’s Pokémon appeared.

                          “Mudbray, let’s show off your new move,” I called out. “Use High Horsepower!”

                          My Pokémon charged at Nosepass, fiercely striking it with its entire body for a super-effective hit.

                          “Not bad, but you’ll need more power to knock out Nosepass,” Olivia stated. “Strike back with Rock Slide!”

                          The falling rocks hit Mudbray, but it wasn’t very effective at all, however it did activate Mudbray’s Stamina ability to increase its defense.

                          “Mudbray, finish it with Bulldoze!” My Pokémon stomped the ground, sending waves through the earth, knocking Nosepass off its feet!

                          “Well done, challenger,” Olivia complimented. “Thank you, Nosepass. Now let’s see how you do against my Boldore!”

                          “A Boldore, huh?” This was my first time seeing one in Alola. “Rotom, what’s the Pokédex have to say about it?”

                          “Boldore, the Ore Pokémon, and the evolved form of Roggenrola. Boldore explore caves in search of underground water. They’re not comfortable around water, so they take great care in lapping it up. Their orange crystal is a mass of energy. Just one crystal fragment would provide enough fuel for a hundred dump trucks.”

                          “Another pure rock-type, so…” I switched out my Pokémon. “Mudbray, return, you did a great job out there. Now, Passimian, maximize!”

                          Passimian took the field. Both Pokémon looked ready to battle.

                          “Passimian, use Rock Smash!” My Pokémon struck first, but didn’t seem to do much damage.

                          “Boldore, show them you’re power with Headbutt!” And it was a powerful blow. But Passimian was still raring to go.

                          “Passimian, keep using Rock Smash!” Another hit, this time chipping off some rock and lowering Boldore’s defense.

                          “Oh, you want this to be a test of endurance?” asked Olivia. “Fine then. Use Headbutt!”

                          Both Pokémon kept exchanging the same attacks. I thought my Pokémon might be the first to fall, but Passimian landed a lucky critical hit, knocking out Boldore!

                          “Great job, Passimian!” My Pokémon seemed happy, but was pretty exhausted from the battle. “Return, and take a good rest. I think we got this!”

                          “Oh, do you?” smirked the kahuna. “I wonder if you’ve seen this Pokémon before, then! Go, my Lycanroc!”

                          “Whoa, that’s one tough looking wolf!” I’m guessing rock and… dark-type, maybe? “Rotom, definitely need your help here! Who’s that Pokémon?”

                          “Lycanroc, the Wolf Pokémon, and the evolved form of Rockruff. Lycanroc goad their enemies into attacking, withstand the hits, and in return, deliver a headbutt, crushing their bones with their rocky mane. The more intimidating the opponent they face, the more their blood boils. They will attack with no regard for their own safety.”

                          “That’s… bad,” I commented, getting my third Poké Ball ready. “I hope this works. Shiinotic, maximize!”
                          This should be an interesting final battle. And I have yet to see her Z-Move…

                          “Power up, Lycanroc!” Olivia charged up the Z-Crystal. “Use Continental Crush!”

                          Lycanroc leaped into the air, and a huge swarm of rocks started to coalesce around it, and then the huge boulder that formed smashed down on my Shiinotic!

                          “Shiinotic, no!” I yelled. I ran over to it. It definitely didn’t seem like it was doing so well. I’ll have to rush it to Nurse Joy after the battle. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think that through. Return and take a good rest.”

                          “Poor Shiinotic!” Gasped Lillie from the sidelines.

                          “Pew…” added Nebby.

                          “So what now, Steve?” Olivia stood there with arms and legs crossed. “Still think you can win?”

                          “No, but I’m not going down without a fight,” I replied. “Passimian, you’re up again! Give me whatever you got left!”

                          “Your Passimian is too worn out to fight,” observed the kahuna. “Lycanroc, use Rock Throw!”

                          “Passimian, dodge and use Rock Smash!” My Pokémon still had some speed left, as it dodge the rocks and struck its opponent for a super-effective hit!

                          “Right where we want you,” Olivia smiled. “Use Rock Throw!”

                          My Pokémon left itself open after the attack, and was knocked out by the strike.

                          “Return, Passimian, and thank you. Your efforts won’t be in vain.” One Pokémon left. “Mudbray, it’s all up to you, let’s go!”

                          “Lycanroc, finish this with Bite.” The powerful attack did a lot of damage to Mudbray.

                          “This time you’re where we want you!” I shouted. “High Horsepower, let’s go!”

                          Mudbray put everything into one last attack, slamming Lycanroc into the side of the ruins!

                          “How lovely,” Olivia said, as she recalled her fallen Pokémon. “Thank you, Lycanroc.”

                          Kahuna Olivia walked over to me and crossed her arms and closed her eyes. “Diamonds only sparkle after coal is pushed to its absolute limit. You guys are the best! Here, the rock-type Z-Crystal is yours. It’s Rockium Z!”

                          I’ve done it, barely! But… Grand Trial Complete!!
                          Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                          Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                          Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                          Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                            I rushed back to the Pokémon Center to give my team of Pokémon some much needed treatment. Lillie stayed to talk to Olivia about Nebby and the Ruins of Life. I passed Hau on the way to Konikoni City, and he said he was also getting ready for his Grand Trial against Olivia.

                            At the Pokémon Center, I left my three Poké Balls with Nurse Joy, and continued my rotation of Akala Pokémon. Bounsweet, Butterfree, Umbreon, Staryu, and Kangaskhan was the group I had sent to me from Poké Pelago. Which, by the way, is now completely built, so there are a lot of islands for my Pokémon to play on.

                            I travelled back through Diglett’s Tunnel to Heahea City. There was only one part of Akala Island I hadn’t explored yet, so I followed the path east out of Heahea City and ended up at the Hano Grand Resort. I walked around Hano Beach for a while, and even got paid to chuck some Pyukumuku back into the ocean. Wild Pokémon lived on the beach too, because I saw things moving under the sand. I battled a bunch of wild Staryu that popped out of the sand, but in the corner of the beach, I saw something odd. It looked like a toy shovel was moving up and down in the sand all by itself. I went for a closer look, and a mound of sand rose under the shovel. Is there something in the sand? No wait, is… that a face in the sand? Is the sand itself a Pokémon? Rotom, what is this?

                            “Sandygast, the Sand Heap Pokémon. Sandygast are born from sand mounds that were playfully built by children, and they embody the grudges of the departed. They take control of anyone who puts a hand in their mouth, and so they add to the accumulation of their sand-mound body.”

                            Glad I didn’t reach for the shovel! But whatever, I have to catch this cool new Pokémon. I sent out Butterfree to use Sleep Powder to keep it asleep. It took a few tries, but I was able to catch Sandygast! I kept it as the sixth Pokémon on my current team.

                            114. Sandygast

                            It looks like it’s a ghost and ground-type, sharing the dual typing with Golurk but having a different primary type. And its ability is new, Water Compaction, which increases its defense if it’s hit by a water-type move. Makes sense for something made out of sand!

                            July 17, 2017

                            I rotated out my Pokémon for Stufful, Wimpod, Brionne, Pinsir, and Miltank. For the last member of that team, I bought an Armor Fossil from Olivia’s shop, and took it to the Dream Park where it was restored into a Shieldon!

                            115. Shieldon

                            I then decided to check out the Hano Grand Resort. It seems it’s the largest resort in the Alola region. I did find a few trainers inside who wanted to battle; a pair of Oricorio trainers who destroyed my team easily, and then another trainer who used a Trumbeak that despite a huge power difference, Shieldon defeated by itself!

                            July 18, 2017

                            I finished training the team I had, and then took Gumshoos, Fletchling, Herdier, Comfey, Charjabug, and Eevee #1 with me.

                            July 19, 2017

                            First thing’s first, I used a Water Stone on my Eevee, and it evolved into Vaporeon!

                            “Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. Vaporeon live close to water and are often mistaken for mermaids. Their cells are composed of units much like water molecules. Blending in with the water and erasing all signs of their presence, they patiently wait for their prey, fish Pokémon.”

                            116. Vaporeon

                            August 1, 2017

                            While training my Pokémon in Lush Jungle, my Fletchling evolved into Fletchinder!

                            “Fletchinder, the Ember Pokémon, and the evolved form of Fletchling. Fletchinder fire embers at their prey from their beak. Once they have caught them, they grill them at high heat before feasting upon them. They will not tolerate other Pokémon entering their territory, which has a radius of several miles.”

                            117. Fletchinder

                            August 3, 2017

                            Before leaving Akala Island, I wanted to have an official battle with each of the island’s captains, like I did with Ilima on Melemele Island. So I stopped by Lana’s house first in Konikoni City. She wasn’t there, but her twin younger sisters were, so I had a double battle against them. My Comfey and Charjabug had a good warm up match against their Luvdisc and Corsola.

                            August 4, 2017

                            Lana met me on the docks in Konikoni City for our battle.

                            “Go on!” yelled one of her sisters. “Beat him, Sissy!”

                            “Show him what you’ve got!” added the other sister.

                            “Shall we?” Lana asked as she pulled out a Net Ball. “I have a responsibility to set a good example for my younger sisters, of course. But even more importantly than that… I have my pride as a captain! I will show you what a serious Lana can do!”

                            Lana sent out Chinchou, and I led off with Gumshoos. “I look forward to enjoying a no-holds-barred battle against you, Steve!”

                            It was going to be a three-on-three Pokémon battle. This is almost like a gym battle!

                            Lana called the first move. “Chinchou, Electro Ball.” Being the faster Pokémon, the attack hit, and did a lot of damage. Gumshoos can’t take another hit like that.

                            “Gumshoos, use Mud-Slap!” My Pokémon kicked up the muddy ground from near the shore, hitting Chinchou in the eyes.

                            “Oh, no, Chinchou!” cried Lana. “Use Electro Ball again!”

                            “Not this time!” I said. “Dodge, and use Mud-Slap!”

                            My Pokémon easily dodged the poorly aimed ball of electricity, and slashed more dirt onto Chinchou.
                            “Chinchou, try your Bubblebeam!” But that attack missed as well, and Gumshoos landed another Mud-Slap!

                            “Now, Gumshoos, use Tackle!” I commanded.

                            “Quick, spray it while it’s close!” Lana called for the defense. Chinchou did land a Bubblebeam, but Gumshoos connected as well.

                            “I’m taking a chance,” I muttered, seeing my weakened Pokémon. “Gumshoos, one more Tackle, go!”

                            “Chinchou, to the left, use Bubblebeam!” Lana and her Pokémon were in perfect sync, and Chinchou landed the attack, knocking out Gumshoos!

                            “Gumshoos, return, you did a good job,” I said as I recalled my Pokémon. “Comfey, maximize!”

                            My Posy Picker Pokémon took the field. Lana called for another Bubblebeam attack. Looks like it shook off the dirt from the Mud-Slap, because it hit no problem.

                            “Comfey, Magical Leaf, let’s go!” The attack was super effective, and Chinchou was knocked out.

                            “Thank you, Chinchou,” Lana said. “Next up is my Araquanid!”

                            “Your… what?” That’s new. “Rotom, who’s that cool-looking Pokémon?”

                            “Araquanid, the Water Bubble Pokémon, and the evolved form of Dewpider. Araquanid deliver headbutts with the water bubble on their head. Small Pokémon get sucked into the bubble, where they drown. Despite what their appearance suggests, they care for others. If they find vulnerable, weak Pokémon, they protectively bring them into their water bubble.”

                            “Awesome, so that’s what Dewpider evolves into!” I said, admiring the giant water spider. “Comfey, return, I’m changing strategies. This is a job for Charjabug… maximize!”

                            Unfortunately, Lana activated her Z-Crystal. “Araquanid, use Hydro Vortex!”

                            Obviously, my little electric bug-type was unable to withstand the barrage of water.

                            “Charjabug, return,” I recalled my Pokémon. “Comfey, it’s up to you!”

                            This time, I activated my Z-Ring. “Comfey, use Bloom Doom!”

                            Sadly, this was not very effective, and Araquanid shrugged of the blast like it was nothing.

                            “Looks like we won,” said Lana softly. “Use Bubblebeam!”

                            The blast of bubbles struck Comfey, and things weren’t looking good for me…

                            “Comfey, Magical Leaf!”

                            “Araquanid, Bubblebeam!”

                            Both attacks struck, and both landed critical hits! But, ultimately, it was Comfey who fell.

                            “Comfey, return,” I said sadly. “Sorry, I’m too weak of a trainer to win this battle.”

                            If I can’t defeat Lana, I assume I shouldn’t even attempt to challenge Kiawe or Mallow. Looks like it will be back to basic training and grinding. Maybe once I become more serious as a trainer, I can stand a better chance against the Akala Captains.
                            Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                            Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                            Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                            Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                              After letting my Pokémon rest at the Pokémon Center, I rotated my Pokémon for Mudbray, Dartrix, Passimian, Jigglypuff, and Wishiwashi. For the last spot, I had a Skull Fossil from Konikoni City revived at the Dream Park, which became a Cranidos!

                              “Cranidos, the Head Butt Pokémon. Cranidos lived in jungles around a hundred million years ago. They used their skillful headbutts to combat Aerodactyl. In rock layers where their fossils are found, the fossilized trunks of trees snapped in two are also found.”

                              118. Cranidos

                              August 5, 2017

                              I got to try out my Rockium Z on Cranidos, and it used the powerful Z-Move, Continental Crush. I’m looking forward to discovering other Z-Moves!

                              August 6, 2017

                              I took the next group out for training: Eevee #7, Sudowoodo, Tentacool, Psyduck, Mareanie, and Formantis. Mareanie got the most time out to battle, since this was the first time I got to use it!

                              August 7, 2017

                              Next group: Crabrawler, Masquerain, Oranguru, Poliwag #2, Eevee #5, and Sylveon. One of the first things I did was give my Eevee a Fire Stone, and it evolved into Flareon!

                              “Flareon, the Flame Pokémon, and an evolved form of Eevee. Flareon have an average body temperature between 1,300 and 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. In their internal flame sac, temperatures reach 3,000 degrees. When they catch prey of find berries, they breathe fire on them until they’re well done, and then they gobble them up.”

                              119. Flareon

                              After finishing with that group, the next group was Salandit, Pyukumuku, Trumbeak, Gyarados, Raticate, and Morelull.

                              August 8, 2017

                              And finally, I’ve reached the final group for my Akala rotation: Poliwag #1, Paras, Feebas, Espeon, Gastly, and Phantump. And while training that group, my Paras evolved into Parasect!

                              “Parasect, the Mushroom Pokémon, and the evolved form of Paras. Parasect scatter toxic spores from their mushroom cap. Once harvested, these spores can be steeped and boiled down to prepare herbal medicines. The large mushroom on their back controls them. They often fight over territory with Shiinotic.”

                              120. Parasect

                              And that does it! I’ve finally completed training every Akala Pokémon. Before moving on to a new island, I decided I would stop back on Melemele Island and revisit some old places, as well as stop in and see Professor Kukui.
                              Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                              Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                              Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                              Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                                August 9, 2017

                                After visiting a while with Professor Kukui, I decided to do a thorough sweep exploring Melemele Island. I found a bunch of Zygarde Cells, including two more Zygarde Cores, bringing the Zygarde Cube to 33%! I also checked out the Melemele Sea now that I was able to call Lapras as a Ride Pokmon. I also got to explore more of Kalae Bay with Lapras, which allowed me to catch a Shellder!

                                121. Shellder

                                There were also plenty of water-type Pokmon trainers who wanted to battle, so Dartrix got a lot of experience battling them. I also used the Ride Pokmon Stoutland to search out any hidden treasure that may have been scattered around the island. Once I was satisfied I had thoroughly explored everything, I called on a Charizard to fly back to Akala Island.

                                August 13, 2017

                                Im going to do one final, grand rotation of all the Pokmon Ive caught in the Alola region so far. To keep it easy, Im going to go in Alola Pokdex order. So I previously trained Dartrix and Torracat, and today I got through Brionne, Trumbeak, Gumshoos, and Raticate.

                                August 14, 2017

                                After training Butterfree, my Ledyba evolved into Ledian, and my Spinarak evolved into Ariados!

                                122. Ledian

                                123. Ariados

                                August 15, 2017

                                I finally got to test out my Pikanium Z that I received in Konikoni City. My Pikachu learned Volt Tackle and thus was able to use the exclusive Z-Move called Catastropika, where it I toss it into the air, then it rolls into a ball to generate electricity, and then fires itself at its opponent. It made battling the trainers outside the Hano Grand Resort quite easy!

                                August 21, 2017

                                Ive been continuing to train all my Pokmon, getting through Charjabug, Sudowoodo, Chansey, Munchlax, and both Slowpoke. My Wingull evolved into Pelipper, and Abra evolved into Kadabra!

                                124. Pelipper

                                125. Kadabra

                                August 23, 2017

                                I continued training my Pokmon, working with Meowth, Magnemite, Grimer, and Growlithe. Then, while I was training Drowzee

                                8:35pm (8:35am Alola time)

                                I was battling against wild Pokmon in the Lush Jungle, honestly not paying too close attention, when suddenly, a Fomantis caught my eye. It was a little greener than usual it was a shiny Fomantis! I immediately had Drowzee try Hypnosis, but it dodged and used Ingrain. Thats fine, I dont want it to go anywhere anyway! Drowzee used Hypnosis again, and put it to sleep. I tossed a Pok Ball, and Success! I finally have my partner Pokmon for the Alola region, Fomantis!

                                I stopped by the Pokmon Center to check out my new Fomantis. Shes modest and strong-willed, which means its special attack and special defense are its best stats. As far as overall potential, Nurse Joy said she was relatively superior for a Fomantis. (Its lowest IV is 20!!) Unfortunately, Fomantis cant learn a wide variety of moves, but it will still be fun to train. Plus I know who Ill be using when I eventually have a rematch against Lana! I had Fomantis sent to Pok Pelago for the time being, until Im done training all my Pokmon.

                                Speaking of which, my Drowzee evolved into Hypno, and Makuhita evolved into Hariyama!

                                Hypno, the Hypnosis Pokmon, and the evolved form of Drowzee. A psychic-type. Hypno make anyone they meet fall asleep and have a taste of their dreams. Anyone having a good dream, they carry off. While they are extremely dangerous, people who are in need of a good, sound sleep call them their saviors.

                                126. Hypno

                                127. Hariyama

                                Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                                Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                                Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                                Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                                  August 24, 2017

                                  Today’s Pokémon were Smeargle, Crabrawler, and Gastly, who evolved into Haunter!

                                  “Haunter, the Gas Pokémon, and the evolved form of Gastly. A ghost- and poison-type. Haunter strike at humans from total darkness. Those licked by their cold tongue grow weaker with each passing day until they die. They fear the light and revel in the dark. They may be on the verge of extinction in cities that stay brightly lit at night.”

                                  128. Haunter

                                  August 27, 2017

                                  I trained Drifloon, Misdreavus, Golbat, and Diglett. Then my Spearow evolved into a Fearow!

                                  129. Fearow

                                  August 28, 2017

                                  This is taking quite a bit longer than I anticipated. Today’s turns were Vullaby, Mankey, Delibird, Oricorio, Cutiefly, Petilil, Cottonee, Psyduck, Gyarados, and Barboach.

                                  When I checked on my Pokémon on the Poké Pelago, I visited with my shiny Fomantis, who was happily playing with my Torracat. They seem to get along; I’ll have to use them on a team together maybe.

                                  August 29, 2017

                                  After training Machop, while training my Roggenrola it evolved into Boldore!

                                  130. Boldore

                                  After that, I continued with Carbink and Sableye. While I was training Rockruff next, it started to evolve! Except… that doesn’t look like the Lycanroc that I battled in my grand trial against Kahuna Olivia.

                                  “That’zzz becauze Olivia’z Lycanroc was in itz Midnight Form,” explained the Rotomdex. “Depending on the time of day that Rockruff evolvezzz, Lycanroc can become different formzzz.”

                                  I like this one’s design better, I think. Rotom, who’s that Pokémon?

                                  “Lycanroc, the Wolf Pokémon, and the evolved form of Rockruff. Midday Form. A rock-type. Lycanroc confuse their enemies with their quick movements. Well equipped with claws and fangs, they also use the sharp rocks in their mane as weapons. When properly raised from a young age, they will become trusty partners that will absolutely never betray their trainers.”

                                  131. Lycanroc

                                  Lycanroc looks awesome! While the Midnight Form is bulkier, this Midday Form is faster and can use a move called Accelerock, which is essentially a rock-type Quick Attack.

                                  August 30, 2017

                                  After having some fun training my new Lycanroc, I trained with Spinda, Tentacool, Finneon, Wishiwashi, Luvdisc, and Corsola.

                                  September 3, 2017

                                  Today was focused on Mareanie.

                                  September 4, 2017

                                  Today was it was Shellder that was mostly trained. This is a slow grind.

                                  September 5, 2017

                                  I got a little more training done today, finishing up with Bagon, Herdier, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, and Eevee.

                                  September 6, 2017

                                  Moving right along: Sylveon, Mudbray, Jigglypuff, Tauros, Miltank, Masquerain, Dewpider, Fomantis, Shiinotic, Parasect, and both Poliwag. And my Poliwag in a Great Ball (#2) evolved into Poliwhirl!

                                  “Poliwhirl, the Tadpole Pokémon, and the evolved form of Poliwag. A water-type. Poliwhirl march over the land in search of bug Pokémon to eat. Then they take them underwater so they can dine on them where it’s safe. Although they can live on land, they prefer to stay in the water, where they have fewer natural enemies.”

                                  132. Poliwhirl
                                  Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                                  Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                                  Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                                  Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                                    September 13, 2017

                                    I was a little under the weather today, but I did try to get some training in! I continued with Goldeen, Feebas, Alomomola, Fletchinder, Salandit, Cubone, Kangaskhan, Magby, and Stufful. And to finish it off, my Bounsweet had evolved! Who’s that Pokémon?

                                    “Steenee, the Fruit Pokémon, and the evolved form of Bounsweet. A grass-type. Steenee are always bouncing around energetically. Other Pokémon are attracted by their lively appearance and pleasant aroma. The sepals on their head developed to protect their body. These are quite hard, so even if pecked by bird Pokémon, they are totally fine.”

                                    133. Steenee

                                    September 18, 2017 11:10pm (11:10am Alola Time)

                                    Still training my Pokémon on Hano Beach, despite my splitting headache, I had my eyes closed a lot. Suddenly I heard a rare but familiar ringing… and there it was! A cool-looking shiny silver Staryu! It took two Poké Balls, but I easily caught it! Looks like I have a second member of my Alola team! Which, like Fomantis, will hang out on Poké Pelago until I’m done with this round of training.

                                    September 19, 2017

                                    Continuing my training, I rotated through Comfey, Pinsir, Oranguru, Passimian, Goomy, and Castform.

                                    September 20, 2017

                                    And finally, I finished up with the rest: Staryu, Sandygast, Cranidos, Shieldon, Archen, Tirtouga, Phantump, Nosepass, Pyukumuku, and Chinchou. Whew! Time to finally move on!
                                    Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                                    Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                                    Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                                    Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                                      September 21, 2017

                                      I stopped by Poké Pelago and visited my Alola Pokémon. I found my shiny Fomantis on Isle Abeens helping to harvest Poké Beans. My shiny Staryu was on Isle Aphun gathering items from the caves. Both seemed very happy when I asked them to come with me.

                                      From there, I flew over to Melemele Island to meet with Professor Kukui and update him on my progress. I also asked him to examine my Staryu. After spending some time examining it, he said that it was a rather timid Pokémon, but yet had a mischievous streak. Its stats were not all that impressive, but seemed to be high where it counts. A Staryu’s best stats are its special attack and its speed, and my Staryu excels in both of those. The rest, though, it sorely lacks in. Well, at least that makes it clear how I will train it!

                                      I then asked the professor about the different forms of Lycanroc. He said there are two forms, and possibly a third one that he is currently researching. My Lycanroc evolved into the Midday Form. Olivia’s Lycanroc was the Midnight Form. He then gave me a Cherish Ball, and inside was a special Midnight Form Lycanroc that he discovered! He said that I could keep it with my other Pokémon.

                                      Suddenly, we heard a strange sound coming from outside the laboratory. Professor Kukui seemed to recognize the sound and rushed outside. I followed with my Pokémon. Kukui seemed frozen in place, his jaw dropped. I followed his gaze and saw what he was looking at. It was the guardian of Melemele Island, Tapu Koko! But… this was not the same Tapu Koko who saved me from the collapsing bridge in the Ruins of Conflict. Its wings are black instead of yellow.

                                      “That’s… that’s…” stuttered the professor. “A shiny Tapu Koko!”

                                      The Tapu Koko reached out and tapped my Z-Ring. As it began to glow, a Cherish Ball appeared in the palm of my hand. The shiny Tapu Koko entered the Cherish Ball!

                                      "Zzzrt! You registered a Land Spirit Pokémon!” exclaimed the Rotomdex. “If I were you, I'd check it out at once!"

                                      “Tapu Koko, the Land Spirit Pokémon. An electric- and fairy-type. Tapu Koko is the guardian deity of Melemele Island and is brimming with curiosity. It summons thunderclouds and stores their lightning inside its body. It confuses its enemies by flying too quickly for the eye to follow. It has a hair-trigger temper but forgets what made it angry an instant later.”

                                      134. Tapu Koko

                                      Professor Kukui seemed very impressed, saying that Tapu Koko typically does not reveal itself to someone who has not defeated all the island trials. As a way to show my thanks, I must resolve to finish the island challenge!

                                      After that, we went back inside the lab, and I placed a call to Brigette to check on my Pokémon from the Kalos and Hoenn regions. During our discussion, Brigette said she discovered a strange crystal. She showed it on screen, and Kukui confirmed that it was indeed a Z-Crystal! She said she would send it over for him to examine. From his research, Kukui believes it to be Mewnium Z, but since Mew is not usually found in Alola, it would be a difficult theory to prove.

                                      One more thing that the professor had been working on for me, was obtaining some Mega Stones from the Kalos and Hoenn region. He obtained a whole bunch of them; however, without a Key Stone, they wouldn’t be too useful. And, honestly, I don’t have any of those Pokémon in Alola. The Mega Stones he gave me were Mewtwonite X, Mewtwonite Y, Mawilite, Beedrillite, Audinite, Medichamite, Pidgeotite, Steelixite, Heracronite, Houndoomite, Sceptilite, Blazikenite, Swampertite, Cameruptite, Banettite, Tyranitarite, Abomasite, Manectite, Aggronite, Gardevorite, Galladite, Lopunnite, Diancite, Ampharosite, Altarianite, Latiasite, and Latiosite.

                                      And finally, I received my reward for participation in the final Global Mission that was held last month, which included a Fast Ball. I’m still upset about the ones I missed, but at least I got a Lure Ball and a Fast Ball, which are incredibly rare Poké Balls outside of the Johto region.

                                      Later that day, I spent some time getting to know my pair of shiny Pokémon, Fomantis and Staryu. Fomantis had a powerful Razor Leaf that it could boost with Growth, but its other moves needed work. Instead of Leahage, we practiced Hidden Power, which was rock-type. And instead of Ingrain, we worked on restoring its strength using Leech Life. Staryu’s moves were already diverse, but pretty standard; Bubblebeam was its strongest attack. Swift and Psywave have their uses, and Camouflage is sometimes interesting. (Its Hidden Power was, unfortunately, water-type.) I had a bunch of Carbos from the Festival Plaza, so I gave them to my Staryu. Then I remembered, there are training facilities on Poké Pelago! I had Fomantis and Staryu go to Isle Evelup with over a dozen of my other Pokémon to train their special defense and speed, respectively. That will keep them bust while I’m at work this evening.

                                      September 22, 2017

                                      I won’t have much time today with work, so I had Fomantis and Staryu work together on a course with some of my other Pokémon. This course would help them work as a team, and help boost their special attack.

                                      September 25, 2017

                                      I took Dartrix, Torracat, and Brionne with me, and picked up Fomantis and Staryu from Isle Evelup. I tested Fomantis and Staryu by battling against some wild Pokémon on Akala Island, and then decided, finally… it’s time to move on! So I headed over to the Hano Grand Resort, where I met the guy from the Aether Foundation who a few months ago offered to take me on a tour somewhere as thanks for helping him out. I was not alone, though; Hau, Kahuna Olivia, and Professor Kukui joined me at the resort hotel.

                                      “So you’ve come at last,” the scientist began. “Ah, but forgive me. I have yet to introduce myself. You may call me Faba. I told you before that I would show you someplace astounding, right? Well, that wondrous place is… Aether Paradise!”

                                      “Aether Paradise?” I repeated. “What’s that?”

                                      “Just as the name suggests, Aether Paradise is a veritable paradise for Pokémon that floats far out in the sea surrounding Alola,” Faba explained. “It is an artificial island, made entirely by human technology, for the protecting of Pokémon!”

                                      Hau and I followed Faba, as Olivia and Kukui saw us off.

                                      “You go see all the amazing tech that Aether’s developing and tell me about it later, yeah?” Kukui said with a smile. “That’s right. I’ll see you on the next island… Ula’ula Island, yeah? Then let’s meet up at Malie Garden!”

                                      Faba, Hau, and I boarded the Ferry and sailed towards the Aether Paradise. As it came into view, it was an awesome sight: a huge, man-made island that essentially serves as a fifth island in the Alola region.

                                      Once we went inside, Faba began to explain the island’s purpose. “Aether Paradise is a facility created for the conservation of Pokémon. It has been outfitted with all of the latest technology for this purpose.”

                                      Faba went on to explain that we will not be able to use our Poké Balls within Aether Paradise, since a jamming signal broadcast over the whole facility prevents them from working. He then took his leave, stating that as branch manager he had things to do, and handed us off to another woman who worked there. The woman introduced herself as Wicke. She showed us around the different floors, and then took us to the second floor which was the conservation area. She reminded us that the use of Poké Balls in the conservation area is strictly forbidden. She also said that the president of the Aether Foundation, Lusamine, should be somewhere in this area. Wicke then left us to explore on our own.

                                      Eventually, we found this Lusamine in the conservation area. She was talking to some Pokémon, saying that she would protect them with her love. Then she turned her attention to us. She welcomed us to the Aether Paradise, and explain that she created a place like this to protect Pokémon from people who would do them harm.

                                      “I will be like a mother to all of those poor Pokémon and shower them with love,” she explained. “Even Pokémon from distant worlds, far from the Alola region, are worthy of my love.”

                                      Hau made a comment about how young she looked, but Lusamine said she was over 40. She then made some kind of comment about how Hau dresses badly. That was kind of rude. Hau mentioned Lillie in a passing comment, and I noticed Lusamine made an unusual reaction from hearing her name. Before I could ask more, it seemed as though the whole island began to suddenly shake! As everyone began to look around as if to search for the cause of the quake, all eyes turned as a rift appeared out of thin air! And then… a figure came out of the rift! It was some kind of huge jellyfish-like creature. Is that a Pokémon?

                                      Lusamine seemed rather calm as it floated in front of all of us. “Did you come from another world?” she asked.

                                      The creature made a chilling sound in response.

                                      “Miss Lusamine, stand back!” yelled Hau. “That thing’s… not right!”

                                      Lusamine shook her head in objection. “You poor creature…”

                                      “Zzrt?! I’ve never seen a Pokémon like that!” Rotom exclaimed. It saw me approach it. “Wait! Are we really gonna fight that… that thing?!”

                                      I assume whatever that is, that it’s a water-type, so I sent out Fomantis to battle it. That was a poor choice, since it used Venoshock and immediately knocked out my little grass-type. So I sent out Staryu, and thanks to its speed it used a quick Bubble Beam… which was super effective?! A blue jellyfish… I mean, I doubt it’s a fire-type, it doesn’t look rocky at all either, so… ground-type? Regardless, it very quickly knocked out my Staryu. Since it was weak to water, I sent out Brionne, and used Hydro Vortex, but it was still just floating there. Whatever this is, it’s tough!

                                      However, the strange being began moving weird, and it seemed to just blink out of our sight, as though it returned to where it came from, or maybe just teleported away.

                                      Everyone stood in awe, until Lusamine broke the silence. “So it’s true, I still need that Pokémon. I need to get it back.”

                                      I gazed at her curiously. What is she talking about? And what’s with that evil smile she has on her face?

                                      “That creature we just saw was undoubtedly an Ultra Beast,” Lusamine stated. “An unknown being from another dimension that suddenly appears from the Ultra Wormhole. It looked like it was suffering, like it pained it to be in this strange place. I can’t bear to see that happen! I will save it. And I will love it!”

                                      She thanked both of for helping with the incident, and then asked Wicke to take us to Ula’ula Island.

                                      Once Hau and I arrived on Ula’ula Island, Hau wanted to have a battle to kick off out exploration of a new island!

                                      Hau led off with his Flareon, which gave my Staryu a good challenge. Since Staryu was still new to batting, it did need Brionne to back it up. For Hau’s second Pokémon, he sent out his Raichu, recently evolved from his Pikachu! Wait, is that Raichu floating and surfing on its tail?? That’s awesome! Rotom, what’s up with that Raichu?

                                      “Raichu, the Mouse Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pikachu. An electric- and psychic-type. Raichu only evolves to this form in the Alola region. According to researchers, their diet is one of the causes of this change. They use psychokinesis to control electricity. They hop aboard their own tail, using psychic power to lift the tail and move about while riding it.”

                                      I had my Torracat battle Raichu, and it was close, but we were able to win. Then, finally, Hau sent out his Brionne. I sent Fomantis out first, and had it use Bloom Doom for the first time. It did a good job, but Dartrix was needed to finish the battle.

                                      After the battle, we stopped in the Pokémon Center. Rotom was able to update the Pokédex database to include the Ula’ula Pokédex, which apparently I had already obtained 51 Pokémon that are native to the island. So, I contacted the Poké Pelago, and had Mohn gather the 37 Pokémon that I have that are native to Ula’ula, and began planning new rotation Pokémon for exploring the island!

                                      September 26, 2017

                                      Fomantis and Staryu will pretty much be permanent members of my team unless otherwise specified. So along with those two, the first group of Pokémon I had sent to me was Chansey, Raticate, Grimer, and Parasect. I also decided to work on a new move with my Staryu. Instead of Psywave, it learned to focus its power better and unleash a much more powerful Psychic!

                                      I then began to explore Malie City. The city had a very eastern cultural feel to it in terms of ambiance. There was a large garden nearby, where Hau and I were supposed to meet Professor Kukui. But first, I wanted to explore Malie Garden a bit. There were a bunch of wild Pokémon in the garden, so it was a perfect opportunity to train my team. My Fomantis was struggling to win battles, but when I called for it to use Razor Leaf, it instead moved in for a closer attack and slashed its opponent with one of its leaves. Looks like it learned to use Leaf Blade, which is much stronger!
                                      Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                                      Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                                      Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                                      Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                                        October 9, 2017

                                        While walking around the Malie Garden, I was challenged by a trainer who used a Cleffa! It made a good opponent for my Fomantis. I wonder where I’ll find wild Cleffa on this island.

                                        “Cleffa, the Star Shape Pokémon. A fairy-type. Cleffa are believed to be stars reborn because of their silhouettes. On late nights illuminated by shooting stars, they gaze intently skyward, as if thinking of their home. For some reason, they love Minior.”

                                        …What’s a Minior?

                                        October 10, 2017

                                        While exploring Malie Garden, I found a Zygarde Cell along one of the paths (34%). I then had a battle with a sightseer from the Kanto region, and she battled me with a Raticate and a Raichu! Not the Alola versions I’ve seen, but the forms I’m more familiar with from over the years. It was fun getting to have a battle between both forms of Raticate!

                                        “Raticate, the Mouse Pokémon, and the evolved form of Rattata. A normal-type. Raticate have a disposition that is far more violent than their looks suggest. Don’t let your hand get too close to their face, as they could bite your hand clean off. Their hind feet are webbed, so they’re strong swimmers. They can cross rivers and sometimes even oceans.”

                                        “Raichu, the Mouse Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pikachu. An electric-type. Raichu unleash electric shocks that can reach 100,000 volts. They become aggressive when they have electricity stored up. At such times, even their trainers have to take care to avoid being shocked.”

                                        After that, Hau and I met Professor Kukui, who was relaxing outside a stand in the middle of the gardens. We shared with him the story of how we saw an Ultra Wormhole at the Aether Paradise and the strange Ultra Beast that emerged from it. He seemed excited to hear about the experience, and said he would pass along the info to Professor Burnet. He then suggested that we head to Mount Hokulani for our next island challenge. There’s a bus that leaves from Route 10 that could take to the observatory at the top of the mountain. Hau said he wanted to find a local malasada shop first, and I definitely want to explore more of Malie City as well.

                                        A few people commented on how Malie City reminds them of the Johto region. Now that they mention it, there is some resemblance, especially to Ecruteak City. Ah, Johto, the one region I never finished a journey in…

                                        October 11, 2017

                                        I ran into Lillie as I was walking down one of Malie City’s streets. She said she was going to the library in town to see if she could find out anything about Nebby. And, of course, she ultimately wanted to take Nebby to the ruins here on Ula’ula Island. I wonder what this guardian Pokémon is like.

                                        Walking further along the street, I ran into a familiar face. What’s Professor Oak doing here? Except, I was only partially correct. It was Professor Oak all right, but not Professor Samuel Oak that gave me my first Pokémon decades ago from the Kanto region; no, this was apparently his cousin, the much tanner but otherwise identical Professor Samson Oak! We chatted a bit, and he said how a young man from the Kalos region was responsible for inventing the Rotomdex that’s accompanying me on my journey. I can’t help but wonder if he means the Lumiose City Gym Leader, Clemont.

                                        I found another Zygarde Cell in a nearby parking lot (35%).

                                        After exploring the shops in town, I eventually made my way to the Malie Library, where I saw Lillie having a conversation with a familiar face, Hapu. Hapu told Lillie that it is a difficult journey to the ruins on the island, but that she offered to take her there on her Mudsdale.

                                        Inside the library, a girl named Acerola help Lillie find the book she was looking for. The book she was looking for was a very old text called Light of Alola.

                                        LIGHT OF ALOLA

                                        The empty sky broke asunder,
                                        a hole appearing where had been none.
                                        A single beast appeared from in it;
                                        it was called the beast that calls the moon.

                                        The king of Alola bowed before it:
                                        the beast that stole all heaven’s light.
                                        The island guardians fought against it,
                                        But it the end they lost the fight.

                                        Then did the beast that calls the moon
                                        cast its pall on the line of kings
                                        Then did the beast that had won
                                        mark the path for all such unfinished things.

                                        The empty sky broke asunder,
                                        a hole appearing where had been none.
                                        A single beast appeared from in it;
                                        it was called the beast that devoured the sun.

                                        The king of Alola bowed before it:
                                        the beast that shone so like the sun.
                                        The island guardians fought against it,
                                        But it the end the best had won.

                                        Then did the beast that devoured the sun
                                        shine its light on the line of kings
                                        Then did the beast that had won
                                        brings nature’s gift to bless all things.
                                        Beast of sun and beast of moon.
                                        Through their union, they brought new life.
                                        A fragile heir in Alola born
                                        that island guardians would keep from strife

                                        The ancient kings sang their thanks
                                        for Solgaleo and Lunala with song of flute.
                                        Two tones rang out across the altar.
                                        a perfect pair, ever after mute.

                                        An interesting tale. Solgaleo and Lunala must be the iconic legendary Pokémon of the Alola region, as all regions have. Hopefully, I’ll meet them sooner than later.

                                        It was late when I left the library, and saw the sparkle of another Zygarde Cell nearby, inside the community center (36%).

                                        I then followed a road north from the main part of the city, and was challenged by a janitor who battled me using a pair of Trubbish!

                                        “Trubbish, the Trash Bag Pokémon. A poison-type. Trubbish like unsanitary places best. They gorge on trash until their stomachs are full. Then they belch toxic gas. An unlucky whiff of this gas will put a person in the hospital. They can be spotted in Alola, often with Grimer in hot pursuit.”

                                        The janitor told me that wild Trubbish live in this area because of the Recycling Plant nearby. There were other wild Pokémon in the area as well, such as wild Raticate that almost wiped out my whole party, but it did not take long for me to find a wild Trubbish. I had Staryu weaken it with a few Swift attacks, plus it used Take Down so that helped. I tossed a Poké Ball and caught it!

                                        135. Trubbish

                                        I then checked out this Recycling Plant. A father-son team that ran the place explained to me that in the Alola region, Grimer and Muk are used to manage all the garbage from the islands. Then they challenged me to a battle, so I got to check out an Alolan Muk for the first time! It’s very colorful!

                                        “Muk, the Sludge Pokémon, and the evolved from of Grimer. A poison and dark-type. Muk are unexpectedly quiet and friendly. The garbage they eat causes continuous chemical changes in their body, which produce their exceedingly vivid coloration. If they are not fed any trash for a while, they will smash buildings or furnishings and eat up the fragments.”

                                        I had Staryu use a Z-Move for the first time, as it beat the son’s Grimer with Hydro Vortex.

                                        I also ran into Professor Oak looking out from the Outer Cape over the ocean. He mentioned how he was studying the regional variations of the Pokémon in the Alola region, such as Grimer and Muk. Then he gave me something he had acquired in the Johto region: a Friend Ball! I’ll be saving this for a special occasion for sure.

                                        Once it became daytime, I found another Zygarde Cell outside the Recycling Plant (37%). It doesn’t seem there’s anything else to see here, so it’s off to Route 10!

                                        Route 10 is a very straightforward route, leading to the bus that can take me to Mount Hokulani and my next island challenge. Near the entrance I came upon a woman who had lost several of her Stufful, so I searched for them as I explored the route. As I passed a large tree, a Pokémon suddenly dove out and attacked. It was a wild Skarmory! I had my Staryu weaken it with a few Bubble Beam attacks, but it was knocked out by several Fury Attacks. So I then had Parasect use Spore to put it to sleep. It took a few tries, but I was able to catch it!

                                        “Skarmory, the Armor Bird Pokémon. A steel and flying-type. Skarmory have sturdy metal bodies, but they do rust rather easily. So on rainy days, they prefer to stay put in their nests. Their feathers, which fall off as they grow, are thin and sharp. In times long past, warriors used them as swords.”

                                        136. Skarmory

                                        So there are Skarmory in Alola. I wonder how my Skarmory in Hoenn is doing? But, back to exploring the route. I battles a few trainers, and it was great experience for my Pokémon. My Staryu learned how to use Brine, and my Fomantis learned Synthesis! So we have some new moves to try out now. Other than that, I had my team battle the wild Pokémon in the area, which seemed to consist of Skarmory, Ledian, Gumshoos, and Fearow. Powerful evolved Pokémon live along this route, so it seems like a great place for training! I also found a Zygarde Cell tucked in a corner (38%).

                                        I eventually returned to the Malie City Pokémon Center, where I had my Pokémon treated, and rotated out four of my Pokémon. The next group up is Magnemite, Cottonee, Petilil, and Castform.

                                        October 12, 2017

                                        I rotated my Pokémon again, taking Tentacool, Gyarados, Mudbray, and Psyduck with me.

                                        October 19, 2017

                                        After a very busy but fun week, I got back to more Pokémon training. I finished training the previous group on Route 10 and then had Ariados, Gumshoos, Wishiwashi, and Pelipper sent to me.

                                        October 21, 2017

                                        I have the day off from work, so hopefully I can progress my Pokémon journey a bit! While doing some training on Route 10, I found a wild Pancham in the tall grass. It took a few Poké Balls, but I otherwise easily caught it. Hm, I wonder how my shiny Pancham in Kalos is doing?

                                        “Pancham, the Playful Pokémon. A fighting-type. Pancham grow up imitating the behavior of Pangoro, which they look up to as leaders. There’s no point to the leaf in their mouth, aside from an effort to look cool. They’re mischievous, so they’re not well suited to inexperienced trainers.”

                                        137. Pancham

                                        I then stopped in the Pokémon Center in Malie City to rotate in Poliwag, Goldeen, Fomantis, and Meowth. Time to hurry back to Route 10, and catch a bus to the peak of Mount Hokulani!

                                        When I reached the bus stop on Route 10, there were a pair of Team Skull grunts who wanted to battle. My Staryu easily defeated the first one’s Golbat, but it took a few of my Pokémon to take down the other grunt’s Raticate. Once they ran off, Professor Kukui arrived at the bus stop as well. The Exeggutor Express pulled up and the both of us boarded. The ride to the summit of Mount Hokulani was a winding road up the side of the mountain. As we rode the bus, the professor explained that Mount Hokulani is the second highest mountain in the Alola region. The highest peak, which could be seen beautifully from here, is Mount Lanakila. He went on to say that he plan on developing a Pokémon League right here on Alola, and the championship battle would be held atop Mount Lanakila! For now though, I have the island challenge to worry about, so I got off the bus at the Pokémon Center outside the Hokulani Observatory.

                                        Samson Oak was at the Pokémon Center. He was telling me about a Pokémon found nearby called Minior, which is said to fall from space like a meteor. He said that Minior have different colored cores, which is less like a regional variation and more like an inherent trait. He then gave me some more Johto Poké Balls, including a Moon Ball! Oak suggested I explore Route 11 if I want to fill my Pokédex.

                                        So I followed the path back down the mountain to see what I could find. I ran into a Pokémon trainer who battled me with her Clefairy. Hm, so I see that Pokémon rumored to come from outer space is the theme around here…

                                        “Clefairy, the Fairy Pokémon, and the evolved form of Cleffa. A fairy-type. Clefairy are popular with men and women, young and old, due to their adorable behavior and appearance. Their numbers are few, however. On nights with a full moon, they gather together and dance. The surrounding area is enveloped in an abnormal magnetic field.”

                                        A then battled a hiker and his two Pokémon. He used a Boldore and… is that a Geodude? Wait, did it just use Thunder Punch?? Rotom, what’s up with that?

                                        “Geodude, the Rock Pokémon. A rock and electric-type. Geodude have bodies that are magnetic stones. Iron sand attaches firmly to the portions of their body that are particularly magnetic. If you accidentally step on one sleeping on the ground, you’ll hear a crunching sound and feel a shock ripple through your entire body.”

                                        Geodude… are electric-type? That’s so interesting! I mean it makes them terribly weak to ground attacks, but lessens their weakness to water or grass-type attacks. I’d love to see its evolutions.

                                        I continued to explore Route 11, and found a spot on one of the cliff edges to take some pictures with the Poké Finder. I saw a wild Beldum floating around nearby on another cliff!

                                        “Beldum, the Iron Ball Pokémon. A steel and psychic-type. Beldum uses magnetism to communicate with others of their kind. Their cells are all magnets. With magnetic traction, they pull their opponents in close. When they’re in range, they slash them with their rear claws.”

                                        I then decided to see what kind of wild Pokémon might be nearby. The first Pokémon I came across was a wild Cleffa! (Which was exactly what I wanted, while it was still nighttime!) After a very, very long battle against several wild Cleffa and Clefairy, I finally saw the Cleffa I wanted, and caught it in a Luxury Ball!

                                        138. Cleffa
                                        Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                                        Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                                        Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                                        Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                                          October 22, 2017

                                          I went back out to see what other wild Pokmon I could find. I was leaning up against what I thought was a rock, until it started to move! Is that a Pokmon?

                                          Minior, the Meteor Pokmon. A rock and flying-type. Meteor Form. Minior were born from mutated nanoparticles. Originally making their home in the ozone layer, they hurtle to the ground when the shell enclosing their body grows too heavy. Strong impacts can knock them out of their shell.

                                          This looks like a cool Pokmon! I try to have my Poliwag use Hypnosis on it, but it has no effect! Rotom informs me that its shell makes it immune to status conditions, and also much harder to catch. So I have Poliwag battle it a bit, and the shell eventually cracks! It looks like a cool orange star.

                                          Minior, the Meteor Pokmon. A rock and flying-type. Core Form. Minior eat dust in the atmosphere. The composition of the dust determines the color of the core. If their core stays exposed, they will soon die off. Its possible that they may survive if theyre put into a Pok Ball quickly enough.

                                          Then lets not waste any time, go Pok Ball! It was an easy catch, so I now have a new Alola Pokmon!

                                          139. Minior

                                          I was very lucky with my next two encounters as well. First I found a Ditto that was mimicking my Meowth, and soon after I found a wild Beldum as well! I caught the Ditto easily, but the Beldum was quite difficult to weaken and catch, even in a Great Ball. Was this the first time Im actually catching a Beldum? I dont think I ever realized its catch rate was on par with the strongest legendary Pokmon.

                                          Ditto, the Transform Pokmon. A normal-type. Ditto can reorganize their cells to make themselves into duplicates of anything they see. The quality of the duplicate depends on the individual. With their astonishing capacity for metamorphosis, they can get along with anything. They do not get along well with their fellow Ditto.

                                          140. Ditto

                                          141. Beldum

                                          I then wanted to see what other color Minior I could find and catch. Poliwag was very helpful with this. Since these wild Minior could use Self-Destruct, Poliwags Damp ability came in handy to prevent that. I caught a Blue Core, then a Violet Core, and finally made a critical capture on a Yellow Core. Rotom says there are still three other colors.

                                          But, it was time to give my team a rest, and rotate in the next group of Slowpoke #1, Oricorio, Dewpider, and Cutiefly.

                                          October 23, 2017

                                          Im still training on Mount Hokulani, and found another Minior to catch, this time it was a Red Core. After I caught it, my Cutiefly started to evolve! Its still a cute, tiny bug, but whos that Pokmon?

                                          Ribombee, the Bee Fly Pokmon, and the evolved form of Cutiefly. A bug and fairy-type. Ribombee roll up pollen into puffs. They make many different varieties, some used as food and others used in battle. Some of these pollen puffs are highly nutritious and sometimes sold as supplements.

                                          142. Ribombee

                                          October 24, 2017

                                          Another Pokmon on my team evolved, as my Dewpider evolved into a cool Araquanid like the one Lana had!

                                          143. Araquanid

                                          I then caught an Indigo Core Minior soon after that. I finished training that team, and then switched in Goomy, Fearow, Golbat, and Poliwhirl. With that team, I caught a Green Core Minior, which Rotom says is the last one that I need to have one of every possible color.

                                          I did much more training the rest of the day, rotating through Crabrawler, Slowpoke #2, Ledian, and Masquerain, and then ending with Finneon, Haunter, Trumbeak, and Diglett.

                                          October 25, 2017

                                          I just have a few more Pokmon to train before I head over to the Mount Hokulani Observatory and have challenge my next island trial. As I was battling some wild Pokmon, my Diglett started to evolve! Alolan Dugtrio have quite the full head of hair even if that hair is really steel strands, it still looks weird.

                                          Dugtrio, the Mole Pokmon, and the evolved form of Diglett. A ground and steel-type. Dugtrio are cherished in the Alola region, where they are thought to be feminine deities of the land incarnate. Their shining gold hair provides them with protection. Its reputed that keeping any of their fallen hairs will bring bad luck.

                                          144. Dugtrio

                                          Shortly after that, my Trumbeak evolved as well! Rotom, follow your nose and tell me whos that Pokmon?

                                          Toucannon, the Cannon Pokmon, and the evolved form of Trumbeak. A normal and flying-type. Toucannon have a large beak that heats up when they battle. The temperature can easily exceed 212 degrees Fahrenheit, causing severe burns when it hits. Within this beak, internal gas ignites, explosively launching seeds with enough power to pulverize boulders.

                                          145. Toucannon

                                          That completed my initial rotation of Ulaula Pokmon. My only Pokmon left to train is Charjabug, so I took it along with Fomantis and Staryu, and got ready to see what the observatory is like!

                                          As the sun was rising on the Alola horizon, Professor Kukui met me at the Pokmon Center. He wanted to go to the observatory with me. As we approached the site of my next trial, Kukui starting waving to a man standing in front of the entrance. The man was introduced to me as Molayne, an old adventuring buddy of the professors. Molayne is the manager of the Hokulani Observatory, but he has turned over the title of Trial Captain to Sophocles, the same guy who started the Festival Plaza in Alola. Molayne said that before I go into the observatory for my trial, hed like to challenge me to a battle!

                                          We each used three Pokmon. Molayne started off with his Skarmory.

                                          I know Skarmory well, I said, choosing my first Pokmon. I had one as a partner when I was traveling through Hoenn last year. It has high defense, but not so much special defense. So lets go, Staryu!

                                          I decided that I needed a big hit to defeat his first Pokmon quickly. I figure his whole team cant be high defense. So I activate my Z-Ring and have Staryu use Hydro Vortex. It landed the powerful hit I needed, although Skarmory came back with a critical hit from an Air Cutter attack. But Staryu was fast enough to finish its weakened opponent with a Brine attack.

                                          Next, Molayne sent out Metang has his second Pokmon! What was I saying about his team not being completely defensive? Ugh.

                                          Metang, the Iron Claw Pokmon, and the evolved form of Beldum. A steel and psychic-type. Metang are formed when two Beldum link together. This doubles their psychic power. Their intelligence, however, remains unchanged. They adore magnetic minerals, so they pursue Nosepass at speeds exceeding 60 mph.

                                          Im going to go for super-effective damage on this one, so I sent out Charjabug. I had it use Crunch over and over. Thankfully, Metangs attacks of Bullet Punch and Pursuit did not do much damage, so I eventually won that battle.

                                          Our last opponent is a Dugtrio. So, Molayne must be a steel-type Pokmon trainer. I think Staryu is too worn out from battling, so I send out Fomantis. Fomantis lands a good Leaf Blade attack, but not before Dugtrio gets a shot in first with Sucker Punch. I had Fomantis slow down and wait for an opening, using Synthesis to heal itself. Sucker Punch wont work if the opponent isnt attacking directly! But Dugtrio also knew Mud Bomb, although it wasnt very effective. A few more Leaf Blade-Synthesis combos, and Fomantis won the match!

                                          I then went inside and walked around the observatory. I eventually ran into Sophocles, who was working on some kind of invention. He said he was building a device that would summon the Totem Pokmon without having to go through a trial. The machine was complete, so he wanted to test out the Ping Totem Pokmon 2.0 system

                                          But when he turned it on, the power went out. (I guess that answers what happened to 1.0.) So it looks like Im going to have a trial after all Trial Start! I had to pass audio quizzes by identifying sound effects from various things in the Pokmon world. As I heard doors open, we were attacked by Grubbin and Charjabug, but my Charjabug was able to defeat them easily. I heard something coming closer; it sounds like large wings buzzing. Sophocles says that its the Totem Pokmon getting closer. Finally, the building lit up with electricity emanating from the large Pokmon that entered through the roof. Its the Totem Pokmon, but I dont recognize it! Its some king of huge bug giving off a lot of electricity. Whos that Pokmon?

                                          Vikavolt, the Stag Beetle Pokmon, and the evolved form of Charjabug. A bug and electric-type. Vikavolt produce electricity via an electrical organ in their abdomen. They zip around, on sharp lookout for an opening. They concentrate electrical energy within their large jaws and use it to zap their enemies. They overwhelm bird Pokmon with shocking beams of this electrical energy.

                                          Time for my main two Pokmon to go into action. First up was my Fomantis, who used Hidden Power on it, but it struck back with a quick Bug Bite and knocked it right out. To make it even worse, Totem Vikavolt called for a Charjabug as its ally in battle. So I sent out Staryu, but even after using Camouflage to make it a normal-type, it was stick knocked out with Vikavolts Spark. Im going to need backup to win this trial.

                                          So I went back to the Pokmon Center to have my Pokmon treated by Nurse Joy. I then thought about what other Pokmon I could bring with me. There arent any fire or rock-types among those that Ive trained on Ulaula Island. So Ill have to think of another strategy. It took a lot of consideration, but this is what I came up with:

                                          Gumshoos will get in early and use Super Fang on Vikavolt. Hopefully that will give us the head start we need. Ribombee is in there because it should resist most of the attacks well see. And, although I havent trained it yet, Ill use my Minior I just caught, and hopefully a Z-Move will help finish things.

                                          So I returned to Sophocles, and said I was ready to battle Totem Vikavolt again. While we waited for the Totem Pokmon to arrive, I once again had my Charjabug battle the Grubbin and Charjabug at the observatory, and finally

                                          There it is! shouted Sophocles. The Totem Pokmon! This is your time to shine, Steve!

                                          The Totem Pokmon of Hokulani Observatory appeared, and its aura flared to life, increasing its stats. It immediately dove onto my Charjabug, knocking it out with a critical hit from Vice Grip!

                                          Molayne was present for the battle this time as well. Totem Vikavolt just called its ally Charjabug. Whats it going to be this time, challenger?

                                          Charjabug, return, you did great, I say as I substitute Pokmon. Were ready with a full team this time. Gumshoos, youre up first!

                                          The Totem Vikavolt used Charge to increase its defense. Which is just the opening I wanted, as my Gumshoos lands a perfect Super Fang! Unfortunately, it was immediately paralyzed by the Charjabug. That slowed my Pokmon down significantly, and Vikavolt charged into it with a powerful Spark, knocking it out.

                                          I hope this works. Minior, I choose you! I send out my next Pokmon, and activate my Z-Ring. But, Minior was too slow, and was knocked out by Vikavolts Spark.

                                          That might be game over, but Im still going to try! I sent out my next Pokmon. Ribombee, use Pollen Puff!

                                          Ribombee was the faster Pokmon, and landed its attack, but Vikavolt continues to boost its special defense with Charge. And, unfortunately, that ally Pokmon once again paralyzes my Pokmon with Thunder Wave. But even paralyzed, Ribombee was fast enough to land one more Pollen Puff before being knocked out with Spark!

                                          Ok, down to my last two Pokmon. I sent out my Staryu and activate my Z-Ring. Staryu, power up, and use Hydro Vortex!

                                          Staryu is faster than Vikavolt, and spins around the Totem, created a powerful vortex and knocks out Totem Vikavolt!

                                          Great job, Staryu! I call out to my Pokmon, as its paralyzed by the remaining Charjabug on the field.

                                          Hang in there, Staryu! Use Brine! The attack deals significant damage! The Charjabug tries to slow down my Pokmon with String Shot. It actually works, because it allowed it to get in a Vice Grip attack on Staryu.

                                          Quick, while it has you, use Brine! The attack was very potent at close range, and the Charjabug was knocked out!

                                          Molayne congratulate both myself and Sophocles. Big Mo, as Soffy calls his uncle, was proud of his nephews work as captain and on his new invention, although it does short out the whole observatory by drawing too much power. Still, Sophocles rewarded me with Electrium Z, and Molayne also gave me Steelium Z! Two Z-Crystals from one trial? No complaints here! Trial Complete!!

                                          October 26, 2017

                                          I found a Zygarde Cell in the Hokulani Observatory at night (39%).
                                          Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                                          Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                                          Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                                          Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                                            October 30, 2017

                                            With my first island trial on Ula’ula Island completed, it was time to start a new rotation of Pokémon training, starting with some Pokémon I recently caught. The first group consisted of Grimer, Trubbish, Skarmory, and Pancham. Heh, it’s interesting that three of those are Pokémon I have shiny versions of in other regions.

                                            Before leaving Mount Hokulani, I had one more battle against a veteran trainer there. He had an Absol that used a dark-type Z-Move called Black Hole Eclipse, which essentially opens a black hole near its opponent and then explodes with dark energy. That made it a tough battle!

                                            “Absol, the Disaster Pokémon. A dark-type. Absol are said to bring about disaster in old superstitions. This fed a hatred of them, and they were driven deep into the mountains. In actuality, they possess a calm disposition and warn people of any crises that loom.”

                                            I took the Exeggutor Express down the mountain to Route 10, and soon arrived back in Malie City. On the way back, I got to test out my new Z-Move that Molayne taught me, by having Skarmory use Corkscrew Crash.

                                            Once I arrived in Malie City, I heard some kind of commotion coming from Malie Garden. When I went over to see what was going on, I saw Team Skull there facing off against Professor Kukui. An adult member of Team Skull seemed to be having some words with Kukui. The man was named Guzma, and he’s apparently the leader of Team Skull! It looked like he was itching for a battle, and sent out his Pokémon. Wow, I never saw that Pokémon before! It looked like some kind of armored, bipedal insect-like creature.

                                            “Allow me!” Rotom said as it moved forward to scan the Pokémon.

                                            “Golisopod, the Hard Scale Pokémon, and the evolved form of Wimpod. A bug and water-type. Golisopod battle skillfully with their six arms, but spend most of their time peacefully meditating in caves deep beneath the sea. With a flashing slash of their giant sharp claws, they cleave seawater, or even air, right in two.”

                                            …How does one “cleave air in two?” Anyway, since we drew attention to ourselves, it was I who ended up battling Guzma.

                                            I sent out my shiny Fomantis to battle the big water bug, but Fomantis got instantly knocked out by a powerful attack I never saw before. It’s a bug-type move called First Impression, which only works at the beginning of battle, but is very powerful. So I had a few of my other Pokémon battle, but each was defeated. Finally I had Staryu use Hydro Vortex, which activated Golisopod’s ability called Emergency Exit, which caused it to switch out with Guzma’s other Pokémon, which was an Ariados. Ariados was easily defeated with Staryu’s Psychic, and then it finished off Golisopod with Brine.

                                            After the battle, Guzma and Team Skull took off. Lillie and Acerola observed the battle, and Acerola said that if I wanted to have another island trial, to travel south along the east coast of the island to a place called Tapu Village. Professor Kukui also gave me another Z-Crystal, Decidium Z, which he said would be useful once my Dartrix evolves. So I took a brief rest at the Pokémon Center, then headed out onto Route 11.

                                            Route 11 was a fairly short route that led to the east coast of Ula’ula Island. I battled a few trainers and wild Pokémon. There were wild Trumbeak, Pancham, and I even saw a wild Pangoro.

                                            “Pangoro, the Daunting Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pancham. A fighting and dark-type. Pangoro boast superb physical strength. From the slight twitches of their bamboo leaf, they deduce their opponents’ movements. They’re eager to tussle but kindhearted towards their companions. Those who wish to become their trainers have no choice but to converse with their fists.”

                                            I spent a lot of time on the route, giving my Pokémon some experience. But I came across something I never saw before. It looked like a sleeping koala that was holding onto a log very tightly. Even though it appeared to be asleep, it was moving around! Rotom, who’s that Pokémon?

                                            “Komala, the Drowsing Pokémon. A normal-type. Komala are born asleep, and they die asleep. All their movements are no more than the results of them tossing and turning in their dreams. The log they hold was given to them by their parents at birth. They have also been known to cling to the arm of a friendly trainer.”

                                            I definitely have to catch this new Pokémon! I tried throwing a few Poké Balls, but it easily broke out. And it was using some attacks too… its Slam packed a strong punch! It also kept putting my Pokémon to sleep with Yawn. I even had my Grimer use Infestation to trap it, but it used Rapid Spin to break free. So I had my Skarmory use Swift to weaken it a bit. It took a little while, but I eventually caught the Komala!

                                            146. Komala

                                            I found a Zygarde Cell along the route as well (40%).

                                            October 31, 2017

                                            I really wish I was at the site of my next trial, because a ghost-type trial sounds perfect for Halloween! Guess it’ll be a little while yet. But I did move on to Route 12, where I saw Hapu and her Mudsdale. She said the terrain along the route is too rough for most Pokémon and people to walk on, but Mudsdale have the tough, thick hooves to withstand it. So she added the ability to call Mudsdale to my Ride Pager so I could travel across the route! It kind of reminds me of the path in Kalos that leads to Glittering Cave, where I needed to ride on a Rhyhorn to get to.

                                            I found a Zygarde Cell nearby as I rode over the terrain on Mudsdale (41%).

                                            There were some wild Pokémon that made this rough area their home. The first one I came across was a wild Geodude! I’m excited to get to train an Alolan version of this otherwise familiar Pokémon. I had Trubbish weaken it with Infestation, and then easily caught it in a Poké Ball. I can’t wait to see its Alolan evolved forms.

                                            147. Geodude

                                            There were some wild Mudbray as well in the area, and for a while those were the only two Pokémon I encountered. Then I saw a familiar Pokémon, a wild Torkoal! I had Skarmory weaken it with a few Aerial Ace attacks, and then caught it with a single Poké Ball.

                                            “Torkoal, the Coal Pokémon. A fire-type. Torkoal use coal as their source of energy. Large amounts of coal can be found in the mountains where they live. If the fire burning within their shell goes out, they will die. Those who wish to raise one in their home must always keep something flammable at hand.”

                                            148. Torkoal

                                            Finally, after several more wild Pokémon battles, I found yet another familiar Pokémon, a little Elekid! This one did not want to get caught though. It took many of my Pokémon to weaken it, and it knocked out a few of them thanks to some of its friends it kept calling. It took over a dozen Poké Balls, but I finally caught it!

                                            “Elekid, the Electric Pokémon. An electric-type. Elekid are constantly fighting with Togedemaru that try to steal their electricity. It’s a pretty even match. When they’re in houses, electrical outlets serve as their baby bottles as they suck down electricity.”

                                            149. Elekid

                                            A Togede-whatsu?

                                            November 1, 2017

                                            I had a tag battle against a pair of trainers who used a Pancham and a Krokorok!

                                            “Krokorok, the Desert Crok Pokémon. A ground and dark-type. Krokorok move in groups of a few individuals. A female is often the leader of the group, and the males will gather food. Thanks to the special membrane covering their eyes, they can see their surroundings clearly, even in the middle of the night.”

                                            I then found yet another Zygarde cell nearby sitting on a rock (42%).

                                            I battled more Pokémon trainers, including a scientist who used a Porygon and a Magneton!

                                            “Porygon, the Virtual Pokémon. A normal-type. Porygon can convert their bodies into digital data, which enables them to enter cyberspace. Roughly 20 years ago, they were artificially created, utilizing the latest technology of the time.”

                                            “Magneton, the Magnet Pokémon, and the evolved form of Magnemite. An electric and steel-type. Magneton have about three times the electrical power of Magnemite. When three Magnemite link together, their brains also become one. They do not become three times more intelligent. For some reason, outbreaks of this Pokémon happen when lots of sunspots appear.”

                                            I finished up when I reached a beach on the route called the Secluded Shore, and I found a Zygarde cell on the sand in the shade of the cliff (43%).

                                            Later that evening, I explored the small secluded shore, battling some trainers and finding another Zygarde cell (44%). I then returned to the Pokémon Center in Malie City to give my team a rest. I then had Finneon, Chansey, Pelipper, and Charjabug transferred to me.
                                            Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                                            Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                                            Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                                            Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                                              November 21, 2017

                                              After a few week hiatus, I’m back to my Alola journey. (There’s so much to do before moving on to USUM…) From Route 12, I followed signs to Blush Mountain, where the Alola Geothermal Power Plant is located. This facility provides a lot of clean energy to the region. Outside, I found a Zygarde cell lying around (45%). Inside was a museum where visitors could about the power plant and how it works. There were also some displays of familiar power plants I’ve previously visited in Kanto and Kalos.

                                              I also ran into Samson Oak inside, who was asking about how my Pokédex completion was coming along. In addition to a Lure Ball from Johto, he gave me three Pokémon eggs, which he said should help me complete my Pokédex! All three eggs hatched soon after, into a Porygon, and large red Pokémon with a shell on its back, and a Rufflet. Rotom, who’s the cool-looking new Pokémon?

                                              “Turtonator, the Blast Turtle Pokémon. A fire and dragon-type. Turtonator gush fire and poisonous gases from their nostrils. The shell on their back is chemically unstable and explodes violently if struck. Their dung is an explosive substance and can be put to various uses. The hole in their stomach is their weak point.”

                                              150. Porygon

                                              151. Turtonator

                                              152. Rufflet

                                              “You’ve made it over the hump for the Alola Pokédex!” Rotom exclaimed. “You’re rolling along azzz smooth as a Poké Ball!”

                                              It’s true, but I’m slightly disappointed that after a year I’m *only* half way completed with the Pokédex.
                                              I spent some time training my team on Blush Mountain, and even got to test out my new Electrium-Z by having Charjabug use Gigavolt Havoc. I then came across another new Pokémon! It was a small, white ball with little spikes it would raise from its body. Who’s that Pokémon?

                                              “Togedemaru, the Roly-Poly Pokémon. An electric and steel-type. Togedemaru have spiny fur on their back. When they become agitated, their fur stands on end and stabs into their attackers. These long hairs on their back act as lightning rods. The bolts of lightning they attract are stored as energy in their electric sac.”

                                              Ah, so it’s the obligatory cute electric-type of the region. I battled a handful of them, until I was finally able to weaken and catch one!

                                              153. Togedemaru

                                              I finished training my current team, which helped Finneon evolve into Lumineon, and Chansey evolve into Blissey!

                                              “Lumineon, the Neon Pokémon, and the evolved form of Finneon. A water-type. Lumineon live at the bottom of the sea. Their fins haul them over the seabed in search of their favorite food, Starmie. With their shining light, they lure their prey close. However, the light also happens to attract ferocious fish Pokémon that are their natural predators.”

                                              “Blissey, the Happiness Pokémon, and the evolved form of Chansey. A normal-type. Blissey have a fluffy fur coat that acts as a sensor, enabling them to read the feelings of people and Pokémon. Even the most ferocious Pokémon become calm when they eat their egg, which is said to be filled with happiness.”

                                              154. Lumineon

                                              155. Blissey

                                              I then rotated out my Pokémon for Gyarados, Wishiwashi, Psyduck, and Goldeen. The wild Pokémon on Blush Mountain were easy opponents for this team, except for a few electric-types among them. After thoroughly training that team, I rotated in Magnemite, Fomantis, Beldum, and Dugtrio.

                                              I returned to the Secluded Shore off of Route 12 to do some fishing. I found some pearls, but most importantly I found a Prism Scale, which will come in very handy next time I’m training my Feebas.

                                              November 22, 2017

                                              I continued to to fish in the bay of the Secluded Shore, hooking mostly wild Magikarp and Wishiwashi. Eventually I hooked a new Pokémon! It was a multicolored fish with large, sharp teeth and unusually long eyelashes. I immediately tossed a Dive Ball and caught it! Who’s that Pokémon?

                                              “Bruxish, the Gnash Teeth Pokémon. A water and psychic-type. Bruxish stun their prey with psychokinesis and then grinds them to mush with their strong teeth. Even Shellder’s shell is no match for them. When they unleash their psychic power from the protuberance on their head, the grating sound of grinding teeth echoes through the area.”

                                              156. Bruxish

                                              When I was walking past the Geothermal Power Plant, I saw an Elekid running around on the other side of a fence. I took some photos with the Poké Finder, and got a new record of thumbs up from the views (over 6000)!

                                              I decided to press on in my exploration of Ula’ula Island, following the path heading west along the southern part of the island which lead to Route 13. The route was an oasis at the end of the rocky path of Route 12, as there was a desert that stretched more inland. Hau was there, and he was talking excitedly about winning his trial against Sophocles. Suddenly, Gladion showed up, and was speaking ominously about something. He said Team Skull was looking for a Pokémon called Cosmog, and asked if we knew anything about it. Hau’s expression let it slip that we did know something, so Gladion left us with a warning that we can’t let Team Skull find it. Hau and I looked at each other, acknowledging that we should protect Lillie and Nebby.

                                              I explored the oasis a bit, finding a Zygarde cell nearby (46%), and other than that there was just a lot of Pokémon trainers resting from their travels. I looked up at one of the hills in the direction of the desert, and saw a Pokémon walking along the cliffs. I used the Poké Finder to take some pictures, and saw that it was a little wild Gible!

                                              “Gible, the Land Shark Pokémon. A dragon and ground-type. Gible live in caves warmed by geothermal heat. When prey or enemies pass by, they leap out and chomp them. The force of their attack sometimes chips their teeth. When the weather gets cold, they will huddle close with others of their kind.”

                                              I guess finding one here makes sense, since there is plenty of geothermal energy found in this area.

                                              Later that evening, I made it to Tapu Village. It got its name from the fact that this is where the guardian of Ula’ula Island, a Pokémon called Tapu Bulu, appeared to protect the nearby Mount Lanakila. In the process, however, a part of the village was destroyed. It is because of this that the beach of Route 14 has black sand, and the nearby Abandoned Thrifty Megamart is now home to many ghost-type Pokémon.

                                              I explored the small village, and saw construction crews heading on the path to Mount Lanakila, probably working on building the Pokémon League that Professor Kukui was talking about. I battled a few trainers on nearby Route 14 as well. One of them had a Gabite, which my Beldum was able to, literally, Take Down. And after the battle, my Beldum evolved into Metang!

                                              “Gabite, the Cave Pokémon, and the evolved form of Gible. A dragon and ground-type. Gabite have a passion for shiny objects. They can be found in their caves, scarcely moving, their gazes fixed on the jewels they’ve amassed or Carbink they have caught. In rare cases, they mold and shed their scales. Medicine containing these scales as an ingredient will make a weary body feel invigorated.”

                                              157. Metang

                                              Between Route 13, Tapu Village, and Route 14, I found four more Zygarde cells, bringing my total to 50. I wonder how these will come together to form Zygarde? If I remember correctly, Sina and Dexio said there should be a place here on Ula’ula Island where I can learn more.

                                              While I was battling the wild Pokémon around Tapu Village, I discovered a wild Snorunt! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to find ice-types this close to the snow covered Mount Lanakila. After weakening it a bit, I caught it with a critical capture!

                                              “Snorunt, the Snow Hat Pokémon. An ice-type. Snorunt can only survive in cold areas. They bounce happily around, even in environments as cold as -150 degrees Fahrenheit. Their numbers seem to have rapidly increased in Alola. Custom has it that houses where they live will be prosperous for generations to come.”

                                              158. Snorunt

                                              I’m trying to train my team, but the wild Raticate and Pelipper repeatedly knock out most of my Pokémon, so I may have to find a different area to train in. Either that or this will be very tedious; well, at least there’s a Pokémon Center right here.

                                              As the sun rose, I started battling wild Gumshoos instead of Raticate, but the rain that was falling still made the wild Pelipper tough to battle. Soon my Magnemite evolved into Magneton!

                                              159. Magneton

                                              I eventually came across a wild Absol, which I caught easily after my Dugtrio weakened it.

                                              160. Absol

                                              Immediately after that, I found a… white Sandshrew? Looks like another familiar Pokémon has an Alolan form! Rotom, what kind of Sandshrew is this?

                                              “Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokémon. An ice and steel-type. Sandshrew live on snowy mountains. Their steel shell is very hard; so much so, they can’t roll their body up into a ball. An ancient tradition of Alolan festivals, still carried on to this day, is a competition to slide them across ice asa far as one can.”

                                              Ice and steel-type? Awesome! Can’t wait to try it out in battle. But first I have to catch it. I just started throwing Poké Balls, and after a few I finally caught it!

                                              161. Sandshrew

                                              A few encounters later I found another Snorunt, and this one was female. I tossed a Repeat Ball and immediately caught it!

                                              I gave my team a rest and had Crabrawler, Cottonee, Ledian, and Minior sent to me. Sadly, this was a tough team to train, having to run back to the Pokémon Center after every encounter or two. But, they all got a turn battling, and then I had Castform, Oricorio, Ariados, and Fearow rotated in.

                                              November 23, 2017

                                              While I was training my Castform, its Hail had an interesting side effect. While we were battling some wild Sandshrew, suddenly a Vanillite appeared! After knocking out the Sandshrew, I focused on catching the Vanillite, and snagged it after a few Poké Balls!

                                              “Vanillite, the Fresh Snow Pokémon. An ice-type. Vanillite are born of icicles, and they use their frosty breath to make ice crystals, causing snow to fall. They feel pleasantly cool when embraced. They are treasured by household in warm regions.”

                                              162. Vanillite

                                              My Staryu learned a new move as well. Instead of Camoflage, it can now use Reflect Type, which gives it much better flexibility when changing its type for different situations.

                                              December 5, 2017

                                              I really don’t know why these large gaps in training keep happening. Anyway, I took out another group of Pokémon: Toucannon, Mudbray, Raticate, and Poliwhirl.

                                              I ventured onto Route 15, where I battled a trainer and found a Zygarde cell on the beach (51%).
                                              Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                                              Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                                              Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                                              Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                                                December 6, 2017

                                                Hau and I stopped in the Aether House on Route 15. A pair of kids stopped us immediately when we entered and challenged us to a battle. Afterwards, Acerola showed up and introduced herself as one of the Trial Captain on Ula’Ula Island! She stated that if we wanted to challenge her trial, we should meet at the abandoned market near Tapu Village. After getting a tour of the Aether House, where apparently orphaned kids and Pokémon were taken care of, and where I found a Zygarde cell tucked in a corner (52%), I left to get ready for my next island trial.

                                                When I exited the Aether House, I saw Lillie, who was apparently being harassed by a Team Skull grunt! He saw something move in Lillie’s bag, so he was trying to steal it. I jumped in, and he sent out a Drowzee to battle me, but my Mudbray easy defeated it with some High Horsepower. And the battle caused Mudbray to evolve into Mudsdale!

                                                “Mudsdale, the Draft Horse Pokémon, and the evolved form of Mudbray. A ground-type. Mudsdale use heavy, mud-covered kicks as their best means of attack, and they can reduce large trucks to scrap without breaking a sweat. They spit a mud that provided resistance to both wind and rain, so the walls of old houses were often coated with it.”

                                                163. Mudsdale

                                                The grunt ran off. Acerola offered to let Lillie recover from her attempted mugging in at the Aether House. I told Acerola that I would rest a bit at the Pokémon Center, then meet her on Route 14 for my Island Trial!

                                                Once I was ready, I met Acerola outside the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart. She said my trial would begin when I entered the building. Since the building is abandoned, it has become the home of many wild ghost-type Pokémon. My task was to take pictures of these prankster Pokémon with the Poké Finder, to hopefully lure out the Totem Pokémon.

                                                Trial Start!

                                                Upon entering the building, it looked like your standard ruined store that you would see in any post-apocalyptic movie. I walked around a bit, and suddenly one of the conveyor belts at one of the checkouts started to move. I walked over to it, and didn’t see anything around that would have activated it. So I fired up the Poké Finder, and looked through the lens, and saw a Gastly hovering above the belt! It attacked due to being discovered. I sent out my Staryu, which easily knocked it out with a single Psychic attack.

                                                After the battle, I thought I saw something dart by out of the corner of my eye. Was that a Pikachu? So I continued to explore, until a nearby shopping cart started to rattle. Once again there was nothing present to the naked eye, but the Poké Finder revealed a Haunter goofing around with the cart! Once again I had Staryu use Psychic. Despite Staryu taking a Sucker Punch, the Haunter was still knocked out easily.

                                                As I moved towards the back of the store, some Pokémon plushies started to float in the air. It looks like the evolutionary set of this ghost-type Pokémon is complete, as it was a Gengar causing that mischief! Staryu once again was able to defeat this opponent with a single Psychic attack.

                                                “Gengar, the Shadow Pokémon, and the evolved form of Haunter. A ghost and poison-type. Gengar apparently wish for traveling companions. Since they were once human themselves, they try to create some by taking the live of other humans. Should you feel yourself attacked by a sudden chill, it is evidence of one approaching. There is no escaping it. Give up.”

                                                That’s… creepy. Wait, Gengar were once humans???

                                                Staryu tries to catch my attention by motioning to the back of the store. That Pikachu I saw before ran through a set of doors. So of course, I followed. I entered a very empty, very small room with no other exits. On the walls were hand drawn pictures of people playing happily with Pikachu. I thought I heard a Pokémon cry, but it isn’t one I recognize. I look around and there’s no Pokémon there. The Poké Finder activates by itself. I look through it, and see that blocking the door is a… Pikachu? No, wait, it looks like something just wearing a Pikachu costume. But it is the Totem Pokémon! Rotom, what is it?

                                                “Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokémon. A ghost and fairy-type. Disguised Form. Mimikyu are lonely Pokémon who conceal their terrifying appearance beneath an old rag so it can get closer to people and other Pokémon. Their actual appearance is unknown. A scholar who saw what was under the rag was overwhelmed by terror and died from the shock.”

                                                The Totem Mimikyu immediately attacked, and knocked out my Staryu with a Play Rough attack. So I sent out Toucannon, and while Totem Mimikyu called for help as well. A Haunter appeared as its backup. I had Toucannon heat up its beak for a Beak Blast. Haunter used Hypnosis to put Toucannon to sleep, but it managed to quickly shake it off. Totem Mimikyu attacked Toucannon with Play Rough, while Haunter kept trying to support with Hypnosis. Toucannon connected with Beak Blast and… it did nothing?? Well, it did no damage, but suddenly Mimikyu’s head slumped to the side as though it had no neck.

                                                “I can explain!” yelled Rotom. “Mimikyu hazzz an ability called Disguise. It preventz any damage until you break the disguise!”

                                                “Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokémon. A ghost and fairy-type. Busted Form. Mimikyu go to all the effort of disguising themselves, then their neck was broken. Whatever is inside is probably unharmed, but they’re still feeling sad. If this happens or if their rag is torn during an attack, they work through the night to patch it.”

                                                That’s very cool, but very sad! I hope I get a chance to catch one.

                                                Toucannon was hanging in there, shaking off another Hypnosis and dodging a few Play Rough attacks. It fired up its beak again, allowing Totem Mimikyu to make contact with Play Rough, causing the Mimikyu to get burned! That should weaken it a… oh, wait, it pulls a Lum Berry out from under its rag and eats it to heal the burn. Great. At least Beak Blast hit for a little damage.

                                                Unfortunately, Toucannon was reaching its limit. It heated up its beak again, but Haunter knocked it out with a Sucker Punch. At least it left Haunter with a burn.

                                                I tried sending out Fomantis, but it was immediately knocked out by Play Rough.

                                                Next I sent out my Raticate. It was able to nimbly dodge both Play Rough and Hypnosis. (Do these opponents know any other moves?) I had it use Crunch on Haunter, quickly knocking it out. Unfortunately, that left my Raticate open to being knocked out by a super effective Play Rough.

                                                That’s four of my Pokémon down. I decide to send out my recently evolved Mudsdale, and Totem Mimikyu calls for another ally; this time, it was a Gengar. I think I noticed that Alolan Gengar don’t have Levitate as an ability, so that should help. Mudsdale was definitely the slower Pokémon, and took a Play Rough and a Night Shade attack, but its defense was very impressive. I had it retaliate with Bulldoze, and it looked like it knocked out both Pokémon, but the Totem was just barely hanging in there! Unfortunately, I learned what Gengar’s replacement ability was. My Mudsdale’s Bulldoze was disabled due to Gengar’s Cursed Body. Totem Mimikyu used Mimic to copy Bulldoze, but it was too late. I had my Mudsdale use High Horsepower, and it knocked out the Totem with an overkill critical hit! Mudsdale neighed in victory, and I exited the store to meet Acerola.

                                                Outside, Acerola examined the pictures I took with the Poké Finder, congratulating me on finding and defeating Totem Mimikyu. She awarded me the Ghostium Z Z-Crystal, gave me a handful of Dusk Balls, and said that I could now freely enter the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart to catch any wild Pokémon if I wanted! So I returned to the Pokémon Center to give my Pokémon a well-deserved rest.

                                                …Did I see a Mimikyu walking along the fence?

                                                Before I went to sleep, I wanted to catch at least one new Pokémon. I returned to the Thrifty Megamart, and found some wild Haunter and wild Golbat living there. Then I had what I thought was an odd encounter: a wild Klefki! Although I continually think that Klefki is a ghost-type, I know it’s not. Well, I guess Golbat isn’t either. It took a while, and several SOS encounters, (and a FAILED critical capture) but I finally caught one!

                                                “Klefki, the Key Ring Pokémon. A steel and fairy-type. Klefki insert their horn into chinks in metal, absorbing metal ions. They are even-tempered and have a habit of collecting keys. They will sneak into people’s homes to steal their keys.”

                                                164. Klefki

                                                Later that evening, I chose four more Pokémon to train: Petilil, Slowpoke #2, Goomy, and Poliwag. I returned to the abandoned building, and fought a bunch of wild Pokémon, until I finally found a pair of wild Mimikyu! I had Petilil use Stun Spore on one and weaken it, and then used one of the Dusk Balls I was given to catch it!

                                                165. Mimikyu

                                                Acerola said that there were no other new Pokémon for me to find there, so I returned to the Pokémon Center. I rotated out my Pokémon for Araquanid, Haunter, Golbat, and Masquerain. The next spot I wanted to check out was an area off of Route 13. There was a path that leads to the center of Ula’ula Island, which is apparently a large desert where a sandstorm perpetually blows about. It’s called the Haina Desert, and I’m sure there’s some Pokémon for me to catch there!

                                                So I enter the desert, and I immediately see a wild Sandile! I had Araquanid weaken it a bit, and a few Poké Balls later and I caught it fairly easily.

                                                “Sandile, the Desert Croc Pokémon. A ground and dark-type. Sandile submerge and conceal themselves in the sand and move as if swimming. This wise behavior keeps their enemies from finding them and maintaining their temperature. They chomp down on the legs of any prey that unwarily walk over them. Their favorite food is Trapinch.”

                                                166. Sandile

                                                Since I had my Haunter with me, I got to try out a new Z-Move thanks to my Ghostium Z: Never-Ending Nightmare. The move sends a shadow out to the opposing Pokémon, and several shadowy hands reach up and grab the Pokémon. I can’t help but be reminded of the “Shadow” in the Fate/Stay Night visual novel I’m reading.

                                                It’s difficult to navigate the desert with the sandstorm, but I did find a Zygarde cell along the way (53%).

                                                As I continued to explore, I battled many other wild Sandile as well as wild Dugtrio. Eventually, I reached a dead end that had a pedestal. On the pedestal was a Z-Crystal! Was an Island Trial once held here? I expected it to be a ground-type Z-Crystal, but it was actually Psychium Z! I added it to me Z-Ring, and returned to the sandstorm.

                                                I found a wild Trapinch that was burrowed in the sand! I had Masquerain use Stun Spore and easily caught it.

                                                “Trapinch, the Ant Pit Pokémon. A ground-type. Trapinch can live for a week without eating a thing. They wait patiently at the bottom of their nest for prey to appear. As they dig through the sand, their giant jaws crush any rocks that obstruct their path. They build a funnel-shaped nest.”

                                                167. Trapinch

                                                Eventually I came to a clearing, where I found some ruins. These were the ruins that Lillie was looking for, the Ruins of Abundance, where people of Ula’ula Island go to thank their guardian Pokémon, Tapu Bulu. I found a Zygarde cell nearby (54%), and then made my way back to the Pokémon Center at Tapu Village.

                                                December 7, 2017

                                                I continued to train in the Haina Desert, and once again found myself at the Ruins of Abundance. I spotted a Pokémon egg out of the corner of my eye. I took it with me, and it hatched into a Gible!

                                                168. Gible

                                                While I was resting at the Pokémon Center, Acerola stopped by. She said they had a Pokémon egg at the Aether House that she wanted me to take care of. I accepted. As I went out to train my team, it soon hatched into a Vulpix! But this Vulpix was white as snow, not red like I’m used to. Rotom, is this another Alolan variation?

                                                “Vulpix, the Fox Pokémon. An ice-type. Vulpix exhale air colder than -58 degrees Fahrenheit. In hot weather, they make ice shards with their six tails and sprays them around to cool themselves off. Elderly people in Alola call them by an older name: Keokeo.”

                                                169. Vulpix

                                                Awesome, so Vulpix are ice-types in Alola! I guess it’s safe to say Fire Stones aren’t used to evolve them!
                                                I finished training that team and then rotated in Ditto, Parasect, Slowpoke #1, and Meowth.

                                                December 8, 2017

                                                While I was training in Tapu Village, my Meowth evolved! Although Alolan Persian looks like something out of Garfield, it should still be fun to battle with!

                                                “Persian, the Classy Cat Pokémon, and the evolved form of Meowth. A dark-type. Persian look down on everyone other than themselves. Their round face and smooth coat, softer than the most high-class velvet, have made them very popular in Alola. Their preferred tactics are sucker punches and blindside attacks.”

                                                170. Persian
                                                Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                                                Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                                                Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                                                Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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                                                  I love Alolan-Ninetales. Probably my favorite 'new' Pokemon from Gen 7. I immediately made a team around him and Alolan-Sandshrew. They need their hidden abilities to really shine though.
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                                                    I've been excited to catch both of those as well. It'll be a while before I'll get to evolve them. I would love to try a team built around both Ninetales each with their hidden abilities. I feel that would be niche, but interesting!

                                                    Also thank you for commenting so I know people actually care to read this. :)

                                                    December 11, 2017

                                                    I rotated in the final group of Pokémon for this rotation: Ribombee, Gumshoos, Tentacool, and Cleffa.

                                                    December 12, 2017

                                                    After treating it to a Lomi Lomi Massage in Konikoni City, as well as several treats from the Friendship Café at the Festival Plaza, my Cleffa evolved into Clefairy!

                                                    171. Clefairy

                                                    My Staryu learned a new move as well. Instead of Swift, it can now use Power Gem, giving it some more type coverage.

                                                    And finally, my Tentacool evolved into Tentacruel!

                                                    “Tentacruel, the Jellyfish Pokémon, and the evolved form of Tentacool. A water and poison-type. Tentacruel normally have 80 poisonous tentacles. The longer one has been alive, the fewer tentacles it will have. Although they are rare, when a large outbreak of them occurs, all fish Pokémon disappear from the surrounding area.”

                                                    172. Tentacruel

                                                    And so that completes that training rotation. Since I seem to have nearly all the Pokémon available from Ula’ula Island (looks like I’m only missing two), I’ll do one final rotation with my Ula’ula Pokémon as I explore the rest of the island. It appears I have the whole western side of the island to check out yet. Mount Lanakila is blocked off for now while the Pokémon League is under construction. So I’ll plan out my rotation of Pokémon (which looks like it will be 15 groups of four and a group of three, plus my two shiny Pokémon continuously) and then head over to the Aether House on Route 15.
                                                    Alola Pokédex: Obtained 179 Seen 197
                                                    Melemele Pokédex: Obtained 91 Seen 98
                                                    Akala Pokédex: Obtained 99 Seen 108
                                                    Ula'ula Pokédex: Obtained 93 Seen 101
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